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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Of Course, Directed Energy Weapons Exist

 By Anna Von Reitz

And not by coincidence, they even exist on Maui:

The madmen who are trying to create a Do-It-Yourself Biblical "End of the World" are pumping it up to destroy the world by fire. 

Why?  Because God promised that he would never again destroy the world with water.  No more floods like the one that Noah survived. 

The planning behind this goes back to the Second World War and the death of Nikola Tesla, whereupon the FBI and other sneaks gained access to and de facto ownership of his most controversial research. 

After that, it has been full-on craziness and preparation to "burn the world" ever since.  

It started with the death of Queen Victoria via the use of electromagnetic radiation broadcast from radio towers near her seaside retreat.  

By the time we were fighting in Vietnam over French Rubber Plantations, the science geeks had learned to control the jet stream and could move it around at will, stop it where they pleased, and play all sorts of games.  

Weather warfare in the form of unseasonal monsoons and unusual droughts was here to stay. 

They were forced to admit it, so in 1974, the United Nations brought forward the ENMOD Treaty.  The Environmental Modification Treaty fully admits the problem and sets up the ground rules. 

One of the ground rules is that any testing of weather modification technologies has to be tested exclusively on domestic targets. The same applies to Directed Energy Weapons which started to be patented back in the early 1970's. 

Now, I knew all this, mainly because I am endlessly curious and haven't trusted the government since the age of seven, but here's a great update for you from the Sergeant Report, Stop the Pirates, and Deborah Tavares:  

This all implies that Paradise, California, and Lahaina, Hawaii, were both targeted by "friendly fire" as demos to the rest of the world. 

It's our own dear military announcing, hey, lookee here at our newest weapon!   Just look at what we can do to you, if you don't obey!  

These American towns were "sacrificed" by these monsters and madmen the same as Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

Who are the military "geniuses" in charge of these Directed Energy Weapons? 

"In the United States, the Pentagon, DARPA, the Air Force Research Laboratory, United States Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, and the Naval Research Laboratory are researching directed-energy weapons to counter ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles, and hypersonic glide vehicles."

Looks like this "accident" on Maui was sponsored by the Air Force program, but remember, all three branches have Directed Energy Weapons programs and the Navy has recently armed the USS Gerald R. Ford Supercarrier with the biggest, baddest laser cannon I have ever seen. 

Let's put it this way -- the laser cannon is in proportion to the ship.  It's big enough to leave a crater on the moon, much less Maui.  

By 1989, we had the Vatican releasing commemorative coins celebrating aerosol spraying of poisonous industrial by-products, heavy metals from coal fly-ash and incendiary metallic oxides, that have been dumped by the hundreds of millions of tons on our forests and fields, the sea, our lakes and streams, our animals, and on us, too.  

Say what?  

The Vatican, global warming, human-caused pollution Vatican?  That Vatican?  The same Vatican backing the New Green Deal and Carbon Taxes? 

Yes, that same Vatican was celebrating its own pollution of our natural environment as far back as 1989.  

The Vatican was hiring contractors, primarily Evergreen, Inc., to spray aerosol slurries of heavy metals and metallic oxides, which are poisonous and/or incendiary materials, obtained from coal fly ash and other industrial process waste products.

Otherwise, their corporations would have to pay big money to responsibly dispose of these gross environmental hazards.  Much cheaper to dump it on the Earth and plan a big show of God burning down the world. 

When you coat the entire surface of the Earth with incendiary metallic oxides, it's like setting a bomb in place.  All they have to do is point a laser and use it like a match: poof, poof, poof.  

That's how you get trees that burn from the inside out and cars that burn at 3,000 degrees F, with no fuel present that is capable of reaching those temperatures.  

Yes, they will say, God is unhappy with us.  

God is burning the world as foretold in Revelations. 

We must all confess and turn from our sins.  You know, the ones that Jesus already paid for? 

So it really doesn't matter how much they sin? 

Or are we on a new tab? Wracking up new sins that will require more "sacrifices"?  

The goal is to make us all pay huge carbon taxes to the Church and the governments approved by the Church, so that they can save us from the problems they've created. 

And as usual, they blame it on the unseen, all-knowing, ever-present, long-suffering God. 

The Elders of Zion had another take on it. They knew that if they were ever discovered doing the things they've been doing, the wrath of the Primal Creator would be roused, and they would be utterly destroyed.  

Well, come on, Primal Creator. Time to rumble up and consume Rome and then eat New York. It gives me no pleasure to say it, but chewing up Minsk isn't going to do the job. 

There is always the other option. We can bring the proof of their bad deeds to bear and bring an end to the Roman Curia and the Vatican and "the US" and "the UN" and all the other corporations responsible for this. 

We can put enough pressure on the Italian Government so that they scream like a Sissy with a blister. 

We can arrest ever single person working for Evergreen, Inc. 

We can court martial the military officers responsible for this craziness and arrest the scientists at DARPA and the media coneheads, too. 

I don't care how much they scream, "We were censored! It was a "national security issue"!  We had to do it!"  

No, they didn't have to lie to us, no matter what they were told or how they were threatened. They didn't have to take their share of the payola.  

We can toss the UN back into the sea, recognizing that it is an evil Nazi Corporation registered in 1943 by Vichy French investors.  And it's still a Nazi organization to this day.  

We can call out the so-called Galactic Federation for its sins --- 32,000 years worth of illegally and immorally using our planet as a prison for their criminals. 

There are signs that the threat message is already being borne home to the Church  --- remember the mysterious burning of Notre Dame?  Just a little gentle reminder from Macron's government? 

By 1987, HAARP took shape as an ionospheric heater and over the horizon radar system, aka, "Star Wars" initiative --had begun to bear fruit.  This scalar weapon shortly thereafter gave birth to mobile antenna arrays called CIPPA units that can be triangulated to destroy anything within a stipulated three dimensional target area. 

Popularly called "slice and dice" technology, it can destroy anything anywhere.  

It kills living things by interfering with the heartbeat. Like flipping a switch. Their "testing" of all this crap is what causes all the mysterious bird, turtle, and mammal die-offs where entire flocks fall from the sky, thousands of turtles wash up on the beach, and entire herds of caribou are found hooves up on the Tundra. 

Here is the official history of SDI, otherwise known as the Starwars initiative advocated by Ronald Reagan:

What they don't tell you is that the technology was "privatized" by Rockefeller scion Hillary Clinton and sold off at a profit or given to political cronies, so that Pandora's Box was not only opened, it was distributed all over the world like flipping confetti. 

Anyone who can build a radio can build a Directed Energy Weapon, and that is downright scary.  Even Great-Grandma could do it at her kitchen table. Just imagine me plugging away building according to a simple circuit diagram, my little soldering iron poised.... after all, according to the UN CORP anyone my age is a threat.  

If I am going to be killed for minding my turnips, I might as well plan a big send off for the goons shoving me into a ventilator.   

In 1998, the United States, Inc. signed the Genocide Treaty.  "Urgent action to combat age-ism." Elders are a scourge according to the United Nations. So they are "treated" to death at every opportunity. 

Remember all the elderly people shoved into "ventilators" that exploded their lungs.  And how proud President Trump was of the nation's ability to produce thousands upon thousands of these killing machines quicker than cat scat?  

He's either the biggest fool or the best actor ever. 

Think of the elders given Remdesivir --- a terrible poison already withdrawn from the market because of its side-effects, but, hey, the pharmaceutical corporations had a large surplus of the gunk to sell, so that's what got injected into the frail arms of the elderly in this country. 

Of course, they compliantly died and stopped threatening the guilty corporations with the costs of their normal, natural dying process. 

That and all the patented bioweapons and the mind control technology indicates one thing to me: we are being invaded by an unearthly enemy. 

World War III is taking place in the jurisdiction of the air, and it's largely unseen, delivered via frequency weapons and nanotech. 

Those responsible for the jurisdiction of the air and responsible for the existence of all these corporations, and these weapons, are not just asleep at the wheel. They are criminally negligent and complicit.

As if this were not enough, we can "look forward to" rogue Artificial Intelligence, and armed drones filling the skies like swarms of mechanical bees: 

Unless we wake up.  Unless we start shaking the members "representing" our Congress upside down and start asking them why they exempted themselves and their families from taking the jab shots?  

Unless the police and their bosses are made to realize that there are worse things than being unemployed and broke. 

Unless the CIA, the FBI, FEMA, and the rest of the unauthorized Alphabet Soup is taken out with the trash. 

Unless the military is given the upbraiding of its life and convinced that it really, truly can't survive on its Black Ops.  

Unless we, the living people, regain control of the corporations and kick them so hard to the curb their little computer chips are left wiggling like dying bugs. 

Unless we exercise our contracts and our guarantees and open our big, fat mouths instead of milling around like cattle in a feedlot. 

Unless we get organized and stay together and make it stick.... then our beautiful home planet will look like Mars. 

They did it once, and these same maniacs, criminals who shouldn't even be here, will do it again.  They will rip the atmosphere off this planet like a trailing veil and kill everything that lives. 

They will act surprised when called to account for their actions and try to blame you for it. 

Look up the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. 

And then tell me why they have all these offices and treaties concerning activities and weapons that don't exist. 


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