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Saturday, June 6, 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

We have three more weeks of this. 

And then it will all be over and it will be our turn. 

In three weeks the Muni Government’s bankruptcy will be complete.

The evil foreign Municipal Government that held this country and all its people (both black and white) in its thrall will be gone. 

Imagine that?  In just three weeks. 

I am already breathing a sigh of relief. 

We can move the Capitol back to Philadelphia where it always should have been. 

We can hold actual Public Elections again. 
No more “Political Party” lobbyist nonsense.

It will be a brand new world, but until then, we have to grit our teeth and stay calm, because the enemies of all Americans  are paying people Big Bucks to riot. 

Up to $1500 a day to riot. 

Imagine what a deal like that sounds like to most people on the public dole in the inner cities?  

$1500 a DAY? 

That’s more money than they see in a month. 

So of course they are rioting. What do you expect?  And at that pay rate, expect more and more poor people to join their ranks. 

Municipal governments are city governments and with all 185,000 of them bankrupt, they want to make up their losses via insurance claims. 

So all the Municipal entities (and the supporters of that foreign theocracy) are pouring the gas on their own brush piles, figuring that they have nothing to lose and money to gain by doing so. 

It’s all insured anyway. 

So tear it all down and build new in the aftermath.  There will be all sorts of new construction jobs and new opportunities to redesign city centers when this is over. 

All the cash being injected into the rioter’s bank accounts means that they are fatter and happier than they’ve ever been.  

Nobody will go hungry this winter.

And they get to vent any sincere anger they feel about police brutality (or anything else) in the bargain. 

Not a bad scam from the Perpetrator’s perspective. 

That’s why all these Dem Governors and City Mayors are refusing to ask for help. They WANT everything to burn and be broken. 

There’s just a couple things they aren’t seeing about this situation. 

First, we have all the bank records and transfers and numbers associated with this. 

We have their emails and phone calls. 

Second, we know and can prove it’s an insurance scam. 

How do you think the insurance companies will take that? 

Third, we are going to charge their Principals —the Pope and the Queen and their corporations— triple damages because this is being done with planning and malicious intent. 

Plus a trillion dollars per person for all of those killed. 

It’s already up to $12T. 

In just three weeks all this will be over. 

So batten down and stay calm and know what you are seeing is what it is: an insurance scam.


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"Let Not...."

By Anna Von Reitz

Even as a little kid when I read those words, “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid....” I sensed there was a greater reason he told us that. 

Our Lord told us to react in the exact opposite way than what would be expected during a time full of war and strife, pestilence and natural disaster.  

Think about that.  

He said— don’t react to it. Don’t let all these terrible things happening disturb you.  Hold steady. Be calm. Fear nothing.

And as always, I take him at his word. 

Anyone else might lie to you. Anyone else might be wrong.  

But when he tells you to do the exact opposite of what would be expected— do the exact opposite. 

Be of good cheer.  Smile.  Go on about your business without a ripple. Do this because there is a reason—actually, many reasons, to do this at this time.

The first and most obvious reason to do it is because he gave us instruction and told us what to do. 

The second reason is that it is best for you and your health and outlook.  Being worried and fearful and cast down does nothing to help and everything to harm you.  

Such feelings put stress on your body and cause it to release chemicals that increase your inflammatory responses and Adrenalin levels and serve to undermine your immune system overall. 

Be at peace and rest in the arms of your Father. 

The third reason is that being calm and unruffled in the midst of whatever “disaster” and not reacting to it puts you in control. 

People who are running around Willy-Nilly and squawking and panicking only harm themselves and others.  They cause things like The Great Toilet Paper Shortage and similar disruptions that only make things worse.

The fourth reason is that the Evil Ones “eat” the energy of our negative emotions like food. So by remaining calm and steady and unafraid deprives the Beast of the energy it needs. 

We are in a spiritual war. 

You can’t see your spiritual opponents with your eyes, but they exist, and every time you give into any violent or fearful emotion, you give them a three course dinner with dessert.

So, send these demonic legions begging for their supper; hold your emotions in place, and stay strongly centered within your own strength. 

Two days ago the largest U.S. flag in the world tore in half, just like the curtain in the Temple.  I told you that this is because the war flag is being replaced and you will soon see the peace flag instead. 

This is not a bad thing.  This is a profoundly good thing.  

Last night, a bolt of lightning struck the Washington Monument for the first time since 1937. 

Portents upon portents. 

The “US” is being given full warning to change its ways, but  “the US” is not America. 

That’s right.  The “US” isn’t  a country. It’s a huge, criminally mis-managed commercial corporation that has preyed upon its employers, its employees, and everyone else. 

America is our country. It’s who we are. 

If you want to help yourself and help America, stand fast and in your imagination, see the pure white light of Heaven pouring down on it and bathing everyone and everything, every rock, every tree, stem and leaf. 

See the divine white light coming from the West, rising up over the Pacific and traveling steadily Eastward. 

See it embracing the Hawaiian Islands, flooding over the land and the people like a gentle wave, and then moving onward to the West Coast. 

See the white light of Heaven engulfing Big Sur and the Redwoods and Long Beach.  See the Live Oaks of La Jolla drenched in light.  See the light moving steadily and surely up the Columbia River Gorge and spreading northward like a giant fan, until it covers all of Alaska, too: bright, white light, carrying every color of the rainbow, filling every shadow.

Moving onward, see this incredible bright light moving over the Rockies, over Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.... and ever Eastward.... over the Dakotas and Nebraska and Missouri and Kentucky and Kansas and Texas.... see it spreading all the way up the Mississippi River and all over Minnesota.... bathing everyone in peace, mending broken hearts and restoring abundant health and life....

Follow that light as it flows like water over Wisconsin and over the ruined dirty streets of Detroit in Michigan, see it shining down like a search light on Chicago and Illinois and Ohio and Iowa, steadily filling every pool of darkness....see it as it reaches Philadelphia and pours like honey over the farmland and forests...

Watch as the white light of Heaven sweeps on down South to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida....and then moves up the Coast to Georgia and the Carolinas and through all the Southeast and instead of diminishing the bright, white light of Heaven only shines brighter as it heads into the heart of darkness....

The light washes onward and upward, striking like an overwhelming sea of light pouring over the Virginias and Oklahoma and Tennessee and Maryland, washing over Delaware and finally, Washington, DC....

Imagine the white light of Heaven saturating every particle of Washington, DC, every bit of Baltimore and NYC.... spreading back and up over Upstate New York and without pausing, moving steadily onward through Massachusetts and Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

Imagine every little bit of America bathed in the white light of Heaven, all shining and bright and clean, no longer dirty, no longer depressed, no longer confused by any of the deceits and lies we’ve been told—- see America shining like a star in the darkness of the world. 

See America empowered and glorious and unified by the light, singing a glad song, and not afraid of anything at all. 


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Grandma’s Birthday

By Anna Von Reitz

I was born on D-Day. June 6.  Go figure. 

God does have a great sense of humor. 

Of course, I would have to be born on D-Day. 

It makes perfect sense, given everything else. 

That said, it has never been exactly a happy day. How could it be?  A day that marks the largest and most bloody amphibious landing in history isn’t well-suited to silly hats and cake.

No, more sober thoughts have always been my lot and this upcoming anniversary of my first public appearance will be no exception. 

So no surprises, either, that all cash gifts on my birthday this year go to bank roll our new Peacekeeping Task Force and its activities to Evaluate, Train, and Coordinate our civilian peacekeeping forces: our Constitutional Sheriffs, our State Assembly Militias, and our Continental Marshals. 

If you have been thinking more seriously about the need for competent lawful and properly organized protection for your community and family —and you certainly should be after the past two months— and if you are facing up to the fact that we need to protect ourselves, then please donate on June 6 and make Grandma smile! 

I will interpret every donation made to our Peacekeeping Task Force as the best —and all things considered, most appropriate, birthday present ever. 

Send your pennies and prayers via PayPal or Snail Mail: 

Mail:  Anna Maria Riezinger
           C/O Box 520994
           Big Lake, Alaska 99652 

Nation or Country?

By Anna Von Reitz

The proper way to reference our land and soil jurisdiction is “country”.  

Your country can accommodate a great many nations that exist in all jurisdictions of the law. 

For starters, there are 248 Native Nations that co-exist with us. 

There is a Muslim Nation that has chapters in all fifty States. 

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens and their fifty State of State Governments represent fifty more “nations” on our soil, plus seven Insular States making up a total of 57 more Nations.

Until recently, we have also had fifty STATE OF STATE organizations and 185,000 Municipal Corporations and all the Federal Civil Service employees and dependents making up many more nations on our shores.

We are the only ones who can talk about the country— all these other “nations” can reference their nation as “the” nation, and do! 

So to avoid any misunderstandings or appearance of deceit about what jurisdiction we are talking about, please train yourself and everyone else to talk in terms of our “country”. 

Everyone and anyone can have a “nation”— and can live here peaceably with us, but only the American People have a country. 


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