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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Public International Order to Cease and Desist

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our sovereign nation-states as referenced in Federal Code 28 USC 297(b) are organic entities and separate countries.   They each hold general jurisdiction over all air, land, and sea jurisdictions associated with them.

We, Americans living in these nation-states, take their nationality from their nation-state and its instrumentality in international jurisdiction, which is their State of the Union (1776).  Each American is thus considered a Wisconsinite. Or a New Yorker.  Or a Minnesotan. Or a native of one of the other fifty (50) now formally enrolled and physically defined States of the Union.  

We are born as nationals of The United States.  We are not born as a Federal U.S. Citizen or citizen of the United States, and misrepresentations of us as such obtained by undisclosed processes of registration by undeclared foreign agents cannot serve to alienate us from our birthright political status.  

Mischaracterization of our native political status is a crime of state subject to capital punishment under international law, and is prohibited under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.    

We, Americans, don't live in a democracy.  

We, Americans, don't live in a theocracy. 

We are not natives of the District of Columbia nor are we naturally subject to any military or municipal district artificially constructed by any foreign democracy or theocracy as an unauthorized usurpation upon our sovereign nation-states and impinging on our Territory, using such excuses as "wars" against drugs and poverty, emergencies, or self-interested and undisclosed registrations of our property, all the way up to claims of material ownership interest in our children and physical bodies and souls. 

These reprehensible and unsupportable acts of unlawful conversion, redefinition, labeling, and dehumanization serving to profit foreign interests that in fact owe us good faith and service, are crimes of state and crimes in commerce and crimes at sea that are well-recognized as crimes throughout the world.  

We are not employees nor dependents of any foreign municipal corporation; we don't stand under any Federal Constitutions. 

Our nation-states and we individually stand under the Unanimous Declaration of Independence and claim the Peace Treaties and Contracts owed to us ever since The War of Independence. 

We are not subject to salvage claims nor in need of salvage; we do not generally entertain any contracts in Special Admiralty or Maritime Commerce and no such contracts can be presumed to exist until proven in open evidence in a court of Public Law.  

If we choose to act as citizens of our nation-states, we do so as state nationals and are still known to be state nationals; and if we choose to serve our state in international jurisdiction as a State Citizen, we are still known to be State Nationals of Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, et alia.  

Only foreign corporations and their employees and dependents stand under the Federal Constitutions. 

Only such employees and dependents stand under the associated State of State franchise Constitutions, too.  

We are not to be confused with our public employees. 

We are the population of the General Public of each nation-state and of the Union of nation-states and of the Federation of Nation-States formed under our mutual powers agreements, and operating in national and international jurisdictions respectively.  

Any Americans choosing to stand as United States Citizens under the provisions of the Second Naturalization Act and United States Statutes at Large do so as willing foreigners in the service of the States of America and its Federal Republic Subcontractor in receipt of The Constitution for the united States of America.  

However, the States of America Confederation and the Federal Republic in receipt of The Constitution for the united States of America have been dormant since April of 1861 and are uninhabited and vacated at this time, so that any delegation of authority vested in these entities prior to 1861 has long-since returned by Operation of Law to the unincorporated Federation of States that conferred the delegated powers in the first place. 

Thus, any "misunderstanding" occasioned by the absence of the United States Citizens referenced in the Second Naturalization Act, and the absence of the Federal Republic delegations operating as the United States in Congress Assembled,  and any associated claims that our nation-states are "absent" or "in interregnum" or any suppositions that our assets and lands are abandoned and subject to salvage by any party at all, are also mistaken.  

Any misrepresentations otherwise are hereby summarily returned to the senders; our Federation of States again in receipt of the delegated powers that were extended to the Federal Republic, is enabled to do the work itself, to renegotiate service contracts, or hire new service providers for our nation-states.  

We are not under any obligations or debts to the contrary established by persons operating without granted authority and promoting themselves as Executors de Son Tort, including U.S. President Jimmy Carter.  

Anyone who labors under any other set of assumptions and who ignorantly supposes that we, the Preferred Creditors of all these corporations, are employees or dependents of these corporations, is cordially invited to demonstrate their validated and fully disclosed contractual agreements. 

They are otherwise invited to withdraw all False Claims in Commerce, Admiralty, and Maritime, to Cease and Desist False Claims on Abandonment, to Cease and Desist efforts to impersonate us in the manner of a Credit Card Hacker so as to deprive us of our Good Name, our estates, and our other intellectual and material interests, and to Cease and Desist all attempts to ignore the presence, provenance, and general jurisdiction of our nation-states for unlawful purposes of coercion, theft, and unjust enrichment of incorporated entities.

Our various addresses established in numerous jurisdictions and all based upon our General Post Office have been published here and abroad for many years and updated with our Subcontractors and others every ten (10) years.  

Our Head of State and our Fiduciary have both signed the 2010 Postal Treaty of the Americas and have provided contact information for our Government to the other Principals and Heads of State.  There has never ceased to be a Post Master as well as numerous Postmasters serving our nation-states and their unincorporated Federation States. 

Whereupon we Order that all federal employees, federal franchise employees, and employees of corporations registered under federal auspices and federally-controlled state-of-state organizations to: Cease and Desist all legal suppositions, presumptions, and assumptions promoting the idea that our American Government stands vacated, in need of salvage, or is granting any special undefined custodial roles, or any emergency powers to our Federal Subcontractors allowing them to represent us in any matter not expressly delegated specifically to them.  

We do not authorize them to say one word about our health, public, private, or theoretical.  We do not authorize them to dump chemicals in our water or upon our land.  We do not authorize our employees to promote, condone, or authorize war profiteering or war-for-profit, or war for any reason other than the direct defense of this country and its people. Except for some known and limited treaty considerations for our Allies and humanitarian aid which may be extended to them in time of need, there are no exceptions to our defense policies and contracts.   

Despite sea treaties invoked by the United Nations, Inc., lack of authorization is lack of authorization. We did not create the structures and duties and obligations of the Federal Constitutions as a mere guide to our Employees.  It is our objective meaning and intention that they are to be guided in every move and in all venues by their constitutional obligations and limitations.  

At no point in our history did we ever establish a Probate Court or agree to the establishment of a public interest in private property predicated on probate procedures.  Nor have we granted authority to any employee or subcontractor to establish private courts for the prosecution of public trusts established under such a scheme of probate abuse. 

At no time have we agreed to stand good for whatsoever debts our profligate foreign subcontractors have accrued for themselves; our Federal Constitutions make it clear that the Constitutions themselves represent the Supreme Law to be followed by our foreign subcontractors and those service contracts do not allow for any creeping and stealthy expansion of Federal Power or Federal Services or any similar federally franchised State-of-State powers or services, via a process of assumption and assumed accommodation while our State Governments have not been in Session.  

We are not responsible for the debts and abuses of our Federal Subcontractors; we have claimed their debts as debts owed to us as their Primary, Priority, and Preferential Creditors.  This means that instead of them being enabled to pass the costs of their numerous bankruptcies off to us, as "presumed" Secondaries,  they have to pay back all the money and assets they have purloined from us and/or yield to our receivership claims via liquidation or forfeiture of their corporation assets and franchises for our benefit. 

As disruptive and unpleasant as this prospect may at first appear to be, it opens up a whole new world of betterment for mankind and peace upon the Earth, for the devils responsible will no longer be enabled to use our own strength against us, and pick our pockets for their salaries and benefits at the same time that they are defrauding, misrepresenting, and bilking us.  

These dishonorable men and institutions have caused much destruction and suffering and have inflicted it without care upon the innocent among us, and they have done this in our names.  

Whereupon comes this solemn Order to Cease and Desist, issued to all Federal Government Employees and Dependents worldwide, including the employees and dependents of commercial and municipal corporations who have registered their businesses under the various parent corporations sponsored by these organizations.  

All of these corporations including the named members of the World Economic Forum and the UN CORPORATION are foreclosed.  Their parent corporations are all bankrupt and not eligible for bankruptcy protection at public expense.  

Similarly, their practice of these criminal corporations of killing their Priority Creditors so as to not have to pay their debts and to instead claim all the "abandoned property" of the dead for use as collateral --- which also accesses their own debt owed to the dead victims of these crimes of state and crimes against humanity --- and then charge the survivors for their "services" has to be rear-ended by the banks that are also responsible and accountable to us for allowing these criminally inclined corporations to access our credit and engage in these atrocities in our names.  

We call upon all banks at all levels to Cease and Desist providing these criminal corporations with any means to profit themselves or engage in unlawful activities that damage humanity and damage the Earth.  Cease and Desist extending our credit to any incorporated entity that does not honor all requirements of our Federal Constitutions or which fails to use these resources appropriately and according to the limitations of these same venerable contracts. 

Defense according to our definitions (Bouvier's Law Dictionary) does not mean offense.  Truth does not mean lies.  And salvage on dry land is not allowed. We call that "inland piracy".  

These are basics of our American Law and Justice and they have been present, standing on the books for all to see for the past hundred and sixty years, yet have been so far evaded, mischaracterized, distorted, left unenforced, and undermined by for-profit corporations that have also flaunted the Ecclesiastical Law that allows them to exist, that children selling lemonade on street corners for pennies have been misrepresented as commercial corporations, arrested, and harassed by corporate personnel committing crimes under color of law. 

This madness and all its works and ways must end. 

Those organizations that have profited themselves via lies and impersonation and fraud  and violence including genocide on paper and in fact ---via the attempted legalization of piracy and undisclosed processes dehumanization ---  it must all be brought to a swift and certain end.  

Cease and desist all support, all succor, all assistance to any incorporated foreign Federal Government entity or personnel caught engaging in any form of harm or wrong-doing whatsoever. These activities individually and severally are all grounds for the liquidation and forfeiture of all assets of these corporations for the benefit of their Priority and Preferential Creditors --- the living people of this planet. 

These Orders to all Federal Government Personnel are issued by the living progeny of the State Citizens who are the American Principals and Parties to the Federal Constitutions and who are of lawful provenance and standing to enforce these venerable Federal Constitutions without exception, and who also have standing to enforce the Postal Treaties and to issue asset-backed actual money currencies as well as being the actual owners of all credit created from the basis of their assets.   

All Federal Government Personnel employed by foreign corporations, or established as public employees working for Federal Franchises operated as States-of-States or STATES, or registered as commercial or municipal franchise organizations or operated as banks or courts by these foreign parent corporations seated in the District of Columbia are all operating outside their granted boundaries and authorities.  

These above-referenced entities and personnel are all operating within constructed legal fictions known as Military Districts, which were created without authority by the British Territorial Rump Congress in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land and without a valid Egress Treaty with our Principals, and they must Cease and Desist their unlawful activities immediately or stand foreclosed without any privilege to re-incorporate or assign their assets. 

All Federal Government Personnel operating off-shore are similarly responsible for immediately examining their activities in light of the Constitutions which provide the basis for their existence as institutions and as corporations and as individual "persons". 

All Federal Government Personnel and franchise personnel are summoned and requested and required to Cease and Desist all so-called extra-constitutional activities, including all repugnant private commercial claims resulting from the expenditure of Federal Government resources. 

Individuals employed by public institutions including Universities, hospitals, agencies and laboratories who have been allowed to patent and individually profit from discoveries made while working for our public institutions and corporations and who have had improper profit motives to create and weaponize their inventions to harm the public whose purse supported them and their institutions, are criminals no matter what opinions their own incorporated "supreme court" might have.  

The politicization of science and the lies told to the public concerning global warming, scalar technology, oil reserves, cancer, and other topics, is a form of virulent criminal institutionalized fraud carried out under color of law.  

The opportunity afforded the criminals to patent criminal technologies and profit from them is a travesty unknown to civilization prior to this; this includes all commercial claims promoted by DARPA asserting that living people who have ingested patented mRNA without the benefit of full disclosure are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and labelled (by DARPA) as "Transhumans" and thereby not owed basic Human Rights is a criminal assertion and process for which all those responsible must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law. 

The depth of the treason against law, country, and reason displayed by these so-called scientists and military and corporate officers is beyond any description and the only motive for these gross lies and murders appears to be a trivial profit motive based on individual and institutional greed.   

All Federal Government, franchise government, agency, and corporate personnel are hereby warned and ordered to Cease and Desist

Specifically, officers and employees of the FDA, NIH, CDC, AMA, FEMA, ALPHABET, INC., Alphabet, Inc., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Fort Detrick, Glaxo-Smith-Klein, Inc. and Successors, Mindbox, Inc., MINDBOX,  Black Rock, Inc. and Successors however named and styled, Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc.,  the Soros Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN CORP, United Nations, Inc., WHO, INC., World Health Organization, Inc., FRANCISCUS, estate of ELIZABETH II,  CBS, ABC, NBC, Reuters, BBC, IRS,INC., Internal Revenue Service, Inc.,  and associated and affiliated corporations, agencies, banks, and persons responsible for committing and covering up acts of genocide, war for profit, mercenary operations, misuse of our Patent Office to allow criminal patents, SERCO, which has been instrumental in this mismanagement of our Patent Office, and individuals too numerous to individually address in this Public International Order to Cease and Desist are hereby given Fair Warning and are Ordered to Cease and Desist whether on land or at sea or in the air.  

All Americans born in one of our nation-states will be held 100% commercially and individually liable for criminal and immoral behavior resulting in harm to the Earth and harm to other living people, regardless of whatever legislated protections they and their corporations, managers, governors and directors may have attempted to provide for their illegal, unlawful, and immoral acts and claims seeking unjust enrichment and coercive power.  

Our Courts of General Jurisdiction are reopening and our Constitutional Contracts and Guarantees are being enforced, quite apart from any individual discretion.  Our contracts are not optional for government contractors. 

This is the last time that we shall issue such a warning or provide our public employees with such an explicit and detailed description of the wrongs they are committing, and the consequences thereof. 

This is the last time we shall provide Federal Personnel and Agents with Orders to Cease and Desist which may be relied upon in international court to excuse them from obeying any criminal orders issued to them by corporate, agency, institutional or departmental managers. 

Despite explicit warnings given to organizations and individuals engaged in promoting war profiteering, poisoning the environment, selling "snake oil" vaccines, lying to the public about scientific topics for profit, committing acts of industrial espionage, acts of weather warfare disguised as technology tests, deployment of scalar weapons tests on domestic populations, undisclosed chemical and genetic tests on domestic populations, and similar crimes advanced under color of law --- rogue agencies and departments, corporate interests and individuals have continued their rampages against the Public Interest. 

Full, explicit, continuous Due Process has been waged and executed since 2005; the major priority liens have been established and cured.  The means to expedite charges is in place. 

Cease and Desist all improper, immoral, unlawful, and illegal activities --- immediately. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

October 4th 2023


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