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Sunday, April 28, 2024

International Public Notice: The Brits Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here's some petrol (gasoline) for the bonfire when we send the child traffickers back to Hell: a former British Police Officer, Gary Waterman, has uncovered yet more evidence and another part of the Great Fraud linking Companies House, the British Corporation Registry, and technically unregistered shell corporations engaged in child trafficking:

So what do we mean by "technically unregistered shell corporations"?  Shell corporations are empty as shells on the beach, just entities on paper.  The shell corporations don't match the name of any actually registered corporation, but they appear to be registered when they are not.

Why is this important?  Because an unregistered corporation that appears to be registered can trade, but remains totally unaccountable; so, these shell corporations are trading and carrying on business, contracting, and garnering tax credits and insurance ratings and so on, even receiving bankruptcy protection, on assets and credit that either (1) don't exist or (2) shouldn't exist because there is no actual "gainful activity" connected to the assets.

These shell corporations are engaged in money laundering, tax evasion, and criminal activities including child trafficking --- and here is the appalling part, this is happening with the certain knowledge of the British Government, which has been paid off and blackmailed by turns. 

Once discovered, and the connections of these corporations to the British Government unraveled, there is no plausible deniability left.  

Gary Waterman has constructed a compelling case using nothing more or less than readily available public records, and according to him, he has sent the information to every police detachment in Britain, and received only one cryptic reply, saying that the police could not assist with a tax matter.  

Here's a man talking about child trafficking and criminal shell corporations being attached to the highest levels of the British Government and all anyone can say is, sorry, we don't deal with tax matters?   

There's a reason for that reply, though Gary Waterman couldn't make heads nor tails of it. Yet. 

It's because what he has discovered is just another more-than-average repugnant part of the Great Fraud.  

All those phony British Merchant Seamen's Estates named after Americans are shell companies that are trading without being registered, too.  Ditto all the phony federal municipal trusts and their derivatives. 

Remember that the actual assets of the American babies are socked away in State Trusts. All the rest of it is based on presumption of death and speculation and illegal trading on assets that never belonged to the British Government in any guise, and God willing, never shall. 

These white collar criminals have turned the world into a combined casino-snakepit-brothel, full of every kind of evil, and then added perpetual "war" for profit to the mix.  

Even court cases are bonded using the court case numbers, batched together, and sold as securitized investments with a guaranteed return rate.  

We cannot stress enough that Britain (and remember that Britain is not actually a country) is a Rogue State.  It's totally out of control in terms of perpetuating and profiting from crime, and the only reason its partners at the Vatican appear to lag behind, is that they use Britain as their loss leader. 

The reason that the police forces have remained silent is that they identify all this as a "tax matter" because the part of the scam they are familiar with is an offshore tax shelter scheme benefiting their own paychecks. 

They don't know about all the rest of it. Yet.  So they assume, oh, well, this is just the Old Dobby ploy, harmless enough.  It's only Paper People, so we don't actually have to worry about anyone getting hurt.... but times have changed, and all the illegal "latching" that has gone on, has encouraged the cretins to stop playing with paper, and start playing with actual living people, actual assets, and actual lives. 

Things far more important than their paychecks are now on the line, and the Government of Monaco is facing extraterritorial action and discovery concerning assets purloined from private trusts that were moved to Monaco with the knowledge and cooperation of the Swiss Government. 

So the Swiss are dirty, too.  

We are about to discover that Monaco and numerous other small kingdoms and postage stamp countries have been in receipt of stolen property assets that have been moved and moved and moved again by hired professional Metals Depositors as the criminals desperately try to hide the cheese from 7 billion mice, who are now watching. 

These very physical assets belong to equally physical people who have been defrauded using impersonation, trusts of various kinds, identity theft, and semantic deceit promoted by banks and government agents.  

The problem for the Perpetrators is that it is now impossible for them to do much of anything, because Skynet and other high altitude surveillance systems analyze not only visual and infrared data, but physical tomography data. 

As we catch up with them, their blood runs cold with the thought that yes, we know exactly where they've stashed everything.  Including the bloody underpants of little boys and girls, "used up" by their subjugation rituals under force, for blackmail purposes and "certain guarantees" that the politicians and others they favor, will forever remain loyal to Baal, the Spirit of Falsehood.

We can only reprise their own words from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; the Primal Creator has been aroused, and they will be utterly destroyed.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 27th 2024


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