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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Chicken and Eggs Identity Theft Gambit

By Anna Von Reitz

About five years ago, I learned that there was someone called "Anna von Reitz" in New York City, running around causing trouble. This came as a big surprise, because "Anna von Reitz" is a made-up name, and I am the one who made it up. It's a deliberate shortening of one of my family names for use as a pen name---and "von Reitzenstein" is by no means a common family name to begin with.
This "Person" was promoting check kiting and insurance frauds and applying for various programs in my pen name and as soon as I got wind of it, I went into the local State Troopers Office. What the young Trooper there told me was rather astounding.
There's nothing much that local law enforcement can do about this.
They have a national data base and a hotline number where you can call in and report the theft of your good name, but that's about it. They don't actually do anything about it. It's just "flagged" to use his terminology, letting the authorities know that someone is using your name without your consent.
And as it turns out, we could report the government for the same thing, right?
I left his office feeling bewildered. If your name can be stolen, so can all the rest --- and that is, in fact, what we are experiencing in this country right now.
Those who have promoted this kind of identity theft, including those who compiled all the phony IRS Master Files, have become very adept at misrepresenting us.
No surprise, then, that they do this when they are running "ops" on our Assembly groups, either.
Two and a half years ago, we had a guy calling himself "Nathan" show up in the Utah State Militia group. He was a big, bluff, one-of-the-guys fellow, a rancher and hunter and football watcher. Or so we were led to believe. But he weaseled his way in and stole the money members contributed and blamed it on the group leader.
The DA charged the group leader with theft and jailed him on circumstantial evidence which was later proven untrue. Meantime, "Nathan" disappeared. This has happened at least two times since-- accusations of "theft" followed by the accusers blowing town.
"Nathan" in Utah is not the same as "Nate" in Arizona. We have had that confirmed both by Nate in Arizona and by photographs. The names are similar, but not the same.
Here's another loop for you ---
One of the perpetrators in North Carolina who attempted to steal another clump of money from group leaders there, pretended to be a Continental Marshal calling himself "Jim Garinger"---- a name that can be easily be confused with "John Garinger".
John Garinger from Arizona is not Jim Garinger from North Carolina and we have had that confirmed by witnesses and photos, too.
From two levels, from two different states of the Union, one man in Arizona has been targeted----both his nickname "Nate" and his actual name have been subjected to the similar-but-not-the-same routine.
I don't know what he's doing but it must be something right, to garner that much attention.
Here's another one.
My friend, Steven Duane Curry from Colorado, was picked up on a warrant for Stephen Duane Curry, born in another state and on a different day. The arresting officers beat him senseless for no reason. My friend spent two years in a New Mexican jail being tortured and falsely accused before the rats let go of him ---- but only after forcing him to accept one false charge of resisting arrest as a condition of his release.
An infiltrator comes in, picks up names, and then the operatives of the government crime syndicate adopt "similar names"---only operating in a different state.
See the pattern? "Nathan" not "Nate". "Jim" not "John". "Stephen" not "Steven".
There's another pattern, too. Accusations of petty theft.
That was the claim in Utah, that was the attempted act in North Carolina, that was what was alleged about Chief Marshal Heywood, and more recently, with a slightly different twist--- I was accused of "stealing" someone else's work and "not paying them for it", when in fact I did no such thing and was under no such obligation.
So now that you know what is going on, you can see why we have to be on guard and why certain circumstances or actions or accusations act as triggers.
Similar names? My ears perk up and swivel around.
Accusations of theft? My ears come to rapt attention.
The same "name games" that are being applied to Americans in the Assembly groups can be applied to anyone in the general population, too. Just pick up a name of someone living in another state, and voila, more impersonation, more confusion, more excuses for false arrests, more defamation of innocent people.
I know a man named Joe DeAngelo who has no less than five criminal doppelgangers attached to him, not counting the government renditions. I told him to officially change his name to something like "Foxy Dolzano XYZ Sandersen the Third" and hope for the best.
And just to further demonstrate how bad this is, some of you may remember that I was discussing similar subjects one day in an article and quipped that I was adopting the name "Lady Flamolare del Chesa" in response to it all.
Well, guess what?
I may have to defend my copyright to "Lady Flamolare del Chesa", because there is someone out there actually using that name as well---- a name I made up out of the blue air.
The criminality of the "government" corporation service providers in this respect and the specific crimes of identity theft and impersonation and barratry practiced by the court system, has led to an absolute explosion of this kind of crime, and the more aware of it everyone is, the better.
Don't trust in names or, as the Bible says, in "Persons" --- they are being stolen every second of every day in ever-increasing numbers and for more and more purposes.
Make the effort to sort through similar but not the same names and look sharp when you realize that an "accidentally-on-purpose" confusion of this kind exists.
It means that you or your group is being targeted by criminals, though in itself, doesn't tell you which group of criminals.
Also learn to look for patterns in what you are seeing as they float to the top of the pot. The repeated pattern of accusations of theft is a good example.
Theft is a particularly handy accusation. It's hard to disprove in many cases, it immediately and thoroughly discredits whoever it is aimed at, and it universally causes distrust of whoever is being accused, isolating them from the group and rendering them less effective members of the group.
That's why it is popular among the criminals who are in fact pilfering group savings and project funds, running up credit cards, committing crimes "in our names" and causing other kinds of trouble.
As always, they accuse their victims of what they are doing themselves.


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  1. Yeah...they are the gatekeepers. In the movie "Matrix" they were pictured as agent(s) Smith. Making sure that everybody stays in the system. Every time a slave is trying to escape they send in their agents. Sometimes the agent(s) is Ms. Smith....The matrix sees what we see, it hears what we hear, it hears what we say and others around us. There is only one thing it can't do and that is reading our minds.

  2. A video well worth the watch

    Hard to explain whats in it just have to watch it

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