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Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Effort to End Fraudulent Misrepresentation

 By Anna Von Reitz

It would be a mistake to think that my efforts over the past forty years have been without support or without effect, despite the continuing widespread confusion and too-often abuses that continue in various places.  

The Universal Postal Union and the U.S. Government have been listening and tightening up their operations to prevent mail fraud by foreign incorporated tribunals operating as Municipal Courts and by various Agencies such as the IRS which habitually misaddress Americans as Municipal franchises using the U.S. Mail.  

The U.S. Government has recently upped the ante for mail fraud, 18 USC 1341, and for misuse of Fictitious names, 18 USC 1342.  

The potential fine per occurrence has increased from $250,000 to $1,000,000, and the jail time possible has increased from a maximum of ten years to a maximum of thirty years.  

This increase by four times in the amount of fines and three times in the amount of potential jail time should be sufficient to convince those who have been using DOG LATIN to mischaracterize and entrap average Americans to cease and desist. 

The misuse of the Postal Service, like the use of DOG LATIN to misaddress living people and to unconscionably entrap them by legal presumption, has been one of the foremost means used by the Municipal courts and IRS to prosecute people. 

From our perspective, it is a good thing to put more teeth into the prohibitions already existing.

To quickly summarize, when a clueless American receives a tax bill or a court summons delivered by the Postal Service and which is addressed to their name appearing as all capital letters, e.g. JANE A DOE, and that American is not knowingly and in fact operating a commercial corporation in their NAME, a mail fraud has occurred as well as a crime of misuse of fictitious names to entrap. 

The object of this fraud is to allow the Municipal court or the IRS or other bill collector to presume that the targeted American is a Municipal citizen of the United States.  

When the unsuspecting American opens this mail because it appears to be addressed to him or her, they unknowingly "confess" to being and/or operating as the ADDRESSEE, which is in fact a US CORPORATION, and not a living person at all.  

When they respond to such a misaddressed summons, Federal tax bill, or other correspondence, they have already unknowingly admitted guilt under the terms of the 14th Amendment to the British Territorial Constitution, or otherwise, may be accused of tampering with mail not addressed to them. 

The words "rock and a hard place" and "education program" come immediately to mind.  

The correct procedure for Joe Average --- that is, the vast majority of Americans who are not operating a corporation in their own name like "ELIZABETH ARDEN" or "J.C. PENNY" ---  in receipt of such misaddressed mail is to write, "Return to Sender: No Such PERSON here." 

A further reminder to everyone -- Certified Mail is intended to be mail between two government offices or officers of the government, and should not be used by private persons when corresponding with  government offices or officers. 

When you find the need to correspond with a government officer or department, such as "State of Wyoming Department of Fish and Game", use a normal First Class stamp.  

If you need a record of the correspondence, do not use Certified Mail, use either Registered Mail, or Express Mail, which will in either case provide you with sufficient proof of mailing and delivery without giving rise to the legal presumption that you are acting as a government employee. 

We live in a complex world. It is, for example, possible that you would be running a corporation named after yourself. 

So it is not a crime, in and of itself, for an agency like the IRS or a Municipal court to address mail to such a corporation -- if it indeed exists and if you are conscious of running it. 

The problem comes about when you have been unknowingly registered as a baby as a foreign citizen, specifically, as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and that Citizen's estate has been seized upon, declared legally dead, and incorporated. 

This results in a US CORPORATION operating in Maritime jurisdiction under your name, without your knowledge or consent. 

This, in turn, creates the convenient opportunity to mistake you, a living American, for a foreign corporation franchise operator and gives them an excuse to subject you to commercial law.

When you unknowingly open mail addressed to this CORPORATION you also unknowingly give the Senders of this correspondence a legal presumption that you are aware of the corporation and are involved in its administration. 

Why else would you open mail addressed to a corporation operating in your name? 

Answer: because you were purposefully never made aware of the existence of any such corporation, nor of the style conventions defining the use of all capital letters representing a given name.  

According to the Bar Association's own style guide, a name appearing in all capital letters can only represent a corporation or a dead man's estate.  

According to the Chicago Manual of Style, published since 1906, a name in all capital letters is American Sign Language --- in essence, a form of trademark. 

You have never been taught any of this in school nor had cause to know it, and so, those better educated and owing you good faith and service, have used your ignorance to entrap you and to gain legal presumptions against you via their use of the Postal Service. 

They have made you party to court actions that don't concern you, have subjected you to foreign law under false pretenses, have illegally confiscated your property, issued false warrants and impoundment orders based on this scheme, and jailed millions of Americans who were completely innocent --- and they have used the Postal Service to cross jurisdictional boundaries and deliver all this criminal racketeering activity to your doorstep.  

The Postal Service has, in turn, put their foot down and guaranteed to prosecute the perpetrators of this impersonation scheme to the tune of a million dollar fine per occurrence and up to thirty years in jail. 

Please inform any and all Municipal COURTS operating in your area and all IRS offices and agents that you may have cause to to interact with, as well as any other Department or Agency that misaddresses you using a name in all capital letters. 

That is, unless, of course, you are actually using your given name as a trademark in business or as the name of a corporation that you are running.  

We want to underline this possibility for you, as the explanation for why the Postal Service hasn't simply outlawed the use of all capital letter names to address correspondence. 

Ever since someone decided to name a corporation after themselves, and there have been plenty of instances of this, there has been the legitimate possibility that a living man and a corporation could share the same name -- except that the legal name of the corporation would appear in all capital letters. 

Ever since someone hung up a shingle on a storefront using their name as a trademark, at least in America and under the American Sign Language conventions, the Legal Name of that business might appear in all capital letters. 

So, the Postal Service has been unable to stop the  Great Fraud perpetrated against living people in general, because it is possible that you might be operating under such a trademark or using your name as that of a corporation--- and the Postal Service has had no way of knowing either way. 

You have now been advised how to respond to such mail in general, and can judge your own circumstance as to your use of your given name. 

Do you use your given name styled in all capitals as a trademark in business?  Yes or no?  

Do you use your given name as the name of a registered corporation?  Yes or no? 

Most of us can answer "no" to both those questions and are fully justified in refusing any mail misaddressed to us in all capital letters.  

We are also justified in bringing charges against the Senders for violating 18 USC 1341 and 1342.  


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