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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Reply to All State-of-State Attorney Generals-- Using Nevada as an Example:


By Anna Von Reitz

We've had quite a number of replies from State-of-State Attorney Generals. As the name of their office implies, they have been the ones employing "lawfare" against Americans merely "presumed to be" Municipal citizens of the United States. These men and women have to be fully informed and told to stand down, otherwise, they persist like Japanese foot soldiers lost in the jungles of Burma still presuming that they are fighting World War II.

These fifty men and women are charged with defending the State and the State of State against "citizens of the United States", and the People of this country have been deliberately mis-identified as "citizens of the United States". These Legal Presumptions, like the presumption of "War Powers" have to be popped like so many balloons. So here is an example of the information that the State-of-State Attorney Generals need to have landed on their desks via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested:

Dear Sir: (or Madam, as the case may be)

It’s apparent that you have not been properly informed:

1. All fifty of the properly qualified and declared State Assemblies are now in Session;

2. As of September 30th, Nevada is formally enrolled as a State of the Union and is relieved of any presumption of a quasi-Territorial status--- which date also marks the end of any presumed custodial role for the State of Nevada with respect to us;

3. The Municipal title taken on our property is being dissolved. When that process is complete, the Nevada State [Land Trust] will also collapse and revert to the People of this State;

4. The People you are addressing are State Citizens and State Nationals of Nevada, the actual civilian owners of Nevada;

5. We are not Territorial Citizens nor are we citizens of the United States; we are non-domestic with respect to you, your law, your functions, and your authorities;

6. We have never been involved in your Civil War, which is in fact an illegal mercenary conflict;

7. The other Principals responsible for exercising our delegated powers have received our mandate; our employees are not allowed to conduct warfare, including lawfare, on our shores;

8. Your Civil War is over; all presumptions otherwise are set aside;

9. Our civilian Courts of Record are in operation and under the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, 71 US 2, your State of Nevada courts are obligated to withdraw and may no longer address us;

10. Any remaining exercise of Territorial Law must be applied to actual Territorial Subjects and Subject Matter;

11. The standard of evidence your courts must meet in establishing such claim of jurisdiction is set forth here: 2 Stat.153, Chapter 28, Section 1, enacted April 14, 1802, and otherwise stated as Revised United States Statute-at-Large 2165;

12. You and those others presuming to enforce the Lieber Code on our civilian population are in fact our employees acting improperly under presumption of powers never granted to you;

13. The only Law that we have in common with you as State of Nevada Attorney General is The Constitution of the United States of America; likewise, in your role as STATE OF NEVADA ATTORNEY GENERAL, the only Law we have with you is The Constitution of the United States—and in either case:

14. Refer to Article VI --- The Supremacy Clause;

15. Refer to Article IV – your obligation to protect our persons (under 1789 and 1790 definitions of “person”) and property. This does not provide for assumption of any Ultra Vires trusteeship or custodial role for the State of Nevada;

16. Refer to Amendment X -- Reserved Powers regarding all matters not specifically addressed and delegated--- your presumptions of “war powers”, “emergency powers”, and custodial interest are all subject to our Reserved Powers;

17. Refer to Amendment XI – Americans are not subject to foreign law, including foreign statutory law promulgated by Territorial and Municipal legislative bodies;

18. As the foregoing makes explicit and clear, the one who is apparently not aware of the applicable Law, is you.

You have now been fully informed of the facts, the Law, and the circumstance.

The actual Nevadans have accepted our right and responsibility to self-govern, have accepted all of our Constitutional Guarantees, and you are now being directed to return to peacetime status without further obfuscation or delay.


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  1. and if they write you back are you going to post the response?

    1. Univ. of California, Riverside 10.8K subscribers
      Some NDE's claimed saw Jesus and Satan played poker. At 1hr:25
      How funny:


    2. Earthing Earthling, 2 days ago
      Praying for whoever is going thru this fresh hell (U.S. INC, U.S.A. INC). Stay away from toxic ppl! Turn and burn folks... Trust me, they never change.

  2. This is so clear that anyone with a grade school education can understand that the so called government of the USA is foreign. I am in the midst of taking back my NY State citizenship, then I can join the Assembly and get busy helping The United States of America be reborn. Huzzah!

    1. Patsy Dow get your paper work done we need you in our New York assembly best Danny

  3. Ought it be "on" Nevada not "of" Nevada?:
    4. The People you are addressing are State Citizens and State Nationals of Nevada, the actual civilian owners of Nevada;

  4. For those who challenge self-governance, Transcript: President Obama’s Oct. 17 remarks on the budget deal. Obama, "But to all my friends in Congress, understand that how business is done in this town has to change because we've all got a lot of work to do on behalf of the American people, and that includes the hard work of regaining their trust.
    Our system of self-government doesn't function without it. And now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do, and that's grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids, lay the foundation for broad-based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul. That's why we're here. That should be our focus."

    Sadly, while he sounded like Trump and knows of self-governance, Obama tried to overthrow our government that Trump is rescuing from within their system.

  5. Thank you Anna. Let’s keep the heat on.

  6. Is this group Arizona State Nationals? Mentions tunnels in Kingman area & military arrived in busses... ? Listening to audio now to

    Article isn't that long & has an audio interview with Bridget Langston:

    Small Kingman, AZ Activist Group Is Successfully Pushing Back Against the Unconstitutional Lockdowns

    .... This group has forced Kingman's tyrannical mayor, Jen Miles, to cancel speaking engagements because she's afraid of this group's presence at the events. This mayor will soon be hiding under her bed because this group is not done with her, but I do not want to spoil the surprises that are coming.

    3. This group has been able to stand up to a tyrannical mayor by obtaining an Attorney General's legal opinion (AZ) regarding this mayor's application of the face mask rule. Also, here is a fundamental question: How could it be that this group has made more progress regarding the unconstitutional lockdown process, than larger groups in both the Phoenix and Tucson area. The only comparable Arizona group is one led by Tom Hatten, founder and CEO of Mountainside Fitness who sued dictator and Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, for illegally closing gyms

    1. 'Kingman' AZ
      hmm wink wink sounds like maybe a front group to me

      Like King Ranch in Texas that is excluded from the UN Agenda 21 initiatives
      Huge ranch owned by jews, over 300,000 acres (King Ranch) and none of their land is subject to confiscation under UN agenda?

      Make note too that in ranching they have a group called Cattlemen to Cattlemen, notice the CC
      So they are front and center in controlling the market on the soon to be meat products you are no longer permitted to eat under the NOAHIDE Laws

      A ROTHshit speaks about UN agenda

      Make note these are the sustainable development goals Robert David Steele is working to implement as per his so called Earth Intelligence Network BULLSHIT
      He is an agent

      Interesting information contained at the below link
      Take note of this little piece of information
      1620-Pilgrims land in America. (They make new compact with the land and declared the Native American’s the Canaanites that must be wiped out.)

      1500 AD

      1515-Pope Leo X the Medici Pope opened the door for Usury on loans after pressure from the German Fugger Bank.

      Queen E II is a German Jew not British at all she is an imposter and so is her entire family reports who the WINDSORS really are and they are not BRITS
      Sax Coburg Gotha not WINDSOR

      1602 Dutch East India Company referred to by King John as the Synogogue of Satan


  7. What if the Attorney Generals refuse to cease and desist "lawfare"?

  8. i am a arizona national in pinal county. people are a sleep... they scared of our government and police...


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