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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Reply to All State-of-State Attorney Generals-- Using Nevada as an Example:


By Anna Von Reitz

We've had quite a number of replies from State-of-State Attorney Generals. As the name of their office implies, they have been the ones employing "lawfare" against Americans merely "presumed to be" Municipal citizens of the United States. These men and women have to be fully informed and told to stand down, otherwise, they persist like Japanese foot soldiers lost in the jungles of Burma still presuming that they are fighting World War II.

These fifty men and women are charged with defending the State and the State of State against "citizens of the United States", and the People of this country have been deliberately mis-identified as "citizens of the United States". These Legal Presumptions, like the presumption of "War Powers" have to be popped like so many balloons. So here is an example of the information that the State-of-State Attorney Generals need to have landed on their desks via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested:

Dear Sir: (or Madam, as the case may be)

It’s apparent that you have not been properly informed:

1. All fifty of the properly qualified and declared State Assemblies are now in Session;

2. As of September 30th, Nevada is formally enrolled as a State of the Union and is relieved of any presumption of a quasi-Territorial status--- which date also marks the end of any presumed custodial role for the State of Nevada with respect to us;

3. The Municipal title taken on our property is being dissolved. When that process is complete, the Nevada State [Land Trust] will also collapse and revert to the People of this State;

4. The People you are addressing are State Citizens and State Nationals of Nevada, the actual civilian owners of Nevada;

5. We are not Territorial Citizens nor are we citizens of the United States; we are non-domestic with respect to you, your law, your functions, and your authorities;

6. We have never been involved in your Civil War, which is in fact an illegal mercenary conflict;

7. The other Principals responsible for exercising our delegated powers have received our mandate; our employees are not allowed to conduct warfare, including lawfare, on our shores;

8. Your Civil War is over; all presumptions otherwise are set aside;

9. Our civilian Courts of Record are in operation and under the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, 71 US 2, your State of Nevada courts are obligated to withdraw and may no longer address us;

10. Any remaining exercise of Territorial Law must be applied to actual Territorial Subjects and Subject Matter;

11. The standard of evidence your courts must meet in establishing such claim of jurisdiction is set forth here: 2 Stat.153, Chapter 28, Section 1, enacted April 14, 1802, and otherwise stated as Revised United States Statute-at-Large 2165;

12. You and those others presuming to enforce the Lieber Code on our civilian population are in fact our employees acting improperly under presumption of powers never granted to you;

13. The only Law that we have in common with you as State of Nevada Attorney General is The Constitution of the United States of America; likewise, in your role as STATE OF NEVADA ATTORNEY GENERAL, the only Law we have with you is The Constitution of the United States—and in either case:

14. Refer to Article VI --- The Supremacy Clause;

15. Refer to Article IV – your obligation to protect our persons (under 1789 and 1790 definitions of “person”) and property. This does not provide for assumption of any Ultra Vires trusteeship or custodial role for the State of Nevada;

16. Refer to Amendment X -- Reserved Powers regarding all matters not specifically addressed and delegated--- your presumptions of “war powers”, “emergency powers”, and custodial interest are all subject to our Reserved Powers;

17. Refer to Amendment XI – Americans are not subject to foreign law, including foreign statutory law promulgated by Territorial and Municipal legislative bodies;

18. As the foregoing makes explicit and clear, the one who is apparently not aware of the applicable Law, is you.

You have now been fully informed of the facts, the Law, and the circumstance.

The actual Nevadans have accepted our right and responsibility to self-govern, have accepted all of our Constitutional Guarantees, and you are now being directed to return to peacetime status without further obfuscation or delay.


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Update on Bessie, The Wonder Car


By Anna Von Reitz

It has been a fascinating journey into mysteries unknown until now, but no banana yet.  The Phantom Part has not been secured, but we have learned a lot more about the history of it, and about the quarry itself. 

Thanks to readers at, we now know that: 

"I think you can just replace that 91 style return line with one off a 92-94. Those use a threaded end to the fpr. I would swap the fpr to the 92-94 style as well. Much easier to find." -- and this was confirmed by our garage guys, too.  So we can expand the search. 

Also: "PR61 is a generic part number for the 92-94 FPR's, but there are alternatives:

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 91TF9C968AA, 92TF9C968AA, CM4713, CM4723, F1TZ9C968A, F2TZ9C968A, F37Z9C968A, ZZL113280, ZZL213280, ZZM213280."  

And that helps, too. 

Also, information that this elusive Fuel Pressure Regulator Return hose was not only standard issue on the Ford Explorer, but the Ford Aerostar, Ford Rangers, Mazda B4000, Explorer Sport, Mazda Navajo, from 92-94.

So, the search parameters are expanded. 

We MAY have replacements on the way, but haven't received them yet. Believe me, after this Great Snipe Hunt, if I wind up with a couple of these hoses going forward, I won't complain.  

Friends from Hawaii sent a pdf copy of the entire 1991 Explorer Part Manual, and yes, indeed, there was a line drawing to the Elusive Mystery Hose-- but no name and no parts number.  

As Charlie Brown says, "Auuggghhhh!" 

So, we monkeys of the garage kind are still leaping branch to branch and sweet Bessie is parked with her tail lights facing a birch forest that is turning gold and white, and the leaves are beginning to fall on her hood and around her tires. 

It's like having a family member in the hospital.  

My most sincere thanks to all of you who are taking the time to look and think and help an old lady and her old Explorer XL, Bessie, VIN Number 1FMDU34X3MUB02434. 

To me, you have to understand, she's only thirty years old.  A mere sprout, compared to Harriet, our 1962 Rover Wagon.



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A Culture of Kindness v. THEM


By Anna Von Reitz

This is a strange problem, and yet, it draws one's attention to the actual problem and reveals it in ways that nothing else could. 

We are getting some very high-powered corporate executives in our homegrown Assemblies.  And they are bringing the corporate mindset with them. 

The whole super-competitive, production-oriented, dog-eat-dog mindset of the corporations beats the life and love and creativity out of our souls.  It makes us into "persons" not "people" --- and in doing so, it reduces us to heartlessness and fear.  

It creates the kind of world we don't want to live in. 

It destroys connection and community and sharing.  

It erases the vital elements of emotion and ethics. 

I used to think of Corporate America as a vast chicken yard, complete with its pecking order.  God help anyone who wasn't prepared to fight to the death.  

The corporations have produced several generations of people who are habituated to the norms of this ruthless corporate culture, who accept its demands, its unrelenting focus on profits, its ingrained selfishness, and who take one-up games and inter-office politics for granted.   

Now they are coming into our Assemblies, and naturally, they bring this mindset with them.  They don't even seem to realize that they are no longer on Wall Street ----and that Main Street is different.  

They are coming to Main Street in search of old-fashioned freedom and American values and privacy and security for themselves and their families and their homes and their money and everything else they've slaved for.  But then, they immediately set to work, trying to make Main Street into Wall Street.  

Living in Alaska, I've seen wave after wave of Californians fleeing the Golden State, seeking freedom in Alaska.  

They promptly settle down and start talking about how backward Alaskans are.  Why aren't we supporting hundreds of welfare programs and snooper pooper agencies and government regulation of every kind?  Why aren't we politically correct and compliant?  Why aren't we gaga about money? 

It never occurs to them that their Nanny State mentality is what caused the problems that they were so anxious to get away from. .   

The same thing happens with the Corporatists.  They come to our Assemblies to escape the cold, nasty, coercive, immoral, profit-driven culture of the corporations --- and drag their prisons with them.  

Recovering Corporatists need time and therapy and encouragement.  We don't only need to teach them about American Government and History, we have to teach them how to be kind. 

They never learned, or they have long ago forgotten the simple code of kindness and acceptance and honesty that makes Main Street what it is.  

 Many people have observed that this is a spiritual struggle more than anything else, a matter of what you believe and what you believe in, so let's start right here in our Assemblies and examine our assumptions.  

We are not here to restore or rebuild the ivory towers and balance sheets of corporations.  We are here to rebuild a nation made of living people -- people who have frailties and problems.  So let's all make the conscious choice to make kindness and loyalty and honesty the core of our non-corporate Value System----and teach others the same. 

The only way to really leave Corporate America and its chicken yard mentality behind, is to realize that we have been indoctrinated into this dark and evil way of thinking and doing things. And then also realize that we can willfully, and consciously choose a profoundly different way of life and way of treating each other in our State Assemblies. 


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