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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and No Way

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked to comment on all the various "Patriot Group Efforts" out there and that is a tall order, as they have been springing up like mushrooms.  Part of this is due to people jerking awake and thinking, "OMG!  We have to do something!" so they start "doing something". 

Other efforts are cynical, even diabolical efforts to co-opt and derail any meaningful effort to fix the problems we face and suck up resources in the process. 

Still other efforts are partially right and partially wrong as a result of having some information, but not enough.  

This is typical. The Mess creates more mess.  Just think of it in terms of your own housecleaning efforts. Things always look worse before they get better, more chaotic, not less. 

First, there are two primary jobs, not one, to be undertaken. That adds a lot to the general confusion. 

The first job is to organize the land jurisdiction States, which are the foundation of the international government  --- the dog, not the tail.  This requires the formation of Jural Assemblies composed of people who are retaining and lawfully asserting their original jurisdiction and original birthright identity and capacities as private American nationals and State Citizens.  We are talking here about Wisconsin, Maine, Texas, Utah, Alaska..... those unincorporated and sovereign states formed by Declaration --- Statehood Compacts, Commonwealth Treatises, etc. 

So far as I know, the only organization that is pursuing this fundamental task is the National Assembly being led by the Michigan General Jural Assembly.  The only bone I have to pick with them, is that they need to be more adamant about membership and requiring that people properly declare their political status on the record before being allowed to participate. I am a stickler about that, because without it, these groups as a whole remain subject to infiltration and harassment and the legitimacy of their actions is left open to question.  

The second job is to organize and "reconstruct" the Federal States of States that belong to the States of the Federation as business operations. This is the tail of the dog that is supposed to wag in our behalf, but which has been incapacitated for 150 years. This requires the formation of Jural Societies composed of people who are retaining and legally asserting Federal citizenship.  We are talking here about corporate businesses belonging to the States and doing business as, for example:  The State of Wisconsin, The State of Maine,  The State of Texas,  The State of Utah, The State of Alaska.  

So far as I know, there are two principal groups working on this ---  the Nation-States and RuSA, plus a relatively new organization that is pushing (ignorantly) for a Constitutional Convention.  

Let me briefly comment that until people learn how their government is actually supposed to be structured, how jurisdictions work, and what the problems are, we don't need a Constitutional Convention and are not ready for one.   

As for Nation-States and RuSA, both organizations are well-intended, but disjointed and need to get together and iron out differences, because in the process they will each learn important facts---like the fact that they are acting as would-be inheritors of the Confederation of States, not the Federation.  Like the fact that there is actually no such thing as a "Nation-State" though we sometimes discuss things in those terms.  Like the fact that Federal Citizens are not in the same political status as British Territorial United States Citizens and not in the same status as Municipal United States CITIZENS, either..... and they have to declare and record their own political status as Federal State Citizens. 

So that is the status of the two major jobs confronting the people of this country that are absolutely necessary for us to restore our legitimate government to full function.  And those are the principal organizations already engaged.  

In addition there are numerous other groups out there doing various things, the National Liberty Alliance, T-ROH, and so on.  

Just very briefly, NLA is in my opinion, hopelessly misguided. They are trying to set up Grand Juries without Courts, which makes as much sense as trying to build a horse with nothing but a mane and tail.  Actual Grand Juries are supported by Jural Assemblies and Jural Societies. (See above.) So anyone who wants to build a viable Grand Jury needs to join either a Jural Assembly (land jurisdiction) or a Jural Society (sea jurisdiction) and get on with the job. 

Same thing with T-ROH.  Their leadership bought a copy of The Articles of Confederation at a Naval Auction and placed a "claim on abandonment" on the name of "The United States of America, Incorporated" --- a defunct Scottish Corporation that infringed upon our lawful name in 1868 to create their commercial corporation.  This gives rise to a situation where honest men are making unjust claims based on prior piracy --- the Maxim of Law is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

As a result, though the Navy auctioneer may have been selling the false "title" of a defunct Scottish commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" --- it has nothing to do with our lawful government beyond the fact that the scam artists infringed upon our copyrights in order to promote a mistaken identity fraud more than a century ago. 

This is not a viable basis upon which to restore American Government, especially since our actual government --- The United States of America [Unincorporated] is still here, still operating, and not pleased with all the fraud against it by con artists trying to work similar names deceits. 

On top of these Home Grown organizations gone astray, we have deliberate foreign competitors.  From France we have two versions of the same poison from the same basic perpetrators, "The Republic of the United States of America" and "The Republic for the United States of America".  They started their operations with the first name and then apparently realized they'd made a mistake and added the second name to the roster.  

Since then they have taken to simply calling their operation, "The Republic".  This is not our missing Federal Republic that the Nation-States and RuSA are trying to restore.  It's another "ringer" commercial corporation from Europe trying to sneak in the backdoor and take over our federal service contracts by a process of assumption. 

Finally, the Government of Scotland, which was the first perpetrator in the Den of Liars, is fronting its candidates and trying to pull off the same scheme as the French "governmental services corporation" ---- they have set up "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC." and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC".

Just Say No. 


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  1. No wonder there is so much confusion for the average person with all these different organizations attempting to solve the problem.

    The people are waking up but are not being directed to the truthful way of fixing the problem. As a result of limited research time, they come across these wanna-be fixers and because of indoctrination, when it sounds good, they take hold.

    We need one or two highly recognized public figures to put the recovery straight and where to get the correct info.

    The process can be taught easily and without having to go into all the details of how or why this happened for the majority of the people. There will be those who will want more details by varying degrees, but the primary process can be done and then learn the details as in a history lesson.

    So, as it stands, there needs to be a format developed to assist the people in re-claiming their political status and the rest of the "928" documents to become American Nationals,

    then the format developed to create the County Jural Assemblies,

    then another format for the State assemblies.

    And then from that point, the coming together as a reconstructed federal government or whatever that end result is to put the active government back on track.

    I am a Canadian and former programmer/analyst. Is there an American who can create an expandable flow chart for each of these steps? I will gladly do it but researching the correct steps for me is time consuming since much of this does not apply to my side of the border. If someone or a few would like to supply the different components to this project I would put it on something like a Wiki for sharing purposes and communications. That document could link to all the necessary "fill in the blank" forms simplifying and speeding up the process at each level.

    Anna has provided the data, but retrieving it to create this kind of format is not easy. Document 560 is sort of easy to chart, 928 appears to be easy and has the sample forms, then 1176 regarding liens did not make sense to me. Jural Assemblies was documented at least in part in one of the blogs, but State assemblies if it was documented has passed me by.

    Once the documented process is complete, videos can be created for each of the steps to walk everyone through.

    Sounds like a plan to me. Anyone else?

    1. Greetings Dan~
      We have created the De Facto to De Jure Handbook and the 10 steps to an assembly. These are the expandable flow charts you are referring to. They are already made. And Canada has people that are forming assemblies as well. All you seek is at the National Assembly website.

    2. Greetings Freewill
      I have done a quick review of the National Assembly website. You are saying Canada has people forming assemblies yet the Canada part of the forum holds no weight. The Status of 50 states suggests 11 people for Canada as of October 2018.

      The site speaks of joining an assembly but that one is required to become an American National by changing their political status is not part of the setup of the assembly.

      The information to correct political status is buried in the forum and there is no priority given to that by title making the reference and data easy to find. There is also a thread suggesting the editable forms, but to a newby, what does that mean.

      The website is not user friendly from a newcomer perspective which is the point of my thread above. I got 2/3 through the handbook and didn't see any flowcharts. Not sure where they are, perhaps you can be more specific.

      BTW, Germany has 10,000. USA might be close to 1000. I didn't add up the numbers.

      I love Anna's work however, the National Assembly has a lot of work ahead if they are not promoting American Nationals and making it easy for people to get there.

      If you want Trump's attention, someone needs to get some promotion going.

      Thank you for your input.

  2. Let me be perfectly clear, I have NO objections to anyone doing paperwork; if thats what they want to do, its totally fine with me, and I have never worked against that. So no body needs to bother making such accusations to me about that.
    But let me make my stance clear: Paperwork does not do anything about all these other ''weeds that are cropping up all around you while you are all consumed with yer Status'.

    We are swamped in the swamp and not one bit of it has been ''drained'. It is still stinking and looks like it will continue, with or without yer papers.
    We now have rampant voter fraud and theft and 'they' do not care who knows it; they will continue and by 2020 they will have it honed down to a finite science. Count on it.
    There is 5G.....or is it G5.
    There is weather manipulation that no one is doing anything about.
    We have an illegal immigration problem that is ongoing and in full swing, which is intended to turn this nation into a 3rd world country, and will do so.
    We have a southern border problem giving us ruthless thugs from all of south america and they do not intend to stop till they succeed.
    From the North, we have all the thugs from the middle east who the brainless Trudeau has welcomed with open arms; he is playing the globalists game with them.
    We ourselves have an extremely nefarious government that will not give up their nefarious agenda. Who will enforce the decisions of the Jural Assemblies?
    We have a whole younger generation or two brainwashed by schools and universities to communism; they are leaning to the Democrats now, or a Bernie Sanders type Dem. By 2020 democrats will far outnumber republicans; do you see the problem that is developing?

    La Raza has not disappeared nor have they forgotten their Agenda; they fully mean to get their Atzlan Nation, and they are well on their way. First with Calif. and then a number of other nearby states will follow.

    So you all get the picture here, my point being that paperwork will have no effect on any of those very real and dangerous problems cropping up all around us. For me, I just do not see any real freedom living among thugs; muslims have already made their way into our politics and are in elected positions. Do we need to think there wont soon be guatemalan mayors and governors? And who will be on Bench's ruling in 'our' favor; or in the UnJustice Depts. or on juries? Or infiltrating even jural assemblies. There is infiltration in every aspect of life now.
    Do any of The People dare object? Not since freedom of speech is quickly being denied us all and alternative news is being totally erased.

    1. Greetings Dan~
      We have created the De Facto to De Jure Handbook and the 10 steps to an assembly. These are the expandable flow charts you are referring to. They are already made. And Canada has people that are forming assemblies as well. All you seek is at the National Assembly website.

    2. Thanks for the help Freewill. Moderating this comment section is getting to be a real chore for me.

    3. Abby,

      Clarity, is not your strong suit/character,article/issue/secret agency and selling out to the idea, all is hopeless, leads one to Godlessness and evidences the conviction of such. "Back to the shadows"

    4. cube, my clarity is perfectly fine. Your understanding is what is lacking, as you seem to have a bad mental block that just will not allow you to see the whole picture.
      P.S. God is not trying to fix this country and there is no need to expect any help from Him either.

    5. Abby, I am curious why you thing God is not trying to fix this country or to expect no help. Besides this question I think you are very clear.

  3. I need to give credit where credit is due. I saw this post on Facebook.

    It is a crying shame that within a few hours after a Powerball winner chooses all the correct numbers, their identity or at least the stores location where the ticket was purchased is known.

    But we can’t even figure out who won an election.

    Or so they would lead you to believe.

    1. Fruit Inspector, you are right. There is a reason why this has been allowed to go on. Trump is using reverse psychology. Show the people how corrupt the electoral system is so he can bring in change. The Dems are showing their true colours and Trump couldn't have done it better.

    2. "Saving Israel for LAST!" #916

  4. It seems that the Corporations in and related to government concept has been especially inimical to our best interests, and I think it well past time to put it to bed for a very long sleep, if not total euthenasia. If there are any valid reasons for corporations to exist relative to living people, I think we should have learned by now that they definitely do not belong in government, so that they would always be in a subservient, subordinant position to government. In this manner also, those in government would always be personally liable for their governmental actions.

    1. Much appreciated! - "Corporate veil" as government is an oxymoron.

    2. When ordinary real people like me hear the word 'corporations' we think in terms of general motors, inc. or proctor & gamble, or johnson & johnson. So I don't know what the hell folks mean in here when they say 'corporations this or that''. If 'you' mean government then it should be stated ''governmental corporations''. Afterall, they are two different types; no wonder the confusion.

    3. Ucadia, lol, yeah and like they care if anyone says they are operating illegally or not........just like ''they'' dont seem to care who says all the illegal voting is illegal either.
      We are now fast approaching the days of total lawlessness. Its like the tyrants already know nobody is going to do anything about any of it.

  5. a world of big money corperations.and have incorporated our government too.
    the Michigan and the national assemblys. could use a little extra push by coming on line and talk to the people in real time.

    1. We talk with the people every Thursday night at 9pm eastern time on a conference call. All you need to do is jump on the call. The call info is on the front page of the National Assembly website and on Anna's website.

    2. Freewill, when I read the information on "the" call, the first thing that happens is role call by state, then business, then Q & A. There is nothing wrong with the format.

      However, and this is certainly a "biggy" it is not inviting to newbies. I believe research and education to be of highest value, but first one has to become interested. I spent over an hour on the site looking for something that would spark an interest and was not convinced.

      If the only promotion you have for assisting people to wake up and join is the "call", then your organization isn't even at the pre-school level of encouragement. Just my opinion.

      With the urgency Anna has expressed and not to be taken lightly, there are other right or wrong entities who have attracted so many more than your site ever will if something doesn't change. It is no wonder Anna gets upset with the likes of TROH and others caught in the same old trap.

      Since you have volunteered the invitation here, please take a message back to your people if nothing else. While it may be a poor choice of reference, Trump did not get elected because he spouted off all the rules of engagement. He spoke of giving America back to the people and with that essentially the world. He spoke of the crooks and how to get back the freedom most everyone is wanting so badly.

      Like him or hate him, once the indictments are unsealed clearing the way for constitutional courts to serve justice, who is he going to turn to, to take the reigns at the community level to rebuild the state and hence the union?

      Once you begin speaking of the advantages of becoming an American National free of the U.S. Citizenship you will draw some attention. Then you can encourage them to join the assemblies. You have to convince them to give up their current political status first. If the people don't like where you are going, they can always switch back in a flash.

      There are millions of people looking for the right path. So many with half baked approaches are landing in the cage. There are tons of video sources in alternate media pointing out the current agenda, but they are not telling the folks where to go to fix this properly.