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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and No Way

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked to comment on all the various "Patriot Group Efforts" out there and that is a tall order, as they have been springing up like mushrooms.  Part of this is due to people jerking awake and thinking, "OMG!  We have to do something!" so they start "doing something". 

Other efforts are cynical, even diabolical efforts to co-opt and derail any meaningful effort to fix the problems we face and suck up resources in the process. 

Still other efforts are partially right and partially wrong as a result of having some information, but not enough.  

This is typical. The Mess creates more mess.  Just think of it in terms of your own housecleaning efforts. Things always look worse before they get better, more chaotic, not less. 

First, there are two primary jobs, not one, to be undertaken. That adds a lot to the general confusion. 

The first job is to organize the land jurisdiction States, which are the foundation of the international government  --- the dog, not the tail.  This requires the formation of Jural Assemblies composed of people who are retaining and lawfully asserting their original jurisdiction and original birthright identity and capacities as private American nationals and State Citizens.  We are talking here about Wisconsin, Maine, Texas, Utah, Alaska..... those unincorporated and sovereign states formed by Declaration --- Statehood Compacts, Commonwealth Treatises, etc. 

So far as I know, the only organization that is pursuing this fundamental task is the National Assembly being led by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.  The only bone I have to pick with them, is that they need to be more adamant about membership and requiring that people properly declare their political status on the record before being allowed to participate. I am a stickler about that, because without it, these groups as a whole remain subject to infiltration and harassment and the legitimacy of their actions is left open to question.  

The second job is to organize and "reconstruct" the Federal States of States that belong to the States of the Federation as business operations. This is the tail of the dog that is supposed to wag in our behalf, but which has been incapacitated for 150 years. This requires the formation of Jural Societies composed of people who are retaining and legally asserting Federal citizenship.  We are talking here about corporate businesses belonging to the States and doing business as, for example:  The State of Wisconsin, The State of Maine,  The State of Texas,  The State of Utah, The State of Alaska.  

So far as I know, there are two principal groups working on this ---  the Nation-States and RuSA, plus a relatively new organization that is pushing (ignorantly) for a Constitutional Convention.  

Let me briefly comment that until people learn how their government is actually supposed to be structured, how jurisdictions work, and what the problems are, we don't need a Constitutional Convention and are not ready for one.   

As for Nation-States and RuSA, both organizations are well-intended, but disjointed and need to get together and iron out differences, because in the process they will each learn important facts---like the fact that they are acting as would-be inheritors of the Confederation of States, not the Federation.  Like the fact that there is actually no such thing as a "Nation-State" though we sometimes discuss things in those terms.  Like the fact that Federal Citizens are not in the same political status as British Territorial United States Citizens and not in the same status as Municipal United States CITIZENS, either..... and they have to declare and record their own political status as Federal State Citizens. 

So that is the status of the two major jobs confronting the people of this country that are absolutely necessary for us to restore our legitimate government to full function.  And those are the principal organizations already engaged.  

In addition there are numerous other groups out there doing various things, the National Liberty Alliance, T-ROH, and so on.  

Just very briefly, NLA is in my opinion, hopelessly misguided. They are trying to set up Grand Juries without Courts, which makes as much sense as trying to build a horse with nothing but a mane and tail.  Actual Grand Juries are supported by Jural Assemblies and Jural Societies. (See above.) So anyone who wants to build a viable Grand Jury needs to join either a Jural Assembly (land jurisdiction) or a Jural Society (sea jurisdiction) and get on with the job. 

Same thing with T-ROH.  Their leadership bought a copy of The Articles of Confederation at a Naval Auction and placed a "claim on abandonment" on the name of "The United States of America, Incorporated" --- a defunct Scottish Corporation that infringed upon our lawful name in 1868 to create their commercial corporation.  This gives rise to a situation where honest men are making unjust claims based on prior piracy --- the Maxim of Law is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

As a result, though the Navy auctioneer may have been selling the false "title" of a defunct Scottish commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" --- it has nothing to do with our lawful government beyond the fact that the scam artists infringed upon our copyrights in order to promote a mistaken identity fraud more than a century ago. 

This is not a viable basis upon which to restore American Government, especially since our actual government --- The United States of America [Unincorporated] is still here, still operating, and not pleased with all the fraud against it by con artists trying to work similar names deceits. 

On top of these Home Grown organizations gone astray, we have deliberate foreign competitors.  From France we have two versions of the same poison from the same basic perpetrators, "The Republic of the United States of America" and "The Republic for the United States of America".  They started their operations with the first name and then apparently realized they'd made a mistake and added the second name to the roster.  

Since then they have taken to simply calling their operation, "The Republic".  This is not our missing Federal Republic that the Nation-States and RuSA are trying to restore.  It's another "ringer" commercial corporation from Europe trying to sneak in the backdoor and take over our federal service contracts by a process of assumption. 

Finally, the Government of Scotland, which was the first perpetrator in the Den of Liars, is fronting its candidates and trying to pull off the same scheme as the French "governmental services corporation" ---- they have set up "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC." and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC".

Just Say No. 


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Paper Monsters

By Anna Von Reitz

The people who have done these evil things to Americans for the past 150 years, and to people worldwide for centuries, are criminals. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with crime.
It's just plain old garden variety crime: identity theft, credit theft, unlawful conversion, illegal securitization, kidnapping, human trafficking, press-ganging, conspiracy against the constitutions, personage, barratry, blackmail, fraud, false flag attacks, counterfeiting, impersonation, pedophilia, drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, racketeering, mail fraud, enslavement, arson, murder, false witness, peonage, and treason -- among many, many other crimes that have been committed against the innocent people and countries of the world by corporations in the business of providing governmental services, banks, insurance companies, title companies (that shouldn't exist), armed services, regulatory agencies, and so on.
Those hired and subscribed under Oath to serve the people have instead oppressed, cheated, enslaved and betrayed them. They have taken the saying, "The master is the servant." and turned it on its head: "The servant is the master."
And they have tried to excuse their actions by saying, "We are a corporation and can't be held accountable for our actions."
Oh, yes, they can.
Every corporation involved in this gross disservice and criminality is subject to liquidation --- loss of their charters, loss of their assets, loss of their public personas. And they are not owed any protection from the so-called "corporate veil", no bankruptcy protection for their shareholders, no privileges at all.
Every single corporation that has refused to repent and come to heel deserves complete dissolution, with their assets to be sold at public auction to pay restitution for their crimes.
Depending on the severity and deliberateness of their acts, the assets of their shareholders may also be attached and sold to recoup the damages.
Who has the authority to order their liquidation? First and foremost, the responsibility to liquidate these offending corporations is with with the Roman Curia and the Pope, who created the entire concept of corporations in the first place.
Secondarily, the responsibility to liquidate these corporations is the Queen's, because we delegated and entrusted her, specifically, with the responsibility to create and police the activities of commercial corporations "for" us.
Finally, the responsibility to liquidate these corporations is our responsibility, because it is our delegated authority that is being abused to create, sustain, and allow the unaccountable rampages of these Paper Monsters.
These corporations think they are safe.
They think the Pope and the Curia will protect them. They think the British Monarch can protect them.
They don't realize that their charters are all issued under our authority, and that the ultimate specific authority allowing their existence and continuance lies with us: The United States of America, the States, and the People.
As our Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law and we have acknowledged and accepted their return, there can be no question or interference from either the Pope and Queen if we are obliged by their incapacity to begin liquidation of corporations from here to Bangkok.
We are fed up, ready to pull the plug on them, their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and charters. No criminal organization is owed any public privilege and that includes governmental services corporations and banks.
Let this be published Legal Notice: Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.


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Hold The Presses! -- This is Incredible 3.0 Recap -- The Public Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

We've been reviewing and commenting on statements attributed to former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin this week.  Harkin, a Democrat, served in the U.S. House for ten years and in the U.S. Senate for ten more years before retiring in 2015.  
Among the startling ideas expressed and presented to me as "direct quotes" (unconfirmed) was the idea that because of the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation(s) in 1933 and the removal from the gold standard..... 

Senator Harkin: ".... a resulting or implied trust rushed in to fill the void.  In a resulting or implied trust, there are not terms of how and who is to administer the terms of the trust, therefore you can't put the blame on anyone besides the people for letting the trust be established."  He then quoted, "The United States Government may be the trustee of a charitable trust." Russell v. Allen U.S. 163: 27 L.Ed. 397, and further, "The United States or a state has capacity to take and hold property upon a charitable trust, but in the absence of a statute otherwise providing, the charitable trust is unenforceable against the United States or a state." 

I pointed out that I "may" be a fan dancer, too, but that doesn't give me a job at a club.  Just because a person or organization "may" act in some capacity---as being theoretically or potentially eligible to act in a given capacity,  does not grant them any authority or official capacity to do so.  

I also pointed out that a trust without written terms and stipulations is non-existent.  You can't have a trust without a donor, a trustee, and a beneficiary. Period. 

I also pointed out that any necessity for such a nebulous and merely presumed to exist "trust" is bogus, too.   

We already have unincorporated (sovereign) trusts established for both the nation as a whole  --- The United States of America [Unincorporated]--- and for each one of the states.  These national and state trusts are formed by declaration, not by constitutions, and they have been here and been in place in all cases before and after anything that happened to any foreign governmental service provider in 1933. 

Our national and state trusts are not implied, not merely "presumed to exist", regardless of anything that happens to any commercial entity formed by a constitutional agreement.  

Those trusts are all owed full service and Good Faith by every member of any "Congress" ever assembled, including the Territorial and Municipal versions of "Congress".  They are also owed full service and Good Faith by the Pope and the British Monarch. 

If you stop a moment and think you will, if you are an average person of good sense, realize that these statements attributed to Senator Harkin are all zombie-speak, pure blather, designed as a smokescreen to excuse the members of Congress and blame the victims --- the people of this country --- for the unfolding debacle that the members of Congress and prior Executive Administrations have caused. 

The only "Public Trust" actually in existence with any viable role for anyone in the Territorial or Municipal Government to administer is in fact the "Public Charitable Trust" (PCT) established for the welfare of displaced plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.  

Looking a bit deeper, we find that----yes, indeed, this is exactly what the U.S. Attorney General has been using and operating as the "dump box" for our names once they are "donated" as "Alien Property".  

Little baby Johnny Whittaker is thrown into the hopper as "John Whittaker" a Public Trust  "member" of the aforementioned Public Charitable Trust  left over from the Civil War Era, and from there, they create "John A. Whittaker" Public Transmitting Utility and "John Adam Whittaker", a Puerto Rican Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust.   

The British Territorial United States Government keeps the equitable title in all these assets created out of thin air, and hands the legal title to them off to the Municipal United States Government --- the oligarchy run by members of Congress -- that then sets up the ACCOUNTS -- JOHN WHITTAKER,  and JOHN A. WHITTAKER, and JOHN ADAM WHITTAKER. 

For God's sakes, people, wake up!  These crackpots in Congress have lost their minds. They actually think they have some right or rationale to do all this to their Employers, and they don't.  They never did.  Not in 1868.  Not in 1933.  And not now, either. 

The cretins in the Department of Law and DOJ have encouraged them in this insanity and acted as their handmaids and expediters, and they have all proposed to sell you down the river without the least little bit of valid authority or consent or ownership interest to do so.  

Apparently, the "American" military is so corrupt and incompetent that they can't recognize the "domestic enemy" or know which country they owe allegiance to.  It's time they found out. 

And it's time President Trump told them. 


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