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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Public International Charges

 By Anna Von Reitz

This Notice of Charges herein established pertains to insurrectionists operating as The Reign of the Heavens Society and otherwise as The Continental Free Press: 

1. To my certain knowledge, this aforementioned organization has repeatedly attempted to form a corporation operating under the name "The United States of America, Incorporated" -- with or without the word "Incorporated" plainly stated -- and has thereby attempted to misrepresent itself as the international government owed to this country; 

2. To my certain knowledge, a similar ruse was employed by a Scottish Commercial Corporation in 1868, and used to access the assets and credit owed to our unincorporated Federation of States which has done business as The United States of America since 1776; 

3. To my certain knowledge, this impersonation by these Scottish imposters led to vast amounts of criminal misrepresentation, fraud, and theft from actual Americans and the American States of the Union and contributed to the motives behind World War I; 

4. To my certain knowledge, additional similar impersonation schemes took place at the hands of other Perpetrators operating as "the United States of America, Incorporated" and these fraud schemes resulted in additional criminal misrepresentations, fraud, and theft against average Americans and their States of the Union; 

5. To my certain knowledge, I first became aware of these crimes and began reporting them in 1998; 

6. To my certain knowledge, I accepted the responsibility of acting as Fiduciary for the actual unincorporated Federation of States in 2005 and began International Due Process action to bring these organized crime schemes to an end; 

7. To my certain knowledge, the current crop of would-be felons have tried to start various versions of "USA, Inc." and "U.S.A. INC." and "The United States of America"-- Incorporated, and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and so on in various countries around the world, such as Costa Rica and India, in order to promote a national-level identity theft scheme; 

8. To my certain knowledge, the Reign of the Heavens Society headed by Keith Livingway and their press organ, The Continental Free Press, have been heavily involved in efforts to impersonate our country and its government in international venues;

9. To my certain knowledge, the aforementioned perpetrators have incorporated entities in the name of "The United States of America" in foreign countries and have attempted to misrepresent this foreign corporation and themselves as the government of this country operating in international jurisdiction; 

10. To my certain knowledge, I have repeatedly exposed their crimes and fraud schemes and acts of plagiarism to the public and to local law enforcement authorities and have been instrumental in preventing them from their attempts to misrepresent, impersonate, and defraud our lawful government; 

11. To my certain knowledge, the Reign of the Heavens Society has retaliated against me personally and its members have slandered me; 

12. To my certain knowledge, in their guise as a substitute "government" they have attempted to run corporate tribunals as courts and have misrepresented these tribunals as having jurisdiction over my pen name, Anna von Reitz, and have attempted to "try" my adopted person in absentia from their phony courts and have published their felonious activities with headlines to the effect that "Anna von Reitz has been sentenced to 37 years" etc., etc;  

13. To my certain knowledge, my pen name and my own name are firmly recorded in the Public Record and also internationally, such that they are my own possessions and are fully underwritten, such that no incorporated entity anywhere on Earth has any jurisdiction over me or my name(s) and no permission to use them or any other trademark of mine for any untoward purpose; 

14. To my certain knowledge, these perpetrators of crimes of state and promoters of national-level identity theft have also promoted false legal processes and practiced libel against me personally and against my solemn Office as a member of the actual government owed to this country; 

15. To my certain knowledge, these perpetrators are acting in insurrection and treason against this country and against the States of the Union and against the interests of the people living here; 

16. To my certain knowledge, these perpetrators have carried out an organized crime operation in international jurisdiction and have been engaged for some years in attempts to impersonate our government; 

17. To my certain knowledge, these same perpetrators have mischaracterized me and have slandered, libeled, and misrepresented both me and my Office and have abused the public airways and information systems to do so; 

18. To my certain knowledge, these same persons and business organizations have been operating to promote fraud, national-level identity theft, phony court processes, and slanderous propaganda campaigns to the detriment of our actual government and its officers; 

19. I hereby authorize all levels of law enforcement and our peacekeeping forces to investigate the Reign of the Heavens Society, it's members, and The Continental Free Press, and their operations that are in apparent gross violation of civil law, international law, and the interests of the Public; 

20. I hereby provide this testimony in the form of an affidavit from my position in general jurisdiction pursuant to the prosecution and indictment of the Reign of the Heavens Society, it's members, and their press organ, The Continental Free Press, as entities and persons engaged in organized crimes against me, personally, and against our country, our States of the Union, and the people who live in The United States. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

So said, so attested, so signed, sealed and delivered on this 30th day of August 2023

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
      The United States of America
       In care of: Box 520994
       Big Lake, Alaska 99652

August 30th 2023


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