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Thursday, August 31, 2023

A Hard Answer for a Simple Question

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked -- why did our Founders set our government up with a corporate structure?  I have also been asked why our State Assemblies don't elect Governors?  One answer relates to both questions.

It's pretty simple, really.  The existence of government requires there to be a "government of the government".  It's the "government of the government" that has a corporate structure, not our actual government. 

The office of Governor is an office in the "government of the government", not our actual government, so, of course, our State Assemblies don't elect Governors. We elect State Assembly Chairmen, instead, who are the lawfully elected Spokespersons for the individual State Assemblies.  

In the same way, we don't elect "representatives" to our version of Congress, we elect "fiduciary delegates" instead. 

There has to be a structure in place to control and direct the bureaucrats, political appointees, and other public employees quite apart from and, in addition to, what we define as our government.  

Some people call it "the shadow government".  I call it the political bureaucracy.  Because "the government of the government" looks and functions like a government, it can be mistaken for the actual government, and that is what has happened here. 

In our case and the case of the other countries that have been impacted by the British Territorial Fraud Scheme, the bureaucracy has gone wild and overgrown the confines set for it.  

The Founding Fathers were well-aware of this problem because they had the example of King Louis XIV's France building up to a powder-keg in their faces.

In that example, the French Monarchy, which was the actual government, was overwhelmed by the French Bureaucracy.  The actual government was brought down by the weight, corruption, and intrigues of the "government of the government".  

A handful of Royal Courtiers and Bureaucrats conspired for a period of decades prior to the French Revolution to siphon off the vast majority of France's wealth right under the nose of a weak, ignorant, and dependent King.  They deployed all this purloined wealth in the most lavish and ostentatious building projects and parties imaginable, leaving the half-starved people of France to suffer. 

It was only a matter of time until the poor had suffered enough.  

Our Founders saw the French Revolution on the horizon, and so, they took measures to build a strictly limited and counter-balanced structure throughout their plan for government, intending that no such unholy alliance of political cronies and bureaucrats combined with weak or immoral executives, would ever mislead our country into a similar morass of corruption and injustice. 

The Founders planned well, and bequeathed to us an admirable self-regulating system; however, their children promptly forgot how it was supposed to work, and when beset with numerous foreign intrigues and distractions, the cronies and bureaucrats here proved to be the equals of their counterparts in France two centuries ago.  

Sans the silk breeches and fancy garters, of course.   

I suppose I could stop there and let what should be self-evident, be self-evident, but experience has taught me that I must toil on and exhaust my powers of description before I am fully understood:

After the open hostilities of the Civil War ended--- a "war" which was a Mercenary Conflict, and not strictly speaking a war at all--- the conflict was left unresolved, and the country was left in the "protective custody" of the Union Army, and its Commander-in-Chief, who forsook the checks and balances our Founders designed, and began acting as a military dictator empowered to issue Executive Orders. 

Although the President of the United States, like the President of any company or corporation, had always had the right to issue orders to his own staff and employees, Lincoln took it to a whole new level.  

Lincoln asserted a non-existent and non-consensual executive power to allow the Union Army to occupy this country in the guise of a military protectorate, and he established the rules of this Protectorate by issuing the very first Executive Order known as General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code. 

The Union Army was acting as a Mercenary and Expeditionary Force under the direction of the British Crown at the time, and it has continued in that status ever since. The American Raj was born, and it was and is a "government of the government", not the government of this country. 

The actual government owed to this country was and is vested in our civilian State Assemblies ("state assemblies" when Latin conventions are used) but these political bodies were thrown into disarray during the Civil War and met infrequently in private homes, churches, and schools during the conflict. Our actual unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America ever since 1776, was similarly impacted. 

Even though our actual international government and our actual States never took part in the so-called Civil War, the conflict destroyed so much infrastructure, prevented so much communication, and cost so many lives, that the disruption alone was a great obstruction to orderly continuance of our government "of, for, and by" the people of this country.  

Once ensconced in Washington, DC, the Union Generals realized that the only thing standing between them and a very profitable oligarchy was Abraham Lincoln, and they were encouraged to commit both murder and treason by members of Lincoln's Cabinet, most especially William H. Seward, his Secretary of State, and Salmon P. Chase, his Treasury Secretary. 

Seward was a megalomaniac about westward expansion, a passion he shared with the greedy British Queen who was busy building an Empire and who dreamed of vast gold reserves waiting to be discovered in the western United States. Salmon P. Chase, who engineered Lincoln's Greenbacks, was persuaded to give up this singular experiment in self-funded national currency and retreated to the comfortable indebted servitude offered by the Federal Reserve and the budding central bank system.  

It is not a coincidence that General and Mrs. Ulysses S Grant, who were supposed to attend the Ford Theater that fateful night with Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, took a powder and a train to Ohio instead.  

A month after the debacle at Ford's Theater, our Great-Great-Granduncle, Clintwood Belcher and his younger brother, James, were riding home to West Virginia with the Great Seals of the United States and The United States of America in their saddlebags.  Like Lincoln, they were attacked with murderous ferocity, their horses shot from under them.  In the melee, young James escaped into the dense brush, and Clintwood, rounding up a loose mount belonging to one of the thinly disguised Union soldiers, rode for the Northwest frontier. 

Clintwood and James would spend the rest of their lives on the run. The Great Seals were stolen and handed over to the Federal Reserve, and thereafter appeared in the Philippines in the hands of the "Monetary One" office which is merely presumed to be our Trustee--- without our agreement to any of the non-consensual arrangements that have been made "for" us by the usurping British Territorial Protectorate. 

Ironically, both Lincoln, a traitor and pawn for the British Crown, and our relatives who represented the actual government of this country, were treated the same way by the Union Generals, who went on to establish their sub rosa oligarchy without telling the American People a word about it.  

In order to cover up their heinous betrayal and usurpation, these same Union Generals conspired with members of the Territorial "Rump" Congress to establish Military Districts overlaying the actual States of the Union.  After that, they organized new British Territorial State-of-State organizations, to replace the American States of State that existed prior to the Civil War and forced the remaining State Assemblies to write new State of State Constitutions facilitating this substitution scheme.  The same vermin assumed the right to place our State assets into State Trusts controlled by themselves and their minions. Thus, we have suffered a foreign de facto military occupation benefiting the British Crown since 1865, and nobody has been the wiser.  

This is the reason that our country and our world has been kept in a state of near-constant war ever since.  

Soldiers, including Mercenary Soldiers, make their fortunes via war. Their careers are spawned by war.  Their coffers are filled by war.  Their personal power is increased by war.  Demand for their services is increased by war.  So, the military oligarchs in charge of this charade naturally want more and more war, war, war and war, no matter what the people of this country want -- and their British Territorial overlords who are giving them a feeble land claim, encourage them in this, because war is profitable for them, too.    

From there our original and intended and lawful government has continued on as a shadow government of a different kind, an old, faithful, American government that has simply refused to die, and which has slowly taken root again and now takes meaning and body as Americans claim their birthright and exercise their guarantees and assemble their republican State Assemblies.  

The "government of the government" has continued on with its graft, deceit, and corruption, until today the Generals in charge think nothing of sacrificing thousands of American lives as they have done in Paradise, California, and now, again, in Lahaina, Hawaii.  

Not to be outdone, the Municipal theocracy ruling as a Congressional Oligarchy in charge of the City of Washington, DC, has become --- if possible, more corrupt than the foreign military protectorate, and has presented its own version of a "government of the government".  As a result, we, Americans, have been the goats paying for two highly corrupt bureaucracies, which we have carried on our shoulders like huge granite blocks. 

It is completely predictable that both unencumbered bureaucracies have grown exponentially in size and power and have sucked the lifeblood out of our country like so many leeches on a steer.  

They have done the same to every other country they have "enfranchised", which includes British Territorial military protectorates established in all the former Commonwealth countries, seventeen western European nations, and Japan.  And Municipal Corporation franchises have followed. 

In the 1930's, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, formally and officially sacrificed all the Municipal citizens of the United States, and consigned them to abject slavery in an effort to dig his United States, Incorporated, out of red ink.  He also created more than 350 new alphabet soup agencies and hired over a million additional Federal Employees to staff these new "administrative agencies"--- thereby vastly and non-consensually expanding the size and scope, power and expense, of the Federal Government.

The ineluctable process of cronyism and top-heavy bureaucracy combined with immoral (in FDR's case) and weak (think Jimmy Carter) executives had begun, and while the people of this country have slumbered on, the situation and their own condition has only gotten worse.  

The same conditions that caused the French Revolution are ripening on our shores, and the Principals responsible -- the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Pope -- are sitting on their velvet tuffets. 
All the British know how to do is ferment the dog pile and threaten violence of one kind or another, all the Lord Mayor knows how to do is to hide together with the so-called Lords of the Admiralty, and the Pope --- well, once in a while he does something vaguely moral. 

The only way out of this mess without a lot of bloodshed and destruction is for the people of this country and all the other countries impacted by this fraudulent military occupation scheme to wake up and pull the plug on the bankers financing all this rot, populate our lawful governments again, and re-establish civilian control of the "governments of the governments" in this country. 

In that eventuality, which is our only real hope, a lot of government bureaucrats will have to find new and more productive jobs, and many members of the military will be re-tasked to fight the real enemies of mankind -- things like ignorance, poverty, lack of basic hygiene, polluted water, and famine caused by idiotic agricultural policies promoted by corporate gurus who don't know the backside of a cow from an apple tree.  

That is not such a bad outcome, and infinitely to be desired instead of the alternatives which involve millions of lives lost, vast amounts of valuable property torched, and incalculable amounts of natural resources destroyed.  

The final answer to your question is that our Founders did not leave us a government based on a corporate hierarchy.  They left us a government based on republican State Assemblies populated by average people from all walks of life, all colors, all religions, all kinds.  They also left us two "governments of the governments" --- bureaucracies designed to deliver limited government services.  It's the "governments of governments" that have proliferated and become corrupt, and the Principals responsible for their operations, too, that have failed us and violated their own service contracts. 

We stand here, the lawful civilian government owed to the people of this country, returned against all odds from "over the sea".  We have made our demands from our purported Trustees and stand in our role as the Donors of all physical assets, owed all credit based upon those assets.  There can be no doubt that we are exactly who we say we are, that we have the knowledge, the records, the provenance, and the lawful right to act as the long-lost civilian government and the right to receive back control of our assets and the right to direct the activities of our public employees -- all rights that we now choose to exercise, so as to bring a peaceful end to war and corruption.   

The other Principal Parties to the Constitutional Contracts have been fully informed and we are anticipating their decision --- either to continue on their reckless and dishonorable course of administering an illegitimate military protectorate in the face of the lawful government, or to capitulate and peaceably return control to us.  

If they don't return our assets, our credit, our land, and our Good Names unharmed, then their egregious criminality will stand before the entire planet.  Nobody will trust them again.  Nobody will want to do business with them.  The true cost they will bear for their dishonor and betrayal will be the loss of their reputation and their ability to conduct diplomacy. 

China, the Ukraine, and any other country they might subourne to do their bidding, will see how deceitful, selfish, unreliable, and perverse the other Principals have proven to be in their business relationships with us, and be forewarned of what they could expect in turn. 


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The Natural Law We Keep Stumbling Over

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over, and over, and over.... 

I was recently accosted by offended Satanists. Or maybe they were just people offended that religion was being addressed by the government.

Some of our Assemblies have what I will call a decorum agreement, and one of the things on it is a statement to the effect that, "I don't worship Satan."

That is, of course, not exactly hospitable toward Satanists, who could be denied their voice in community matters or even persecuted.  

Which is the whole point.  

Our government has a long-standing tradition of separating church and state.  Our Founders rejected theocracy as a form of government, even though the vast majority of them were earnest Christians. 

Why, then, didn't they adopt a Christian Theocracy? 

Because of a Greater Law, a Natural Law, that we have stumbled over for as long as mankind has been alive on this planet. 

It turns out that when we deny others what we want for ourselves, everyone winds up deprived. 

So if we want religious freedom, yet deny the same to others -- given enough time, nobody will have religious freedom.  

It's the same way with slavery, and we have those results shoved up our noses. 

If we had actually abolished slavery in all its forms and in all jurisdictions, there would be no enslavement now.  

But we failed to abolish slavery.  We adopted a half-measure instead, for financial reasons.  We abolished slavery in the private sector, but left it alive and well in the public sector. 

As a result, nearly everyone on this planet is now enslaved by their own dear government.  

As long as you leave evil alive in any quarter, it will grow and thrive like a weed, and whatever you desire for yourself yet deny to others, will be lost to all concerned. 

So if you desire justice, you must give justice.  If you desire freedom, you must give the same freedom and in the same measure, to others. If you want love, you must give love. 

It's a very simple Natural Law and it works like the Law of Gravity -- on its own, no courts needed to enforce it.  Automatic. Self-executing. 

Our Founders were aware of this Natural Law, so when they were building our government, they very wisely provided for religious freedom for everyone, because they desired religious freedom for themselves. 

And it is the same todayyesterday, and forever. 

Whatever we desire for ourselves, we must give in equal measure to others. 


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Of Course, Directed Energy Weapons Exist

 By Anna Von Reitz

And not by coincidence, they even exist on Maui:

The madmen who are trying to create a Do-It-Yourself Biblical "End of the World" are pumping it up to destroy the world by fire. 

Why?  Because God promised that he would never again destroy the world with water.  No more floods like the one that Noah survived. 

The planning behind this goes back to the Second World War and the death of Nikola Tesla, whereupon the FBI and other sneaks gained access to and de facto ownership of his most controversial research. 

After that, it has been full-on craziness and preparation to "burn the world" ever since.  

It started with the death of Queen Victoria via the use of electromagnetic radiation broadcast from radio towers near her seaside retreat.  

By the time we were fighting in Vietnam over French Rubber Plantations, the science geeks had learned to control the jet stream and could move it around at will, stop it where they pleased, and play all sorts of games.  

Weather warfare in the form of unseasonal monsoons and unusual droughts was here to stay. 

They were forced to admit it, so in 1974, the United Nations brought forward the ENMOD Treaty.  The Environmental Modification Treaty fully admits the problem and sets up the ground rules. 

One of the ground rules is that any testing of weather modification technologies has to be tested exclusively on domestic targets. The same applies to Directed Energy Weapons which started to be patented back in the early 1970's. 

Now, I knew all this, mainly because I am endlessly curious and haven't trusted the government since the age of seven, but here's a great update for you from the Sergeant Report, Stop the Pirates, and Deborah Tavares:  

This all implies that Paradise, California, and Lahaina, Hawaii, were both targeted by "friendly fire" as demos to the rest of the world. 

It's our own dear military announcing, hey, lookee here at our newest weapon!   Just look at what we can do to you, if you don't obey!  

These American towns were "sacrificed" by these monsters and madmen the same as Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

Who are the military "geniuses" in charge of these Directed Energy Weapons? 

"In the United States, the Pentagon, DARPA, the Air Force Research Laboratory, United States Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, and the Naval Research Laboratory are researching directed-energy weapons to counter ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles, and hypersonic glide vehicles."

Looks like this "accident" on Maui was sponsored by the Air Force program, but remember, all three branches have Directed Energy Weapons programs and the Navy has recently armed the USS Gerald R. Ford Supercarrier with the biggest, baddest laser cannon I have ever seen. 

Let's put it this way -- the laser cannon is in proportion to the ship.  It's big enough to leave a crater on the moon, much less Maui.  

By 1989, we had the Vatican releasing commemorative coins celebrating aerosol spraying of poisonous industrial by-products, heavy metals from coal fly-ash and incendiary metallic oxides, that have been dumped by the hundreds of millions of tons on our forests and fields, the sea, our lakes and streams, our animals, and on us, too.  

Say what?  

The Vatican, global warming, human-caused pollution Vatican?  That Vatican?  The same Vatican backing the New Green Deal and Carbon Taxes? 

Yes, that same Vatican was celebrating its own pollution of our natural environment as far back as 1989.  

The Vatican was hiring contractors, primarily Evergreen, Inc., to spray aerosol slurries of heavy metals and metallic oxides, which are poisonous and/or incendiary materials, obtained from coal fly ash and other industrial process waste products.

Otherwise, their corporations would have to pay big money to responsibly dispose of these gross environmental hazards.  Much cheaper to dump it on the Earth and plan a big show of God burning down the world. 

When you coat the entire surface of the Earth with incendiary metallic oxides, it's like setting a bomb in place.  All they have to do is point a laser and use it like a match: poof, poof, poof.  

That's how you get trees that burn from the inside out and cars that burn at 3,000 degrees F, with no fuel present that is capable of reaching those temperatures.  

Yes, they will say, God is unhappy with us.  

God is burning the world as foretold in Revelations. 

We must all confess and turn from our sins.  You know, the ones that Jesus already paid for? 

So it really doesn't matter how much they sin? 

Or are we on a new tab? Wracking up new sins that will require more "sacrifices"?  

The goal is to make us all pay huge carbon taxes to the Church and the governments approved by the Church, so that they can save us from the problems they've created. 

And as usual, they blame it on the unseen, all-knowing, ever-present, long-suffering God. 

The Elders of Zion had another take on it. They knew that if they were ever discovered doing the things they've been doing, the wrath of the Primal Creator would be roused, and they would be utterly destroyed.  

Well, come on, Primal Creator. Time to rumble up and consume Rome and then eat New York. It gives me no pleasure to say it, but chewing up Minsk isn't going to do the job. 

There is always the other option. We can bring the proof of their bad deeds to bear and bring an end to the Roman Curia and the Vatican and "the US" and "the UN" and all the other corporations responsible for this. 

We can put enough pressure on the Italian Government so that they scream like a Sissy with a blister. 

We can arrest ever single person working for Evergreen, Inc. 

We can court martial the military officers responsible for this craziness and arrest the scientists at DARPA and the media coneheads, too. 

I don't care how much they scream, "We were censored! It was a "national security issue"!  We had to do it!"  

No, they didn't have to lie to us, no matter what they were told or how they were threatened. They didn't have to take their share of the payola.  

We can toss the UN back into the sea, recognizing that it is an evil Nazi Corporation registered in 1943 by Vichy French investors.  And it's still a Nazi organization to this day.  

We can call out the so-called Galactic Federation for its sins --- 32,000 years worth of illegally and immorally using our planet as a prison for their criminals. 

There are signs that the threat message is already being borne home to the Church  --- remember the mysterious burning of Notre Dame?  Just a little gentle reminder from Macron's government? 

By 1987, HAARP took shape as an ionospheric heater and over the horizon radar system, aka, "Star Wars" initiative --had begun to bear fruit.  This scalar weapon shortly thereafter gave birth to mobile antenna arrays called CIPPA units that can be triangulated to destroy anything within a stipulated three dimensional target area. 

Popularly called "slice and dice" technology, it can destroy anything anywhere.  

It kills living things by interfering with the heartbeat. Like flipping a switch. Their "testing" of all this crap is what causes all the mysterious bird, turtle, and mammal die-offs where entire flocks fall from the sky, thousands of turtles wash up on the beach, and entire herds of caribou are found hooves up on the Tundra. 

Here is the official history of SDI, otherwise known as the Starwars initiative advocated by Ronald Reagan:

What they don't tell you is that the technology was "privatized" by Rockefeller scion Hillary Clinton and sold off at a profit or given to political cronies, so that Pandora's Box was not only opened, it was distributed all over the world like flipping confetti. 

Anyone who can build a radio can build a Directed Energy Weapon, and that is downright scary.  Even Great-Grandma could do it at her kitchen table. Just imagine me plugging away building according to a simple circuit diagram, my little soldering iron poised.... after all, according to the UN CORP anyone my age is a threat.  

If I am going to be killed for minding my turnips, I might as well plan a big send off for the goons shoving me into a ventilator.   

In 1998, the United States, Inc. signed the Genocide Treaty.  "Urgent action to combat age-ism." Elders are a scourge according to the United Nations. So they are "treated" to death at every opportunity. 

Remember all the elderly people shoved into "ventilators" that exploded their lungs.  And how proud President Trump was of the nation's ability to produce thousands upon thousands of these killing machines quicker than cat scat?  

He's either the biggest fool or the best actor ever. 

Think of the elders given Remdesivir --- a terrible poison already withdrawn from the market because of its side-effects, but, hey, the pharmaceutical corporations had a large surplus of the gunk to sell, so that's what got injected into the frail arms of the elderly in this country. 

Of course, they compliantly died and stopped threatening the guilty corporations with the costs of their normal, natural dying process. 

That and all the patented bioweapons and the mind control technology indicates one thing to me: we are being invaded by an unearthly enemy. 

World War III is taking place in the jurisdiction of the air, and it's largely unseen, delivered via frequency weapons and nanotech. 

Those responsible for the jurisdiction of the air and responsible for the existence of all these corporations, and these weapons, are not just asleep at the wheel. They are criminally negligent and complicit.

As if this were not enough, we can "look forward to" rogue Artificial Intelligence, and armed drones filling the skies like swarms of mechanical bees: 

Unless we wake up.  Unless we start shaking the members "representing" our Congress upside down and start asking them why they exempted themselves and their families from taking the jab shots?  

Unless the police and their bosses are made to realize that there are worse things than being unemployed and broke. 

Unless the CIA, the FBI, FEMA, and the rest of the unauthorized Alphabet Soup is taken out with the trash. 

Unless the military is given the upbraiding of its life and convinced that it really, truly can't survive on its Black Ops.  

Unless we, the living people, regain control of the corporations and kick them so hard to the curb their little computer chips are left wiggling like dying bugs. 

Unless we exercise our contracts and our guarantees and open our big, fat mouths instead of milling around like cattle in a feedlot. 

Unless we get organized and stay together and make it stick.... then our beautiful home planet will look like Mars. 

They did it once, and these same maniacs, criminals who shouldn't even be here, will do it again.  They will rip the atmosphere off this planet like a trailing veil and kill everything that lives. 

They will act surprised when called to account for their actions and try to blame you for it. 

Look up the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. 

And then tell me why they have all these offices and treaties concerning activities and weapons that don't exist. 


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Public International Notice of Fraud by "Global Sovereign Monetary One"

 By Anna Von Reitz

This Notice of Charges pertains to the entity and entities referenced as attachments to the World Bank and to the United Nations as herein self-described: 

It appears that this fraud was initiated almost two (2) years ago by a person or persons unknown against the interests of the entire world population and the actual owners of the gold, silver, and other physical assets maintained in the referenced funds. 

1. To my certain knowledge as Fiduciary of The United States of America, herein and throughout clearly meaning our unincorporated Federation of States, the gold and other assets contained in the referenced accounts (see link above) belongs to and is under the ownership of Demitrius Julius Shiva, a fully patriated South Carolinian, who is indemnified by this government; 

2. To my certain knowledge as Fiduciary of The United States of America, then-President James Carter, committed gross fraud or error and acted in breach of trust in 1980 by transferring Birth Certificates attached to the estates of living Americans to the International Monetary Fund and pretending to have authority to declare the property thereby misrepresented as stateless abandoned collateral;

3. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, certain officials of the Government of the Philippines have acted in similar gross fraud and breach of trust, by pretending to have authorities based on powers exercised by Ferdinand Marcos in his private capacity as an attorney for Severino Sta. Romano, and his powers exercised as President of the Government of the Philippines created in 1934 to act as Trustee for our gold transported by the U.S. Navy to the Philippines for safe-keeping in the years prior to 1934 and afterward; 

4. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, we are the presumed Donors of all such trust assets as well as the legitimate Beneficiaries and it is our Federation of States that owns all control over these assets in international and global jurisdiction by prior claim and reversionary interest under Operation of Law; 

5. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, Demitrius Julius Shiva lawfully obtained the wet-ink signatures of eighteen (18) other trust owners, heirs, and/or managers on permanent unlimited Powers of Attorney recognizing him as the lawful inheritor/Possessor of the assets, some of which have been listed in the offending and fraudulent claims of the so-called "Global Sovereign Monetary One"; 

6. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, certain officers of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) conspired to extract Demetrius Julius Shiva from Eastern Europe during Soviet occupation and to re-settle him as a "permanent resident of the United States" so as to obtain an undisclosed and merely presumed to exist custodial relationship with him; 

7. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, no such custodial relationship was granted to the Municipal United States corporations, and the only actual government still standing then or now in international jurisdiction is the government provided by our Federation of States and the specific States of the Union;

8. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, certain persons have sought to avoid the Orders of the Federal District Court of Illinois concerning the settlement of the estate of Severino Sta Romano and naming Demitrius Julius Shiva as the lone claimant/executor of the estate of Severino Sta Romano; 

9. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, the United Nations organization, the World Bank, the Global Federal Reserve System and the Bank of International Settlements have all been informed and have cause to know that Julius Demitrius Shiva is the lawful inheritor, that he is permanently settled in South Carolina, and that he is not subject to any custodial interest advanced by any Municipal Corporation or Municipal Corporation officers; 

10. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, over 5,000 private trusts have been illegally and immorally seized upon by these referenced Municipal Corporation Officers headquartered in the District of Columbia and misrepresented in Breach of Trust as abandoned heritage trusts and millions more individual trusts misrepresented as legacy trusts, have been misappropriated in a scheme to defraud the actual owners and beneficiaries and establish a world government ruled over by corporations;

11. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of the United States of America, this circumstance is a long-term communist plan to overtake the lawful national governments which have been blamed for the war-mongering that has been promoted instead by unregulated and lawless commercial corporations --corporations that have been allowed to run wild by those authorities entrusted with the responsibility to regulate and discipline the legal fictions inhabiting the jurisdiction of the air; 

12. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, these lapses, misrepresentations, fraud schemes, assertions of custodial interest, thefts, unlawful conversions, and other white collar crimes indulged in by corporations and their officers are the responsibility of the Roman Curia and the Pope and all stand under Ecclesiastical Law; 

13. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, all general jurisdiction is granted on a permanent basis together with all interest in physical assets according to the land and soil bequeathed to each nation; 

14. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, all credit issued and based upon physical assets is owed to the grantees of the land and soil jurisdiction; 

15. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, the scope of the fraud herein described is unprecedented in the history of the world, yet it hinges on one theme: a concerted effort to misrepresent living people as things, whether those things are various kinds of corporations, or mislabeled as slaves, or "deemed to be" Genetically Modified Organisms, or otherwise deliberately denied their actuality and meaning for purposes of crime; 

16. To my certain knowledge as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, the "Global Sovereign Monetary One" has no legitimate claim or authority over our assets and has not been appointed by myself or Demitrius Julius Shiva or anyone else having true and natural standing as owners or trustees of these assets to act as a substitute Trustee or Inheritor, nor have any right to determine the ownership, distribution, or use of the assets and trusts that belong first and foremost to the living people of this world, and secondarily, to their lawful national governments; 

All the above is true, complete, and not contrived or damaged by any purposeful omission or  misrepresentation. These charges are brought freely and without coercion from my position in general jurisdiction and with the authority of my lawful office. These wrongs must be righted and the Principals and Officers of the sea and air jurisdictions are hereby held responsible for correcting them without further obstruction or delay.  

So said, so signed, so sealed this 30th day of August 2023 in Big Lake, Alaska:

By: Anna Maria Riezinger
      In care of: Box 520994

      Big Lake, Alaska 99652

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The Effort to End Fraudulent Misrepresentation

 By Anna Von Reitz

It would be a mistake to think that my efforts over the past forty years have been without support or without effect, despite the continuing widespread confusion and too-often abuses that continue in various places.  

The Universal Postal Union and the U.S. Government have been listening and tightening up their operations to prevent mail fraud by foreign incorporated tribunals operating as Municipal Courts and by various Agencies such as the IRS which habitually misaddress Americans as Municipal franchises using the U.S. Mail.  

The U.S. Government has recently upped the ante for mail fraud, 18 USC 1341, and for misuse of Fictitious names, 18 USC 1342.  

The potential fine per occurrence has increased from $250,000 to $1,000,000, and the jail time possible has increased from a maximum of ten years to a maximum of thirty years.  

This increase by four times in the amount of fines and three times in the amount of potential jail time should be sufficient to convince those who have been using DOG LATIN to mischaracterize and entrap average Americans to cease and desist. 

The misuse of the Postal Service, like the use of DOG LATIN to misaddress living people and to unconscionably entrap them by legal presumption, has been one of the foremost means used by the Municipal courts and IRS to prosecute people. 

From our perspective, it is a good thing to put more teeth into the prohibitions already existing.

To quickly summarize, when a clueless American receives a tax bill or a court summons delivered by the Postal Service and which is addressed to their name appearing as all capital letters, e.g. JANE A DOE, and that American is not knowingly and in fact operating a commercial corporation in their NAME, a mail fraud has occurred as well as a crime of misuse of fictitious names to entrap. 

The object of this fraud is to allow the Municipal court or the IRS or other bill collector to presume that the targeted American is a Municipal citizen of the United States.  

When the unsuspecting American opens this mail because it appears to be addressed to him or her, they unknowingly "confess" to being and/or operating as the ADDRESSEE, which is in fact a US CORPORATION, and not a living person at all.  

When they respond to such a misaddressed summons, Federal tax bill, or other correspondence, they have already unknowingly admitted guilt under the terms of the 14th Amendment to the British Territorial Constitution, or otherwise, may be accused of tampering with mail not addressed to them. 

The words "rock and a hard place" and "education program" come immediately to mind.  

The correct procedure for Joe Average --- that is, the vast majority of Americans who are not operating a corporation in their own name like "ELIZABETH ARDEN" or "J.C. PENNY" ---  in receipt of such misaddressed mail is to write, "Return to Sender: No Such PERSON here." 

A further reminder to everyone -- Certified Mail is intended to be mail between two government offices or officers of the government, and should not be used by private persons when corresponding with  government offices or officers. 

When you find the need to correspond with a government officer or department, such as "State of Wyoming Department of Fish and Game", use a normal First Class stamp.  

If you need a record of the correspondence, do not use Certified Mail, use either Registered Mail, or Express Mail, which will in either case provide you with sufficient proof of mailing and delivery without giving rise to the legal presumption that you are acting as a government employee. 

We live in a complex world. It is, for example, possible that you would be running a corporation named after yourself. 

So it is not a crime, in and of itself, for an agency like the IRS or a Municipal court to address mail to such a corporation -- if it indeed exists and if you are conscious of running it. 

The problem comes about when you have been unknowingly registered as a baby as a foreign citizen, specifically, as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and that Citizen's estate has been seized upon, declared legally dead, and incorporated. 

This results in a US CORPORATION operating in Maritime jurisdiction under your name, without your knowledge or consent. 

This, in turn, creates the convenient opportunity to mistake you, a living American, for a foreign corporation franchise operator and gives them an excuse to subject you to commercial law.

When you unknowingly open mail addressed to this CORPORATION you also unknowingly give the Senders of this correspondence a legal presumption that you are aware of the corporation and are involved in its administration. 

Why else would you open mail addressed to a corporation operating in your name? 

Answer: because you were purposefully never made aware of the existence of any such corporation, nor of the style conventions defining the use of all capital letters representing a given name.  

According to the Bar Association's own style guide, a name appearing in all capital letters can only represent a corporation or a dead man's estate.  

According to the Chicago Manual of Style, published since 1906, a name in all capital letters is American Sign Language --- in essence, a form of trademark. 

You have never been taught any of this in school nor had cause to know it, and so, those better educated and owing you good faith and service, have used your ignorance to entrap you and to gain legal presumptions against you via their use of the Postal Service. 

They have made you party to court actions that don't concern you, have subjected you to foreign law under false pretenses, have illegally confiscated your property, issued false warrants and impoundment orders based on this scheme, and jailed millions of Americans who were completely innocent --- and they have used the Postal Service to cross jurisdictional boundaries and deliver all this criminal racketeering activity to your doorstep.  

The Postal Service has, in turn, put their foot down and guaranteed to prosecute the perpetrators of this impersonation scheme to the tune of a million dollar fine per occurrence and up to thirty years in jail. 

Please inform any and all Municipal COURTS operating in your area and all IRS offices and agents that you may have cause to to interact with, as well as any other Department or Agency that misaddresses you using a name in all capital letters. 

That is, unless, of course, you are actually using your given name as a trademark in business or as the name of a corporation that you are running.  

We want to underline this possibility for you, as the explanation for why the Postal Service hasn't simply outlawed the use of all capital letter names to address correspondence. 

Ever since someone decided to name a corporation after themselves, and there have been plenty of instances of this, there has been the legitimate possibility that a living man and a corporation could share the same name -- except that the legal name of the corporation would appear in all capital letters. 

Ever since someone hung up a shingle on a storefront using their name as a trademark, at least in America and under the American Sign Language conventions, the Legal Name of that business might appear in all capital letters. 

So, the Postal Service has been unable to stop the  Great Fraud perpetrated against living people in general, because it is possible that you might be operating under such a trademark or using your name as that of a corporation--- and the Postal Service has had no way of knowing either way. 

You have now been advised how to respond to such mail in general, and can judge your own circumstance as to your use of your given name. 

Do you use your given name styled in all capitals as a trademark in business?  Yes or no?  

Do you use your given name as the name of a registered corporation?  Yes or no? 

Most of us can answer "no" to both those questions and are fully justified in refusing any mail misaddressed to us in all capital letters.  

We are also justified in bringing charges against the Senders for violating 18 USC 1341 and 1342.  


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