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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Update on Bessie, The Wonder Car


By Anna Von Reitz

It has been a fascinating journey into mysteries unknown until now, but no banana yet.  The Phantom Part has not been secured, but we have learned a lot more about the history of it, and about the quarry itself. 

Thanks to readers at, we now know that: 

"I think you can just replace that 91 style return line with one off a 92-94. Those use a threaded end to the fpr. I would swap the fpr to the 92-94 style as well. Much easier to find." -- and this was confirmed by our garage guys, too.  So we can expand the search. 

Also: "PR61 is a generic part number for the 92-94 FPR's, but there are alternatives:

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 91TF9C968AA, 92TF9C968AA, CM4713, CM4723, F1TZ9C968A, F2TZ9C968A, F37Z9C968A, ZZL113280, ZZL213280, ZZM213280."  

And that helps, too. 

Also, information that this elusive Fuel Pressure Regulator Return hose was not only standard issue on the Ford Explorer, but the Ford Aerostar, Ford Rangers, Mazda B4000, Explorer Sport, Mazda Navajo, from 92-94.

So, the search parameters are expanded. 

We MAY have replacements on the way, but haven't received them yet. Believe me, after this Great Snipe Hunt, if I wind up with a couple of these hoses going forward, I won't complain.  

Friends from Hawaii sent a pdf copy of the entire 1991 Explorer Part Manual, and yes, indeed, there was a line drawing to the Elusive Mystery Hose-- but no name and no parts number.  

As Charlie Brown says, "Auuggghhhh!" 

So, we monkeys of the garage kind are still leaping branch to branch and sweet Bessie is parked with her tail lights facing a birch forest that is turning gold and white, and the leaves are beginning to fall on her hood and around her tires. 

It's like having a family member in the hospital.  

My most sincere thanks to all of you who are taking the time to look and think and help an old lady and her old Explorer XL, Bessie, VIN Number 1FMDU34X3MUB02434. 

To me, you have to understand, she's only thirty years old.  A mere sprout, compared to Harriet, our 1962 Rover Wagon.



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  1. We gotta keep the good things runnin'!

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  2. In one of Anna's recent articles she mentioned a sign that business owners could post stating they were not licensed to serve federal employees. Anyone know which article this was...I cannot seem to find it

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