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Saturday, October 10, 2015

For the [Stupid] Love of Money

From Judge Anna

I am a scientist by nature and training---analytical to the bone. It always comes as a shock to people that I take the Bible seriously. I shrug and say, "There are 648 prophecies in the Bible (at least so far as I can count) and all but a handful have come true."

Go figure, eh?
This could be because we are in some sort of cosmic feedback loop, reliving yet another version of what has already happened before, and which is therefore happening again according to generally known parameters.
According to modern physics and mathematical theories, it's possible. Time viewed as an ever-expanding matrix of information could have a repeat pattern as predicted by fractal mathematics. Our experience of "history" could simply expand like adding another chamber of larger size but similar shape to a chambered Nautilus shell.
This would explain the "eternal return" of things and the existence of such mythic patterns as "the once and future king".
We are in this day and age in the midst of such a repeat pattern and facing a known and ancient evil that first entered the written history of mankind approximately 8,000 years ago. It is the same evil that Abraham fled when he left the Babylonian city of Ur, the same evil that Moses fled when leaving Egypt. No doubt it is the same evil that led to the Flood and which is prophesied to cause the destruction by Fire.
That great evil is idolatry, and it's chief form is --- money.