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Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Coming Coup? Michael Anton


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    1. >>> In responding to Anna visions:>>>>>>
      It creates the kind of world we don't want to live in.
      It destroys connection and community and sharing.
      It erases the vital elements of emotion and ethics.

      The foreign (EU) Conspirators hire Americans to destroy their own country, and the world at same time, while profiting at our costs.
      1) The realism of the “Vermin Subtle Fake America, fake Gov't, fake states (fictitious STATES OF STATE),” are seen.

      2) Their Subtle Fake laws, fake Courts and fake Authorities are real fake.

      3) Their Subtle Fake lending (via Trust & Stocks extractions, of ppl hidden assets, ppl HJR192 Gold credits, lifeforces)
      4) Their Subtle Fake ID's, under U.S. (INC), U.S.A (INC) of Britain or UK.
      5) Their Subtle Fake news, war, helps,
      6) Their true and Subtle Masters are: fake Queen, King, Popes.

      To understand their trails, behaviors one musk THINK hard, deep and consistent with logic !!

      If you people wonder how do we prove all of these? They all have been proven. Some of the perpetrators are aware of their position, and could not get out of their addictions.

      When I say, the criminals have negative energies, they really do have them, tested, tracked, and found consistently corresponding to their behaviors. They are Narcissists, they only focus on themselves, their wealth 99% most of the time. They got away with their crimes because people feed them, believe in their lies, deceptions, Camouflage (dressing like they are real).

      You CANNOT see their neg. energies in astrology tools, via Tarots readings yes, up to 80%, by examining their consistency, under personal relationship, even though in business relationship. Your focus on them could achieve 100% accuracy if God provides you with the right tools.

      The ANGELES and Holy spirit are Living Among Us - The Bible Told Us so, to guide us:


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