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Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Natural Law We Keep Stumbling Over

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over, and over, and over.... 

I was recently accosted by offended Satanists. Or maybe they were just people offended that religion was being addressed by the government.

Some of our Assemblies have what I will call a decorum agreement, and one of the things on it is a statement to the effect that, "I don't worship Satan."

That is, of course, not exactly hospitable toward Satanists, who could be denied their voice in community matters or even persecuted.  

Which is the whole point.  

Our government has a long-standing tradition of separating church and state.  Our Founders rejected theocracy as a form of government, even though the vast majority of them were earnest Christians. 

Why, then, didn't they adopt a Christian Theocracy? 

Because of a Greater Law, a Natural Law, that we have stumbled over for as long as mankind has been alive on this planet. 

It turns out that when we deny others what we want for ourselves, everyone winds up deprived. 

So if we want religious freedom, yet deny the same to others -- given enough time, nobody will have religious freedom.  

It's the same way with slavery, and we have those results shoved up our noses. 

If we had actually abolished slavery in all its forms and in all jurisdictions, there would be no enslavement now.  

But we failed to abolish slavery.  We adopted a half-measure instead, for financial reasons.  We abolished slavery in the private sector, but left it alive and well in the public sector. 

As a result, nearly everyone on this planet is now enslaved by their own dear government.  

As long as you leave evil alive in any quarter, it will grow and thrive like a weed, and whatever you desire for yourself yet deny to others, will be lost to all concerned. 

So if you desire justice, you must give justice.  If you desire freedom, you must give the same freedom and in the same measure, to others. If you want love, you must give love. 

It's a very simple Natural Law and it works like the Law of Gravity -- on its own, no courts needed to enforce it.  Automatic. Self-executing. 

Our Founders were aware of this Natural Law, so when they were building our government, they very wisely provided for religious freedom for everyone, because they desired religious freedom for themselves. 

And it is the same todayyesterday, and forever. 

Whatever we desire for ourselves, we must give in equal measure to others. 


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