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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Emergency Public Service Announcement

By Anna Von Reitz

You may be -- literally -- seeing some very strange things over the next few days. Do not be unduly afraid. Withdraw into your homes as much as possible. Use it as quiet time with your families.

We have discovered a plot to replace mankind with silicon-based life forms.

The Council on Foreign Relations has pretended to represent this planet and has cut a deal to allow this in violation of Universal Law.

The communications system enabling this plot has utilized more than 200 HAARP antenna arrays.  This system of radio antennas also includes mobile arrays known as CIPPA units installed on Navy ships worldwide and communicates directly with self-constructing crystalline nanobot structures that have been deliberately seeded into the stomachs and digestive systems of people and animals worldwide.

The materials for the nanobot crystals are imported via breathing in the chem-trail pollution.  The chem-trails contain incendiary metals and metallic oxides that are rejected by our lungs and when we cough or sneeze, are jettisoned into our nasal passages, swallowed, and wind up in the highly acidic environment of our stomachs.

Similar to crystal growing experiments that you may have done at home or in school as children, the materials rapidly grow in the acidic environment of the stomach and assume a pre-determined size and shape, still at nanoscale sizes. 

Tiny fibrous appendages soon appear at every corner of the crystal, allowing motility, and also, tiny structures that function as radio antennae that are much simpler than the antennae formed by your DNA and RNA, but which are capable of interacting with your DNA and RNA and also able to transmit information back to the HAARP and CIPPA array.

These "bugs" are being used to hijack your biology and collect vast amounts of information about you.  Ultimately, they would be instructed to kill you and other carbon-based lifeforms.  These nanobots and similar nano-scale technologies are being deployed via the HINI and Corona and other SARS Viruses: Specific Absorption Range Spectrum (SARS) Viruses.

The leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations has been promised unimaginable wealth and eternal life in exchange for this betrayal of humanity and horrific misuse and abuse of our property and personnel.

This has prompted us to issue an Emergency Shut Down effective worldwide of all HAARP and CIPPA antenna arrays.

It has also prompted the government of The United States of America to issue an Emergency Arrest Order to detain and confine the leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Individuals may interrupt and prevent the operations of these internal "bugs" by changing the pH of their stomach acid, which prevents the crystals from forming and helps dissolve them back into solution and overall inhibits their performance.  Two Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or any other natural but very acidic juice or vinegar can be used to accomplish this, with varying efficacy.

Individuals may also use very small amounts of borax, sodium tetraborate, a naturally occurring mineral most commonly available as a laundry detergent additive, to block chemical formation and incapacitate the antenna functions and attachment capabilities of these "bugs", at a rate of one quarter teaspoon or less per hundred pounds of bodyweight.  This can be ingested in water, daily.  The mineral is overall healthy for you, but only in very small quantities. 

Efforts are underway to eradicate SARS viruses on a planetary scale to prevent their use and abuse to promote any similar schemes in the future.

All corporate personnel, CEO's and Administrative Officers, are hereby given Public Notice of Liability and Ownership Interest.

Elon Musk, this means you.  Bill Gates, this means you.  Dr. Fauci, this means you.  Henry Kissinger, this means you.  Larry Fink, this means you.
FED Board of Governors, this means you.  IMF and Interpol Personnel, this means you. 

Any corporation or corporate officer found to have aided, abetted, or willingly participated in this scheme will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity, murder, catastrophic environmental pollution, violation of Universal Law, and genocide. 

All corporation charters, assets, and interests held by individuals found guilty of such aiding and abetting will be subject to immediate seizure and liquidation.  There will be no bankruptcy protection and no corporate veil.

Both personal and private assets will be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation.


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Emergency Shut Down Order / Emergency Arrest Order

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a direct Order to all United States Military Personnel in active range and to the Commander-in-Chief from The United States of America.

We request and require you to immediately shut down all HAARP and CIPPA stations and facilities worldwide that are in your control or under your administration.

We request and require you to immediately apprehend and arrest all Leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

Monday, April 6, 2020

Help me sort this out. New treatments discovered by Veterinarians in the USA

Please comment on this one. There is evil everywhere. 

I am waiting for Alex Jones to expose the 5G effects on oxygen.

Please stay on topic.

The Enemy For Over 2000 Years

By Anna Von Reitz

A couple weeks ago I wrote a couple articles that exposed the fact that:

(1) The total atmosphere of this planet has lost five percent of the free oxygen it had available only 60 years ago. This means that oxygen accounted for 21% of the atmosphere back then and accounts for less than 16% now.  That is a huge loss of available oxygen in less than the blink of an eye in geologic time.  Ice and deep core soil sampling show that a 120,000 years ago, oxygen made up about 28% of the atmosphere, and during the days of the dinosaurs made up an even larger percentage of the atmosphere.  We have been steadily losing plant life and oxygen for thousands of years and its only getting worse.

(2) The remaining oxygen we have available is being damaged and electronically denatured as a result of 5G resonance fields that are generated when the 5G towers are booted up to 61.8 GHz.  Just like you can denature water or blood or alcohol by exposing it to strong electromagnetic fields, you can denature oxygen and render it less able or not able at all to properly bond to hemoglobin.

(3) Finally, the hemoglobin molecule and its oxygen carrying capacity can be changed and rendered less effective, too, so even though you are breathing in
air your entire oxygen transfer system is disrupted and not fully functioning, which leaves toxins behind and causes pneumonia-like symptoms and additional inflammatory response. You get sick not only because of, effectively, oxygen deprivation, but because of the toxins and inflammatory response that follows.

This last bit of information is much more extensively explained in this article by Natural News:

But, as I was already familiar with these points, what really caught my attention was this almost off-hand comment:

"Just as the Romans built their aqueducts out of lead linings and thereby poisoned their own citizens, driving them insane with load poisoning, the modern world of Big Tech and telecommunications is mass poisoning humanity with electropollution."

Wait a minute, folks.  Did you just take that in?  Romans.  What are we dealing with now?  Municipal corporations of the City of Rome.  Romans. The "Holy Roman Empire" which, as Voltaire observed, "Isn't holy, isn't Roman, and isn't an Empire" --- but which nonetheless derives from Rome and Roman history.

Put that together with another Roman tradition --- poisoning wells in Great Britain with loads of toxic metallic ores. 

Sounds like poisoning both our land and water with incendiary industrial metallic waste products via Chemtrails, doesn't it?

And another Roman practice of pouring tons of salt on arable land to render it useless and infertile forever afterward.

Sounds like packing artillery shells with spent but still highly radioactive nuclear fuel and exploding them all over the Middle East, doesn't it?

There is no doubt about the fact that when the Romans were defeated they were sore losers, petty, cruel, spiteful, arrogant, and wasteful.  And they didn't spare their own citizens, either.  They regarded their citizenry as totally expendable.

So, should it surprise us that when dealing with these Roman Municipal Corporations, they adopt a Burnt Earth policy, and even though they intellectually, logically, know they are in the wrong, they nonetheless seek to inflict further damage on their victims as they withdraw and leave the poisoned and smoking earth behind?

The reply of the so-called "elites" that if they can't rule the world and own it as their own plenary oligarchy, they will destroy it, now makes total sense. 

And we can stop hoping for them to see reason or relent, because, at least since the end of the Roman Republic,  they were never acquainted with any sense of reason or justice. They have instead been full of a vain spirit of depravity and selfishness and destructive violence.

Like two year-olds stuck in the "Me, me, me" and "Mine, mine, mine!" phase of life, they have no more mature response to offer, and like two year-olds with a hammer in a room full of glass, they have no imagination other than to destroy.

They haven't changed.  They haven't learned to care for or nurture anyone or anything in over 2,000 years--- including themselves.

Their answer to being thwarted and thrown from power-- to pollute and poison and sterilize-- is still the same. 

We are dealing with the same incorrigible, incomprehensible, infantile "will to power" that both built and destroyed the Roman Empire, and all the subsequent attempts of those aspiring to rebuild the purported "glories of Rome" as the Holy Roman Empire and then the various Reichs and now, here in America, found infesting the Defense Intelligence Agency, too.

Let everyone take note. The enemy of humanity has not changed one iota. They still think the same way.  They still believe the same things.  They still have the same limitations and strengths.  They still do the same things and have the same responses.  

And the enemy is still "Rome", just as it was in the time of Jesus.

Think of that. 

And the Other Enemy, is also associated with Rome.  The bar attorneys and the Inner City of London and the Lords of the Admiralty are none other than the Galli, the priests of Isis, the Bill Collectors for the Caesars of Rome. Still doing the same thing the same way, too.

No wonder current events have the stench and feel of Rome, the war-mongering of Rome, the oppression of Rome, the depravity of Rome --- because, even 2000 years later and expressed in the form of Municipal Corporations, we are still dealing with the same mindset and methods as Rome.

Now, that we know the mentality of the monsters we are dealing with, it should make it easier to recognize their works and all their ways no matter which religion they adopt today or change next week.  This is an old, familiar Enemy of freedom and humanity, dressed up in a new suit---just using more modern means to kill and poison and pollute and castrate and render infertile.

They haven't learned a thing in 2000 years. Their hearts are just as hard. Their minds are just as deluded. Their spirit is just as vain and contrary.  And they are still prone to depravity, deceit, and criminality.


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Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020

By Anna Von Reitz
It appears we must remind you and your colleagues of the fact that your powers as Commander-in-Chief extend only to the resources and personnel available to you as Commander-in-Chief, that is, the U.S. Armed Services.
Your Executive Orders only have force and effect over the actual domestic population of the [British Territorial] United States of America, the actual Federal employees and equipment allocations, and should not be extended to or imposed upon the General Population of this country, which is being harmed by these actions promoting a simulated war.
We are forwarding a message to United Nations Secretary-General Gutteres this morning as a joint action of our lawful government and the High Council in charge of the Precessional Transition. The damage being done to the usable atmospheric oxygen levels by 5G is totally unacceptable and constitutes a threat to life on Earth.
We are pursuing further action against various corporations and governmental services companies that have misdirected the use of Artificial Intelligence for corporate gain, including Elon Musk's operations, the deployment of literally tens of thousands of mini-satellites and millions of remotely controlled surveillance drones.
These technological developments are all precedent to violation of the Universal Law of Freewill and won't be tolerated.
We wish for these developments to be shut down and/or re-directed to appropriate subject matter, such as the collection of atmospheric data, mapping mineral deposits, and similar harmless non-invasive tasks.
These technologies are never to be applied to living people for crowd control or "wire-tapping" their physical location or physical condition, except in the single case of verifiable rescue operations aimed at extracting individuals from life-threatening situations. Period.
The actual government of this country, The United States of America --- the unincorporated State --- has not declared any emergency related to any influenza outbreak, and after considerable effort, we have not been able to secure proof that any such influenza outbreak has occurred.
Instead, we find evidence of below normal levels of Common Cold corona virus infections, radiation burns, evidence of electromagnetic (EM) pollution that is off the scale, and people poisoned by denatured atmospheric oxygen, so that they exhibit symptoms of High Altitude Sickness.
This, taken together with statements made by Saint Louis Federal Reserve CEO James Bullard, statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling this a "live exercise", pre-shadowing by the Bill Gates-sponsored Event 201, and review of various Civil Disturbance Operation protocols, such as "CONPLAN 32" developed by U.S. Northern Command, leads us to believe that this is nothing but a mammoth "war game" --- a simulated war on our shores, which we do not condone and protest in the strongest terms possible.
We further conclude that this is being done to provide you with a backdoor excuse to procure large amounts of funding and allow the Territorial Congress to make these appropriations under a False Presumption that your National Emergency is our National Emergency.
In case it has escaped your notice and that of your rabid and self-interested advisers -- our country doesn't shut down over the Common Cold, has informed you of the facts, and objects to any imposition upon the civilian population by the U.S. Military promoting an unnecessary and obnoxious test of weaponized 5G and simulated war on our soil.
We very clearly told the Pope and the Queen and you that no civil war was to occur here. Neither is any simulated war allowed on our shores. Shut it down.
These actions are resulting in damage to the world economy and unnecessary obstruction of trade and damage to the environment and oxygen upon which we all depend for life.
If your Generals are so brain-dead that they think destroying oxygen is a viable defense of anything but anaerobic bacteria, you need new Generals.
The only emergency here is being caused by testing 5G for military purposes, in violation of the ENMOD Treaties and the G2O2-P3 Treaty, your Administration going along with this horrific "plan", the endlessly twisted and incompetent mainstream media, and various Generals who have clearly overstepped any authority ever granted to them by the people of this country.
We are also sick and tired of hearing about all these "sealed indictments" that have been placed on the public records of every state of the Union.
160,000 indictments will no doubt require additional effort to process if you anticipate a normal caseload for the courts, but as the Federal Government Subcontractors and their State of State franchises have been engaged in deliberate impersonation and pillaging under color of law aimed at unsuspecting Americans and as this results in the illegal subjugation of Americans under statutory law, together with their arrest and confinement under known False Legal Presumptions --- all you have to do, Sir, is correct the operations of your own Administration and the operations of the Territorial State of State franchise Governors and tell them to stop arresting Americans under False Pretenses.
That will clear out your court dockets and leave plenty of space for the prosecution of actual international criminals engaged in crimes against humanity.
Obeying the actual law of this country will also clear out the jails in short order.
Release all the white collar criminals who have done no harm to anyone or anyone's property and you will have space to incarcerate 160,000 actual criminals with no trouble at all. This is just a drop in a very big and unjustifiable prison population bucket.
Either get busy and arrest the actual rats responsible for snatching and selling our kids, counterfeiting our money, and undermining our country, or get off the pot. This is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of crime.
If you want the support and cooperation of the American People, all you have to do is ask for it---- and be honest about it. You now know that the actual government exists, that it is properly constituted, and the vast majority of the States of the Union are now assembled and in session. What more do you and any loyal military need to know?
The military might of this country is subject to the civilian government of this country. We have one and only one contract with "the" United States of America and all its actual franchisees, including the Territorial State of State governments. That contract is The Constitution of the United States of America.
Any presumption that Lincoln's practice of issuing Executive Orders including General Order 100 applied to our General Populace then or now is mistaken. Any idea that the actions of any employee of a Federal Subcontractor should hold precedence over the actual direction of the Employers and Delegators of all powers granted to the Federal Subcontractors is absurd.
We have a lot of work to do in this country and a lot of time to make up. Our assets must be returned and recouped and we must be assisted in securing our assets. We have been telling you and your Generals the truth for many, many months and all we get is dithering and dawdling, insubordination, "games" and "plans" that on average have very little to do with the Public Good or the Public Interest.
It is certainly very welcome that the military is cleaning out underground bases of the criminal elements of the Fascist DIA, but not welcome that the same military is adopting Fascist means in the enactment of its "simulated war".
It is also well and good that someone, somewhere, has had the good sense to identify shutting down criminal religious cults and horrific, abusive human trafficking schemes. It is long overdue.
We also appreciate your efforts to deal with the monetary situation, but that is something that you are ill-equipped to do without our help. Simply issuing another military script is a stop-gap to deal with the counterfeiting of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES promoted by Obummer, but it does not supply you or the people of this country with what is actually needed, and that is, an honest, asset-backed economy with readily available credit.
As we pointed out yesterday, the world economy since the 1930's has been based on illegal securitization of assets, the promulgation of fictional debts that are paid back with fictional money, impersonation schemes, hypothecation of debt and similar fraudulent activity.
The entire world economy has been run like a dirty casino, with the banks forcing people into prostitution.
It has also been run on the totally unrealistic propositions of Keynes, which require not only continuous expansion of the economy, but growth without the necessity of reinvestment of already existing assets. Compare that to making a hamburger with imaginary beef.
So now we come to this dreadful precipice known as reality, that moment that Margaret Thatcher predicted, when the politicians run out of other people's money---- and not because the money doesn't exist, but because this entire system of doing things is predicated on fraud, especially the false proposition of in-debting future generations of people, and reliance upon endlessly expanding economies that don't exist.
In actual fact, we have plenty of assets and credit to fund a new world economy.
In actual fact, our assets have only gained value through all these years, until one United States Silver Dollar is pegged against over $40,000-worth of U.S. Debt.
But all our assets and credit are vested in the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of this country, and the land and soil belong to the people --- not the Federal Subcontractors, any False Claims notwithstanding.
We, not you, have the right, standing, and ability to access and use the assets of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, a fact that our Forefathers established to provide checks and balances upon the Federal Subcontractors.
The old fraud schemes that allowed "the" United States Municipal Government and "the" United States of America Territorial Government to gain access to our assets have been blown apart and subjected to public international exposure.
You cannot possibly expect to just boot up another round of the same old game, and you cannot ---without betraying every element and principle of the Constitutions ----continue any venal predatory activity on our shores under color of law.
So --- by operation of law, what has been stolen and abused must be returned to us and to our control, free and clear of debt or encumbrance. No bankruptcy protection applies for the Principals responsible, who must either pay up outright or make arrangements with us to make payments or seek specific forgiveness of debts owed to the American States and People.
This is not rocket science. The Pope and the Queen seized upon our assets and operated them for their own profit and enrichment in Breach of Trust and in evasion of the Constitutions allowing their presence on our shores. Millions of Americans through six generations have been harmed. They owe us more than they can ever repay.
This includes honoring the National Credit we are owed, returning all right, title, and interest in our land and soil assets as required by the Constitutions, and returning our physical assets and intellectual property, which are also material interests.
This is required by operation of international and global law and cannot be side-stepped and "kicked down the road" anymore.
This might look like an OMG situation with no prospect of solution, but look again. The assets and credit undeniably belong to the American States and People---- and are rightfully under the control of their actual, factual government, The United States of America, which is present and properly constituted and assembled.
The "Reset" --- the return of the physical assets and rights attendant --- has already happened and is vested in us.
And now all that is required is a return to a normal course of business, with normal public elections to public offices, and normal loans based on actual assets, and normal carriage accounting, instead of "double accrual accounting", and normal control of the U.S. Military by the actual civilian government of this country.
Read that: we are home.
We have the assets and the credit to pay the military --- in fact, almost all the assets of this country have been piled up in our jurisdiction, which creates a great imbalance of the world economic system. While everyone else has been functioning on credit, who do you suppose has been presumed to be extending that credit? And therefore, receiving back your debts as credit ourselves?
Anyone who says otherwise is a self-evident liar.
The Queen knows it. The Pope knows it. And now you and anyone reading this knows it.
Your Administration must without further delay contact John Franklin Hein III and establish the means to move the "legacy trust assets" and actual money and verified credit back into circulation. Mr. Mnunchin in his capacity as an Interpol Officer and as both private and public fiduciary needs to get on the stick and set up the necessary mercantile bank accounts to do this.
Please note that our Lawful Persons appear in the same exact style as our Legal Persons: John Michael Doe. The same presumptions that were used to unlawfully convert our assets can now be applied in reverse to establish lawful conversion of our assets. As they cross back "over the bar" the debts become credits.
In view of the Great Fraud that has been practiced against us the World Court has no option but to recognize our right to do this and our government's right to secure all international and public property interests owed to our States and People.
So turn your frown upside down and stop puzzling over this.
It's ours. We claimed it fair and square. We preserved it and earned it. And its okay, because its in the hands of loyal Americans. Now what has to happen is for your Administration and our military to come to its senses, stop playing war games on our soil and imposing on our populace ---- and instead, assist us as our loyal employees, the way it always should have been.
Finally, we wish for all False Claims against China and the Chinese Government seeking to blame it or seek damages for the factually non-existent Covid-19 outbreak to cease and desist.
Take a look at the new British Twenty Pound Note --- where you will see a holograph of a 5G tower surmounted by the laboratory symbol for the corona virus. We do indeed know who is responsible for all of this disruption and malfeasance---- and it isn't China.
Like the American States and People, China is a Creditor of the U.S., and is being deliberately lied about in an attempt to force China to pay the U.S. an amount in "damages" equal to the trade deficit. Nobody is fooled by this and no decent thinking person agrees with this outrageous course of action.
The Trade Deficit with China like the Trade Deficit with the American States and People can't be addressed with smoke, mirrors, lies, and more obnoxious military nonsense. It can only be addressed by paying back or earning back the balance of trade, which can expeditiously be accomplished via returning the National Credit owed to China via the same lawful conversion process that is necessary to return the National Credit owed to the American States and People.
You have cause to know that the Queen operates under our Delegated Authority and that when her government or the government of Westminister gives you an order contrary to our good or contrary to the Public Interest of this country, your duty is to shove it up the Queen's rump, and not follow any criminal or repugnant order.
The lessons of Nuremberg stand before you and everyone else.
Once the credit and assets are properly re-venued the Chinese Trade Deficit will naturally disappear. The Chinese will be happy and we will be happy. And the Queen and Pope may be several pounds lighter in their bank accounts, but should be content to escape with their lives.
Stop trying to blame China for something that Westminster clearly admits to.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

To Secretary General Antonio Gutteres: Notice of International Protest

By Anna Von Reitz

This Notice of International Protest is lodged with you and the members of he Security Council; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

This is to inform you that a Non-Domestic population present in every State of The United States of America is being harmed by bio-engineered environmental  modifications tests in violation of the ENMOD Treaties.  

This military "testing" is a war simulation that includes the use of foreign live bio-engineered viruses -- a man-made environmental threat that they are distributing and inflicting upon the general population with resulting non-domestic civilian deaths.   

In addition to the man-made virus pollution they have also polluted the environment with man-made electromagnetic pollution that has disastrous impact on oxygen supplies needed by all life on this planet. 

This is not just an issue, therefore, of our discomfort or loss, but involves the deterioration of the entire global supply of oxygen and the ability of this planet to support life of any kind.  All of this is self-evidently in violation of the G202-P3 Treaty as well as the ENMOD Treaties and should be of the gravest concern of all people on this planet. 

The Perpetrators appear to be doing this for no better reason than to excuse making large non-consensual charges against our credit and assets under the false pretense that the object of this "live exercise" is to protect us by killing us  and misdirecting our employees to function at the level of dumb beasts. 

The problem thus presented is a global problem caused by run amok commercial corporations and technical research organizations that are privately funded and are deliberately causing these problems. They anticipate receiving great wealth and power either as a direct favor from the Perpetrators or as the result of providing solutions to the problems that they have themselves created.  

The High Council has reviewed this situation and determined that intervention is necessary.  The 5G grid has to be turned off and powered down well-below the 61.8 GHz resonance field of the oxygen molecule to preserve life on Earth.  If necessary all Reticulae and those colluding with them will be permanently removed without further notice. 

As you are attempting to create a world-spanning forum promoting peace and the well-being of the Earth and of mankind, we suggest that you focus on that function and bring all possible resources to bear in your own behalf and the behalf of your member states to preserve your oxygen supplies and promote public consciousness of the dangers of ignorant manipulation of resonance fields, including 5G.  

The High Council 
Chairman Adoramus 
The United States of America
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

Are We Stupid? Really?

By Anna Von Reitz

On any given year, the death toll from plain, old Common Cold Influenza Corona Virus is between 30,000 and 90,000.  Thus far, we can't prove that "Covid 19" exists. 

There's no test for it as a separate strain.  All the normal influenza deaths are being "counted" as "Covid-19".  And thus far, even for normal flu, its a low score year.  All this hysteria over "Covid 19" is bunk.  Pure, ginned-up, 100% bunk. 
There is no statistical uptick in general influenza deaths to even suggest that "Covid-19" as a separate strain of influenza is having any effect at all on the number of deaths from influenza in America.  Period. 

Gentlemen, have we all heard that loud and clear? 

There is a illness presenting symptoms akin to altitude sickness, but it's not pneumonia and it doesn't strongly present as influenza, either.  It presents as radio frequency radiation sickness. Uh-duh.  And it is following the path of the 5G grid being powered up.  Uh-duh.   And the solution?  To turn off and/or power down the 5G grid to well-below 60 GHz. The actual response range is 61.8 GHz.

Now let's take another test. 

There are three jurisdictions ---- air, land, and sea. 

You fellows are dead broke, bankrupt in two of those jurisdictions.  

Question?  What jurisdiction remains, where there is an unimaginable amount of assets and credit that we have claimed?  

Oh, the land.  

But you can't claim any of the land or its assets, because they don't belong to you and don't belong in your jurisdiction.  

So the people of this country who are the lawful owners of all those assets and all that credit, have come forward and claimed back our land jurisdiction assets all by ourselves. 

Our erstwhile employees need to get their heads screwed on and submit to the civilian government of this country --- The United States of America, the Unincorporated version. 

The States of the Union are in Session.  Figure it out. 


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Found Here:

Sunday, April 5, 2020

What is on the English 20 pound note?

Received this from Anna Von Reitz on Sunday April 5th, 2020

The CRUX of the Matter

By Anna Von Reitz

The crux of the matter is that non-consensual securitization is illegal and always has been, and that is what these bankers and attorneys and politicians and their military hangers-on have been profiting from.
Here it is very succinctly summed up by Christopher Story in The International Currency Review:
In the United Kingdom, The Law of Property Act, 1925, particularly Section 136 which deals with assignments, makes it crystal clear that alienation by a mortgage provider of all assets that have been assigned without notice having been issued to, or permission granted by, the debtor, is void and fraudulent. Therefore, ALL SECURITISATION OPERATIONS BY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE BRITISH JURISDICTION WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN EXPLICITLY SANCTIONED IN ADVANCE BY THE MORTGAGOR, with the mortgagor fully aware of the situation, are void.
Northern Rock and all financial entities engaged in assigning, on-selling, trading and benefiting financially from such activity without notice to or the prior consent of the mortgagor, are engaged in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. These institutions have accordingly been trading worthless paper between themselves within a fraudulent financial carousel, as repeatedly stated in these reports." End quote.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has been run like a financial brothel.
The banks have operated as individual bordellos.
They quietly "departed from a normal course of business" under the Administration of FDR and never corrected, becoming increasingly lawless and daring with regard to their financial crimes as time went on.
Read that again and let it sink in: securitization of mortgages, to say nothing of securitizing the labor and lifeblood of living people, is illegal. Period.
We have a banking and stock and bond system founded on fraud. All those "mortgage backed securities" are based on fraud. And thanks to MERS and phony endorsements and re-endorsements of Promissory Notes and Escrow ACCOUNTS improperly collected as "abandoned assets" that were never abandoned----nobody knows who owns what interest in what anymore.
This is not a secret. This quote from The International Currency Review (above) is circa 2011. The rats in charge have had ten (10) years to get it straightened out and stop the craziness, and here we are --- with them trying to pull another round of the same old fraud, issue another military script, and keep on skating.
All this, mind you, while the 1668 Bill of Rights is still in effect.
They couldn't get a political upheaval going and use that as an excuse to kill off their Primary and Priority Creditors, so they have ginned up a weaponized virus scam to accomplish the same desired end.
They zap the already 5% lowered atmospheric oxygen content with 5G radiation that changes the spin configuration of the oxygen electrons and makes the oxygen incompetent, denatured, for use in the human body. This means that even though you keep breathing in, the air is not rich enough in oxygen that will work in your body, so you gradually asphyxiate. This condition is exacerbated by the little viral nano-transceivers and antennae ingested by people "infected" with them.
This mimmicks the symptoms of pneumonia, but is actually more like high altitude sickness. See here for confirmation:
Now, we have the technology to shut all this down and we are ready to deploy it.
We also hold the keys to the credit and banking and currency crisis.
Mr. Trump has promised to drain the swamp and he is making good faith effort to do it, but unless he faces up to the necessity of shutting down 5G and working with the actual asset owners to re-venue the banking system, the world is facing absolute global collapse and millions upon millions of unnecessary deaths.
Prince Philip, the King Rat of this generation, will get his wish --- until the Living God arises to drag his soul into the Abyss.
In recent days it has been reported --- again, as if this was "new news"---that the Chinese and Japanese and Thai Governments, the Iranians and Iraqis, and numerous others, are literally printing --- counterfeiting "US DOLLARS".
It wasn't their idea. Mr. Obama ordered engraving plates and printing presses and paper stocks and the special inks used to print the currency packed up and delivered to all these other governments so that they could print away at will. He literally gave away all the means to counterfeit the FEDERAL RESERVE currency, and nobody shot the bastard for it.
I'm your Huckleberry.


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Dear Mr. Trump -- We Have the Cure, So Round 'Em Up

By Anna Von Reitz

This ridiculous "simulated war exercise" is going to turn hot, comet or no comet, and you might as well know that you are facing the actual, true, Living God as a possible adversary.  That is not a good position for you or this country to be in. 

Our lawful government has the cure for the corona virus and every other SARS virus on the planet.  It's a technology that can destroy every such virus, natural or man-made.  

We also have the cure for what ails the Treasury.  Re-venue our assets ---physical and credit -- to us, and we will pay everyone. It's simple bookkeeping.  Do it now, or you will cause a global meltdown and everyone involved in causing such a meltdown, including you, will die.  

These are simple facts, published in the Bible. 

Continue on the path you are on and you will find no answers, just more problems set up like a maze or obstacle course.  Continue to listen to Gates and Fauci -- the self-interested monsters -- and you and your Administration will go down in history as a grotesque failure.  

Pay attention.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer. 

Fauci is nothing but a self-interested rat, and so is Gates along with Soros, --- all engaged in causing a problem in order to profit from it.  

Arrest them.  Hang them by their heels and force them to divulge what they know.  And then put them before a Firing Squad for their crimes against humanity.  7 Billion people will applaud.  


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So What IS Going On At The Treasury?

By Anna Von Reitz

The "United States Treasury" is actually the IMF, so the IMF is rolling out a new military script called the Treasury Dollar.  

Here, attached, is the copy of the in-house verbiage. FB Readers go to my website to see it for yourself. 

None of these Bozos have the brains to come to us and issue an actual asset-backed currency, even though we are standing here with ownership of the assets telling them how to do what has to be done.  

None of them will face facts and do the required re-venue of assets and credit to the people it belongs to.  

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven.  

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven upon these criminals. 

Pray down the vengeance of Heaven on these liars.  

We have the cure for the "corona virus" and these rats are trying to prevent us from deploying it.  They will not succeed.  

Pray for the destruction of the British Crown.  

Pray for the destruction of the Bankers who did this. 

Pray for the destruction of the Politicians who did this.  

Pray for the destruction of the Military Officers who did this.  

May they all disappear. 

May they vanish in the twinkling of an eye.  

May their fate be sealed.  


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Plandemic. A Second Passover. And the Pied Piper.

By Anna Von Reitz

From Day One I have said that the Brits were at the bottom of the dog pile and pointed at the involvement of the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust in development of engineered corona viruses and their ownership of patents on "novel" corona viruses.
Bear in mind that this research is designed to enhance the Common Cold virus, to make the virus MORE infectious, MORE deadly, and then ask yourself what you think and feel about this pursuit and the people involved in supporting it?
These activities don't defend any nation. Such so-called weapons kill and maim indiscriminately, and only serve to harm all of humanity.
So why are these private corporations being allowed to do this--- and via producing vaccines to cure the problems they cause--- to profit from it?
I said and I repeat that the Brits are at the bottom of it, and I also warned everyone not to accept any cure they offer for their dirty work, because the cure will reliably be worse than the disease.
For those who need a reminder or who were not alive and listening when the Swine Flu Pandemic hit in 1976, here's a blast from the past detailing a very similar incident where a soldier at Fort Dix was the point source of that pandemic, just like a soldier at Fort Belvoir was the point source for this one---- and all that came after when the vaccines took their toll:
Listen to your Grandma. And, in this case, Mike Wallace.
If they pretend that they have any right to make vaccination "mandatory" --- tell them that you're not a government employee, not a ward of the state, and not taking their vaccine. Your body, your choice. And if you are a government employee, quit rather than take it.
I will observe that any American in the U.S. Military who signed up without the benefit of full disclosure, including the change in political status involved and its impact on your rights and property, is free to break their contract and retire. You do not have to accept any "mandatory" vaccination as a condition of employment and you do not have to finish any Tour of Duty that was entered into without full disclosure.
Tell any JAG Officer that wants to quibble to come quibble with me.
More details are coming into focus showing a connect between the British Crown and George Soros and this entire boondoggle.
From Russian sources (Sorcha Faal) that are more often right than wrong---- in March 2011 George Soros made a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing admitting his ownership interest in Wuxi Pharmatech in Wuhan, China. The prior year, 2010, Soros dumped a hundred million into a research and development center in Wuhan.
Was this facility the "adrenachrome factory" in Wuhan that was taken out by joint US and Chinese forces? Were all those people you saw dying in Wuhan addicts?
It will all come out, and when it does, you can be sure that Bill Gates, Soros, and the British Crown will all have their filthy fingers in it.
I said it was all a British Crock, and I pointed to the involvement of British corporations in this dirty business, but that is rather circumstantial proof and you want smoking gun proof.
Here it is: the brand new British 20 Pound Note.
The new British 20 Pound Note shows a hologram of a 5G cell tower, and right above it, the laboratory symbol for the corona virus.
There's your smoking gun proof that the Brits are at the bottom of it. They've brazenly admitted it in public.
They think they are so smart and everyone else is so dumb that they can afford to tell the world what they have proposed to do to all of us, and advertise their intent to kill and maim and control other people like a herd of cattle.
Between the Vatican paying for the Chem-Trails to damage the environment and disperse all the nano crud, and the British Crown, Gates, and Soros pulling this, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind who the real criminals are.
They cause all these problems to profit themselves by solving the problems they cause.
It's not hard to see or understand; if you are a total cretin without morals of any kind, it even makes a weird kind of sense.
I also told everyone that oxygen in the atmosphere has been depleted by five percent in just 60 years, and that 5G radiation harms the remaining oxygen by altering the "spin" of the electrons and denaturing oxygen, so that we are living in a profoundly oxygen depleted atmosphere.
So here comes the confirmation of that from a NYC ICU doctor:…/bombshell-plea-nyc-icu-doc…
And then, there's this --- the St. Louis Fed Chairman, James Bullard, admitting the whole thing is a planned event --- and I quote:
"This is a planned, organized partial shutdown of the U.S. economy in the second quarter. The overall goal is to keep everyone, households and businesses, whole… It is a huge shock and we are trying to cope with it and keep it under control."
And then, to cap it all off, there is Mike Pompeo, calling it a "live exercise". All you vets and guys in the military know what that means.
Let me observe that the numbers 4-10-20 are appearing everywhere. Three days of darkness and then the flash of light. Be in your houses with your windows shuttered or curtains drawn during this time. "Withdraw my children into your home and wait while his wrath passes by."
The Second Passover is coming. Being in your homes and with your windows shuttered during the three days of darkness is the signal for the angels of death to pass you by, just like the blood of the lamb on the door post was the signal before.
Mr. Trump cannot say this openly, but I can. There are parts of this that are fake and planned by men, and parts of it that are in the realm of the True God. Pay attention now to your faith, and your intentions.
Remember that the vengeance for all this belongs to the Lord; he will pay back, and do it with justice and certainty. It will be seen that his judgment is righteous and his methods are sure.
All the liars, all those who have profited by cruelty and deceit, those who have hungered and thirsted for gold---they will have their mouths stuffed shut.
Close your eyes and turn away from the wrath of his spirit. Remember what happened to those Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark?
What the "Learned Elders of Zion" most feared has come to pass. The fury of the Primal Creator has been aroused and they will not survive it. Not one of them.
Those who love life and love the Earth and love the True God will be spared and vindicated. Those who hate and plan evil for others, and those who ruin the Earth, will be taken into the Abyss.
So, children of the Most High, let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for this was foretold to you long ago and should not be a cause for fear or dismay---rather, this should be the cause of solemn rejoicing, for while many who are stubborn in their will to do evil will pass away, the end result will be peace and joy and health and restoration.
Do as your Soul's Friend commanded you to do, and as the prophets advised you to do during this time. Hide yourselves away and close your drapes during the days of darkness and know that your Father has heard your cries and is separating the weeds from the wheat. The weeds will be gathered up and thrown into the fire.
The worldwide planned abuse of SARS virus technology will be brought to a halt with the destruction of all SARS-based viral nanobots, the broadcast range of the 5G towers will be locked down to 30MHz, and all records related to this technology will be destroyed.
All those who planned and executed and planned to profit from this plot against Universal Law will be removed or destroyed, so all the evil will be gone, root, stem, and leaf.
The Pied Piper technology will be deployed so that all existing SARS viruses worldwide, both naturally occurring and weaponized, will be disabled and destroyed.
Get down on your prayer bones, pack in your supplies, and hold on tight. It is about to go Biblical.


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