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Monday, December 29, 2014

How to create your own Promissory Notes - Michael Tellinger

What did the Montana Freemen know that you don't?
South Africa uses promissory notes to pay off the bank.

Published on Dec 18, 2014
Michael Tellinger explains how he successfully created and paid the banks with his own promissory notes. Please pay close attentions to the details - you can download a copy of the generic Promissory Note on the UBUNTU Party Website. Click on the note to open the text box and fill in your own details - You may need to change the legal data on the top right, based on the country you are in. PLEASE DO NOT pay other people mor businesses with your notes - they are meant for BANK and Government departments only.
Do not take your NOTES into a bank and attempt to pay it to the teller - they are not trained to deal with it and will send you away. Follow the instructions in the video. Or read the following.

Please study the sample Promissory Note carefully.
Get to understand it and what its function is and what is actually written on it.
It was specifically created for the South African legal system – so you may need to adapt it for your country’s legal references on the top right hand side.
It has text boxes so just click on the text box and fill in what you need.

Create a catalogue list where you record the NOTE number – which you made up and wrote on top of note.
Make up any number that makes sense to you. I chose MJTPN001 / MJTPN002, etc.
Keep the catalogue list in a safe place.
Print out the original NOTE in colour on HALF the page - portrait.
Write in Blue ink right under the note the following line by hand.
"The original note is signed in BLUE ink"
This will prevent anyone from copying it and claiming it is the original – colour copiers may cause problems.
Then take it to the cops to stamp - date it below the note on the same paper - sign it in front of the police.
Also take along a letter (2 copies of the same letter)- as proof of delivery – it also needs to be stamped.
Also sign in front of cops - let them stamp and date both copies.
Then make a black and white photo copy of the original colour NOTE - before you deliver the TWO sets.
One set for the bank/lawyers - and One set (the copy) for you.

Deliver to the legal document receiving office at the lawyers OR the postal/legal document receiving of the bank offices – NOT the bank itself –
Ask the person receiving it to stamp all four. 2 originals and 2 copies for you.
Put the two originals in an envelope and seal it addressed to the CFO - or CEO
Sometimes the lawyers are a small company where the receptionist receives the post and legal documents – in that case make the receptionist stamp all four and do the same.
Take your 2 copies with you as proof of delivery.
You have just concluded the delivery of a Negotiable Instrument in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act.
The deal is concluded upon deliver according to the ACT.
Stand your ground.
They have to raise objection within 7 days if I understand it correctly.
Claim that you paid with a lawful document - and they need to launch a new legal action against you showing why your form of payment is not accepted.
Use my case of payment by Promissory Note as a precedent in South Africa.
If they do not respond to one delivery - you have a precedent of acceptance of one payment - and therefore they have to accept all others from you.
Be strong and fearless – know what you are doing – be informed.
If they have not come to collect the first payment on the 7th of the month - as indicated under TERMS & CONDITIONS - it means that they have sold the note and are no longer interested in collecting the money. This is what you have to assume - if ever asked.
Have fun - stay strong.
I have now paid STD bank with 4 notes - dating back to 13 June 2013 - with no legal comebacks so far.
I trust this will continue until we introduce the People’s Bank.
In love, light and unity
Michael Tellinger


Global Economic COLLAPSE Happening NOW as Governments Scramble to Save Financial System!

Hard assets are your only protection.

Here is my priority list.

1.  Long term food storage, and lots of it. Enough to last you for several years.
2. Water purification, or have your own water well.
3. Guns, ammo, and all related accessories, along with the proper training.
4. Communications gear and training, like ham radio.
5. Medical training along with the proper equipment and supplies.
6. A way to generate electricity, along with conditioned fuel that will last 10 years minimum.
7. Alternative ways to make electricity like solar, wind, hydro or whatever.
8. If you have all that covered, and still have some wealth to protect, then get silver.

Here are some websites you might want to look at.

Radio gear
Solar power

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Three Masses of Christmas

Have we prepared a worth dwelling place in our hearts for Our Lord and Redeemer?

"Let us therefore make him a little chamber, and put a little bed in it for him and a table, and a stool, and a candlestick, that when he cometh to us, he may abide there" (IV Kings 4:13). Such was the Sunamite woman's regard for the prophet Eliseus, that she would make such preparations for his entertainment! Will we do as much for Christ who is ready to come to us? Take pains, O Christian, to occupy this night in pious thoughts, and aspirations, for the love of God and for the good of your own soul, making yourself worthy to receive the graces which He is ready when He comes, to give you. Think how Mary, who was near her time, and Joseph her spouse obedient to the Imperial command, and perfectly submissive to the will of God, journeyed with the greatest inconvenience to Bethlehem, and when, because of the multitude of people, they found no place to receive them they took refuge, as God willed it, in a most miserable stable, at the extreme end of the town. What love does not the Savior deserve, who for love of us so humbled Himself!
COLLECT O God, who makest us rejoice in the yearly expectation of the feast of our redemption: grant, that we who cheerfully receive Thy only-begotten Son as a Redeemer, may behold without fear the same Lord Jesus Christ, coming as our judge. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, who with Thee liveth and reignest in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God world without end. Amen.

What is Christmas Day?
It is the day on which Christ Jesus, our Redeemer, was born of the Blessed Virgin in a stable at Bethlehem.
Why is this festival called "the Holy Night"?
Because this night has been especially blessed and sanctified by the holy, mysterious birth of the Redeemer of the world.
Why do priests say three Masses on this day?
In commemoration of the threefold birth of the Redeemer: of His birth from all eternity in the bosom of His Heavenly Father; of His birth in the fullness of time; and of His spiritual birth in the hearts of the faithful who, by lively faith in Him, receive the power to become children of God (Jn. 1:12).
Why is the first Mass said at midnight?
Because Christ, the true light which came into the world to enlighten those who sat in darkness and the shadow of death, that is, of unbelief and of sin (Lk. 1:79), was born at night, and because the divine birth is incomprehensible to us.
Why is the next Mass said at daybreak, and the third after sunrise?
To signify that the birth of Christ, expelling the darkness of ignorance and infidelity, brought us the clear daylight of the knowledge of God, and that the spiritual birth of Christ can take place at any time in the pure soul.
When does this spiritual birth take place?
It takes place when the soul, having been cleansed from all sin, makes the firm, unalterable resolution to die to the world and all carnal desires, and arouses in itself the ardent desire henceforth to live only for Christ, and, by His grace, to practice all virtues.

The Introit of this Mass reminds us of the eternal birth of Christ, the Lord.
INTROIT The Lord hath said to me: Thou art my Son, this day (that is, from all eternity) have I begotten thee (Ps. 2:7). Why have the Gentiles raged, and the people devised vain things (Ps. 2:1)? Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT O God, who hast made this most sacred night to shine forth with the brightness of the true light: grant, we beseech Thee, that we may enjoy His happiness in heaven, the mystery of whose light we have known upon earth. Through our Lord.
EPISTLE (Tit. 2:11-15). Dearly beloved, the grace of God our Savior hath appeared to all men, instructing us, that denying ungodliness and worldly desires, we should live soberly, and justly, and godly in this world, looking for the blessed hope and coming of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and might cleanse to himself a people acceptable, a pursuer of good works. These things speak, and exhort, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
In what special manner has the grace and goodness of God been manifested to us?
In the incarnation and birth of Christ, His Son, whom, in His infinite love, He has made like unto us, our brother and our teacher, by whom we have become children of God, and co-heirs of His kingdom.
What does Christ by His incarnation desire to teach us especially?
That we should put aside all unrighteousness, all infidelity and injustice, and endeavor to become like unto Him, who, except in sin, has become altogether like unto us. But especially that we repress the desires of lust, wealth, and honor, and not rest until we have rooted them from our hearts.
How do we live soberly, justly, and godly?
We live soberly, when we fulfill all duties towards ourselves; justly, when we fulfill all duties towards our neighbor; and godly, when we fulfill all duties to God.
ASPIRATION Blessed art Thou, Oh! new-born Savior, who hast descended from on high to teach me the ways of justice, hast become man and equal to me. In return for this goodness of Thine, I renounce all evil, all sinful desires, words, and deeds. In return for Thy love, I will ever uproot from my heart all carnal desires, and always live soberly, justly, and godly; do Thou by Thy grace, strengthen me in this resolve.
GOSPEL (Lk. 2:1-14). At that time there went forth a decree from Caesar Augustus, that the whole world should be enrolled. This enrolling was first made by Cyrinus, the governor of Syria. And all went to be enrolled, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David, to be enrolled with Mary his espoused wife, who was with child. And it came to pass, that when they were there, her days were accomplished, that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her first-born son, and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds watching, and keeping the night-watches over their flock. And behold, an Angel of the Lord stood by them, and the brightness of God shone round them; and they feared with a great fear. And the Angel said to them: Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, that shall be to all the people: for this day is born to you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign unto you: You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good-will.
Why, at the time of Augustus, were all the Roman subjects enrolled?
This happened by a special ordinance of God, that by this enrollment Mary and Joseph should be obliged to go to Bethlehem, that it might be made known to the world that Christ was really born at Bethlehem, of the tribe of Juda, and the house of David, and that He was the Messiah who had been foretold by the prophets (Mich. 5:2).
Let us learn from this how the providence of God directs all things according to His will, and consider the obedience which Mary rendered to the command of a heathen emperor, or rather to God who caused the command.
Why is Christ called the "first-born" of Mary?
Because she gave birth to no child before Him; she bore none after Him, He was the only son of Mary, as He was the only-begotten Son of the Heavenly Father.
Why was Christ born in such poverty?
To teach us not by words but by example that which He afterwards so often preached and forcibly taught, namely: the love of poverty, the practice of humility and patience with contempt of the world, and also to confound by His humble birth the foolish wisdom of the world which seeks only honors, pleasures and riches.
Why was the birth of Christ announced to poor shepherds, and not to King Herod and the chief priests?
That it might be known that God loves to dwell with poor, simple, pious, faithful people, such as the shepherds were, and reveals Himself to those who are little in their own eyes (Mt. 11:25), while He despises the proud and leaves them over to their own spiritual blindness.
Let us learn from this to acquire simplicity and humility, and despise pride and cunning, that God may reveal Himself to us by His interior inspirations.
What is meant by the angelic song of praise: "Glory be to God on high"?
By this song of praise which the priests usually say in the Mass is meant that the greatest praise and the most heartfelt thanks are due to God for having sent His Son into the world; and that those who have the good will to glorify God by all their actions, will receive peace, that is, all happiness, blessings, and salvation.
Rejoice with the angels over the birth of the Savior, return thanks to God, and honor Him alone in all things, that you may have that peace: peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with all men.
Learn also from the angels, who rejoiced in the graces which man would receive from the birth of Christ, to rejoice, and thank God for the favors which He gives your neighbor, and by rejoicing participate in them.

In the Introit of this Mass the Church makes use of the words of Isaias:
INTROIT A light shall shine upon us this day: for our Lord is born to us: and he shall be called Wonderful, God, the Prince of peace, the Father of the world to come; of whose reign there shall be no end (Is. 9). The Lord hath reigned, he is clothed with beauty: the Lord is clothed with strength, and hath girded himself. Glory be to the Father.
COLLECT Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that we, who are filled with the new light of Thy incarnate Word, may show forth in our works what by faith shineth in our minds. Through our Lord.
EPISTLE (Tit. 3:4-7). Dearly beloved, the goodness and kindness of God our Savior hath appeared: not by the works of justice which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the layer of regeneration, and renovation of the Holy Ghost, whom he hath poured forth upon us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior: that, being justified by his grace, we may be heirs according to hope. of life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
To whom do we owe our salvation?
Not to ourselves, nor any good works we may have performed, but entirely to the mercy of God who from all eternity decreed our redemption, and sent His only-begotten Son into this world to accomplish it; which redemption is bestowed upon us in baptism, where we are washed from the stain of sin, and by the rich infusion of the Holy Ghost born again, heirs of eternal life.
Why, then, had God no mercy on the fallen angels?
To this question St. John of Damascus replies: "We must know here that the fall was to the angels what death is to man; for the angels there was no repentance after the fall, as for man there is no repentance after death" (De fid. orthod. lib.2. c.4). In eternity there is no available contrition and penance, so God showed no merry to the fallen angels. Let us learn from this, to make ourselves participators in the merry of God, by contrition and penance while there is yet time.
GOSPEL (Lk. 2:15-20). At that time the shepherds said one to another: Let us go over to Bethlehem, and let us see this word that is come to pass, which the Lord hath showed to us. And they came with haste; and they found Mary and Joseph, and the infant lying in a manger. And seeing they understood of the word that had been spoken to them concerning this child. And all that heard wondered, and at those things that were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God, for all the things they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

I. The shepherds follow at once the voice of God which calls them to the manger; they exhort one another to do so; they seek the Redeemer and happily find Him; they make Him known to others, and heartily thank God for the grace given them.
Let us follow the inspirations of God with ready obedience; let us exhort one another to virtue by our good example and edifying conversation; let us make good use of the knowledge given us by God, give it to others, and praise God for the same.
II. Mary kept all these words, spoken about her Son, and pondered them in her heart. Let us learn from her to prepare food for our souls
by careful meditation on the divine truths that are made known to us: so that we may be preserved and strengthened in spiritual life.

The Introit of this Mass reminds us of the spiritual birth of Christ, by which He is spiritually born in us:
INTROIT A child is born to us, and a Son is given to us; whose government is upon his shoulder; and his name
shall be called the Angel of great counsel (Is. 9). Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: for he bath done wonderful things (Ps. 97). Glory be to the Father.
COLLECT Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that the new birth of Thine only-begotten Son in the flesh may deliver us who are held by the old bondage under the yoke of sin. Through our Lord.
EPISTLE (Heb. 1:1-12). God, who diversely and many ways, spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets, last of all, in these days hath spoken to us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the world. Who being the brightness of his glory, and the figure of his substance, and upholding all things by the word of his power, making purgation of sins, sitteth on the right hand of the majesty on high: being made so much better than the angels, as he hath inherited a more excellent name than they. For to which of the angels bath he said at any time: Thou art my son, today have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son? And again when he bringeth in the first-begotten into the world, he saith: And let all the angels of God adore him. And to the angels indeed he saith: He that maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. But to the Son: Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a scepter of justice is the scepter of thy kingdom. Thou hast loved justice, and hated iniquity: therefore, God, thy God, bath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. And: Thou in the beginning, O Lord, didst found the earth; and the works of thy hands are the heavens. They shall perish, but thou shaft continue; and they shall all grow old as a garment, and as a vesture shaft thou change them, and they shall be changed; but thou art the self-same, and thy years shall not fail.
INSTRUCTION The greatness of Christ Jesus, the dignity of His divinity and humanity, the love and goodness of His Heavenly Father, who has given Him to us as our teacher, could not be more gloriously described than in this epistle. Learn from it how much you are obliged, because of this, to serve God, to be grateful to Him, and to follow Christ who governs heaven and earth; and whom the angels serve.
ASPIRATION thank Thee, a thousand times, O Heavenly Father, that Thou hast spoken to us through Thy only-begotten Son, in whom Thou art well pleased. With my whole heart, O Father of Merry, will I listen to Him, and be obedient to all His instructions.
GOSPEL (Jn. l:1-14). In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him, and without him was made nothing that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men; and the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, that all men might believe through him. He was not the light, but was to bear witness of the light. That was the true light, which enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them he gave power to be made the sons of God, to them that believe in his name. Who are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us (and we saw his glory, the glory as of the only-begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth.
What does St. John mean by the Word?
That the Son of God, who was begotten and brought forth like a word of the mouth from the Father, but in a manner incomprehensible and inscrutable to us, is one with the Father in the divine nature, but different from Him in person; He is also called the Word of the Father, because through Him the Father has spoken and made known the divine will (Heb. 1:2; Mt. 17:5).
What is meet by- In the beginning was the Word, ,Od the Word was with God?
When all things had their beginning the Son of God already was, not made or created, but born of the Father from eternity, with whom and in whom He therefore existed from all eternity. St. John here teaches the divinity, the eternity, and the equality of Christ with the Father.
What is meet by: All things were made by Him?
That the Son of God, Himself true God, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, has made all things, visible and invisible.
What is meant by: In Him was the life?
It means: The Son of God is the origin and fountain of the spiritual life of our souls upon earth, and of the glorious life in eternity. To give this true life to us, He became man, whereby we are born again, newly created, as it were, from the death of sin to the life of grace and righteousness.
Why is this life the light of men?
Because this true life of the soul which Christ has obtained for us, consists in the ever increasing knowledge of God and his salvation, which knowledge also comes from Christ, either externally through holy words and examples, or inwardly by divine inspiration.
How did the light shine in darkness?
The Son of God has given the necessary grace to find the true faith to mankind. He still imparts to all men the necessary light, especially by His holy Word which is preached to them, but the hardened sinners reject it, because they wish not to hear of faith and repentance.
How did St. John the Baptist bear witness of the light?
By announcing the Savior to the world, and even pointing Him out when He appeared.
Who receive Christ?
Those who walk in the light of His grace, co-operate with it, and so become the children of God.
How are we to understand: The Word was made flesh?
We are to understand by it that the Word was not changed into human nature, but that He became incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and was made man, thus uniting in Himself two natures, the divine and the human. So Christ is true God, and at the same time true man, therefore God-Man; consequently there are in Christ two wills, the divine and the human. In His humanity He is less than the Father (Jn. 14:28), in His divinity He is equal to the Father On. 10:30); His humanity filled Him with a natural terror of His suffer­ings, but His divinity was perfectly united with the will of His Heav­enly Father, and could pray: Not my will, but thine be done.
ASPIRATION O God, our Heavenly Father, Who this night has given to us sinners, in the form of a child from the immaculate womb of Mary, Thine only-begotten Son as our Mediator and Redeemer, we give Thee thanks with heart and lips, and humbly beseech Thee that Thou wilt never permit us to forget such a grace, and that we may sustain ourselves by it in all temptations; that w may be ever grateful to Thee for it, and until death praise, honor and serve Thee in sanctity. Amen.
Whence comes the custom of representing in our churches and houses the crib of Bethlehem?
This custom was introduced by St. Francis of Assisi who, having a particular devotion to the Infant Jesus, was accustomed to represent to himself in this way the stable and manger at Bethlehem the further to excite his love; and as this pious practice is calculated to assist exceedingly in the instruction of the unlearned, especially of children, it was introduced into many congregations.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Most Important Movie Ever Produced About Martial Law

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Yes, the big news is RON PAUL has agreed to appear in MIDNIGHT RIDE along with KrisAnne Hall, Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Edwin Vieira, Larry Pratt, Rosie Haas, Walter Reddy, Dan Happel, David R. Gillie and others in James Jaeger's newest film,
Your donations will help produce the movie! Click here to donate:


"If we stuck to the Constitution as written, we would have: no federal meddling in our schools; no Federal Reserve; no U.S. membership in the UN; no gun control; and no foreign aid.  We would have no welfare for big corporations, or the "poor"; no American troops in 100 foreign countries; no NAFTA, GATT, or "fast-track"; no arrogant federal judges usurping states rights; no attacks on private property; no income tax .  We could get rid of most of the cabinet departments, most of the agencies, and most of the budget.  The government would be small, frugal, and limited."  
Spoken by the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX), in 1998.


  This new film will reveal the four types of Martial Law and clarify what the Constitution says about each type.  The film is themed on Paul Revere's "midnight ride" of April 18, 1775.   

MIDNIGHT RIDE leads directly to the purpose and function of Oath Keepers' RT&I mission and our CPT mission.  Our "marching orders" are laid out in Dr. Edwin Vieira's newest book,

By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy Of "Martial Law"

Further, James Jaeger and Edwin Vieira have scripted the movie so that it features most of our "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey"!

Getting our "Ten Orders" into a classy documentary film with a cast rich in popular Constitutionalists, including Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin AND Edwin Vieira, is the sure way to get our Ten Orders on the record for all time. Oath Keepers is delighted.

We are helping produce the movie by directly appealing to Oath Keepers' membership nation-wide for donations, the same way we assisted in the production of the Second Amendment film, MOLON LABE. We hope all Oath Keepers will want to see this movie come to life and sweep the nation with the Constitution's message of unalienable personal rights, States rights, and the right -- and Duty -- of our General government to do as the Constitution requires.
James Jaeger agrees with Oath Keepers that the Constitution is the written word and will of We The People, in whom all legitimate political power originates and resides. Dr. Vieira has clarified for Oath Keepers what the highest law of the land has to say about the approaching possibility of "rogue politicians" using an arbitrary claim of "emergency" to suspend our Constitution under so-called "martial law", or "martial governance". Such are some of the reasons Oath Keepers wants to help produce this important film.



A number of you have already contributed financially to the making of MIDNIGHT RIDE, and we thank you sincerely for your support. You are helping make the movie. All of James Jaeger's Constitution documentaries are produced by public donations. As the money comes in, more interviews are scheduled and completed. I will place a mailing address at the bottom of this email, for those who prefer to mail in a check.
There are also ways we can help without sending in money. Tell your friends about the movie, and forward this email to your lists -- helping spread the word pays off as more people become aware of the project that way.
Oath Keepers members and supporters are encouraged to go to the film's website and contribute what you can toward the production of this movie. It's a way to give the gift of liberty to our nation at large. And it's some of the best RT&I any of us can do!

Make your stand against the militarization of our police by supporting this film with your donations and Internet connections.

Click here to Donate:
Click here to view the trailer:  

Website for MIDNIGHT RIDE: 
To donate by Mail:  If you would prefer to donate by mail, please make a check out to "Matrix Entertainment Corp." and send to:  
Matrix Entertainment, 223 W. Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA 19333.  
 I will close by noting that our Missouri Oath Keepers who protected businesses in Ferguson, Missouri and spoke well on camera have generated much good publicity for Oath Keepers. We gained from the good coverage by the New York Times, Fox News, and Ben Swann among many others. That momentum can carry forward as we now document the fullest meaning embodied in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights we pull together to produce this movie.  America does not need a militarized police-state under "martial law".   

As we celebrate Ron Paul's joining of the cast for MIDNIGHT RIDE, Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We appreciate your support for this movie and for our mission! Please know that your contributions help us spread the word about the Constitution. THANK YOU!   

Elias Alias, editor 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Looking Back on Ferguson Missouri

Veteran peace officer John Karriman.  Missouri police academy tactics instructor, Oath Keeper, and an arsonist’s worst nightmare.


The headline in St. Louis Today dot com article reads:

Police shut down mysterious 'Oath Keepers' guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson

The article is at this link:

Allow me to quote a few passages from that article:

By Jesse Bogan 314-340-8255
FERGUSON • Following a night of arson fires and bashed storefronts that hit close to home, Greg Hildebrand stood naked Tuesday, drying off from a needed shower, when he noticed somebody on the rooftop.
“I opened the window and said, ‘Hey, can I help you?’” said Hildebrand, 35, a website developer.
The man said he was security and would be up there at night with others to protect the pocket of second-story apartments and lower-level storefronts near the Ferguson Police Department. A day earlier, rioters had broken out windows below Hildebrand’s apartment in the 100 block of South Florissant Road and torched a nearby beauty supply store.
“I am in the middle of a difficult spot,” Hildebrand said. “I feel a lot better having those guys up on the roof.”
But he wasn’t clear exactly who “those guys” were or where they came from.
Puzzled and alarmed protesters have wondered, too — some accusing the mysterious guards in military fatigues of being in the Ku Klux Klan.
In fact, they are volunteers affiliated with a 35,000-member national organization called Oath Keepers. Yale Law School graduate and libertarian Stewart Rhodes said by telephone from Montana that he founded the group in 2009 to protect constitutional rights, including those of protesters confronted by what he described as overly militarized police.
But Rhodes, who said he is Mexican-American, was quick to assure that Oath Keepers is not anti-government. He said those pulling rooftop security in Ferguson are current or former government employees and first responders, many who have intense military, police and EMS training.
“We thought they were going to do it right this time,” Rhodes said of government response to the grand jury decision released Monday night in the Darren Wilson case. “But when Monday rolled around and they didn’t park the National Guard at these businesses, that’s when we said we have got to do something.
“Historically, the government almost always fails to protect people,” he added.

(end quoted passages from above-linked article)

The Internet burst open in buzz over the Oath Keepers volunteering to guard local businesses during the protests and riots At Ferguson, Missouri. Standing atop business buildings with convincing arms gave small business owners a sense of security during the heights of the unrest which engulfed Ferguson.

Oath Keepers supports the protected right of the people to peacefully assemble, and also to question their government’s policy by voicing redress of grievance. That is part of what Oath Keepers will always protect – the First Amendment rights of the people. Earlier this year, in April of 2014, Oath Keepers opposed the “free-speech” zones fenced off by the government at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, and Oath Keepers likewise met with protesters in the streets of Ferguson to support the protesters’ rights.

But Oath Keepers also protected property from criminal acts which damaged or destroyed other buildings.  Besides the peaceful protests by most of the citizenry, there was also a notable degree of destruction by arsonists in which a number of buildings were burned and destroyed, or were ransacked by looters. Oath Keepers does not support that sort of ‘malum in se’ crime. The Constitution does not support that sort of behavior and neither does Oath Keepers.

Several days into Oath Keepers’ deployment at Ferguson pressure from on high directed the police chief to demand that the Oath Keepers abandon their positions as guards of the businesses in their care. But the Oath Keepers quickly consulted a St. Louis law firm and learned that as guests of the business owners, and as unpaid invitees of the business owners, the statute law the police chief was told to use as his justification for banning Oath Keepers from guarding those buildings did not apply, so in a grand and glorious act of lawful defiance against unlawful orders from the “authorities”, the Oath Keepers went right back to work guarding those businesses.

That got Oath Keepers in the national news and Oath Keepers experienced a wave of popular support across America. It turned out to be as significant as the Oath Keepers stand at Bundy ranch in Nevada. Ferguson was the second coup of the year by Oath Keepers against the evil empire of centralized government power. Bundy ranch and Ferguson will live in history as a one-two punch on the nose of un-Constitutional governance, one nose being federal and one nose being local (but that local governance was most likely federally-originated.)

In the wake of the national publicity Oath Keepers enjoyed came the clear message about Oath Keepers’ CPT program, that being the mission of Oath Keepers’ “Community Preparedness Teams”. Stewart Rhodes flew into Ferguson to personally meet with local citizens. He emphasized the significance of the armed guards on their rooftops and explained why and how the citizens of that community need now to come together and form their own neighborhood watches and study the Oath Keepers model for general preparedness in the event disturbances may again occur. The Oath Keepers message is that the federal government, not even with its newly-militarized police forces using military-styled combat gear and tactics can protect private property. The message is we the people must prepare to protect our homes, businesses, properties, our communities, our States, and indeed, our very nation itself.  It is how Oath Keepers intend to live up to their creed as “Guardians of the Republic”.

Enjoy a collage of articles written by Stewart Rhodes, with photographs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cliven Bundy Case Facts - Cliven Bundy is right exactly right

In short, Cliven, by refusing to sign any grazing agreement, RETAINED his families rights accumulated over decades, while all the other ranchers gave away those accumulated rights in trade for a grazing permit.

For those still confused by the media -----    

Cliven Bundy is right exactly right:

Mr. Cliven Bundy's  ranch contains split-estate property rights.  Which include 1.) water rights  2.) rights of way, 3) range improvements, 4) grazing value/forage crops 5.)  patented homestead or mining claims used as headquarters or shipping points.  Each one of these rights is a real property right; that cannot be taken without due process and just compensation.  These rights were developed from prior Spanish/Mexican agricultural water law. (Hutichins 1971, Hage 1989)

To properly phrase

Mr. Bundy's  Range Rights and vested water rights are protected by local law, custom, and decisions of the court as recognized, sanctioned and confirmed by Congress in Revised Statute 2339, commonly known as the Act of 1866.  These range rights/ vested water rights are protected by 18 federal statutes starting with the Act of 1866 and ending with the National Forest Management Act NFMA of October 22, 1976.

As time went by the State began to appropriate the vested water rights and protect these range rights. "At the time that the Forest Service began to adjudicate allotments, issue grazing permits, and charge grazing fees in National Forests it was held by the U.S. Supreme Court that state laws for the general appropriation of water could not be over ridden by Congress in exercising its power to make rules and regulations respecting disposal of the public lands (Kansas v. Colorado 1907, California v. United States 1978 and cases cited therein).  (McIntosh and Fowler, pg 21)

It is common knowledge throughout the West that ranches on federal rangelands have been treated as private property interests in the open real estate market for more than a hundred years (Griffith v. Godey 1885, Wilson v. Everett 1891, Grayson v. Lynch 1896,  Ward v. Sherman 1904).  (McIntosh and Fowler, pg8)

Even the Internal Revenue Service recognizes that federal land grazing allotments used as part of a split-estate ranch are inheritable, taxable property estates ( Shufflebarger v. Commissioner 1955, Vaugham v. Commissioner 1961, Rudolph Inv. v. Commissioner 1972, Estate of O' Connell v. Commissioner 1978, Ueker v. Commissioner 1983.)  (McIntosh and Fowler pg 8)

According to the Forest Service Organic Act 1897 and the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 "the creation of a grazing district or the issuance of a permit... shall not create any right, title, interest, or estate in or to the lands."  (McIntosh and Fowler, pg 29)

In reference to Section 4 Taylor Grazing Act

"Likewise, the federal statutes pertaining to grazing permits or cooperative agreements, state that those instruments are optional, and discretionary programs.  Numerous court decisions have held that permits are revocable and can be canceled at any time (apparently by either party, prior to development of the authorized improvement).  Practically, all statutes specifically referring to grazing permits state that the issuance of such agreements grants no right, title, or interest in or to the underlying lands."   ( McIntosh and Fowler pg 31)

Recent decisions by the United States Court of Federal claims ( Hage v. United States, 1996 and 2002), determined that if the requirement to obtain a grazing permit is so burdensome as to deprive a rancher of his property, then he could not be required to obtain the permit.  This reasoning is in complete harmony with the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Curtin v. Benson, (1911) ( McIntosh and Fowler pg 29)

I would like to credit DRAFT RITF REPORT no. 56  Property Rights on Western Ranches: Federal Range land Policy and a Model for Valuation by Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Fowler.  

The Nevada engineer issued this report regarding the estate of Wayne E. Hage vs the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management  pg 24 and pg 25 "However, he further recognized that existing water rights that pre-date any water rights that may be claimed pursuant to the implied reservation of rights doctrine are superior to any reserved rights of the federal government."

SEPTEMBER 15, 1998 

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Who really runs ISIS in Syria?

Syria Terror Conference - Gordon Duff Blasts the Truth!

Published on Dec 10, 2014
Incredible speech by Gordon Duff at the Syrian International Conference to Combat Terrorism. Gordon led a group that represented the United States at the conference!

Gordon discusses who really runs the United States from the shadows! He names the US Generals and a Senator who runs ISIS! Never in history have the people of Syria been told the truth to this extent! I urge patriots worldwide to share this video and keep sharing all articles from Take over the comments for all controlled opposition in alternative media that censor VT! Take over comments and pages for all fake mainstream news! Patriots aroudn the world are now uniting behind our veterans putting out the truth! Never stop sharing VT and bringing more patriots to our team! VT for VICTORY!

DEAR JOHN …. Regarding the IRS…..

The problem is that neither the “Internal Revenue Service” or “INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE” which are run under the auspices of the FEDERAL RESERVE, nor the “IRS” which is run under the auspices of the IMF, are government agencies–they are just subcontractors hired as bill collectors by the “IRS” and accountants by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.
It’s hardly worth going after the lackeys. The ones responsible are much higher up the food chain.
The one number used as both “your” Social Security Number and “your” Taxpayer Identification Number is used to keep two accounts—one records credit due and one records debts due.   The IRS (IMF) keeps track of the debt side, and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (FEDERAL RESERVE) keeps track of the credit side.
The IRS sends a bill to you in the name of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” — a STATE-owned ESTATE trust,  for charges related to the government services provided by the UNITED STATES (INC.).  This is just business, howbeit, it involves known mail fraud. The “tax” is a bill for public services rendered— defense, roads, you name it.  And so far as that goes, it is perfectly justifiable bill which is purposefully and self-interestedly misaddressed. The debt side of “your” account is run under the familiar number in the form 123-45-6789, with dashes.  Dashes = debt side of the ledger.
Where this all falls apart is the presumption that the STATE franchise and the UNITED STATES (INC.) are making that you, the living man, are responsible for providing private credit for this public debt and that you have “voluntarily” agreed to act as an unpaid federal employee known as a “withholding agent”.  They never explained anything about their “system” to you, and certainly did not provide “full disclosure” so you are well within your rights to object and invoke your Common Law right preserved by UCC 1-308 and 1-103.6 not to be bound by any defective contract, including those that are unilateral, lacking full disclosure, which are inequitable, not in-kind, tainted by fraud, entered into by Third Parties merely claiming to “represent” you, or which are deemed to exist as a result of your receiving any compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement.
You can “just say no” to the IRS and sever any further presumption or relationship with them as of the end of the federal fiscal year (June 30) of any year you choose.  You simply invoke your rights stated above and send the IRS a polite letter referencing 26 USC 6013 and tell them that you are “revoking your election to pay” as of the 30th of June…..
However, as irritated as we all are and as unjust and criminally misrepresented their administration of the “income tax” is and has been, we also have to admit that government services have to be paid for.  So now we come to the other side of the account ledger. The credit side of “your” account is operated under “your” Social Security Number without dashes and enclosed by asterisks:  *123456789* by the “INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE” run by the FEDERAL RESERVE that has recently reorganized under the auspices of the UN INC.
Technically, you have never owed any income tax, ever, in your life.  The very word “income” is a corporate accounting term. Corporations accrue income.  Living people accrue property.  That’s the legal definition long and short of it.
What has been done by those claiming to “represent” you, is to set up various legal fiction entities operated under your given name.  So the debts of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” are the debts of a federally owned and operated ESTATE trust located in Puerto Rico, and as a legal fiction entity— a corporate entity— it does accrue “income”.  In fact, because the rats have unlawfully and without your knowing consent “converted” your bank account to the ownership of this ESTATE trust, every dime you “donate” to “JOHN” is considered taxable income.
That’s how the IRS prosecutes its victims— it claims that you owe the debts of this Puerto Rican ESTATE trust and uses the confusion caused by the semantic deceit of “similar names” to entrap you into their court proceedings and then use the already accomplished unlawful conversion of your bank account to seize funds held in the NAME of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS”.
All this nastiness could be avoided, if this system were functioning properly, and the debts of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” were being paid by the Internal Revenue Service—- which is what should be happening.  The Internal Revenue Service now being operated as the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has control of the credit side of the “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” account, and there is plenty of credit in his account to discharge any debt that “HE” owes, however, since the IRS is billing you, instead of billing “HIM”, you get caught in the cross-hairs, quite unnecessarily.
The Secretary of the Treasury has without justification “blocked” most of these credit accounts and pretended that the beneficiaries of these ESTATES are “unknown”—-even though they manage to find you readily enough when they are trying to collect a debt, they pretend that you are “missing” when it comes time to pay one. Most recently the rats have attempted to redefine your ESTATE trust which is operated under your name styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” and run by the Washington, DC. Municipal Government, as a “transmitting utility” owned and operated by the United Nations City State and doing business under your name styled as in: “JOHN Q. ADAMS”.
Please note that “JOHN Q. ADAMS” is not even a legal and specific and clearly identifiable name— it could be relate to a man named John Quincy Adams or another man named John Quentin Adams, and so on.
These semantic deceits resulting in false claims and identity theft and misappropriation of credit and mis-administration of the public trusts is the heart of the real fraud practiced and fostered by the “Internal Revenue Service” / “IRS” system.
We — especially the judges and law enforcement and military men and politicians — have got to put a stop to this craziness and mis-administration and identity theft, or there will be nothing stopping any foreign state and any private corporation from creating legal fiction entities “in our names” and bringing false charges against us.
As for this history–
1917 the Trading With the Enemy Act falsely declared that the American People — the employers of the United States of America, Inc., were “enemies” and conscripted– that is, “borrowed” us and our property “for the war effort”.   Now, it should be recognized that no corporation has the right to declare “war” on anyone or anything, and that the men doing this had no granted authority to “represent” us in any such manner or fashion, much less authority to lay a false claim against the employers of the United States of America, Inc.  It was fraud then and it is fraud now.  All claims based upon it are null and void and the rats merely need to be called on it and held feet first to the flames.
However, they did this, as they did their take over of the monetary system via the “Federal Reserve Act”—another piece of fraud—under conditions of semantic deceit and secrecy.  In this way the banks running the “Federal Reserve System” placed a false claim of ownership against us and our assets— our land, our businesses, our homes, everything.
After the First World War ended, they failed to return our property to us.  They kept it and in 1933, the rats gratuitously included us and all our property as part of their bankruptcy.  They falsely claimed that we were standing as “voluntary sureties” for the debts of the now-bankrupt “United States of America, Inc.” and its “State of………” franchises.
So, having “borrowed” our assets, they now falsely claimed that we were responsible for their debts, and in this manner, enslaved and obligated us, just as a co-signer on a car loan is obligated.   Again, none of this was fully disclosed, and the nature of the “United States of America, Inc.” as merely a privately owned and operated governmental services corporation being run by the Federal Reserve banks was never revealed to the American People.
As a result of these acts of fraud and false pretenses Americans have labored for almost a hundred years to pay debts that they largely never owed and have been grossly imposed upon and defrauded by people they trusted and who owed them the fiduciary trust that has been violated.
As of July 1, 2013, the Pope cleaned house and settled the “bankruptcy” of the United States of America, Inc.  At that point, all the Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts should have been formally dissolved and all assets presumed to belong to them should have been returned to their true beneficiaries, the living American people.  Instead, the criminals in DC contrived to try to work out another “new deal” with the operators of the United Nations City State.
The United Nations City State has allowed the old criminals who were running the “Federal Reserve System” to reorganize as the “new” “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices.  This criminal syndicate has claimed— falsely as ever—-that all the property contained in the individual ESTATES was “abandoned” and therefore belongs to the banks, and they have begun to try to transfer all title and ownership of OUR property and assets into their brand new transmitting utilities doing business under the “JOHN Q. ADAMS” names.
Pope Francis gave them three years in which to come into compliance with their corporate charters, or face being liquidated. Over one whole year has passed and so far, they are laughing in his face and doing everything they can to rob, rape, pillage, damage, and confuse the American People they have victimized for so long.
Make no mistake— these people running both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF are criminals and these organizations are international criminal syndicates which have enslaved and falsely indebted the American People via identity theft, the practice of personage, unlawful conversion of assets, fiduciary trust fraud, kidnapping, inland piracy, contract default increasing the public debt, and myriad other offenses.
The American People are owed all their assets back, together with the interest and profit which have been made off those assets.  The American organic States are similarly owed all their assets back.  All that was “borrowed” must be returned, and any false pretense that the “UNITED STATES” (INC.) or any “successor” to this fraud— the UN CORP, for example, has any right to continue to control Americans or their property via this network of fraud and false claims must cease.
This is what the rats have done to America and Americans.  Every single one of them who knew the truth and did nothing about it, are criminals in our midst.  Now that it is becoming known, it is only a matter of time before the similar frauds that have impacted Europe and the former Commonwealth will become self-evident and the perpetrators forced out of their holes like the vermin they are and prosecuted as such on both a national and international basis.
Let that end come and come quickly. Let the sorting of the goats from the sheep begin. Those who have been complicit through ignorance must come out of Babylon, or be destroyed with it.

Dear John - Regarding the IRS


This is huge. Washington State's new anti-gun law will be openly violated by thousands of citizens at the State Capitol in Olympia. The lineup of speakers indicates a fever pitch participation by national voices, including Sheriff Mack, Ammon Bundy and Mike Vanderboegh. The event organizer states the following:

"We will rally at the capital, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the legislation and violate i594 in every possible way. Because ALL law that violates the Constitution is not law, it is VOID!"

Check out this exciting announcement as sent to me by Oath Keepers Board of Directors member and North Oregon coordinator Jeff Ford. And be sure to enjoy the video by Gavin Seim at bottom of this article.

Elias Alias, editor
Stewart Rhodes has asked all Oath Keepers that can make it to Olympia, WA
at the State Capitol building on December 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM to attend and protest the i594 gun control initiative that was voted for in State of Washington.

Oath Keepers will have a table set up at the rally but if any of the Washington members in the area can get there at 9:00 am to set up a table please contact Jeff Ford at: or by phone at 714-478-1386 (please leave a message if no answer). 

I will be bringing a banner and an Oath Keepers flag as well as brochures and other materials. We might also possibly be able to have a meet and greet after the rally somewhere in or near Olympia but not sure exactly when or where yet because I don't know the area that well and it's a long drive back to central Oregon. Please look for another email if we come up with a location and time for the meet and greet and/or visit the table at the rally for more information if you can make it there.

  • Date: 12/13/14
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Location: WA State Capital, Gateway Park. 416 Sid Snyder Ave SW Olympia, WA
Featured Patriot Speakers:
  • Mike Vanderboegh (web).
  • Sheriff Richard Mack (web).
  • Cope Reynolds (web).
  • Ammon Bundy (web).
  • Rep Elizabeth Scott (web)
  • Anthony Bosworth (web)
  • Kit Lange Carroll (web)
  • Gavin Seim (web)
  • PLUS: Other regional patriots.
  • We will have a local Oath Keepers representative speaking there as well.
Hope to see everyone there that can make it to Olympia, WA on Saturday. For Liberty and best regards,
Jeff Ford
Northern Oregon Coordinator; National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers
714-478-1386 (please leave a message if no answer)
More info about the rally below which was copied from a Facebook event by the organizers of the event:

Event Website/Flyer:
FB Page:
Question & Answer: 
SHIRTS:  Organizer/Media: Gavin Seim,

From the Organizers of the event:
We're not waiting for politicians, judges or lawyers. Our birthright is NOT to be touched. We call on our Sheriffs, local representatives and legislators to stand with us and uphold their oaths.
The Constitution is the supreme law and our God given rights are NOT open for negotiation. We choose to uphold the law as peacefully and principled as possible, but it will be upheld.

We will buy and sell guns from whom we please, we will not submit to background checks, we will not give up our rights, WE WILL NOT Comply.

We will rally at the capital, openly exchange guns, unveil and plan to break apart the legislation and violate i594 in every possible way. Because ALL law that violates the Constitution is not law, it is VOID!

This is being organized by the Gavin Seim for Liberty and Anthony Bosworth For Sheriff and many great volunteers from across the State. Please show up.


My comments:
The video on Youtube had the caption 'Today I become an Outlaw'    NO.
The gun grabbers who attempt to make non laws to take our guns ARE THE REAL OUTLAWS!

Enough said.