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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

International Public Notice: The Problem With Critics

 By Anna Von Reitz

In this little expose, which is really about the disinformation being spread about our documents and teaching rather than anything else, we wish to point out that our self-appointed critics are not only ignorant of what we actually teach and so are presenting arguments against material we haven't even written, but are also irresponsible about the context of the whole discussion.  

9/10ths of what this man is criticizing was never written by me and the remainder of ideas that are attributable to me in general are not in context, which means that what you are looking at is a "straw horse" as opposed to a strawman.  

He pretends that I said things I didn't say and takes the rest out of context. This is classic disinformation, designed to discredit me and to confuse people otherwise.  So let's take it apart paragraph by paragraph.  

"Problems with Anna and ASN"

Declaration of the Naturalization Act of July 1779.

1. “I declare my political status as an american state national” That term is defined under
8 USC 1101 a(21) which means you are using their Statute as your Authority, not the
Constitution. All Statutes fall under Article I, that is the Territorial (Sea) Jurisdiction. All
Statutes and Codes came in after 1933 National Emergency War Powers Act, So, you’re
claiming to be a man on the Land, but your authority is the Territorial (Sea) Jurisdiction.
They consider that doublespeak (incompetence).

Anna's reply: 

The National Emergency War Powers Act is fraud, null and void.  A corporation has no "war powers" and the record shows that there has been no competent declaration of war by any Congress empowered to make such a declaration since before the Civil War.  So, by his own argument, there is no public authority vested in any statutory law enacted at the Federal or "federalized" State-of-State franchise level since 1933, and imposing any part of such "private law of the corporation" on the American Public is a crime. 

As to the finer points, I never referenced 8 USC 1101 (a) (21) with respect to average Americans.  David Straight referenced it with respect to Federal U.S. Citizens who also happen to be Americans, and he referenced it as proof that the political status of American State National is recognized under Federal Code -- something I pointed out to him and which is still a legitimate point for Federal and especially military employees who wish to retain their Constitutional Guarantees while serving. 

Equality under the law demands that if "American State National" is recognized as a political status anyone may claim it, plus the American Samoans it specifically references.  

Otherwise, American military personnel, such as this Dumb Bunny, lose all constitutionally protected rights and guarantees for the duration of their service (and afterward if they aren't careful) and also accrue all the extra liabilities of Municipal citizenship of the United States. 

So when we reference this material specifically in the Declaration for Federal Military Employees, it isn't doublespeak, it's proper substitution of U.S. Citizen / citizen of the United States obligations, with a U.S. Citizen / State National political status, as originally intended when the institution of Federal Dual Citizenship was created.  

Federal Dual Citizenship exists because Americans serving the Federal Government accrued a foreign (Territorial or Municipal citizenship) as a result of their work, and they did not want to give up their constitutional guarantees as a condition of Federal Employment.  The Federal Dual citizenship status was supposed to exist in order for Federal workers to be able to retain their guarantees while in service. 

So, an American working for the Territorial government and being classed as a U.S. Citizen as a result, should properly be working in the Dual political status of "U.S. Citizen/State National".  

An American working for the Municipal Civil Service should be classes as a "citizen of the United States/State National". 

Instead, since 1937, the Corpos have twisted this around and "presumed" that anyone entering either the military or the Federal Civil Service, were adopting both foreign citizenship obligations and would be "U.S. Citizens/citizens of the United States".  

Interestingly, numerous members of the Congresses have adopted one or the other of these Federal citizenships and substituted the citizenship of a foreign country for their second political status. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton for example, chose to act as a U.S. Citizen/Irish National throughout most of her tenure in purportedly "American" office.  

How's that for "doublespeak"?

If you are an American and you are in Federal Service -- either military or Federal Civil Service, you are being "presumed upon" under the tenets of the 1937 "Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States", and you are assumed to accept and adopt both foreign Territorial and Municipal citizenship obligations and to waive any and all protections that you are owed as an American.  

Smart people everywhere choose to retain their American National status, and accept only one or the other of the Federal citizenship obligations, not both. 

2. “I declare under penalty of perjury under Public law,” Public Law is Statutes and Codes,
again quoting Article I jurisdiction as your authority, but right after claim you are an
inheritor (Land covenant), = doublespeak. 

Anna's reply: 

Wrong again, Sherlock.  Public Law includes the Statutes-at-Large passed by the Federal Republic and that is what we are referring to, and that is what the Federal Subcontractors have to accept from the People-at-Large when they, the People-at-Large, have any need to make an Oath in the jurisdiction of the sea to satisfy the requirements of a Maritime or Admiralty court or other authority.  

Although you are unlikely to know this, there is such a thing as American Admiralty Law, and that is what Americans act under when they are at sea. Our British Territorial subcontractors have a right to demand that we tell the truth when giving witness and so we do --- under our Admiralty law, not their Admiralty law.  

All their laws are "private" corporation laws; all our laws are public.  We use their private laws for our public purposes, and they use our public laws for their private purposes.  THAT is what we are referring to, and it is not ignorance or double-speak on our parts. 

Furthermore, I never wrote that particular sentence, because I would have made it clear that it was the Public Law of The United States of America being referenced, and not the private "law" of the United States of America, Incorporated. 

Act of Expatriation & ASN; Oath of Allegiance

1. “is a naturalized citizen of the United States under the Diversity Clause,” the Diversity
Clause is to ensure all citizens have the Privileges and immunities (a Trust) of citizens in
the several states. This was meant for people who became naturalized or were born in
DC. Today that includes being born abroad or on a Military base, If you were born in one
of the union states, that does not include you. Your rights (privileges and immunities
secured by the Constitution and; Bill of Rights) come from where you were born. It is a
Birthright claim !! If you were born in Illinois, you are an Illinois union state Citizen,
you cannot claim you were naturalized !! (doublespeak-incompetence)

Anna's reply: 

Again, this isn't anything I wrote--- more like a paraphrase of information available in my writings -- a paraphrase that misses the mark.  

Americans derive their nationality from their birth State and inherit their political status and their constitutional guarantees from that natural born status.  

Americans born to American parents abroad or in the District of Columbia can inherit the nationality of their parents' birth State.  

It is precisely this "natural born" political status which our treasonous Federal Employees have sought to deprive us of using the "birth registration" and "certification" process --- a process in which our Mothers purportedly "waive" our natural birthright estate as Americans "for" us and instead adopt Federal Citizenship as a U.S. Citizen.  

As our Mothers are not given full disclosure regarding the paperwork they are signing, and as we are babies at the time, this theft of our nationality and our birthright takes place via a contract that is totally unconscionable to us (because we are too young to know) and our parents (because they weren't told). 

This is an international capital crime known as involuntary conversion of political status or nationality. 

How's that for "double-speak"? 

It looks like this man is quoting people who are advocating the "National Assembly" idea -- people who have nothing to do with me or our State Assemblies, or still other people who are stuck on the idea that the Union States are supreme (which they are in the local law context) --- and also have nothing to do with me or what I teach.  

The one possibly-mine quote he reaches for, “is a naturalized citizen of the United States under the Diversity Clause,” is taken out of context; that's why he doesn't include the subject of the sentence, an action that reveals his duplicity and dishonesty and indicates that his whole screed is intended to deceive and spread disinformation. 

IF I wrote that fragment of a sentence, it would be in relation to the STRAWMAN, a Federal Municipal Corporation that is included "as" a US CITIZEN and citizen of the United States under the Diversity Clause -- a circumstance that makes franchise corporations established under Municipal auspices subject to Municipal Law and makes these corporations "citizens of the United States".  

This is important because it allows the Perps to bring charges against these THINGS being operated under our names, treat THEM as Municipal citizens of the United States, subject THEM to Municipal Code, and yet, appear to be talking about us.  

This is a process (illegal process) called "latching" -- they attempt to "latch onto" our persons and property by mischaracterizing us as a Municipal CORPORATION named after us.  

This is a crime of personage and bringing such charges is a crime of barratry.  

How's that for "double-speak" and "incompetence"? 

2. “renounces all citizenship under the United States” this might be ok as long as you never
claim to renounce your 14 th Amendment citizenship.

Anna's reply: 

Oh, so, according to Mr. Know-It-All, we should cling to our slave status as "Fourteenth Amendment citizenship".  

It will interest everyone to know that "Fourteenth Amendment citizenship" is exactly the sort of illegal "latching upon" activity that is described above.  

It takes a free man and arbitrarily "confers" a foreign political status on him, along with all sorts of citizenship obligations, including subjection to foreign laws.  

Of course, the American targeted by this criminal behavior doesn't have to accept this "offer" to be considered a "citizen of the United States" within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment to the By-Laws of a long-defunct British Territorial corporation chartered in Scotland, but it is to his great detriment if he fails to reject it.  

If an American fails to reject such citizenship, he is deemed to accept all its obligations, which amount to enslavement to the British Crown.  Once again, this "critic" of mine reveals himself as a traitor and a malfeasant, seeking to spread disinformation beneficial to the British Crown. 

3. “and reclaim his true Nationality as an American State National and a State vessel,” Your
Nationality is an Illinoisan (see Gov’t Style Manual). Or just an American National
4. “and an American State Vessel,” how can you claim, you the man, are the vessel in
International Trade and commerce? Trade yes, commerce no, commerce is only in the
Territorial Sea Jurisdiction. Anna has stated a thousand times a real man CANNOT
interact with an artificial entity (Commerce) you are mixing jurisdictions = (doublespeak). 

Anna's reply: 

This is monotonous, but once again, this nameless critic is "putting words in my mouth" --- deliberately incorrect words, and he is misrepresenting what I teach.  

There are in fact two (2) commercial jurisdictions, not one, as this man seems to suppose.  There is the nearly ubiquitous and obnoxious "Maritime" jurisdiction, and there is the Law Merchant practiced on the land.  Both these jurisdictions are global in nature. 

They both involve the use of "vessels", otherwise described as "persons" to move around in and operate within these jurisdictions.  All these "vessels" and "persons" are dead representations of living flesh, in both the international jurisdiction of the land and sea and in the global jurisdictions of commerce.

When a baby is born within the borders of Illinois, a State of the Union, he is an Illinoian at birth.  

Very quickly thereafter, undeclared foreign agents unlawfully register this new Illinoian as a Ward of the State of Illinois and a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, whose American estate has been waived "for" him by his clueless Mother who is never given any disclosure. 

The State of Illinois is a British Territorial Corporation and franchise of the U.S.A. Incorporated -- a foreign business operation in the business of providing "essential government services".  Registering the baby as a "Ward" of this foreign corporation is promoted under their Sheppard-Towner Act in America.  They have used similar excuses under other legislation in other countries to do the same thing. 

A Ward of their State of State organization is considered an indentured servant, serving out an apprenticeship, a tour of duty, or an agreement to act as a colonist, etc., --- more jolly good bunk, in other words, that the victims are unaware of. 

This is, again, a "latching" crime against the baby and his parents, a crime that results in the unlawful and illegal conversion of the baby's natural born political status and nationality to that of a British Territorial (as if the baby had been born in Puerto Rico) and makes the American baby a British Territorial Subject. 

This new Ward of the State of Illinois is a U.S. Citizen and a Vessel (as in sea-going, international jurisdiction of the sea, Law of the Sea) entity.  On land they call these "Special Purpose Vessels" and subject them to "Special Admiralty Law".  

But I digress into the bowels of a very criminal and very distasteful activity on the part of British Crown operatives, the Government of Westminster, and the British Monarch, aided and abetted by the Roman Curia and the Pope in his office as Roman Pontiff. 

The point is that American Admiralty exists, and this American has every right to operate as an American "Vessel" and to come under the protections of his own Admiralty Law.  Just because a British Tory points a pen at him and tells some lies and secures an unconscionable contract by fraud and deceit doesn't make the mischaracterized American into a British Tory. 

It just makes the British Tory and the corporations he works for into criminals. 

Both on the land and at sea, internationally (in trade) and globally (in commerce) Americans have the right to operate as Americans and to operate their own "vessels" under their own law and jurisdiction. 
They do not have to be or remain in the substandard political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. And they certainly don't have to honor any unconscionable contracts seeming to say otherwise. Americans don't have to operate British Territorial corporations named after them.  

In order to return to our birthright original political status, we have to "seize upon" what was seized from us --- our Good Names, our copyrights, our patents, our "persons" and "vessels" --- all of it. 

This chicanery on  the part of the British Crown Corp. and its employees has to stop and one way to make it stop is to: (1) create Public Record of our individual protest and object to their practices and presumptions; (2) claim back our Good Names and "persons" and deliberately re-flag and re-convey them; (3) educate, educate, educate --- not only Americans but every other nationality that has been defrauded and denigrated by these criminals.   

To do this, we are not invoking a status as "Donors" to any public trust; we are invoking our status as Americans who have been defrauded and robbed by our own employees. And we are re-conveying our property to our control and jurisdiction, not theirs. 
We are also expatriating the Names/NAMES of our "vessels" and re-flagging them as American persons. 

We are making our Express Will in these matters self-evident, and we hardly need to explain why.  We fought for eight years to tell the British Monarch to bugger off and another three years (The War of 1812) delivering the same message.  

Despite that, the Brits have endeavored to take by deceit what they could never win by force of arms. That crime is what we are addressing now. 

This is entirely legal, lawful, and proper, as no valid contract obligating any of us to "serve" the British Crown exists. 

That includes the Tour of Duty contracts our soldiers and sailors signed, all of which lack disclosure of the fact that they are entering Mercenary Service. 

Don't try to misrepresent what we are doing.  We know what we are doing and we know why.  We know who and what to blame and we are not pleased one iota with this situation. 

Declaration of Political Status

1. “I claim my exemption as stated in Federal Code 8 USC 1101 (a)21. Again using US Code
Article I Sea Jurisdiction, not the Constitution (Art 4, sec 2) as your authority of your
political status = (doublespeak-incompetence). 

Anna's reply: 

This is not anything I would say, and is most likely taken from David Straight.  I know and I have always known that the purpose of any reference to this bit of Federal Code applies ONLY to those still obligated to Federal Employment and ONLY as a proof of a claim to equality under the law --- if the American State National status is available to American Samoans, it must be available to other U.S. Citizens, too.  

As such, this reference is expressly about U.S. Citizens who do live under Federal Code and NOT about Americans in general -- a fact that this critic is misrepresenting. 

2. Your 14 th Amendment Citizenship states you are BOTH a citizen of the United States
(a public National Public citizenship) AND a Citizen of the state wherein you reside
(a union state Citizenship). You get to choose which Citizenship you want to declare !

Anna's reply: 

Another incompetent misinterpretation of the facts. 

Whenever you see "citizen of the United States" they are talking about Fourteenth Amendment citizenship "conferred" as a public slave status on American Negroes, and as it turns out, only American Negroes, so if you claim that status, you are claiming to be a Negro.  Period.  Negroes can refuse the "offer" of this third class citizenship obligation, but they have to be proactive about it. 

If the Congress had been able to "confer" State Citizenship, there would have been no plausible excuse for the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in the first place, so obviously, the "State citizenship" being referred to is not Union State citizenship.  It's Municipal franchise citizenship -- it means that if you are a "citizen of the United States" Incorporated, you are also a citizen of the local franchise operating as a state-of-state. 

It's just more self-interested legalese and similar names deceit designed to entrap and mislead the unwary and only serving to make ignorant people cling to their chains. 

3. If you chose a box that states: a citizen of the United States, the US Supreme Court has
ruled that you have no protections under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Anna's reply: 

Yes, precisely.  Yet that is the political status of every Federal Civil Service employee and condition of every U.S. Citizen, too --- until and unless you replace one or the other of these citizenship obligations with your American State National status. 

The protections of the Constitutions have NEVER applied to Americans working for any Federal Subcontractor or State-of-State franchise operation. Why?  Because they aren't recognizable as Americans so long as they are laboring under two (2) foreign citizenships and not even claiming their actual political status as Americans as one of the two political statuses they can adopt under Dual Citizenship provisions. 

Look closely: "citizen of the United States" versus "United States citizen" are two different things, and both of them are foreign with respect to our States and our Country.  Both operate under foreign law.  

A "citizen of the United States" is a Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the Municipal United States.  
A "United States and a Negro by definition. 

A "United States citizen" is defined under 42 USC 9102 (18): 

(18) “United States citizen” means (A) any individual who is a citizen of the United States by law, birth, or naturalization; (B) any Federal, State, or local government in the United States, or any entity of any such government; or (C) any corporation, partnership, association, or other entity, organized or existing under the laws of the United States, or of any State, which has as its president or other executive officer and as its chairman of the board of directors, or holder of similar office, an individual who is a United States citizen and which has no more of its directors who are not United States citizens than constitute a minority of the number required for a quorum necessary to conduct the business of the board."

And both of these "citizenships" are foreign. 

Neither of these citizenships have anything to do with our actual States and people. 

All of these citizenships are about Federal Persons/persons. And that's why when I talk about Federal Employees I talk about Federal Code and refer to these persons, because these are their definitions.  Not ours. 

Americans who are not Federal Employees or Dependents or political asylum seekers don't live under the Constitutions and they don't live under Federal Code at all.   Our employees are subject to the Constitutions and the Federal Code. Some of our employees are also Americans.  

That means that they have the opportunity, if they wake up, to choose their American birthright as one of the two Dual political statuses they can adopt, to secure their personal guarantees as Americans. 

Otherwise, they get hit with a double whammy of foreign citizenship obligations, and have to kow-tow to both the British King and the Pope, and can't access any constitutional protections at all.  

4. If you choose a box that states you are not a citizen of the United States or declare you
are a union state Citizen, then according to the US Supreme Court you are entitled to
the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Anna's reply: 

Uh-duh.  If you are a Negro or being mischaracterized as a Municipal CORPORATION, you can object to the "citizen of the United States" designation conferred by the Fourteenth Amendment. 

If you are able to read my words and you were born in America and choose to repudiate the unconscionable waiver of your natural born American political status, you can do that, too.  

If you are an American employed by either foreign Federal Subcontractor --- either military or Federal Civil Service -- you can give up one of those two (2) odious obligations and substitute your American National status for it.  

Example:  You are an American born in Louisiana and you work for the Post Office in Louisiana.  You are obligated by your employment to adopt the status of a "citizen of the United States" or "United States citizen" (act as a Municipal CORPORATION) in order to keep your job.  But you can drop any obligation to act as a U.S. Citizen and adopt your birthright as a Louisianan. 

You are still in two political statuses at once, but one of them is American and that American is owed the protections of the Constitutions while serving under them.  

This is not "double speak" -- this is built into the fabric of the Federal Government from Day One.  It allows an American to retain their protection under the Constitutions while working under them.  That's why Federal Dual Citizenship -- actually Dual Political Status, exists. 

Form 56

1. Form 56 is a form to be used to change a fiduciary/trustee !! Not to appoint yourself
as the Trustee to the Strawman Trust, the Fiduciary/surety/trustee is the one who is
liable for the Strawman Trust; according to her template, you are telling the (SOT) the
Secretary of the Treasury (who is already the Trustee/Fiduciary according to the 1789
Constitution) that you are volunteering to be the liable party ?? Why would you
volunteer to be the liable party in the Public ? because you think they are going to let
you control the Strawman trust ? Not on your life, it is a Spendthrift Trust which
means they have discretionary powers over the Trust !!

Anna's reply: 

If this man could read properly, he would realize that what is in fact happening is that the Secretary of the Treasury is "officially" being made responsible for the Municipal CORPORATION operated under your name without your knowledge or permission.  That Municipal CORPORATION doesn't belong to you and is not your responsibility.  It owes money to you, but that isn't your responsibility, either.  

All the "Persons" dreamed up by both the British Territorial corporations doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, and the PERSONS created by the Municipal incorporated United States, Inc. are foreign.  They aren't you, Joe American. 

Get that through your heads.  These are corporation franchises named after you.  

You don't know about their existence because you were never told what your treasonous self-interested employees were doing behind your back and behind your parent's backs. 

As such, all you want is your stuff back and the debts and responsibilities associated with these corporation franchises foisted back onto their actual owner-operators --- the British Crown and the City of Rome. 

Form 56 made the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury (Territorial Subcontractor) responsible for the Municipal CORPORATION named after you -- not you.  That's to your benefit, especially because the parent corporation, the incorporated United States, was going bankrupt at the time and would drag all its franchises into bankruptcy, including "YOU". 

By naming the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury as the party responsible for "YOU", they have to defend any and all property rights of yours that have been cashiered in the Municipal Estate TRUST.  

That Form 56 placed the Territorial Government in the middle, standing between you and the Creditors of the incorporated United States, aka, UNITED STATES. 

And once a few of us did that, everyone else became protected, too, because the creditors of the UNITED STATES couldn't just roll in and seize all the assets in the Municipal ESTATE trusts owed to Americans. Especially when we liened their entire "National Debt" and claimed it as Preferential Creditors. 

Deed of Re-conveyance

1. “I, the living man, free of duress or improper consideration hereby re-convey my given

Anna's reply: 

Again, this isn't my wording. I wouldn't say this.  But as long as it is being attributed to me -- the statement as it stands, is A-Okay, because of the word "lawful". 

You start off with a Lawful Given Name, which is a gift from your parents. It belongs to you.  

All "lawful derivatives" means all the legal entities these renegade employees have created out of thin air and named after you, all the En Legis entities, that have been created as the "derivatives" of the lawful person, your Given Name. 

Your Given Name looks exactly like the Legal Name of the British Territorial Person that they created "for" you when they misregistered you accidentally-on-purpose as a British Subject.  

That is, your Lawful Given Name, Adolph Peter Bonneprise, looks exactly like the Legal Person they attached to you: Adolph Peter Bonneprise.  The Legal Person is a "derivative" of the Lawful Name and therefore a "lawful derivative" even though it is a legal name. 

Got that?  

This action retrieves and reconveys ALL the "legal" derivatives that these creatures have made of your lawful name and person -- presumably to the land and soil of your birth State of the Union.  Which then places them under American Law and ownership. 

We are re-flagging these foreign vessels which have been named after us by unreliable Public Usufructs. 

2. When you convey or re-convey property, you are moving the Legal Title from one party
to another. You need a Chain of custody to prove who had/has the legal title.

Anna's reply: 

Not necessarily.  Reconveyance is a far more generalized activity and although it is a word and concept commonly encountered in the transactions of "real estate" (also foreign) and the British Title System, it more generally means that you are moving a property asset or interest to a different ownership and jurisdiction.  

The "chain of title" in the case of American babies is represented by the two (2) birth certificates that are issued in their name.  

The first birth certificate creates a British Territorial Ward of the State of State and "waives" our natural born birthright political status as an American. This happens upon the filing of the "birth registration" paperwork that your Mother signed without benefit of disclosure.  This creates an American "infant decedent estate" that is intestate and creates a public trust "in your name" which is cashiered in the State Trust, administered by foreign Esquires and politicians. 

This new Territorial Person is a U.S. Citizen employed as a Taxpayer, a position of Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service.  

Next, this Territorial Person is, after a few years, about the time you are in Second Grade, declared "missing, presumed lost at sea".  This creates an intestate "presumptive" British Territorial Seaman's estate subject to British Admiralty Law -- it's presumptive because no actual body has washed ashore, so the "death" is not certificated yet and can be overturned. 

But since you don't know anything about any of this chicanery, you are not in a position to object and say that: (1) you have me misidentified as a British Merchant Mariner, and (2) I am very much alive and claim my beneficial interest in both my birthright American estate and any foreign Estate named after me. 

So, here we are, you have been defrauded of your American assets and birthright and protections, "you" have sailed the ocean blue as a British Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, gone missing at sea, and now you have an intestate Seaman's Estate being administered as a Public Trust under British Admiralty Law, and you are still in Grade School!  Wow!  

What an adventure you are on, all the while that you are back home slogging it out in Pittsburgh Middle School. 

Once the British Seaman posing as you has "died", a Municipal Corporation named after you is created by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE attached to the City of Washington, DC, under their peculiar Code -- last time we checked in 1995, this Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust is hammered out under Washington, DC Statute: Vital Statistics, Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10, which identifies the foreign "person" using your Given Name as a federal municipal trust. 

But remember, this trust is "for" the missing British Merchant Mariner, not you.  Your American estate trust is cashiered in the State Trust back home. All the assets in the federal municipal trust are assets that belonged to the missing British Territorial "Person" who was using a name identical to your Given Name.  

This process generates yet another birth certificate, because the assets are being moved a second time. 

The first time your assets and Good Name were trafficked from land to sea.  

This second time, your assets (misidentified as the assets of a lost British seaman) are being trafficked from sea to air jurisdiction.  

A lot of hot air, that is. 

You will notice that you have been "gifted" with both a long form birth certificate and a short form certificate, to legalize this trafficking --- when in fact, it's not legal at all, because you have not had the benefit of disclosure about any of this and never knowingly or willingly agreed to any of it. 

The new, secondary federal municipal trust is a foreign ESTATE with respect to you, set up pending the possibility that you will "return from over the sea" and claim it.  

So, your Good Name and land and gold and silver are all cashiered in the State Trust being operated by the local franchise of the British Crown Corporation doing business as the State of Illinois -- in the example. All this, plus your treaty and constitutional guarantees are presumed to be "waived" for you by your Mother, but subject to your return as an adult to make a claim upon the cashiered assets. 

"Your" sea jurisdiction assets have similarly been rolled up and put through the same fraud mill, with the fictional Seaman's ESTATE now being represented by a municipal public trust, which holds the sea jurisdiction assets and all your air jurisdiction assets, pending confirmation of your actual death. 

As you are not actually a British Seaman and as you are simply being impersonated by these actors, the assets cashiered in the federal municipal estate trust aren't technically "yours" either, even though they have latched upon your assets "as if" you were functioning as a British Merchant Mariner. 

This federal municipal ESTATE TRUST operating under your name rolls up all the assets owed to you by the British Admiralty and all the patents, copyrights, labor and performance contracts, etc, owed to you and consolidates this pile of assets for the use of the Pope. 

So, first, you the Dumb Ass American have to place a claim on your State Trust assets and reclaim your birthright status as a living natural born American and make your express trust regarding your political status a matter of public record.  

Second, you have to claim the "survivorship interest" in the British Territorial Estate named after you. 

Third, you have to claim the federal municipal ESTATE trust owed to you, which is in the safekeeping of the British Territorial Secretary of the Treasury, thanks to your timely action filing the Form 56, forcing him or her to reclaim and defend the assets of YOUR ESTATE -- which includes, technically, the assets of a lost British Territorial Seaman.  

It's like dominoes.  You claim the American estate, you claim the British Territorial Estate, and you claim the federal municipal ESTATE named after the "lost" and merely presumed to exist British Seaman, and you do this under Admiralty Law. 

And you shove it down the lying, cheating, traitorous employee's throats, and you lien their Principals, the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Pope up to the fine threads of their underwear, and you cure those liens, and then you exercise those liens.  

That's what I have done and what my husband has done and what thousands of other Americans are doing to reclaim their own stuff and secure consideration of all their damages.  

We have also, upon declaring our proper political status as Americans,  booted up our traditional and customary government, so that the Blighters have no excuse to say that we are "in interregnum" or "absent". 

Next, from Know-It-All: 

(Deed of Conveyance or Re-conveyance AND a Deed of Acceptance) BOTH DEEDS !
3. To legally and/or lawfully convey anything, it has to be done with “Valuable
Consideration,” valuable meaning Lawful specie of money, like Gold Silver, Stamps or
Money Orders. Stamps and Money Orders are partially back by Gold, so this makes
them Lawful specie.

What constitutes Valuable Consideration ? Gibson’s Law Book, it is something of actual
value in estimation of the law, of pecuniary measurement, parting with money or
money’s worth. It is the passing of the consideration (lawful money) and not the form
of the contract. If no consideration passes, no title passes !!!!
Only a Grantor has the power to convey a Title, and only a Grantee can accept the
titles, the Grantee absolute accepts both Legal Title and Equitable Title (Allodial Title).
Without specifying you are the Grantor of the Trust, I, John Doe means you don’t have
the power to convey any asset, especially without and valuable consideration
So, because there is no valuable consideration on her Deed of Reconveyance, because
shew has NOT identified herself as the GRANTOR OF THE TRUST, it is null and void.
(ignorance of Trust Law). 

Anna's reply: 

At no time did I, nor my Mother, act as knowing "donors" of anything, not as much as a single syllable of my name was ever knowingly donated to the British Crown or the British Territorial Government.  

My Mother created a public record repudiating the crime and fraud and non-disclosure she suffered at Memorial Hospital in Neillsville, Wisconsin, in June of 1956, and she published it together with the ugly details and specific failures to disclose and she claimed back both her interest in her children and her childrens' life estates so that no act of hers and no signature of hers could be construed as voluntary and knowing participation in this British scam. 

I have also made a complete and damning record of their breach of trust regarding my American estate, have claimed back the American State Trust interests owed to me and to all Americans, have further claimed the Survivorship Interest in the British Territorial Estate constructed "for" me, and claimed all and any beneficial interest in the federal municipal ESTATE trust which "represents" the cashiered British Seaman's Cestui Que Vie Trust on land as well as "his" air jurisdiction assets. 

And you can all read about it in the Public Records from here to Moscow to Dubai to Shanghai and back.  I am.  And I have valid claim to all I survey. 

Having reclaimed all my stuff from this dreadful scam, for myself and for my countrymen and indeed, for all those who have hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh lives, the Freebooters still think that they can get away with this. 

And they daily send out their trolls and incite their ignoramus population to try to discredit me and to argue over details and language that they don't grasp and a situation they don't grasp, either --- but that does not do anything but prevent otherwise eligible Americans from claiming back their stuff, too. 

Early on, I described the process by which these devils use ignorance and fear to keep people entrapped and enslaved and indeed, clinging to their chains as if their lives depended upon it. 

All you have to lose, if you are an average American, is your chains and a blivet-load of foreign debt being maliciously and unlawfully and illegally imposed upon you by British thugs. 

By attempting to discredit me, they are discrediting you all --- and that means humankind, worldwide. 
Even their own "overseers" are stomping on their own penile structures when they attempt to discredit me and my claims against these monsters, because my claims stand not only for me, but for every living man and woman on this planet. 

I have explained it here and elsewhere in terms too blunt to be mistaken or ignored.  If what I have said appears to be "double speak" in some regards, that is unavoidable, because I am obliged to speak in terms of three (3) different estates all functioning under similar or identical names in three separate major jurisdictions of law.  

Anyone might question what I have done, but not to misrepresent it or try to discredit it without valid reason, not to substitute someone else's words for my words, or to mix my words with someone else's, not to deliberately omit crucial information like the subject of a sentence so as to mislead the reader about the context and content, not to raise alarms about me when, clearly, the alarm should have been raised about these British Territorial Usurpers and commercial criminals a long time ago.  

Certainly no critique should be undertaken by any honest man with the intent to scare people into clinging to their chains and failing to take action on their own behalf to secure their identities and their physical assets and their rights and to run their own government -- a right and privilege that they have fought hard to earn. 

Likewise, no Federal Employee, whether a U.S. Citizen or a citizen of the United States or a United States citizen --- military or Federal Civil Service -- nobody employed by the Federal Government Subcontractors is in any way benefited by giving up their political status as Americans first, last, and always.  

We have cared enough about our brethren in Federal Service, both military and civil service, to educate them about how they can be both loyal to their single employer by adopting either U.S. Citizenship or Municipal citizenship of the United States, and then selecting their natural born State National political status as the other part of their Dual Federal citizenship.  

This is no crime. It is no double-speak, but it has to be recognized that these Federal Employees are a "special case" and their situation is substantially different than for the rest of us.  

So mixing up instructions for Federal Employees with instructions meant for the General Populace is a disservice both to them and to me; I haven't made that mistake and don't deserve to be misrepresented. 

I have a very, very thorough understanding of exactly how, when, where, and under what conditions of fraud and self-service these illegal and unlawful practices have been implemented on the innocent people of this country and throughout the world by predatory commercial corporations operating under their own foreign municipal laws and corporate statutes. 

Everyone in receipt of this homemade rebuttal has skin in the game. Everyone who is alive has reason to take up pen and voice and put the British and Roman Usurpers down for good. 

Everyone has reason to support me and our country in this great initiative to restore individual and national sovereignty and to collapse the offending corporations in favor of their creditors, because that is the Law and they have broken it. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 17th 2024


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