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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies -17 Clerks and Bondsmen

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two Offices in our Public Courts that derive from the ancient Ecclesiastical Courts: Clerks were originally Clerics and Bondsmen were Bondsmen of Christ. 

Clerks set the venue of court cases-- that is, they determine where a case belongs, in which court and jurisdiction, and they assign it to a specific Judge, a Justice, or a Justice of the Peace to "shepherd" the proceedings. 

So the first duty of a Court Clerk is to recognize the kind of action being pursued and the nature of the people or the persons pursuing it, and thereby, to correctly direct it to the appropriate jurisdiction and the appropriate court within that jurisdiction. 

For many years now (since around 1965 in most places) Court Clerks have had no "People Courts" to refer people to.  All the Public Courts we are owed were unlawfully converted into private courts serving only "Persons" when our often disloyal and often clueless employees incorporated the Territorial States of States and then the Counties, and began operating them as local franchises of federal corporations in exchange for federal kickbacks. 

Now we have overcome the presumption and mistakes that led to this situation and are engaged in the process of setting up the Public Courts owed to the people of this country again.  To start, we will only be serving the members of State Jural Assemblies-- because we are the only "people" to serve.

Everyone else has been reduced to "personhood" via a process of adhesion contracts and non-disclosure and fraud. 

Unfortunately, until they all wake up and explicitly change their "presumed" political status, and join the State Jural Assembly, they are outside our jurisdiction just as they are outside of ours. 

Our Clerks have to turn away people who are coming to our courts seeking redress while still functioning as "foreign persons" on our shores. 

This can be determined simply by asking if they are members of a State Jural Assembly?  And by looking at the subject of the case. 

Does it involve one of the People? 

Does it involve things that occurred within the boundaries of our State or at the County level, inside our County?

Is it an issue that pertains to the land and soil and to actual, factual people and things?  That is our jurisdiction. 

Or is it something intangible and theoretical, like two corporations arguing over patent rights?  That is THEIR jurisdiction. 

A good Court Clerk can determine the jurisdiction of a case from determining the capacity in which parties to a case are acting, the nature of the controversy and what it involves as subject matter. 

Obviously, though a great many living  people have valid issues that need to be addressed-- so long as they continue to act as "persons" instead of choosing to act as people, we are powerless to assist. 

If they continue to knowingly or unknowingly subject themselves to private incorporated courts --and be abused accordingly, there isn't much, if anything we can do. 

JOHN O. KING vs. JOANN A.KING seeking a DIVORCE and voiding of their MARRIAGE LICENSE are two Municipal Corporations wanting to end a JOINT VENTURE ENTERPRISE and asking their parent corporation (the entity granting the license) and Silent Partner for permission to dissolve this business enterprise. 

There isn't a living man or woman involved in that whole scenario. 

So even though it impacts two people and their children and everything they own, they can't be treated as people because they didn't act as people to begin with. 

To get out of this situation they would have to petition the entity issuing the Marriage License and give Notice that they made a mistake.... and annul the "marriage" instead of seeking a DIVORCE. 

A good Court Clerk operating a lawful Court as one of the People and a member of the State Jural Assembly can "observe the facts" though not offer "legal advice" since our lawful system is foreign to their legal system. 

Court Clerks also maintain meticulous records of all the paperwork involved in a case, assigning numbers to case records and keeping track as more paperwork and evidence comes in and is added to the court record. 

Land and soil jurisdiction Courts keep records.  Sea jurisdiction Courts keep files. 

Many Paralegals can readily fulfill the duties of Court Clerk once they are brought up to speed and understand that we are reopening Public Courts to serve the people (State Nationals) and People (State Citizens) of our State.  

Bondsmen are the land counterparts to the Bailiffs in sea jurisdiction courts. 

In early times the Ecclesiastical Courts had Bondsmen serve to keep order in the court, but even more, to serve in the capacity of "brother's keeper".  This is a role at the court level, to take charge of prisoners and ensure their safety and good conduct while in court. This role can also extend beyond the boundaries of the Court as Bondsmen may assist Sheriffs and other Public Law Officials in performance of their duties.   

Just as the Clerks determine venue and keep the records, Bondsmen maintain the security of the actual courtroom and direct traffic within it.  They may also seat people in the court gallery, help those who are physically injured or disabled, distribute educational information to members of the Jural Assembly, instruct people on how to post bonds --fees guaranteeing future performance of actions--that are retained and accounted for by the Court Clerk's Office, and act in similar capacities.  A Bondsman may serve as a Witness to official paperwork and confirms the Bond Roster for each day the Court is in Session-- he signs the list of Bonds set by the Court and confirms receipt of bonding fees together with the Court Clerk at close of the Court's business each day. He secures and locks the safe containing the bond fees. 

The Bondsmen typically make a public affirmation declaring that he will serve the People of the State in Good Faith and Honor, to protect the Court and the Public, and to assist in providing and securing peace and justice for all. 

A similar simple Declaration (no Oaths, no "so help me God"-- those are the for sea courts) applies to all Court Officials. 

A written copy of this Declaration is kept in the Court Clerk's Office available for view along with the similar Declarations of the Justices and other officials. 

The Bondsman in a court is meant to be a reassuring figure for those participating in or witnessing the proceedings, as well as a stalwart protector of everyone concerned, including those accused of crimes. 

At first there will be only a small number of the People functioning as people (State National) and People (State Citizens) and it will take time for them to close out transactions that were purposefully or mistakenly undertaken in the capacity of persons.  

This affords the State Jural Assemblies the opportunity to get firmly established and work out the details and procedures and recordkeeping before they are faced with an avalanche of caseloads. 

It is to be hoped that when presented with the facts and the history many members of the Bar Associations will revoke their memberships and choose to serve the Public Courts and the people of their States as Counselors in Law and also to be hoped that many Judges and Magistrates will accept actual Public Office as Justices and Justices of the Peace. 

The actual power of the Law is in the Public Law and in the Divine Law that underlies it. 

The shameful and indeed criminal misapplication of statutory law to people unconscionably kidnapped into its jurisdiction as babies cannot be condoned and cannot be continued.  

Each and every court case that is misaddressing living Americans in the NAME of such corporate franchises is evidence of crimes of personage and fraud against the Public Law and against our States and our People. 

Confronted with these facts those running and administering these foreign corporate Courts/COURTS on our shores must come to terms with the crimes and injustices they have perpetuated against millions of innocent people, and the damage they have secretively done to this country for their own profit. 


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  1. Well, how much does the Clerks job pay? Do you have a list of salaries? And what are you gonna pay them with, since you seem to have no money? Oh dont tell me you really think folks are so 'patriotic' they will work for nothing.
    And are there benefits? Vacation time, how much; any sick time off, how much. How 'bout some important details here. Oops, thats about money, dirty ole fiat money, and we are supposed to hate it like you do anna, yet its the same kind you ask for in donations.

    1. So I have gone on record as trying to be open mind. I have even offered an apology to her when I think I have acted like a bit of a jerk. But there are two possibilities. Either she IS a shill which explains everything. Or she isn't a shill and really doesn't have a clue about what is being discussed here and how to think beyond her own self-interest and what is in it for her. She isn't an idiot, but she wants to convey an impression of being very cynical about the whole process, and from observing her very carefully I think she would be the first person voted "off the island" in the TV remake of Lost Somewhere in Fiji. It is sensible to wonder what she could possibly find so intriguing about the dynamics of this process since she is often a potty mouthed spoilsport most of the time. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem, yes that is an old cliche but often valid and quite relevant here. She has been asked multiple times what she is doing here if it is so offensive, with no retort and that is surely the mark of a shill like Ucadia who I think may have stopped his medication for bipolar (manic/depressive) disorder, or hallucinogenic drug use, I see the symptoms of either in Ucadia.

    2. Guys, what is so hard to understand here? I simply want to know how much does the Clerks job pay? I did see the word ''HIRE'' around here, as in ''hire Clerks''. So why do you make such a big deal about my asking how much does the job PAY?

      Its a pointed and serious straight out question ! Have you ever applied for a job without finding out how much it pays, first?

      So answer the question. You might work for nothing, but I dont.
      And stop with the smart alec medication slur and the shill crap.

      Just answer the question.

    3. Abby I can't answer that question but it shows you are incredibly naive at this juncture to ask that. Here's a question for you though. Why are you here? What is in it for you if you are so down on the process. 100% of all shills will re-frame the question and deflect it back in the form of a defense which you have just done. If this process is so painful to you then don't participate. What exactly do you want from this? You have been called out by umpteen people and yet you still persist. Why not find another forum that will tell you how much a clerk's job pays. Is it really that hard to understand that if you are going to post retarded questions you will get called out on it? It's simple logic. You look like controlled opposition. Look that one up.

    4. Will, dont try to change the topic. I simply want to know how much the Clerks job is going to pay; THIS Clerks job, not 'clerks jobs'.

      Why do you go reading way more into my comment, than what is there? Do you just like to argue? Actually, some of you guys in here sound like a bunch of disgruntled peeps, and think I am an easy target....cause you sure are afraid of the guys in here some of whom post some real kaakaa.
      Think again, but you don't have to get all cranky just because you dont have the answer to my question. Stop yer fidgeting now, and see if you can give a big-boy grown up response for a change.

    5. Abby when it comes to a debate involving logic, you don't come to a gunfight with a spoon. I don't have the answer to your question but you continue to obfuscate over the reason why YOU are still here if the process is so painful for you.

      Every controversial movement, including this one is a target for infiltration by shills and spooks. Are you perhaps shilling for Manna? There is at least one other here as well that is more low key than you.

      If I am wrong about you then so be it, but if I am not wrong? Well let's just say karma is a bitch.

  2. I don't know if you actually read the replies but if your office is willing to help me prepare all paperwork to file and claim back my name, I will pay for the help?
    Please tell me how to contact whom ever in your law firm whom might help me for a price?

    Best Regards,

    Mike Davis

  3. Mike,
    Its not difficult. We have formed a group to help one another with the process and discuss what we know and what we want to know.
    Sundays 8-9pm est
    Download " Zoom "
    Id# 841 187 021
    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084
    All welcome

  4. There has to be some way to address our "injuries" by their Corp Courts for all the FRAUD they pulled...
    Does the "jural assembles" have the power to arrest Corp State employees, including all law enforcement called police....and their special opts team for narcotics...!!
    Where is our REMEDY if neither can cross jurisdictions....!! And it needs to be quick...
    None of this bullsh#t of going from one court to another, like appealing your case...appeals are also only for the SEA jurisdictions.....On LAND, you only get one chance to make your case and that's going up the line all the way to the supreme court for REMEDY...!!
    In our courts, they are already "guilty" when charged, just because of the FRAUD that is needed to make this system work...!!
    So get ready and tell all your judges, that they are to deny any "objections " offered by the Corp State employees...!!
    Simple....judgement for the man on the LAND...persons like members of the BAR have no rights in our courts either....the plantiffs (us), do not need to make our case to arrest and imprission them...!! And they can't even make their case in our courts...!! It's time to start arresting all city police and take that power away from their Corp structure.....!!!

    And again, I only see LAND....After this there will be no WATER jurisdictions, because there is none...!! Tell your "jural assembles" water jurisdictions no longer exsist...!! "F" the friggin Constitution and the ship that brought it here...!!

  5. Mike , its free

    I put a call out to anyone who wants to join us in doing this.. reply here or

  6. Can join in on Free The People show on Wed nights 7pm Alaska time. Call in number is (605)562-0444 and show id is 3035044#

    We are several of the Alaska Jural Assembly members who communicate with Anna pretty regularly and cover from how these criminals infest us locally to the bigger picture and how to get remedy.

    Love & Gratitude

  7. Renaissance....are there any "jural assembles" in Calif., and how do I get in touch with them...I want to be Sherriff of this town and clean up the SWAMP right here...!!
    No one currently working for the Corp State should even be considered for that job or I will be the "jural assembles" worst nightmare...!! We didn't come this far, only to hire police who already work for the oppostion....!! If you mean what you say, the only requirement to be a sherriff on the LAND is simply to be an American National....thats it..!! I don't need a degree in their Corp controlled schools for law enforcement to be a Sherriff....and the first one doesn t need to be elected....first to apply gets the job....!! No one working for the State would take a drastic pay cut anyway to do his job...!!

  8. If I'm not hired as Sherriff, I will never support your "jural assembles" because I will already know they are setting up their own "political system " of their own....!! No more politics.....EVER..!!

    1. James, dont you also want to know how much the job pays? Please ask. I wanna see if all these whiney little boys in here will accuse you of 'not taking your meds, or being a shill'' or whatever they are ailing about today, Lol.

  9. One more thing judge Anna...jural assembles working strictly as constitutional courts of law on the LAND do not allow attorneys or anyone else from the BAR to even come into those courts..!!
    Are you willing to fire the first "shot" to kill if they refuse to obey a court order by our assembles....right now, your all talk and no bite...!! What are you willing to do if push comes to shove and they disregard our jural assembles warrants of arrest....!! You are going to need uniforms and special badges that their Corp courts recoginize as superior to their courts and laws...!!Because at some point you know damn well those "assembles" are going to be challenged by them in their Corp controlled courts....!! Then what....are you going to defend yourself in their courts using their procedures or not...!! You have never gone to jail because you never challenged the Corp State like every other patriot like Winston Stroud has...have you...!!????

    1. James, you have asked the very questions Ive been alluding to, namely, how are they going to enforce these 'new laws' and etc.
      But I have gotten a deaf ear, OR else the commenters in here just throw a bunch of mud pies, Lol.
      From all the reading in here, we can pretty much surmise they are ''just playing it by ear'' and 'wait as see how it goes'. Anna sends others out there to probably get shot or arrested, while she stays in her safe place. Thats what it looks like to me.

  10. To Anna....Abby is asking a legitimate question..!! Is this a secret society too...!!

    No one has even given me a # for a "jural assembly" here in Calif...!! If there is one...!! Calif will be the last state standing before these politicians and attorneys give up their pay and mostly their power....!! They could care less about all their paper worthless NOTES...!! They have control of everything important, and all the gold too...!!

    One dept that has to be under our control is the "Recorders" office, because that's where all the FRAUD is being accomplished, and no one in that office is "liable" for least that's what they tell people ...!! But it only makes sense that the "jural assembles" have to be in charge of all Recorders offices throughout America...the State cannot even come close to that dept...not even in there Corp world..!! They need to start there own "private " Recorders office" which is already in place ...its called MERS..!!
    But that one is not for the people...its for all the "deep state" players...!!

    I'll say it again...if you think we are in a new age of awakening, and still continue to use "paper currency", or any form of MONEY, your system will fail too...!! And it won't take long..!!

    So what are we going to do to stop the "ADDICTION" and "GREED" and LUST for money, and all the FRAUD and deception that goes along with it...!! You won't solve that with "jural assembles"...!! Money has to be treated like Heroin, opium, Meth, Coke, alcohol, and all other drugs and LIST it as a schedule 1 drug...if your caught with paper currency, it's just like manufacturing Heroin...straight to jail...!!

  11. Wow I would be careful with the paper money thing plays roght in to their hands of a cashless society and the mark of the beast which is what they are working towards - all centuries in the making by the bankers and those holding the positions of so called power
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  12. Shelby, that is the best reason of all to beat them this time at controlling just one more system of control when they get their first to do it...!! We already know they are planning on some sort of "digital currency", so why let them get there first again....this is the exact problem with our one is interested enough about money except "THEM"..!! And everyone else just worries about how to get it honestly, if they can, but most cant...!!
    No way, not this time...!! If we are going "crypto" then we need to get there first and put all banks out of business..!! And the best way to do that is by "offering" a lot of money "up front" first before that crypto starts to "mine it"....thats the carrot I guarantee you the banks will offer to still be in charge...!!
    No one or govt agency can ever be in control of money ever again...we have to take the power to print or control money out of the hands of "PEOPLE".....There is no alternative....!! While normal people go to work everyday, the "deep state" only has to worry about one thing...understanding money and being in control of it....!!
    Think about it, because it's on their minds 24/7, and nothing else...!!

  13. Abby It appears you are on here to disrupt those who want to learn .if you dont believe what Anna is doing then please stop interrupting those who DO believe .....