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Monday, May 27, 2019

Enough, Arizona

By Anna Von Reitz

If the people in the Arizona Assembly can't get this job done without having  cliques of volunteers bad-mouthing other cliques of volunteers and accusing me of taking down the PaperUpNow website---- go away. 

Just admit that you are all too immature to get the job that needs to be done, done.    

This is serious business.  It needs serious commitment and level heads. If you can't provide both, stay home. 

Those that are committed to restoring a proper government for Arizona and a better future for America will soldier on. 

And just like Rhett said to Scarlett--- "Frankly, my dear...." 

Arizona is your home, your State, your homes and families are there. 

If you don't care enough to protect your own and do the right thing by each other, I sure as blazes am not coming all the way down there to nursemaid or coerce you, either one.


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The Logic of It

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a logic to all of this, and it is what it is.  There are many different potential ways to arrive at the desired result.  Our paperwork is just a well-tested and simple way of regaining claim to your birthright political status and control of the various "entities" that have been created in your name. 

Our process is rather limited in that it doesn't serve commercial notice of your ownership interest (UCC process) which you may additionally wish to do, though strictly speaking you aren't obligated to do in order to exercise your exemption from commercial law or to assert your ownership of your identity in all its forms. Tim Turner developed a comprehensive UCC process that is still rock solid and widely available.   

Our process is also rather limited in that it doesn't address the Paramount Claim, which in my opinion is the most important, as it claims your DNA and uniqueness of being back to the moment of conception.  We make a basic Paramount Claim available and recommend it highly, but the real expert is Kurt Kallenbach, so if you want to have things nailed down to a gnat's eyelash, do his Paramount Claim as well.

What we address with our simplified stripped down version is getting back to your birthright status as an American and getting control of your identity and property assets so that these foreign commercial corporations operating the two remaining branches of the Federal Government are discouraged from "mistaking" you as one of their employees or dependents and railroading you under false legal presumptions.

The logic of it is that you have been mis-identified almost since birth as a United States Citizen.  That fundamental impersonation has then led to your name also being interpreted as that of a Municipal PERSON or to be more exact, PERSONS, all of which are Citizens of the United States.  Your actual birthright political standing has not been brought forward on the Public Record at all, so you cannot be recognized as one of the People of your State and your country as a whole.  So this circumstance has to be corrected. How you correct it and what correction is possible for you at this time is highly dependent on your own situation.

Federal Civil Service employees for example, are required by their jobs to maintain an identity as a CITIZEN of the United States, but are not obligated to function as United States Citizens.  They may wish to expatriate from any presumption of United States Citizenship and adopt their birthright State Citizenship or State National status instead; because Federal workers are allowed to have Dual Citizenship, they may choose which citizenships they want to have.

The same basic situation applies to Territorial (Military) employees and Dependents.  They are required by their job to maintain their United States Citizenship status, but may choose to expatriate from any presumption of Municipal United States Citizenship (that is, cease acting as "Citizens of the United States) and opt for their birthright political status as Minnesotans or Californians for example. Again, as Federal workers, they can have Dual Citizenship and choose which citizenships they honor. 

For the rest of us, we can avoid the whole issue of any Federal citizenship obligations whatsoever, and choose the singular status of our birthright as Texans, New Yorkers, Californians, etc.  That is our actual nationality and we can function as State Nationals and never accept any citizenship obligations to serve any government at all.   Or, after the age of 21, we can accept the responsibilities of State Citizenship, and become State Citizens of Texas, New York, etc.  We do not have a Dual Citizenship option because our States of the Union don't provide that or recognize Dual Citizenship.

Thus we remain "foreign" to both the Federal Territorial and Federal Municipal government corporations, though from their standpoint, Americans working for them can retain their American State National or State Citizenship in tandem with whichever other citizenship applies, either Territorial "United States Citizenship" or Municipal "Citizenship of the United States".

As you can see, for Joe Average American, things are simple. You either live as a State National or as a State Citizen. 

It's only when issues of Federal Citizenship arise that things get more confusing and complex.

For most of us, we don't naturally have or desire or receive any benefit from Federal citizenship of either kind, and we are best served by correcting our political status and expatriating our names from any presumption of Territorial or Municipal citizenship "conferred" on us without our knowledge or consent as babies in our cradles.

For Territorial workers and dependents, they are better off not being additionally burdened by Municipal CITIZENSHIP, and are better served by claiming their natural American State political status as their second citizenship.

For Municipal workers and dependents, they are better off not being additionally burdened by Territorial Citizenship, and are better off claiming their natural American State political status, too.

In both these cases, consciously expatriating from one or more foreign political statuses that have merely been conferred upon us without our knowledge or consent, protects Federal workers by bringing them back under the guarantees of our Constitutions, just as expatriating from both presumptions of Territorial and Municipal citizenship obligations protects average Americans.

So, everyone concerned who has been born on the land and soil of one of the States has good reasons to expatriate from one or more Federal citizenship obligations and has reason to declare and adopt their birthright political status as American State Nationals.

Our paperwork is probably the simplest and cheapest way to do this and to put you back in control of your life, but not the only way possible. If in doubt, why not do our paperwork and be sure that the bases are covered?  If you have done someone else's paperwork we have no way of saying if it is correct or sufficient or not, because it is not something we tested --- but if you see that it does these things: (1) claims and re-conveys your Trade Name (Given Name, Proper Name) to the land and soil of your birth State and makes that your permanent home and domicile; (2) cancels are prior Powers of Attorney so that you are in control; (3) claims and issues certificate of ownership of all your Assumed Names and NAMES and all permutations, orderings, styles, and punctuations of your Assumed Names and NAMES; (4) expatriates all these Assumed Names and NAMES and all permutations, orderings, styles, and punctuations from any obligation of Territorial and Municipal Citizenship or CITIZENSHIP (our case as average Americans) or expatriation from one or the other form of Federal Citizenship (for Federal workers) --- then you have the basics in place as soon as your record these four basic forms with a land recording office.

You have to establish your true home and permanent domicile, you have to take back your own singular Power of Attorney, you have to claim ownership and control of all the "derivative" names you have been gifted with, you have to expatriate these names, as appropriate, from any presumption of Territorial and/or Municipal citizenship, depending on your own situation--- whether you are Joe Average and not actually employed by or dependent upon the Federal Government, or, if you are employed by either the Territorial or Municipal branches of the Federal Government.  And you have to record these actions with a land recording office, so that they exist in the proper jurisdiction and have to be recognized by all international courts.

I hope this better explains what our basic process does. It's meant to provide large numbers of people a relatively easy means of reasserting their actual political status as Americans and to regain control of their identities and assets. Our process creates evidence that is admissible in any Territorial Court, and since we are naturally exempt from Municipal presumptions when we take exception to them (Title 50, Section 7(c) and (e)) -- it serves the purpose of returning us to our proper standing.  Recorded copies of our paperwork in tandem with a Certified copy of our Birth Certificate and two Witness Testimonies confirming that we are the man or woman whose physical birth event is reflected by the Birth Certificate, establishes our ownership interest and is sufficient to rebut any and all false legal presumptions being held against us or any derivative NAME.  

You can do more to "paper up" --- Tim Turner's UCC process, Kurt Kallenbach's Paramount Claim process -- both excellent.


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One Brilliant Deceit Too Many

By Anna Von Reitz

Look at the 14th Amendment. Look at the crucial phrase, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

Look at the Trading With the Enemy Act. Look at the crucial phrase, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

What are they talking about? They are talking about "the" United States --- that is, the Municipal United States and its "Citizens of the United States". 
It is not, as so many people have assumed, talking about us. It's not even talking about the Territorial "United States Citizens", either.

None of that is our "United States". None of us are naturally subject to the jurisdiction of the Municipal United States. 

You will also hear that the British Parliament declared "war" on us in 1860, but if you look closely at that, you will see that it is an action against the Confederate States of States, as it had to be to prevent all of our Allies from declaring an actual war on Britain.

That this is true is underlined by the fact that the Russian Czar placed his Navy between us and the British at the end of the hostilities--- just to "remind" them of their obligations under actual international law and international treaties and service contracts and trust agreements that the rats owed us then and still owe us now.

So sharpen your wits and your eye-sight to catch the fine details and don't be misled. The actual Law is firmly on our side of the issues.


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Gossip and Dangers in Common

By Anna Von Reitz

Gossipers all seem to think that gossiping does not affect them --- but gossip does taint those who gossip just as it taints those they gossip about. 

So, please, if you have been flapping your jaws and making assumptions, stop all the he-said, she-said, did-you-hear?  

There's nothing bad going on and nothing to gossip about.

We are simply switching gears from second to third, and making it easier than ever for people to do their paperwork and create their land jurisdiction records and contact their State Assembly via website.  

We are also cutting down on all the verification work, too, because it can all be done and verified as part of one online process. 

It's all a good change, and everyone is helping to make it happen.

What you have to be concerned about is what you were born with --- your birthright as an American. It's up to you to claim it or not. 

The rest of us have brought forward the fact that 90% of Americans (or more) have been misidentified as US Citizens and are being denied their property rights and constitutional guarantees as a result.  

We have provided the means to correct this situation and allow millions of people to enjoy the freedom and the prosperity they deserve--- for FREE. 

As long as you do this in a peaceful and orderly fashion, nobody on Earth can complain, because all you are doing is reclaiming something that is already yours --- your Good Name and Estate.

Having reclaimed your birthright political status on the Public Record, you are again operating as a Lawful Person, standing on the international land jurisdiction of your State of the Union.  You are again owed all the constitutional guarantees.  You are free to boot up your State Assembly. 

As long as you do this in order, by first correcting your own political status records and then assembling your State, nobody on Earth can complain about that, either.

The danger comes when people go off half-cocked and try to assemble their States before they have corrected their own records, because it is literally against the Constitutions for US Citizens to pretend to assemble a State of the Union, and also against the Constitutions for a State to act as a State of State.

The first fact means that if the President gets grumpy, he can order all those US Citizens engaged in groups like RuSA and T-ROH and the REPUBLIC, etc., to be arrested and charged as insurrectionists acting in conspiracy against the Constitutions, which is a very serious charge.

Now I don't want good people to be endangered and I don't want those who are doing this the right way confused with those who are doing it the wrong way.

And I don't want foreign "States of States" substituted for American States of States.  Britain pulled that trick on us in 1868 and it has been repeated several times since---- always to the detriment of this country. 

Enough is enough of that, too. 

We are engaged in very serious business here.  We are restoring a fully functioning American Government for the first time in 150 years. 

A great many people have made huge sacrifices to gain the knowledge and share it with you and enable you to act upon it for yourselves. Do so. They have done all this for free --- never charged you a penny.  Be grateful. 

Do it the right way, be diligent, stay in your lane, and everything will all work out fine for everyone concerned.  Even the US Citizens. 


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