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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Problems and Solutions.....

 This is a reply to one Assembly Member who was trying his best to correspond with me, but who didn't factor in the fact that I get so many emails and hadn't read his first email... so I got the wrong impression of his second email and so on it goes.

As it turns out, he made me think about many of the problems that our Assemblies struggle with, and so I offer a Big Picture view that may help all of them:

Problems and Solutions..... 

LOL.  Friendly fire.  Please do be careful to make a distinction between The United States of America and "the" United States of America---and teach the rest of the assembly to do so, too.  I didn't get your earlier missive and it wasn't clear which assembly is being addressed --- or even if the assembly being addressed is one of ours.  

There are at least three "assemblies" in each State ---- ours, the State of State District Assembly, and last but not least, the Municipal (District) Assembly, plus, thanks to a lot of numbnutz military interference, we've had other kinds of ad hoc "assemblies" popping up pretending to represent this or that group.

Anyone who calls me a "Vatican Agent" needs to have a copy of my first book, "Disclosure 101" shoved up their rump. 

That tells the complete story and publishes the documents, including the findings of Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract. 

In fact, the "proof" these people offer is taken (out of context) from Disclosure 101, and all you have to do is read the book.  I spent seven years giving the Pope's Employees Notice and Due Process.  It has been another seven years as of 2021, since all of that was completed, and the liquidation of the UNITED STATES, INC. begun.   I have never spoken to Francis and except for back-channel responses, never gotten an "official" response to published letters since he took office.   Judging from his actions, he is a communist and seems bent on expressing his political beliefs above and beyond any religious ones.  He also seems very commercial and profit-oriented, judging from the Peter's Pence Scandal. As for the Assemblies.... 

Those who don't want to do their job -- to peaceably and with common sense address the organizational effort needed to get the Assembly on its feet, those who want "vengeance" against dead men, those who are ensnared in their own fight with the corporate government and only came into the assembly because they were expecting a Magic Bullet to pull their own chestnuts out of the fire --- need to be calmed down and have their thinking straightened out. 

We find that we get a lot of fringe elements and people trying to evade responsibility for their own actions coming to the Assemblies for help, but the job of the Assembly right now is to get organized so that it CAN help.   No matter how compelling individual cases are, it's like the airline attendant telling you to put your own oxygen mask on FIRST.   We also have people coming in and trying to commandeer assemblies and make the assembly into whatever they individually and personally think it is or should be.  

That doesn't work, either.

There are definitions and there is logic involved.  The simple fact that a State Assembly is defined as all those who are claiming their birthright political status (or adopting the State after being legally Naturalized) who live within the borders of the State, doesn't please the elitists among us who want just their religion or just their race or just their cronies included.   Those people need to go join a District or Municipal Assembly, where such "private grievances" can be expressed and cherished to their heart's delight---- without, however, impeding the Public Progress of the actual State Assembly, which includes everyone who is eligible and wanting to participate. 

It's interesting to note, that when this first started out, there was a confusion between "State" and "Confederate State" ---- that is, between the actual State Government and the "State of State" business organization performing tasks and delivering services for the State. 

But we got all that straightened out a long time ago, and this is not the time for it to rear its ugly head again. Instead, it's time for people to learn the structure of their own government.  The United States of America functions in the international venues on behalf of the States.  It is an instrumentality of all the States acting together. 

I, as a Fiduciary, have very plainly stated functions, one of which is to protect and preserve the assets of all the States.

That occasionally puts me at odds with assembly members who are trying to "chisel" something material for themselves apart from their own private property interests.  Those people need to be reminded that while their interest in their own property is unlimited, their interest in the public property of each State is limited to whatever "share" is naturally theirs upon settlement of the current issues.  Everyone in the State must be given Notice, given Disclosure, and given a chance to come forward and declare their political status.  Those who are intent on trying to commandeer the assembly process and to also commandeer the assets of the State for their own benefit, need to have their hands slapped. 

The other members of each Assembly should be guarding against such characters even more religiously than I should, because while I have no vested interest in what your State does with its resources, every Assembly member stands to lose a great deal if they don't recognize the problem and do their own hand-slapping duties.

We've also had some "personality problems" --- where the unique abilities and disabilities that people bring to a task chafe against each other; it isn't that one person is "good" and another is "bad", just that their skills, history, and  viewpoint are radically different, and instead of trying to help each other and value the other person's abilities, they have competed against each other in ways that are not helpful or appropriate in the context of a State Assembly.  I call this the Corporate Mirror Problem.

Many of us have cut our teeth in highly competitive dog-eat-dog corporate settings and after 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 years in these environments, it is difficult for people to realize that, hey, I'm in a different role and in a different kind of organization.  These high-powered "corporate types" need to be constantly reminded that the Assembly is NOT a corporation.  There is no great pecking order involved.  The Assembly Chairman is a Speaker for the Assembly, not its "President".  The Justices are not personally sitting in judgement ---- the Jurors are.  It's a whole different world.

So when you get people who are having a hard time adjusting away from being corporate mavens and tycoons---- gently but constantly and consistently remind them: this is not a corporation, this is not a corporation, this is not a corporation..... until they finally adjust their assumptions and take in the glory of what an Assembly is.

Finally, we get a share of Paranoids---- people who for whatever reason, including past experience with the "Government" Goons---- are paranoid and seeing whatever species of danger they imagine is lurking behind every bush.  They need to be taken by the hand and made to understand that navigating the problems set before us are actually no more difficult than learning to drive on your own side of the road. 

Right now, our government "service providers" are in an uproar.  Their corporations are being dismantled by bankruptcy processes that they don't control, and they don't know what to do about it.  It doesn't occur to them that the people of this country are the Priority Creditors and their Employers, so that they need to pay attention and make friends with us, instead of amping up their efforts to squeeze more credit out of us.

Generations of ignorance and corruption have led our Employees to think that they are in charge, and also led them to disrespect the people who are actually and factually, their Employers.  A corrupt court and taxation system has only encouraged them in their assumptions.  Now that that system is being exposed and falling apart, they don't know what to do.  The Democrats are trying to commandeer what is left of the Federal Government via election theft.  The Republicans can't seem to find their butts with both hands, much less what to do with the RINOs in their own ranks. And what are we to do about it?

We are to act as the Employers in this situation and demand that they all straighten up and fly right.  

Standing steady and knowing who we are is the most valuable thing that we, Americans, organizing our State Assemblies, can do.

For starters, we are Parties to the Federal Constitutions and we are owed every guarantee from the other Principals involved---including the Lord Mayor of London, the Queen, and the Pope.

Our foreign Federal Employees have no such standing to enforce or benefit from the Federal Treaties and Constitutions, but we do.

The more of us who join the Assemblies, the easier it is to enforce the Constitutions and the easier it is for more people to gain their feet and realize that political parties are foreign to us, land "titles" are foreign to us, and these Federal Subcontractors --- both Territorial and Municipal --- are foreign to us.

Let me give you one example to take back to your Assemblies.

These Federal Corporations can make their employees and dependents do whatever they wish as a condition of continued employment or dependency.  They can force "their citizenry" to wear uniforms, take vaccinations, or do whatever else they wish.

But there isn't a single word in any Federal or State of State Constitution given any incorporated entity or employee thereof any ability to force us to do anything at all with respect to our health or any "Public Health" issue, either.  Their opinions about medical processes and procedures and therapies don't count and aren't enforceable on us.  Why?  Because our private interest in our bodies and our health is unlimited, and our public interest is limited to our "share" of the whole.

They don't employ us and we are not dependent on them, so they can go blow in the wind.

Instead, we employ them and they are dependent on us.  And it is our "job" as Assemblies to bring these and similar points home to those who have forgotten both who we are, and who they are. 

When our Assemblies stop the petty politicking and "Stupid Stuff" we can move on to the actual and very important work of the Assemblies, which is to direct the activities of our Employees and navigate a way forward for this entire country.

We have pointed out to Mr. Trump that: (1) he is only one with a contract; (2) he can keep his office as Commander-in-Chief and, (3) he can accept the actual Office of The President of The United States of America.

This allows him to walk between the worlds and neatly overcomes any claim that Joe Biden is "President" of anything but a bankrupt and now defunct Municipal Corporation.  


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  1. Great read, for those who can't make it to DC Jan 6th, maybe the state assemblies organize a meetup in their individual state capitols like Denver, Co my location :) we can probably find people to join our cause their

  2. Until The Assembly and rest of humanity understands and comprehends 100% completely that we are all absolutely and exclusively under divine laws (10 Commandments, no more no less) that supersedes any Earthly mortal laws (legal) we are all about to get a very rude awakening very soon (deadline between 2025-2035 as previously stated in my other posts)!!! If The Assembly and humanity does not consciously and intentionally put divinity first in our objectives/mission everything else is a waste of time and a lost cause period!!! I will personally fund and volunteer with my learned divine knowledge to assist The Assembly and humanity to get on the divine path to Paradise/Heaven on Earth (Earthy mortals absolutely have no other options if we are to avoid total elimination of original divine creation including humanity itself between 2025-2035, I will disclose the original source of the pending extinction between 2025-2035 when The Assembly invites me to)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    1. "President" Trump absolutely cannot crossover to The Assembly until he breaks all ties with incorporated entities so not to contaminate the unincorporated entities, absolutely no exceptions period!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    2. Everyone in The Assembly and around the world absolutely needs to watch this video from Catherine Austin Fitts to clue in on the globalists agenda against humanity which is currently unfolding in front of our very own eyes!!!

      Any more confusions about the globalists "governments" and "President" Trump (hint: Trump is not The Assembly's friend)???!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  3. Thanks Anna, this absolutely needed to be addressed. To much infighting and not enough working together will definitely be the downfall of thee Assemblies before they even get up and running. People have to understand not to bring all that corporate stuff, racism, and other baggage into the Assemblies. Leave that suff at home or get rid of it all together if you're able to....

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