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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Chicken and Eggs Identity Theft Gambit

By Anna Von Reitz

About five years ago, I learned that there was someone called "Anna von Reitz" in New York City, running around causing trouble. This came as a big surprise, because "Anna von Reitz" is a made-up name, and I am the one who made it up. It's a deliberate shortening of one of my family names for use as a pen name---and "von Reitzenstein" is by no means a common family name to begin with.
This "Person" was promoting check kiting and insurance frauds and applying for various programs in my pen name and as soon as I got wind of it, I went into the local State Troopers Office. What the young Trooper there told me was rather astounding.
There's nothing much that local law enforcement can do about this.
They have a national data base and a hotline number where you can call in and report the theft of your good name, but that's about it. They don't actually do anything about it. It's just "flagged" to use his terminology, letting the authorities know that someone is using your name without your consent.
And as it turns out, we could report the government for the same thing, right?
I left his office feeling bewildered. If your name can be stolen, so can all the rest --- and that is, in fact, what we are experiencing in this country right now.
Those who have promoted this kind of identity theft, including those who compiled all the phony IRS Master Files, have become very adept at misrepresenting us.
No surprise, then, that they do this when they are running "ops" on our Assembly groups, either.
Two and a half years ago, we had a guy calling himself "Nathan" show up in the Utah State Militia group. He was a big, bluff, one-of-the-guys fellow, a rancher and hunter and football watcher. Or so we were led to believe. But he weaseled his way in and stole the money members contributed and blamed it on the group leader.
The DA charged the group leader with theft and jailed him on circumstantial evidence which was later proven untrue. Meantime, "Nathan" disappeared. This has happened at least two times since-- accusations of "theft" followed by the accusers blowing town.
"Nathan" in Utah is not the same as "Nate" in Arizona. We have had that confirmed both by Nate in Arizona and by photographs. The names are similar, but not the same.
Here's another loop for you ---
One of the perpetrators in North Carolina who attempted to steal another clump of money from group leaders there, pretended to be a Continental Marshal calling himself "Jim Garinger"---- a name that can be easily be confused with "John Garinger".
John Garinger from Arizona is not Jim Garinger from North Carolina and we have had that confirmed by witnesses and photos, too.
From two levels, from two different states of the Union, one man in Arizona has been targeted----both his nickname "Nate" and his actual name have been subjected to the similar-but-not-the-same routine.
I don't know what he's doing but it must be something right, to garner that much attention.
Here's another one.
My friend, Steven Duane Curry from Colorado, was picked up on a warrant for Stephen Duane Curry, born in another state and on a different day. The arresting officers beat him senseless for no reason. My friend spent two years in a New Mexican jail being tortured and falsely accused before the rats let go of him ---- but only after forcing him to accept one false charge of resisting arrest as a condition of his release.
An infiltrator comes in, picks up names, and then the operatives of the government crime syndicate adopt "similar names"---only operating in a different state.
See the pattern? "Nathan" not "Nate". "Jim" not "John". "Stephen" not "Steven".
There's another pattern, too. Accusations of petty theft.
That was the claim in Utah, that was the attempted act in North Carolina, that was what was alleged about Chief Marshal Heywood, and more recently, with a slightly different twist--- I was accused of "stealing" someone else's work and "not paying them for it", when in fact I did no such thing and was under no such obligation.
So now that you know what is going on, you can see why we have to be on guard and why certain circumstances or actions or accusations act as triggers.
Similar names? My ears perk up and swivel around.
Accusations of theft? My ears come to rapt attention.
The same "name games" that are being applied to Americans in the Assembly groups can be applied to anyone in the general population, too. Just pick up a name of someone living in another state, and voila, more impersonation, more confusion, more excuses for false arrests, more defamation of innocent people.
I know a man named Joe DeAngelo who has no less than five criminal doppelgangers attached to him, not counting the government renditions. I told him to officially change his name to something like "Foxy Dolzano XYZ Sandersen the Third" and hope for the best.
And just to further demonstrate how bad this is, some of you may remember that I was discussing similar subjects one day in an article and quipped that I was adopting the name "Lady Flamolare del Chesa" in response to it all.
Well, guess what?
I may have to defend my copyright to "Lady Flamolare del Chesa", because there is someone out there actually using that name as well---- a name I made up out of the blue air.
The criminality of the "government" corporation service providers in this respect and the specific crimes of identity theft and impersonation and barratry practiced by the court system, has led to an absolute explosion of this kind of crime, and the more aware of it everyone is, the better.
Don't trust in names or, as the Bible says, in "Persons" --- they are being stolen every second of every day in ever-increasing numbers and for more and more purposes.
Make the effort to sort through similar but not the same names and look sharp when you realize that an "accidentally-on-purpose" confusion of this kind exists.
It means that you or your group is being targeted by criminals, though in itself, doesn't tell you which group of criminals.
Also learn to look for patterns in what you are seeing as they float to the top of the pot. The repeated pattern of accusations of theft is a good example.
Theft is a particularly handy accusation. It's hard to disprove in many cases, it immediately and thoroughly discredits whoever it is aimed at, and it universally causes distrust of whoever is being accused, isolating them from the group and rendering them less effective members of the group.
That's why it is popular among the criminals who are in fact pilfering group savings and project funds, running up credit cards, committing crimes "in our names" and causing other kinds of trouble.
As always, they accuse their victims of what they are doing themselves.


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Bear With Me

By Anna Von Reitz

When I got up this morning, I had 48,332 emails in my inbox, and 8,113 of them were marked as "Urgent" or "Personal" or "Private" or "Government Business".  

I literally get a hundred telephone calls a day.  Minimum. 

And piles of mail at two locations.  I do mean -- piles of mail, more mail than one person could keep up with in a hundred years of hard trying. 

Among the other slander I have suffered lately is the complaint that I am "not supportive" or "not responsive".  I am "not doing my job" ---though I am unaware of having a job description, and God knows, my paycheck is apparently lost in the mail.  

Given the facts, it's amazing that I get anything done but respond, respond, respond all day long, every day, 18 hours a day, seven days a week, non-stop. 

The plain fact is that I CAN'T answer all these emails, phone calls, and letters. 

I and those helping me are doing our best, but as volunteers running an all-volunteer organization, and as mere men and women who have to clean our own toilets and cook our own dinners --- we do what we can that is all we can do. 

So don't be offended if I don't get right back to you, or if I don't get back to you at all.  It's not that I am snubbing anyone. It's that I can't do it all, and we as a group are doing all that we can with the resources we have.  Sometimes, too often, things simply overwhelm us and it is like being in a flood. 

I also can't be available on demand to help with projects that other people have taken on.  I try my best to keep everyone safe and operating within the law. I answer questions as I can, and that's about the best I can do. 

Recently, I observed that The Living Law Firm is after the Arsonists and we  cannot get bogged down fighting the brush fires.  I said that and immediately got another two hundred appeals to help with court cases. 

We are stretched beyond paper-thin in all respects. 

Bear with me. Literally.  


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In The Tiger Suit

By Anna Von Reitz

I come from a small town in the Midwest.  High School sports are a big thing there and our team, the Tigers, had its own social glitterati attached to it.  The Coach, the Teams, the Captains, the Cheerleaders, the Drum Majors and Majorettes-- and where was I in this midst of all this? 

In the tiger suit.  I was the team mascot.  And nobody knew it but the gym teacher, either. 

After everyone else was suited up and out on the field, I'd sneak downstairs to the janitor closet and struggle into the thirty pound costume and the crowd would roar with laughter when I appeared, because I always made it clear that I was late or having trouble with my tail or some darn thing.  

I liked being the mascot -- a job everyone avoided, precisely because it was anonymous.  I got to express the emotions of the home town contingent, leaping in the air with  delight when there was a big score, skulking and shaking my paws when there was a bad referee call.  

Any Vaudeville pratfall in the book was fair game.  I got to kiss the Coach, pull down the Cheerleader's sweaters, chase lost balls, pick up litter, shepherd the elderly to their seats, and of course, lead the yearly Homecoming Day Parade --- all anonymously, of course. 

And that's how I liked it, because it wasn't about me.  

Now I realize that anonymous or relatively anonymous service isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I am the one who delivers in brown envelopes and doesn't write a return address on the package.  I'm the one that finds your lost child at the grocery store and brings them back to you, then disappears while you are still kissing and scolding.   Because it's not about me and I realize that it's not about me and I am okay with that.  In fact, I prefer it that way. 

So anyone coming to The American States Assembly and expecting to find conventional leadership and political bombast will be sadly disappointed. Unlike any political or social organization you have ever experienced, it won't be about centralized power and committee chairmen.  And I, by far, won't have the answers to everything, solutions all neatly worked out, and everything in place, because it isn't a well-oiled machine yet.  It's just getting started. 

It will take a lot of people to make this work.  Not just one old woman from Big Lake, Alaska. 

Frankly, I am loathe to be the public face of it, or to be in any kind of public position at all.  I am standing in the gate to make sure that the effort stays on course,  fending off threats from without and threats from within, because if nothing else, our own ignorance and indoctrination is enough to do us in. 

If we are to succeed in restoring our lawful government to full function and glory, its going take a lot of sacrifice and learning and teaching and growing.  We have to learn history we've never been taught, processes in banking and law that we never knew existed, and while we are struggling along with our own daily traumas, we have to try to help everyone else through this process.  

After that, we have to hold elections and run our own government.  Everyone talks about self-governance--- but have you ever really thought about what that means?  A whole government?  One that is competent and serving the people as it should from the grassroots to the top?  

It's a mammoth undertaking, and though we are starting with a firm foundation and the house plans, let's face up---- a hundred and fifty years of drifting off course and being commandeered by our purported "Allies" takes a tremendous toll.  

We not only have to do the job before us, we have to retrain ourselves as we do it.  We have to learn to think in new ways, and in view of the actual history, we have to make new assumptions about who we are as a nation and where we fit in the world and how things are supposed to work.  

There's no central power coming down to us from on high.  We have to do this all by ourselves from the grassroots upward, and while there are many observers cheering us on and hoping and praying to God that we succeed, there are others whose wishes for us and for our upstart government of the people, for the people, and by the people ---- are anything but kind. 

Like the Founders, we are facing a challenge we never expected, a job we were never prepared to do.  Those who have usurped our government have crippled us almost from birth, creating false assumptions, lying about or simply not disclosing the actual history, leaving us without the tools we need to get a grip on the situation, much less self-govern.

Governing us is something they are willing to do "for" us, so that they can profit from our ignorance and our wrong assumptions and our willingness to be led by authority figures, even if it is to our own self-destruction and the destruction of our country. 

We haven't been taught that we are the only authority and that what happens in our world is up to us.  

We've been taught just the opposite--- the better to control and to oppress and to misdirect us for the profit and the power of a few.  

Now that we are awake and learning the truth about our past and also, our present situation, we find that the rest of the world is in an uproar, too.  The Brits are realizing just how far they've been conned and beaten into submission.  The French aren't willing to eke out their lives in penury anymore. And the Germans, well, the Germans well-know that theirs is a puppet government and that they of all people, have born the brunt of it all. 

Things aren't going so well for the Bad Guys. 

It appears that Group Number One's well-laid Plan B Fall Back Position-- to surreptitiously take over the Chinese Government with bribes of various kinds using Hong Kong as a backdoor-- and their bid to impose a worldwide gold standard isn't working.  The Chinese have remembered their own history. The Opium Wars. The Boxer Rebellion.  And so much more.  

It also appears that Group Number Two, the Arab and Islamic World, isn't buying the candy or drinking the Kool-Aid anymore.  They know they are being cheated and used as tools in the Globalist Agenda.  Teddy Roosevelt's sardonic Natural Resources Plan --- buy everyone else's resources on the cheap and save our own for later -- has been well-applied to them.  As their own oil supplies and access to the world market dwindles, they find that the US had far greater oil resources hidden away the whole time.  

Now let's hope that they further realize that "the US" is not America. 

A lot more of us have to wake up to that same startling revelation-- that the "US" is not America-- and don our tiger suits. A lot more people like me, who have spent their lives being quiet and avoiding the limelight, have to step forward out of their comfort zone.  

As we do, we face many challenges and many challengers.  

Those who have profited by evil don't want to give it up.  Those who are confused won't know who to believe -- at first.  And the rest of us have to overcome odds that only Divine Providence can settle in our favor.  

I recently read an article by Kevin Annett ---and I can't find it right now, so I can't quote directly -- but it was basically that we can't stand around waiting for what what others can do.  We have to do what we can do. And that's what makes the difference.  

He is right about that. 

Much of what he is saying, is true.  

I just hope his activities don't lead to wholesale destruction of churches and condemnation of Roman Catholics, the same way I hope the world will recognize that America is not responsible for the evils promoted by "the US".


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The Big Baloney -- QE II and Pope Francis -- My Humble Suggestion

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I was treated to a parody news story from, announcing that Queen Elizabeth is claiming to be the 43rd great-granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed.  

She is, according to their story, trying to convince the Muslim world that she is their rightful ruler, as part of a bid to usher in global Crown Rule and perk up the oil business.  

It's bizarre enough to be true (not the claim to be the Prophet's progeny --  the news story) and it would neatly explain the proliferation of guillotines in America and the forced migration of Muslim people and the accompanying demands for Sharia Law. 

The actual truth is that Queen Elizabeth is a criminal -- a proven criminal, and she needs to be arrested.  If her own people won't do it, someone else will have to.  And that will mean another bloody, senseless World War. 

As a German by actual lineage, Elizabeth has about as much right to the  Throne of Great Britain as I do.  [I might have a little more claim than she does, because I have some Scottish Clan MacDonald blood flowing in my veins.]  

So there is strike one.  

She isn't a "Windsor" --- that's just an otherwise honorable name adopted because it slyly admits that she is the Prince of the Air's Purser.  She occupies the same basic position as the French Payseur Family---"Wind-sur" like "Pay-sur".  She's a military banker. 

So there's strike two--- lying about her name and actual function. 

And then there's the actual proof of criminality and Breach of Trust.  In 2011 she was convicted of: (1) not having been actually seated on the Throne and (2) breaking her Coronation Oath, by a British Jury.  

This is the John Anthony Hill [JAH] Case.  She was tried. She was convicted by a jury in a British Court.  Fair and square. 

There you have strike three. 

There can be no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II is in fact impersonating the Queen of Britain and has been doing so for many years. 

If you could do that, why not claim to be the 43rd great-granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed? 

Interestingly, not only is Elizabeth impersonating the Queen of Great Britain, the substance of all her crimes against us and against many other people, is a form of impersonation, too. 

Enfranchisement is a form of impersonation.  You take a living man and you redefine him as a franchise corporation, a thing. 

When goaded to arrest her, the excuses and howling from Parliament and the Privy Council amount to, "But, but.... if we did that, all the laws bearing her signature would be invalid..... if we did that, there would be no lawful Succession (there isn't anyway, but so what?)....if we did that....."  And then there's, "But she is so old.....why not just let Nature take its course? Not cause any disruption of the government....."  

Given her family history, she could last another fifteen years and hope to convince us all that she's Mohammed's 43rd Great-Granddaughter. 

And go on signing invalid legislation affecting all her phony franchises the whole while.

It appears that the British Parliament is afflicted with the same mental illness and dearth of common sense that afflicts the "US" Congress.  

They know that no law or treaty she has ever signed has any validity.  They know that she is not actually the Queen and that any contract or covenant she had with the British People was severed within three days after her Coronation.  They've all known that for eight (8) years, full on, in their faces, undeniable. 

I guess they hope that the rest of us won't notice, but we have.  

If the Queen isn't the Queen, there is no valid power of enforcement behind the British Courts, including the British Territorial Courts.  Quite simply, they have no lawful or legal authority to say or do jack-diddly. 

They are all caught in a nasty double-bind.  If they go backward and re-instate the Land Law, which is what they should do, they will all be condemned to death under it.   Yet, there has to be some kind of law or society will devolve into chaos.  Enter Sharia.  But even an idiot knows that isn't going to wash.  

Every idiot, that is, but those in the British Parliament and Nancy Pelosi. 

And while we are on that topic....  the Queen isn't the Queen, and the Pope isn't the Pope, either. 

Francis is a Jesuit.  Jesuits take a lifetime vow to serve the Pope.  So it follows that a Jesuit can never be the Pope.  Even a Lutheran knows that.  So what is going on? 

Every Pope since the first Pope has worn two hats. 

He wears the Sacred Office of the Pope, and the Secular Office of the Roman Pontiff.  All this was inherited at the Council of Nicea from the Roman Emperor, Constantine, and consolidated in 800 A.D. under Charlemagne. 

So Benedict XVI, feeling himself too old to deal with the rigors of the Secular Office, turned to his loyal foot soldiers, the Jesuits, and chose one to take on the job of Roman Pontiff, while he, himself, openly retained the "ministerial office". 

In other words, Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, is still the Pope.  Francis is serving him as a loyal Jesuit, doing what he is told to do --- which is basically to circle the wagons to protect the Church's interests and "act as Pope" while taking on the burden of the Secular Office. 

So he is impersonating the Pope just as Elizabeth is impersonating the Queen. 

We are dealing with Magicians, Con Men, and Bad Actors.  This is the Evil in High Places the Bible speaks of, and it is essentially the Sin of Moses coming home to roost.  

The True God gave us Ten Commandments, knowing that we are too stupid and undisciplined to obey even ten laws, but at least we could give it a good faith effort. 

Moses and his feckless brother, Aaron, gave the people over 600 additional "laws" --- the equivalent of statutory laws --- guaranteeing that all would be condemned. 

So, here we are, between the Rock and the Hard Place and here is my humble suggestion: 

1. Forget about trying to implement Sharia Law;
2. Set aside enforcement of all Statutory Laws; 
3.  Adopt the Law of the Kingdom of Heaven -- there are only three (3) laws in Heaven, and those allow everyone to save their skins; 
4. Turn over the purloined property assets to me; I am the Fiduciary. I will return the land and soil to the peoples of the Earth without further adieu;
5.  Agree to the establishment of a True Currency based on the value of all traded commodities and labor. 

A lot of lawyers will be out of work, but that is a small price to pay----- especially as this is the only way that everyone keeps breathing. 


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