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Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Horns -- Usually Two of Them

 By Anna Von Reitz

From the very beginning, I have encouraged Assemblies, especially those in populous States, to bring forward multiple Coordinators to help with the assembling process.  This makes it far less likely that any serious mistakes will be made or any vacuum of leadership will occur. 

The more Coordinators, the merrier, for all concerned.

When there is only one Coordinator, a series of mistaken assumptions can occur.  

In such a situation, people used to the de facto corporate government tend to assume that the Coordinator is the Authority posted over them by the Federation, but that is not the case. 

Coordinators are volunteers who step up to the task on their own free will.  The Federation deals with whomever comes forward from each State and works with them to get the job done. 

We've had trouble in the past and continue to have trouble with Coordinators who are supposed to be working under our direction liberally misinterpreting their own position and misleading Assembly members, too. 

This disconnect can result in situations like Missouri, where only eight members were actually papered up; everyone else was left in limbo and many still don't have their records completed, because the Coordinator didn't believe -- in his own opinion -- that it was necessary to do the paperwork, and just gave me lip-service instead.    

This mistaken belief on his part cost The Missouri Assembly its standing.  The votes of all those members who weren't declared, recorded, and published didn't count.  

Thanks to Coordinator faux pas, they weren't actually ever members of The Missouri Assembly at all.  

Now they are wondering why they can't get a bank account and why SIA claims they made can't be honored. 

On the "other horn" -- with Missouri being an example of a Coordinator who is too slack, I had my mind blown this morning by a meeting with Michigan that was conducted like something out of Stalinist Russia. 

The meeting itself was preceded by a very long ritualistic screed that dictated to everyone what they could and couldn't do as a condition of their participation and the manner in which they could do what was permitted, and for how long, and in what style, too.  It was surreal. 

No respect for freedom of speech and expression.   

That, too, was Coordinator error in the opposite extreme, and not the result of anything the Federation ever taught or mandated.

The Assembly Members' most basic rights were being violated, and some of the people, long used to the de facto system, didn't even realize it.  

This afternoon, I received more complaints from members in another State, claiming that their Coordinator arbitrarily gave a Recorder a time out for whistleblowing. 

Assembly members --- the quickest, least destructive way to correct an out-of-control or lackadaisical Coordinator, either one, is to add more Coordinators. 

This helps them with the workload, and it helps you by making it less likely that one individual, however well-intentioned they may be, will make serious mistakes that harm you and harm your State. 

Make it your business to either (1) serve as a Coordinator yourself, or (2) draft others to help fill this need.  

Large States like Texas, California, and New York need entire Coordinator Teams. Every State needs at least two Coordinators. 

This will help nip errors, omissions, and autocratic behavior in the bud -- and will help assure that your State Assembly makes the progress it needs to make, you have the services and support you need, and your Assembly retains its standing. 

If your Coordinator(s) aren't in regular communication with the Federation, it's a Red Flag that they are operating without the direction and instruction they need.  It may even indicate that they are operating with ulterior motives.

If your Assembly seems "closed" and relatively inactive or unwilling to embrace new members, it's a Red Flag.  There are some people out there who think that if they and their cronies take charge of an Assembly, there will be fewer inheritors, so a bigger slice of "pie" for them.  They are wrong, but that's how these people think.  

Our mission is to bring as many Americans home as possible. Period. 

So if the atmosphere in your Assembly is unwelcoming and especially if there is an atmosphere of fear instead of empowerment and freedom, there's something desperately wrong and you all need to fix it.  

We do get our share of FBI Informants and various other kinds of agency snoops, but that is to be expected and isn't worth worrying overly much about. The important part is to be alert and aware and never allow anyone to talk about violent undertakings without objection. 

Don't let a small cadre of determined associated individuals take over the vital functions of your Assembly like a hit squad or a group of mobsters, bent on controlling your records, communications, money, other assets, and security functions.  Watch out for husband and wife teams, each one taking over control of a vital function, for example, him acting as Militia Commander and she acting as State Treasurer.  

Our British Territorial "friends" have been taking over countries and substituting their organizations for ours for a long time.  There's no reason to think they have learned their lessons. 

Each one of you, Assembly Members, have to take some responsibility and care, to see to it that power and responsibility within the Assembly is widely shared out and distributed and that the American values expressed by the Bill of Rights and The Unanimous Declaration of Independence are being honored.  

In this way, you can build, enjoy, and benefit from having a healthy, happy, peaceful, and productive State Assembly that is constantly growing in wisdom and capability.    

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The Michigan Assembly as Led by Paul Peterson Stands Dissolved

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I attended a meeting of The Michigan Assembly as led by former Coordinator Paul Peterson. 

It was abundantly apparent by the way the meeting itself was conducted that Paul has had fundamental misunderstandings about both his position as Coordinator and the overall goal, which is to build a civilian State Assembly for Michigan. 

The meeting began with a very long screed telling the participants what they could and couldn't do and could and couldn't say and how they had to say it and for how long they could speak.  

This is not the American Way.  Our way is free speech and freedom of expression. 

The same screed warned people that they couldn't be emotional.  

And when does Paul Peterson or anyone else, get to dictate another's emotions?  Or how they express themselves? 

Paul then launched into a diatribe accusing Amy Hunt, his replacement, of scheming to undermine him and The Michigan Assembly and pushing for her removal as a Recording Secretary, simply because she was named as his replacement --- even though she in no way sought that outcome and I told him so. 

He continued to see me and Amy as "infiltrators" as he has continued in his paranoia to view numerous members of The Michigan Assembly.  A man named Aaron Fox was just removed from the Assembly for the sin of seeking training as a Marshal-at-Arms. 

And it is Aaron's right to seek such training. 

Paul does not appear to understand that he does not have dictatorial powers, works as a Volunteer for the Federation during the assembling process, and that he has been removed for Cause --- that Cause being abuse of the equal rights of other Michiganers who have the same right as he has to participate in their own State Assembly.  

During his own long presentation of "my" offenses, he made no effort to stay within the three minute time limit he set for other people to express themselves, but when I replied, he was careful to note that I spoke for eleven minutes.  

This is more evidence of a dictatorial and manipulative mindset --- not as I do, but as I say.  
It is a mindset at odds with the American Way, which upholds equal footing as a fundamental doctrine. 

Approximately three dozen people living in Michigan have been punished with long "time outs" and even told that they can "never" be members of The Michigan Assembly for no reason beyond Paul Peterson's suspicions.   

These are unconditional abuses that Paul Peterson has visited on people who have rights equal to his own.  He was acting as a leader and teaching other members of the Assembly to accept this behavior and support him in it. 

I do appreciate the effort and time Paul put in as a volunteer; however, the Assembly he was creating, complete with contracts, positional authorities, and even creating something he called "coordinator jurisdiction" to try to justify his abuses of power, is not anything that we can condone or have represented as a civilian public government for Michigan. 

Ironically, while grossly overstepping any authority he ever had as a Coordinator, Paul has accused me of interfering in a sovereign state and tried to make a case against the Federation for looking over his shoulder.  

That is precisely the Federation's job as the Summoning Authority -- to keep watch during the Assembling Process and make sure that each State Assembly is developing as it should, staying on track, doing the work, and embracing American values and traditions.

That was not happening in Michigan. 

Instead, people were being subjected to suspicion and "time outs" and being removed from Committees and even removed from the Assembly for the sin of expressing contrary opinions, for coffee klatsching with friends, for associating with the "wrong people"-- as if we were enemies at war.  

The end result was an atmosphere of fear, not freedom.  

All members of The Michigan Assembly are invited to migrate to the reorganized Michigan Assembly and the new Coordinator, Amy Hunt, who clearly understands the role and the limitations of the Coordinator position --- and more importantly, the spirit of the American Government. 

Although the Federation of States does not choose Coordinators and must rely on each State to produce its own volunteers, we do retain the right not to work with volunteers who go off track, and we will not approve any State Assembly that is abusing the rights of its members.  

It is worth noting that everyone living inside the borders of a State, who reclaims their birthright status or who is naturalized within a State,  is eligible to participate in the State Assembly. 

All State Assemblies are public institutions. They are not Private Membership Associations or clubs of any kind and cannot be run like clubs, with some members blackballing and riding roughshod over others. 

I have no doubt that Paul Peterson will make the rounds and seek to stir up trouble and "Federation Fear" among the other Coordinators, seeking to present himself as a victim and me as an unreasonable and unqualified person of no authority.  

Let no one be confused.  

During the assembling process, it is the Federation's duty to keep things on track. If a Coordinator isn't doing the work or is misleading people or is abusing people, it's our job to correct the situation.  

Among other things that Paul said was that I didn't talk to him about these issues, but I did -- via email mostly, but most importantly, via videos and articles that have explained the nature and structure and spirit of the American Government. 

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Americans have the right of free speech and the sanctity of their own opinions, that they should not be punished for reasonably expressing their feelings, and that they are all equal in their right to participate in their own government. 

That is, in fact, what self-governance requires. 


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International Public Notice: I Am

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was about seven (7) years old, "I" was declared legally and civilly dead.  

This happened without my knowledge and without the knowledge of my parents.  

The perpetrators of this fraud and injustice saw no reason to tell us, since the version of "me" being declared legally and civilly dead was a British Territorial Imposter operating under a purloined British Crown copyright.  

And she, this other version of "Anna Maria Riezinger" was a British Territorial "Human" --that is, a Person, and not an American, and not one of the people of this country.  

This imposter was in fact a franchisee of the British Crown, purportedly a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service known as a "Taxpayer", responsible for collecting taxes and tariffs owed to the British Monarch. This British Person was serving a "Tour of Duty" and was in indentured servitude at the time of her untimely demise as a British Seaman.

She was, as far as the British Government was concerned, "lost at sea, presumed dead" and her Estate, subject to Admiralty Law, was rolled into a federal municipal trust of a particular kind known as a Cestui Que Vie Trust. 

A federal Cestui Que Vie Trust was established under the British Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, originally enacted after the Great Fire of London.  It establishes a Public Interest in a private estate when the owner is mysteriously missing for more than seven (7) years and has, presumably, died intestate.   

This created yet another imposter operating as "me" on the world stage --- ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, a federal municipal trust considered a "citizen of the United States" and therefore, a public slave responsible for paying all the debts of the United States with my labor and substance. 

And there I was, just a little girl, growing up in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  And there my family was, all unaware that any of this British chicanery was taking place behind our backs. 

This is to announce to the world that in a timely fashion, I have been "found alive" and I am claiming my assets and the assets of my country and the assets of all living people who have been similarly defrauded, to be returned to the rightful owners.  

This fraud began when my Mother was presented with an undisclosed contract that she signed without the benefit of knowing its nature or its consequences for me.  The same contract was signed by a Medical Doctor, Dr. Robert Krohn; even though he wasn't a direct witness of my physical birth, he was the administrator approving the creation of a brand new British Territorial U.S. Citizen --- the self-same lost British Territorial Seaman, that poor Merchant Mariner using my Given Name without my knowledge or permission under a purloined British Crown copyright. 

Much later in her life, my Mother realized her mistake and issued a lengthy impassioned and duly recorded withdrawal of her signature and claim of fraud and non-disclosure that stands on the record of the Jackson County, Wisconsin, Land Recording Office. 

Still, one thing has stood in the way: the signature of Dr. Robert Krohn.  As a licensed Medical Doctor, he was a U.S. Citizen himself, and within the hierarchy of the British Admiralty, a Superior Officer above the grade of all the Bar Attorneys. 

So they couldn't possibly overturn the action and witness of a Superior Officer, even if they wanted to.  

As a Thing (like a British Person) is bound, so it is unbound.  

Please see attached letter and proof from another Medical Doctor that I am alive and known to her and finally "found alive" in Alaska.

Thus I am unbound and claim every jot of everything owed to me and my claims include the claims of my countrymen who were similarly defrauded (their private property to be returned to them according to my published and Irrevocable Will concerning this matter) and my country, The United States, through its instrumentality, the unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America. 

Issued by: 

anna maria riezinger
In care of: 4711 Birch Wood Road
(formerly 2390 South Park Road)
Big Lake, Alaska 

Anna Maria Riezinger 
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Rural Route 4, Box 289
In care of: N6728 Highways 12 and 27
Black River Falls, Wisconsin 54615

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

The 117th day of 2024
also known as

April 26th 2024


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