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Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Culture of Kindness v. THEM


By Anna Von Reitz

This is a strange problem, and yet, it draws one's attention to the actual problem and reveals it in ways that nothing else could. 

We are getting some very high-powered corporate executives in our homegrown Assemblies.  And they are bringing the corporate mindset with them. 

The whole super-competitive, production-oriented, dog-eat-dog mindset of the corporations beats the life and love and creativity out of our souls.  It makes us into "persons" not "people" --- and in doing so, it reduces us to heartlessness and fear.  

It creates the kind of world we don't want to live in. 

It destroys connection and community and sharing.  

It erases the vital elements of emotion and ethics. 

I used to think of Corporate America as a vast chicken yard, complete with its pecking order.  God help anyone who wasn't prepared to fight to the death.  

The corporations have produced several generations of people who are habituated to the norms of this ruthless corporate culture, who accept its demands, its unrelenting focus on profits, its ingrained selfishness, and who take one-up games and inter-office politics for granted.   

Now they are coming into our Assemblies, and naturally, they bring this mindset with them.  They don't even seem to realize that they are no longer on Wall Street ----and that Main Street is different.  

They are coming to Main Street in search of old-fashioned freedom and American values and privacy and security for themselves and their families and their homes and their money and everything else they've slaved for.  But then, they immediately set to work, trying to make Main Street into Wall Street.  

Living in Alaska, I've seen wave after wave of Californians fleeing the Golden State, seeking freedom in Alaska.  

They promptly settle down and start talking about how backward Alaskans are.  Why aren't we supporting hundreds of welfare programs and snooper pooper agencies and government regulation of every kind?  Why aren't we politically correct and compliant?  Why aren't we gaga about money? 

It never occurs to them that their Nanny State mentality is what caused the problems that they were so anxious to get away from. .   

The same thing happens with the Corporatists.  They come to our Assemblies to escape the cold, nasty, coercive, immoral, profit-driven culture of the corporations --- and drag their prisons with them.  

Recovering Corporatists need time and therapy and encouragement.  We don't only need to teach them about American Government and History, we have to teach them how to be kind. 

They never learned, or they have long ago forgotten the simple code of kindness and acceptance and honesty that makes Main Street what it is.  

 Many people have observed that this is a spiritual struggle more than anything else, a matter of what you believe and what you believe in, so let's start right here in our Assemblies and examine our assumptions.  

We are not here to restore or rebuild the ivory towers and balance sheets of corporations.  We are here to rebuild a nation made of living people -- people who have frailties and problems.  So let's all make the conscious choice to make kindness and loyalty and honesty the core of our non-corporate Value System----and teach others the same. 

The only way to really leave Corporate America and its chicken yard mentality behind, is to realize that we have been indoctrinated into this dark and evil way of thinking and doing things. And then also realize that we can willfully, and consciously choose a profoundly different way of life and way of treating each other in our State Assemblies. 


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  1. Holy Cow, Anna!! A brilliant observation. Thank you for the heads up.

    1. Why it doesn't pay to be nice, in the world mixing with SATAN?

      The Devil will transform you America, if you won't transform them physically as you did in 7/4/ 1776. Proof? PLUTO return from now to 2023 is a clear sign, they will transform you. Why? The UK has the core evil (3-in-1), all negative PLUTO in its house #2, they earn by deceptions, and manipulations.

      Don't use std (inaccurate) astrology tool.
      Scientific View:
      In 1776, America was materially involved in public and in secret, with active mind. Today, 2020 America is actively mad at each others, unaware of deep evils, dreamy. The UK stole America ARMY+ NAVY+ AIR-FORCE, subdue their hearts and minds. If you won't reset them and yourselves, they will reset you, to label America as the UNITED KINGDOM of BRITAIN, by 2030.

  2. Wonderfully put, Anna. Let us all be beacons of light and hope for the masses yearning for a peaceful, private life where the Golden Rule reigns supreme.
    Jason McLeod
    Recording Secretary for the Texas Assembly

  3. Its been my experiance that once a corportist always a corportist..!! You must stop this immediately....accept no corporate supervisor, manager, CEO or any higher ups showing up exactly on time, no matter what anyone says...!! This is the very thing that made me quit corporate life and i refuse to be intimidated by someone higher up than me. Who do these people think they are...if i am late by 10 min. I do not want to hear it...if i am late then i am late....simple as that..!!

  4. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" - John Adams to the Massachusetts Militia, 11 October 1798

  5. .
    The floundering Fathers we not 100% honest...LOL
    As the CONstitution actual possess any real authority and enforcement for wrongdoers; except treason and they control the quasi court and CONgress.

    The BAR Guild controls everything else from the top down

    Banks are forbidden by law (CODES, statutes, case law, etc) to lend / loan credit!! All an illusion.

    Spooner, Lysander several documents.

    'The Law' - the best example / description of what Law was and should be..........
    Bastiat's 'The Law' - The Moral Case for Liberty

    The Law, original French title La Loi, is an 1850 book by Frédéric Bastiat. It was written at Mugron two years after the third French Revolution and a few months before his death of tuberculosis at age 49. The essay was influenced by John Locke's Second Treatise on Government and in turn influenced Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.[1] It is the work for which Bastiat is most famous along with The candlemaker's petition and the Parable of the broken window. In The Law, Bastiat says "each of us has a natural right – from God – to defend his person, his liberty, and his property". The State is a "substitution of a common force for individual forces" to defend this right. The law becomes perverted when it is used to violate the rights of the individual, when it punishes one's right to defend himself against a collective effort of others to legislatively enact laws which basically have the same effect of plundering. Justice has precise limits but philanthropy is limitless and government can grow endlessly when that becomes its function. The resulting statism is "based on this triple hypothesis: the total inertness of mankind, the omnipotence of the law, and the infallibility of the legislator". The relationship between the public and the legislator becomes "like the clay to the potter". Bastiat says, "I do not dispute their right to invent social combinations, to advertise them, to advocate them, and to try them upon themselves, at their own expense and risk. But I do dispute their right to impose these plans upon us by law – by force – and to compel us to pay for them with our taxes"

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. Ditto.. Maximus, no truer thought could have been a follow up to what Anna has given each to ponder today.

      Kindness and consideration for others is the law of nature, it wants nothing of itself, yet gives all for the collective, it's expansion and well-being.

      We as American's and otherwise, can experience this same force of natural well-being and expansion simply by the unity that we convey and the grace that we provide every other individual.

      Think of it like this, how would you like to be treated and simply begin to treat others with that level of appreciation and kindness. This is how we make the world and America a better place for everyone.

  6. Yes, the ego driven corporate chicken yard attracts people with psychological defects, who are social deviants with criminal mindsets. They not only need to become accustomed to a different drumbeat, they also need therapy and re-education. They likely won't survive the process and won't be able to contribute to the needs of a kinder, gentler society and thus are destined to be told to go sit on the porch and let the adults make the decisions.

  7. Finally starting to get new people coming to the Delaware Assembly. I am sure I will be dealing with these corporate personality types soon enough. We all go through an anger period waking up and angry corporate types are like caged wolves. Anger is destructive and time is required to allow the anger dissipate. The first Law is to love yourself as you love your neighbor and this should be the Most Important Mission of the Assemblies. Many are hurting and revenge although satisfying doesn't solve the problem. Freeing your mind and re-educating is to leave destructive behaviors behind, and forgive yourself for your part in the problem. We can come together and work together for the good of all the People without allowing a dictator from the Corporate World to bring in negativity and the corporate mission that most of us are trying to get away from. These types stick out like a sore thumb. First do no Harm. If they are causing harm they need to go with a simple explanation to come back without the anger. A simple act of Kindness will change someone's life.
    Peace and Love to all from Delaware

    1. Annie, I could not resist...

      You said " If they are causing harm they need to go with a simple explanation to come back without the anger. A simple act of Kindness will change someone's life."

      My mother told me that as a small kid if I was acting out a little bit then she (always the diplomat) would suggest that I go to my room and come out when I was happy. I apparently would fester for a little bit and come out out some point crying still and saying "I'm happy now" LOL

      Yes do no harm, God did not send us down here with 80 million statutes to navigate, just one easy one. Do whatever you want, just do no harm. It is elegantly simple.

    2. They don't understand how light works which is what love is in living Spirit.
      They don't understand what anti Gravity is and how to overcome it by attractiing more light speed and losing mass density to stretch Time beyond the event horizon where light bends in a Torous field of our Heart Chakra.

    3. They don't understand how light works which is what love is in living Spirit.
      They don't understand what anti Gravity is and how to overcome it by attractiing more light speed and losing mass density to stretch Time beyond the event horizon where light bends in a Torous field of our Heart Chakra.

    4. They don't understand how light works which is what love is in living Spirit.
      They don't understand what anti Gravity is and how to overcome it by attractiing more light speed and losing mass density to stretch Time beyond the event horizon where light bends in a Torous field of our Heart Chakra.

    5. as I read over the comments I am amazed at how many of you know the Truth of why we are here now, ie: spread love and light wherever it is needed. That is my mission and I was able just today to bring happiness to a cousin who is so alone and in need of someone to talk to. It made my day to help her! As Scarlet O'Hara said, "AFTER ALL, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY". So off I go to find someone else who needs love and support. My paperwork isn't finished yet for the Assembly but I'm working on it. The goal is November!

    6. All we need is love, and some unpolluted food, water and air, hopefully it is not too much to ask from those who think they own it, the only thing they are truly going to own is the consequences to their misdeeds.

  8. These corporate types will never accept defeat because they always need to be in charge of something or someone...!! My not hire corporate big wigs or we will wind up with the same govt we have now...!! Make sure and vet everyone before you hire them...if there are any corporate minded people, just get rid of them....we have come way to far to just hand over the raigns to someone else just as evil or worse than the one we already have...IMO..!!

    Anna, you have the same problem i are to nice...people will always take advantage of that, and you know its true..!! You said it yourself it previous matter how nice or complicid you are to people , someone will always be evil because they were born that way...!! And niether you or anyone else can chage that..!!

  9. A Culture of Kindness v. THEM ??

    The Vermin also play their Kindness by having their hypnotized Police dancing in public, etc.. Don't you get it?

  10. Super great article Anna! Thank you for that! :) This article should go viral. I'll send it to as many people as I can. I'll post it on

  11. The Assembly needs to watch out for corporate moles and spies in our mist. I can smell them a mile away. I have a lot of experience in recognizing them.

  12. "The greatest among you will be my servant" - Our Father in Heaven


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