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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Missing Pieces

By Anna Von Reitz

I have recently had cause to be re-reading documents from the past as we continue the arduous business of sorting through and reconstructing my law offices after the Earthquake. 

As I reported, the books all landed on the floor and got put back in the shelves in no particular order; lots of old files and publications also hit the floor and are in boxes and piles waiting to be sorted. So in all my "spare time".....

Anyway, I chanced upon my copy of "Lawfully Yours" --a quite wonderful publication from The Anti-Corruption Society-- ( and was reading it again as one tends to do while sorting paperwork.

And thanks to Al Whitney and Crew, I could very clearly see The Missing Pieces: 

1. There is an entire part of our "Federal Government" that is Missing in Action and has been MIA since 1868.  It was never fully "reconstructed" after the Civil War -- though we were all left to assume that it had been. 

2.  The portion of the Federal Government that is missing just happens to be the portion of it that is owed to the American States and People: the Federal Branch of the Federal Government, which was and is supposed to be run by the Confederacy of Federal States of States formed under The Articles of Confederation adopted March 1, 1781.  

This Confederation doing business as the "States of America" was composed of business organizations operating as "States of States" that mirrored the actual States of the Union Federation called "The United States of America" formed five years before. 

Both of these organizations, one a Holding Company for the Federation States (The United States of America) and one a business association (States of America) were both formed during the Revolutionary War and continued to function afterward. 

The United States of America is still in operation, but the original States of America organization is not. 

That's the Missing Piece, together with the Federal States of States that are supposed to operate the Federal Government.  These States of States operate under these names: The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, and so on.

Notice that like The United States and The United States of America, the word "the" is capitalized and is part of their actual Proper Name. 

When you realize this fully you can see that what we have been dealing with are operating under deceptively similar names: "the" United States, "the" State of Florida are not the same, so what are they? 

They are Territorial United States entities. 

The Territorial United States Government operated by the British Government is also a part of the original Federal Government-- the Territorial Branch. Not the Missing in Action Federal Branch, but it has been deceptively calling itself "the" Federal Government and getting away with it as a part of the intended Federal Government we are owed. 

The Municipal United States Government authorized under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has been using the same semantic deceit to call itself "the" Federal Government, giving everyone the impression that a mere (and intended to be small) part of the original structure is the whole.

There are supposed to be three branches to the Federal Government-- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal, but the actual "Federal" branch is MIA, and it's Federal States of States are mothballed, awaiting "Reconstruction". 

Meanwhile, self-interested European carpetbaggers have been secretively and fraudulently "representing" the American States and People and we have been kept in the dark, unable to solve a problem that we were deliberately left uninformed about. 

Meanwhile, our False Trustees and disloyal employees responsible for this situation have put in place various ploys to try to cement their theft of our entire country via legal chicanery and false claims in commerce. 

First and foremost is the bogus claim of the Municipal Government that our Mothers were all Unwed Mothers who donated our DNA and our Good Name to the Territorial Government.

Second is the bogus claim that we set sail in 1933 and were never heard from again-- allowing the perpetrators to declare our Good Names "legally" dead and to probate our Estates "for" us -- so as to enrich themselves at our expense.

Third is the bogus claim that any of this has been done with our knowledge or consent, that any of this was fully disclosed or voluntary. 

I have often locked horns with Karen Hudes, but I do agree with the quote you will find in the Foreword of "Lawfully Yours"---

"....the ABA (American Bar Association) has lost all -total- credibility, and they should apologize to the American people for what it is they have been doing. And they should disband."

None of this pernicious and evil deceit, nor any of the abuses of it, would be possible without the corruption and often, gross ignorance, of the members of the American Bar Association. 

Folks, we have been kept in the dark and fed hay for so long by these villains that they think we are dumb beasts, "livestock" to be milked, and when times get hard for them, to be slaughtered either as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit or as murder victims in concentration camps, so they can collect on life insurance policies, write off their debts to us, and seize our property as "abandoned" assets. 

These corporations and the people who are running them are shameless and they don't want to give up power even when it is crystal clear that the jig is up. 

Record your claim to your Trade Name (Given Name) and Re-Convey it to permanent domicile on the Land and soil of your birth State.  Then claim your ASSUMED NAMES. (  Then join your State Jural Assembly and post to the National Jural Assembly: 

Although our actual government and our Federation of States was never in the Civil War, it falls to our States to clean this mess up, convene our State Jural Assemblies, and reconstruct the "missing" Federal States of States that each one of our States are owed, and take care of our other business, too. 

Once our actual Federal Branch of the Federal Government is restored and the European thieves and knaves and their American Flunkies are put in their places, America will be back on track. 

So if you want to Make America Great Again--we now know what needs to be done, by whom, why, and basically-- how. 

Come back "home" to the land and soil of your birth, and join your State Jural Assembly. 


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  1. the "new" trick is these "Federal" entities claim their "civil courts" (roman civil law, e.g. cities and other incorporated entities) somehow makes them "civilian"...of course they only fly the military flag, and are "federal citizens only"

    they also tend to "xyz state" in an effort to avoid being "state of x" ...but again, this is just "mirroring" and no actual civilian non-federal citizen unincorporated state/gov./etc.

    1. same old "mirroring" is very much occurring, but nothing but hot air behind it. just an effort to mislead people into the same old schtick over and over again.

      they are all "law merchant" only too, of course.

      you can see "trustee sales" "lawful money of the united states"...yet they dont take "cash", certified cashiers check only. (which is not even legal tender, let alone "lawful money")

      the cluelessness and lies of bar attorneys knows no bounds.

      it seems they think if they quote words, they magically mean what they want them to, definitions and substance be damned. it is all about appearances to these people.

    2. as has noted, this occurs with "mastery learning" too...when too many people find out, they don't stop training people like dogs...they just come up with a new name, while actually changing nothing.

    3. always read the "voter registrations" etc. and you can see such "parrots" are just pulling the same old "federal citizens only" lies, while claiming to be "citizens of xyz state" etc.

    4. I was at a funeral the other day at a parlor owned by a Mason and in the corner was a Canadian Maple Leaf flag with w yellow border around it , Very first time I ever saw one up here so the heat is on. In my opinion, we Northern neighbors are being annexed by a quiet hostile take over by the USA with the blessings of our putrid feminist man hating Prime Minister. WE have a hugely dismal aristocracy here at the moment. Proof registered in DC...we re legal persons are being traded on the sec.

    5. meant to add this link for proof...

  2. Cant do that. Again, I have never seen my original live long form BC. The BC that is now is a sales receipt, for as you consistently remind me, I am a bastard. Bush had the original life long form BC's classified, and there are thousands of us in this position.

    Im not going to take a false identity and change it into another false identity, or reconvey a false identity, to a false identity, because the entire identity is a false identity.

    There is coming a Great War, and I choose to die in this War instead of remaining in this hell.

  3. page 18 of Lawfully Yours

    What did he do?
    The Registration of a Fictitious Name is something you might do if you wanted to open a commercial business
    and you wanted to reserve a “creative name” to identify that business. The process, however, does not obligate
    you to ever open a business or to incorporate. It simply reserves the name for your future use and as your
    commercial and intellectual proprietary property.
    For many years patriots have attempted to disassociate their sovereign beings from the legal fiction – the all caps
    name / strawman – created by the corporate government because this was designed to make you personally
    vulnerable and convert your living being into a corporation – a thing – and the property of the corporate
    Certain patriots properly decided to embrace the corporate fiction / strawman as their own personal property by
    affidavit using a Financing Statement filed under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) as a notice to the world.
    This is because an unrebutted affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce [See APPENDIX E] and the government
    never rebuts these affidavits.
    So why didn’t it work?
    The patriots bypassed one crucial step. They failed to rebut the presumptions of the private side of the corporate
    government and courts that imprisoned their sweat equity and labor.
    An unrebutted presumption stands as Truth in Commerce. Their presumption nullified the affidavit and placed
    them on the private side.
    There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the Private Bar Guilds, which, if left unchallenged, stand as
    Truth in Commerce. [See APPENDIX C]
    These are:
    i. The Public Record
    ii. Public Service
    iii. Public Oath
    iv. Immunity
    v. Summons
    vi. Custody
    vii. Court of Guardians
    viii. Court of Trustees
    ix. Government as Executor/Beneficiary
    x. Executor De Son Tort (not a party to)
    xi. Incompetence
    xii. Guilt
    I’m only going to discuss (6) of those (12) presumptions. However, Frank O’Collins did a superb job addressing
    these presumptions12 in an exposé titled “A history of today’s slavery” and I encourage you all to read it.
    Canon 3228 (i): The Presumption Of Public Record
    Any matter brought before a lower Roman Court is a matter for the public record, when in fact it is presumed by
    the Private Bar Guild as private business. Unless this presumption is openly rebutted by filing or stating clearly on
    the Public Record that the matter is to be a part of the Public Record, the matter remains on the private side as
    private Bar Guild business under private Guild rules.
    12 See APPENDIX C
    The first sentence states register but presume Record instead