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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies -17 Clerks and Bondsmen

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two Offices in our Public Courts that derive from the ancient Ecclesiastical Courts: Clerks were originally Clerics and Bondsmen were Bondsmen of Christ. 

Clerks set the venue of court cases-- that is, they determine where a case belongs, in which court and jurisdiction, and they assign it to a specific Judge, a Justice, or a Justice of the Peace to "shepherd" the proceedings. 

So the first duty of a Court Clerk is to recognize the kind of action being pursued and the nature of the people or the persons pursuing it, and thereby, to correctly direct it to the appropriate jurisdiction and the appropriate court within that jurisdiction. 

For many years now (since around 1965 in most places) Court Clerks have had no "People Courts" to refer people to.  All the Public Courts we are owed were unlawfully converted into private courts serving only "Persons" when our often disloyal and often clueless employees incorporated the Territorial States of States and then the Counties, and began operating them as local franchises of federal corporations in exchange for federal kickbacks. 

Now we have overcome the presumption and mistakes that led to this situation and are engaged in the process of setting up the Public Courts owed to the people of this country again.  To start, we will only be serving the members of State Jural Assemblies-- because we are the only "people" to serve.

Everyone else has been reduced to "personhood" via a process of adhesion contracts and non-disclosure and fraud. 

Unfortunately, until they all wake up and explicitly change their "presumed" political status, and join the State Jural Assembly, they are outside our jurisdiction just as they are outside of ours. 

Our Clerks have to turn away people who are coming to our courts seeking redress while still functioning as "foreign persons" on our shores. 

This can be determined simply by asking if they are members of a State Jural Assembly?  And by looking at the subject of the case. 

Does it involve one of the People? 

Does it involve things that occurred within the boundaries of our State or at the County level, inside our County?

Is it an issue that pertains to the land and soil and to actual, factual people and things?  That is our jurisdiction. 

Or is it something intangible and theoretical, like two corporations arguing over patent rights?  That is THEIR jurisdiction. 

A good Court Clerk can determine the jurisdiction of a case from determining the capacity in which parties to a case are acting, the nature of the controversy and what it involves as subject matter. 

Obviously, though a great many living  people have valid issues that need to be addressed-- so long as they continue to act as "persons" instead of choosing to act as people, we are powerless to assist. 

If they continue to knowingly or unknowingly subject themselves to private incorporated courts --and be abused accordingly, there isn't much, if anything we can do. 

JOHN O. KING vs. JOANN A.KING seeking a DIVORCE and voiding of their MARRIAGE LICENSE are two Municipal Corporations wanting to end a JOINT VENTURE ENTERPRISE and asking their parent corporation (the entity granting the license) and Silent Partner for permission to dissolve this business enterprise. 

There isn't a living man or woman involved in that whole scenario. 

So even though it impacts two people and their children and everything they own, they can't be treated as people because they didn't act as people to begin with. 

To get out of this situation they would have to petition the entity issuing the Marriage License and give Notice that they made a mistake.... and annul the "marriage" instead of seeking a DIVORCE. 

A good Court Clerk operating a lawful Court as one of the People and a member of the State Jural Assembly can "observe the facts" though not offer "legal advice" since our lawful system is foreign to their legal system. 

Court Clerks also maintain meticulous records of all the paperwork involved in a case, assigning numbers to case records and keeping track as more paperwork and evidence comes in and is added to the court record. 

Land and soil jurisdiction Courts keep records.  Sea jurisdiction Courts keep files. 

Many Paralegals can readily fulfill the duties of Court Clerk once they are brought up to speed and understand that we are reopening Public Courts to serve the people (State Nationals) and People (State Citizens) of our State.  

Bondsmen are the land counterparts to the Bailiffs in sea jurisdiction courts. 

In early times the Ecclesiastical Courts had Bondsmen serve to keep order in the court, but even more, to serve in the capacity of "brother's keeper".  This is a role at the court level, to take charge of prisoners and ensure their safety and good conduct while in court. This role can also extend beyond the boundaries of the Court as Bondsmen may assist Sheriffs and other Public Law Officials in performance of their duties.   

Just as the Clerks determine venue and keep the records, Bondsmen maintain the security of the actual courtroom and direct traffic within it.  They may also seat people in the court gallery, help those who are physically injured or disabled, distribute educational information to members of the Jural Assembly, instruct people on how to post bonds --fees guaranteeing future performance of actions--that are retained and accounted for by the Court Clerk's Office, and act in similar capacities.  A Bondsman may serve as a Witness to official paperwork and confirms the Bond Roster for each day the Court is in Session-- he signs the list of Bonds set by the Court and confirms receipt of bonding fees together with the Court Clerk at close of the Court's business each day. He secures and locks the safe containing the bond fees. 

The Bondsmen typically make a public affirmation declaring that he will serve the People of the State in Good Faith and Honor, to protect the Court and the Public, and to assist in providing and securing peace and justice for all. 

A similar simple Declaration (no Oaths, no "so help me God"-- those are the for sea courts) applies to all Court Officials. 

A written copy of this Declaration is kept in the Court Clerk's Office available for view along with the similar Declarations of the Justices and other officials. 

The Bondsman in a court is meant to be a reassuring figure for those participating in or witnessing the proceedings, as well as a stalwart protector of everyone concerned, including those accused of crimes. 

At first there will be only a small number of the People functioning as people (State National) and People (State Citizens) and it will take time for them to close out transactions that were purposefully or mistakenly undertaken in the capacity of persons.  

This affords the State Jural Assemblies the opportunity to get firmly established and work out the details and procedures and recordkeeping before they are faced with an avalanche of caseloads. 

It is to be hoped that when presented with the facts and the history many members of the Bar Associations will revoke their memberships and choose to serve the Public Courts and the people of their States as Counselors in Law and also to be hoped that many Judges and Magistrates will accept actual Public Office as Justices and Justices of the Peace. 

The actual power of the Law is in the Public Law and in the Divine Law that underlies it. 

The shameful and indeed criminal misapplication of statutory law to people unconscionably kidnapped into its jurisdiction as babies cannot be condoned and cannot be continued.  

Each and every court case that is misaddressing living Americans in the NAME of such corporate franchises is evidence of crimes of personage and fraud against the Public Law and against our States and our People. 

Confronted with these facts those running and administering these foreign corporate Courts/COURTS on our shores must come to terms with the crimes and injustices they have perpetuated against millions of innocent people, and the damage they have secretively done to this country for their own profit. 


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The Missing Pieces

By Anna Von Reitz

I have recently had cause to be re-reading documents from the past as we continue the arduous business of sorting through and reconstructing my law offices after the Earthquake. 

As I reported, the books all landed on the floor and got put back in the shelves in no particular order; lots of old files and publications also hit the floor and are in boxes and piles waiting to be sorted. So in all my "spare time".....

Anyway, I chanced upon my copy of "Lawfully Yours" --a quite wonderful publication from The Anti-Corruption Society-- ( and was reading it again as one tends to do while sorting paperwork.

And thanks to Al Whitney and Crew, I could very clearly see The Missing Pieces: 

1. There is an entire part of our "Federal Government" that is Missing in Action and has been MIA since 1868.  It was never fully "reconstructed" after the Civil War -- though we were all left to assume that it had been. 

2.  The portion of the Federal Government that is missing just happens to be the portion of it that is owed to the American States and People: the Federal Branch of the Federal Government, which was and is supposed to be run by the Confederacy of Federal States of States formed under The Articles of Confederation adopted March 1, 1781.  

This Confederation doing business as the "States of America" was composed of business organizations operating as "States of States" that mirrored the actual States of the Union Federation called "The United States of America" formed five years before. 

Both of these organizations, one a Holding Company for the Federation States (The United States of America) and one a business association (States of America) were both formed during the Revolutionary War and continued to function afterward. 

The United States of America is still in operation, but the original States of America organization is not. 

That's the Missing Piece, together with the Federal States of States that are supposed to operate the Federal Government.  These States of States operate under these names: The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, and so on.

Notice that like The United States and The United States of America, the word "the" is capitalized and is part of their actual Proper Name. 

When you realize this fully you can see that what we have been dealing with are operating under deceptively similar names: "the" United States, "the" State of Florida are not the same, so what are they? 

They are Territorial United States entities. 

The Territorial United States Government operated by the British Government is also a part of the original Federal Government-- the Territorial Branch. Not the Missing in Action Federal Branch, but it has been deceptively calling itself "the" Federal Government and getting away with it as a part of the intended Federal Government we are owed. 

The Municipal United States Government authorized under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has been using the same semantic deceit to call itself "the" Federal Government, giving everyone the impression that a mere (and intended to be small) part of the original structure is the whole.

There are supposed to be three branches to the Federal Government-- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal, but the actual "Federal" branch is MIA, and it's Federal States of States are mothballed, awaiting "Reconstruction". 

Meanwhile, self-interested European carpetbaggers have been secretively and fraudulently "representing" the American States and People and we have been kept in the dark, unable to solve a problem that we were deliberately left uninformed about. 

Meanwhile, our False Trustees and disloyal employees responsible for this situation have put in place various ploys to try to cement their theft of our entire country via legal chicanery and false claims in commerce. 

First and foremost is the bogus claim of the Municipal Government that our Mothers were all Unwed Mothers who donated our DNA and our Good Name to the Territorial Government.

Second is the bogus claim that we set sail in 1933 and were never heard from again-- allowing the perpetrators to declare our Good Names "legally" dead and to probate our Estates "for" us -- so as to enrich themselves at our expense.

Third is the bogus claim that any of this has been done with our knowledge or consent, that any of this was fully disclosed or voluntary. 

I have often locked horns with Karen Hudes, but I do agree with the quote you will find in the Foreword of "Lawfully Yours"---

"....the ABA (American Bar Association) has lost all -total- credibility, and they should apologize to the American people for what it is they have been doing. And they should disband."

None of this pernicious and evil deceit, nor any of the abuses of it, would be possible without the corruption and often, gross ignorance, of the members of the American Bar Association. 

Folks, we have been kept in the dark and fed hay for so long by these villains that they think we are dumb beasts, "livestock" to be milked, and when times get hard for them, to be slaughtered either as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit or as murder victims in concentration camps, so they can collect on life insurance policies, write off their debts to us, and seize our property as "abandoned" assets. 

These corporations and the people who are running them are shameless and they don't want to give up power even when it is crystal clear that the jig is up. 

Record your claim to your Trade Name (Given Name) and Re-Convey it to permanent domicile on the Land and soil of your birth State.  Then claim your ASSUMED NAMES. (  Then join your State Jural Assembly and post to the National Jural Assembly: 

Although our actual government and our Federation of States was never in the Civil War, it falls to our States to clean this mess up, convene our State Jural Assemblies, and reconstruct the "missing" Federal States of States that each one of our States are owed, and take care of our other business, too. 

Once our actual Federal Branch of the Federal Government is restored and the European thieves and knaves and their American Flunkies are put in their places, America will be back on track. 

So if you want to Make America Great Again--we now know what needs to be done, by whom, why, and basically-- how. 

Come back "home" to the land and soil of your birth, and join your State Jural Assembly. 


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Manna vs. Why I Am Here

By Anna Von Reitz

I was sent to straighten this mess out. Literally. 

It happened just as I stated. 

I was minding my own business, just counting all my blessings one afternoon and realized how truly blessed I have been.

Looking back on it all I realized that there must have been a reason for it all, so in gratitude, I just said, okay, Lord, here I am. Whatever it is you want me to do, I will do.

Three days later all this began and has been ongoing ever since. 

To date, I am the only living being on record to sue the Holy See to turn over Satan's kingdom (international jurisdiction of the sea) and present the Bill of Lading for it.   You think that action was because I am arrogant and conceited? Or because my Master is OWED Satan's kingdom along with everything else? 

Looks to me like you are you looking in your own mirror and judging others by yourself. 

Satan still hasn't paid up for the bet he lost at Golgotha and his followers thought that nobody would catch on to that fact, but yes, we, The Kingdom of Heaven, have come to collect from The Kingdom of God. 

I also gave them instructions how to convert the debt system to a credit system in three days without hurting anyone-- even the bankers. But they would not listen, just like they would not listen to my Master. 

Instead, this is what you are supporting and involved in:

The bankers stole all the Special Deposits --huge private asset accounts of actual gold, silver, etc., falsely claimed that all these assets were "abandoned", set up a separate accounting system for all this, dubbed it "Manna World Holdings Trust" and handed the keys to  Kim Goguen. 

It was all premeditated fraud, theft, and crime aimed at the banks washing their hands by handing the loot over to an innocent Third Party and paying off their debts to society using someone else's money.

So Trump is in a bind and Kim goes to him and offers to help and he takes the bait.  

There is just one little problem with all this-- it's primarily stolen money she is distributing. 

Notice-- banks steal from depositors. 

Banks try to launder their theft by handing the loot to a Third Party-- "Manna World Holding Trust". 

Kim starts giving away money and causes a stir, taking heat off the banks--- which is what they want.

Trump accepts money from Kim and thereby becomes an accessory to the crime-- which is also what they want. 

And at the end of the day, people (like you) think--oh, boy, this is great! Free money!  

But it's not free money. It was not "abandoned" either.  It belongs to Depositors who were robbed and cheated by the same white collar thieves who have been running this crime scene for generations.

Now, all you former government employees think I should just fall in line behind your Commander in Chief and give the green light to all this finagling and you attack me because I won't approve of it. 

So let's look at why? 

Theft like fraud taints everything it touches. 

And it does not actually change the ownership of anything. 

The only way that Trump can now wash his hands is by going to the actual Depositors and Trustees who are owed those Special Deposit Accounts, and asking for them to agree to help by paying off government debts and funding his operations. 

They would do that so long as his heart is in the right place for the American People. 

I know quite a number of these actual Depositors, and they would help Trump--- but just taking without asking because you have the naked power to do so, is theft. 
And the rather childish attempt to launder theft through Kim Goguen won't work. 


Nice kettle of fish you experts --all you former high ranking government officials and subcontractors and priests at the Vatican and World Bank officials have gotten us into, just because you are so arrogant and such know-it-alls that even now you won't listen. 

It's not going to wash. 

Just study those words. 

Laundering it through "Manna" isn't working now and it won't work later. The banks stole the Depositors money-- actual gold, silver, etc. -- and that theft doesn't end just because it passes hands. 

And as for "fairy-tales" who is going to believe that this nice lady who never had a pot for herself just showed up out of nowhere with all this "endless" supply of money to shower on everyone? 

Right? Hello? This is just an American version of the old "Wolfgang Struck, Philanthropist" scam and if you had been wrestling with these issues as long as I have, you would have no trouble seeing that fact. 

Finally, your suggestion that I did all this out of some selfish motive or for purposes of self-aggrandizement is a Flat Tire, too. 

Powers far beyond this Earth sent me and I agreed to go out of love for the Earth and for the people on it, and out of personal gratitude to the One who created it all. 

That may not be something that motivates you and your Buddies, but it is the only reason I am here.


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The American Form of Government

Found Here:

This was made years ago by the John Birch Society.  Your comments are welcome.