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Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Horns -- Usually Two of Them

 By Anna Von Reitz

From the very beginning, I have encouraged Assemblies, especially those in populous States, to bring forward multiple Coordinators to help with the assembling process.  This makes it far less likely that any serious mistakes will be made or any vacuum of leadership will occur. 

The more Coordinators, the merrier, for all concerned.

When there is only one Coordinator, a series of mistaken assumptions can occur.  

In such a situation, people used to the de facto corporate government tend to assume that the Coordinator is the Authority posted over them by the Federation, but that is not the case. 

Coordinators are volunteers who step up to the task on their own free will.  The Federation deals with whomever comes forward from each State and works with them to get the job done. 

We've had trouble in the past and continue to have trouble with Coordinators who are supposed to be working under our direction liberally misinterpreting their own position and misleading Assembly members, too. 

This disconnect can result in situations like Missouri, where only eight members were actually papered up; everyone else was left in limbo and many still don't have their records completed, because the Coordinator didn't believe -- in his own opinion -- that it was necessary to do the paperwork, and just gave me lip-service instead.    

This mistaken belief on his part cost The Missouri Assembly its standing.  The votes of all those members who weren't declared, recorded, and published didn't count.  

Thanks to Coordinator faux pas, they weren't actually ever members of The Missouri Assembly at all.  

Now they are wondering why they can't get a bank account and why SIA claims they made can't be honored. 

On the "other horn" -- with Missouri being an example of a Coordinator who is too slack, I had my mind blown this morning by a meeting with Michigan that was conducted like something out of Stalinist Russia. 

The meeting itself was preceded by a very long ritualistic screed that dictated to everyone what they could and couldn't do as a condition of their participation and the manner in which they could do what was permitted, and for how long, and in what style, too.  It was surreal. 

No respect for freedom of speech and expression.   

That, too, was Coordinator error in the opposite extreme, and not the result of anything the Federation ever taught or mandated.

The Assembly Members' most basic rights were being violated, and some of the people, long used to the de facto system, didn't even realize it.  

This afternoon, I received more complaints from members in another State, claiming that their Coordinator arbitrarily gave a Recorder a time out for whistleblowing. 

Assembly members --- the quickest, least destructive way to correct an out-of-control or lackadaisical Coordinator, either one, is to add more Coordinators. 

This helps them with the workload, and it helps you by making it less likely that one individual, however well-intentioned they may be, will make serious mistakes that harm you and harm your State. 

Make it your business to either (1) serve as a Coordinator yourself, or (2) draft others to help fill this need.  

Large States like Texas, California, and New York need entire Coordinator Teams. Every State needs at least two Coordinators. 

This will help nip errors, omissions, and autocratic behavior in the bud -- and will help assure that your State Assembly makes the progress it needs to make, you have the services and support you need, and your Assembly retains its standing. 

If your Coordinator(s) aren't in regular communication with the Federation, it's a Red Flag that they are operating without the direction and instruction they need.  It may even indicate that they are operating with ulterior motives.

If your Assembly seems "closed" and relatively inactive or unwilling to embrace new members, it's a Red Flag.  There are some people out there who think that if they and their cronies take charge of an Assembly, there will be fewer inheritors, so a bigger slice of "pie" for them.  They are wrong, but that's how these people think.  

Our mission is to bring as many Americans home as possible. Period. 

So if the atmosphere in your Assembly is unwelcoming and especially if there is an atmosphere of fear instead of empowerment and freedom, there's something desperately wrong and you all need to fix it.  

We do get our share of FBI Informants and various other kinds of agency snoops, but that is to be expected and isn't worth worrying overly much about. The important part is to be alert and aware and never allow anyone to talk about violent undertakings without objection. 

Don't let a small cadre of determined associated individuals take over the vital functions of your Assembly like a hit squad or a group of mobsters, bent on controlling your records, communications, money, other assets, and security functions.  Watch out for husband and wife teams, each one taking over control of a vital function, for example, him acting as Militia Commander and she acting as State Treasurer.  

Our British Territorial "friends" have been taking over countries and substituting their organizations for ours for a long time.  There's no reason to think they have learned their lessons. 

Each one of you, Assembly Members, have to take some responsibility and care, to see to it that power and responsibility within the Assembly is widely shared out and distributed and that the American values expressed by the Bill of Rights and The Unanimous Declaration of Independence are being honored.  

In this way, you can build, enjoy, and benefit from having a healthy, happy, peaceful, and productive State Assembly that is constantly growing in wisdom and capability.    

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