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Friday, December 27, 2019

RINOs, DINOs, Dip-Critters All

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last several days I have been explaining Political Basics for Neophytes --- like the fact that politicians create problems deliberately, because they get rewarded for solving (or appearing to solve) the problems that they create. 

I told you all about my discovery (in college) of Democratic Party Voting Records on key "social progress" issues --- like actual Electoral Voting rights for blacks and women, like actual Natural and Unalienable Rights being recognized for blacks and women, like Freedom of Speech, like disclosure of the 'New Deal', and on and on. 

In every single case I examined, here is what I found: 
Democrats loudly decrying the evils of inequality and prejudice against the working class and colored people, while secretly legitimizing and voting for inequality, and at the same time, undermining and taxing the working class to death to buy votes and create slush funds for themselves.  
Indeed, what I found is that the Democratic Party almost uniquely legislated FOR inequality and enslavement of the working classes and colored people they pretend to champion.
For just one stunning example: 
When black people in this country stood up and demanded to be treated like everyone else --- which I understand to mean that they wanted their "Natural and Unalienable Rights" recognized --- what did the Democrats do?  They offered--- and passed off --- "Equal Civil Rights", instead. 

And Equal Civil Rights can never be "equal" because they are granted by the Congress and can be taken away by the Congress, whereas Natural and Unalienable Rights are given as a gift to us by Nature and Nature's God.
They pulled a Bait and Switch, and when MLKJ discovered it, they killed him. 
I could go on at least half a day and type as fast as I could and show you case after case after case where the hypocrites pretended to champion the rights and interests of poor people, working people, colored people ---- and in fact, the Rats were busily creating and passing legislation to undermine, enslave, abuse, and harm the same groups. 

Believe it, because it's true.  I had no ax to grind with the Democrats when I discovered this stuff.  In fact, at the time, I considered myself a Wisconsin Democrat, born and bred.  You can imagine how repulsed and disillusioned and disgusted I was back in 1973 --- and still am. 

Their party name should be amended to "Demon-c-rats".  Nobody should ever vote for them.  Ever.  Least of all the traditional voting blocks that support them. 

Recently, I have been asked about Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and her apparent waffling about the Trump Impeachment issues. 

Well, short answer-- the Dems are being identified as "the" problem, as they deserve to be, and so they are deliberately infiltrating the Republican Party and pretending to be Republicans.  
Why not?  If they can stand there and pretend to champion the rights of the poor while sticking the poor in the back, why not pretend to be a Republican and continue to do the same things?  
And right here in River City, in my backyard, is a darn good example of this.
In answer to the question about Senator Murkowski's "waffling" ----
Lisa Murkowski is a RINO's RINO [Republican in Name Only]---- her Dad was US Senator before her, a banker, and husband to Nancy Gore ----- as in Al Gore.  Same family.  Related to the Daley Clan in Chicago.  She's no more a "Republican" than FDR.
People are so stupid to elect these shills and then think that they are going to keep their word and act according to the advertising.  I told everyone what I discovered about Democrat voting records, no?   Talk one way and vote the other?  Time after time after time.
Same thing with Lisa's voting record, too. 

And when I called her on a particularly evil example of this in action, all the Brain Dead Republicans in Alaska flew at me like crows on a road kill. 
You would have thought that I had killed their dog and maimed their cat.  They are so dumb that they trust in the name "Republican" instead of paying attention to the fact of the Voting Record. 
No wonder the Voters are "confused", right?   You've got Democrats claiming to be Republicans and loudly proclaiming their support for workers and poor people ---- and then creating legislation that undermines and enslaves both.  

We all have a right to feel "confused" ---- and betrayed, and angry to the bone. 

And thanks to Democrats camouflaging themselves as Republicans and Republicans being too dumb to ferret them out, we have this same kind of game going on and being promoted by what appear to be members of both Political Parties. 

That is, Lisa isn't really a GOP Senator "waffling" about Trump's bogus Impeachment charges.  She's a Dem in GOP clothing waffling about Trump's bogus impeachment charges. 

Everyone needs to wise up, but nobody needs to wise up more than the traditional Democratic voters.  

Recently, there has been an "awakening" and many Democrats have joined the "Walk Away" Movement and exited, Stage Left, the Democratic Party and Voting Block.  I would suggest that a "Run Away" Movement would be more appropriate. 

Run like an antelope away, and keep a sharp eye out for Dems pretending to be Republicans, too.  
Here's how I would begin "the Hunt" on Nancy Pelosi's House Seat:  I'd take a photo of her big walled mansion, and I'd make a one-page leaflet of it and here's what the leaflet would say:  "Here's where Nancy Pelosi lives.  You really think she "represents" you?" 
And I would paste and plaster that leaflet all over her filthy dirty, run-down, miserable, low-class, semi-slum Voting District.  

Hello, Slum Dwellers.  You think this woman is one of you?  You think she cares?  Really?  Let's examine that belief..... 

And then I would go door-to-door and actually talk to people.  I'd give them a copy of the Frankfurt Plan of the Cultural Marxists and ask them to look around at their world and her voting record. 
I'd ask why --- after decades of supporting Nancy Pelosi, and despite her rise to power in Washington, DC, ---conditions in her home district have only --and steadily--- gotten worse?  

Fewer decent jobs, more decayed housing, more garbage in the streets, but trillions of dollars belonging to US Taxpayers being spent in other places on other things?
And all this being done on your ticket?  

Still believe that Nancy Pelosi "represents" you?  

No, she does not, and Lisa Murkowski doesn't represent me. 

So why are they still in Washington, DC, pretending that they do? 

Mainly, it's the gullibility of Republicans (allowing RINOs in their party)  and American Voters in general that allows this situation to go on.  

People don't seem to understand that it is their money being spent in DC and that its being spent on everything and everyone but them.  


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Straight Talk for Tony, From Ernest and Me....

By Anna Von Reitz

Get serious, guys. Here is why [the Democrats didn't impeach Obummer for his crimes.]
Antonio Gramsci, Karl Marx,and Freud combined plans to destroy western culture. It's called: Cultural Marxism=Political Correctness.
They formed a plan to implement this scheme in Frankfurt, Germany. Hence, the Frankfurt "School" and the Frankfurt Plan. [This is really old news--- so old you might have missed it.]
The Frankfurt School's Eleven Point Plan.
1) The Creation of racism offenses. [Remember how everyone was dubbed a "racist" by the Demon-c-rats?]
2) Continual change to create confusion. [Do you feel like you are in a Mix Master?]
3) The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children. [Uh-huh]
4) The undermining of schools and teachers authority. [CPS comes in and steals your kids if you discipline them and its worse for teachers. Yep.]
5) Huge immigration to destroy identity. [So.....what has already happened in Europe and trying to happen here?]
6) The promotion of excessive drinking. [And drugging, too.]
7) Emptying of churches. [By undermining their credibility and commandeering their leadership and assets.]
8) An unreliable legal system with bias against crime victims. [Oh, boy, you think???}
9) Dependency on the state or state benefits. [How many people on the dole after Obummer cut their jobs and increased their cost of living?]
10) Control and dumbing down media. [Watch five minutes of any "news" program. Check to see if you heard any actual news.....]
Okay, anyone out there got any questions? Pope Francis is an avowed Cultural Marxist, which means he has no culture in mind at all, just destruction of everything, as outlined above.
The Roman Catholic Church has got to get rid of him and the Cardinal Bishops supporting him, or the whole world as we know it will blow.
And they, the Roman Catholic Church, will go up in smoke, right along with everything else.
The RCC will be destroyed and all the other churches that have been dumb enough to incorporate themselves in order to avoid taxes they were already exempt from.
So to all Americans reading this and all members of churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church --- there IS a reason why all this crap is happening, and we all now officially know what it is. It has a name: Cultural Marxism.
So, too, our mission is to destroy "Cultural Marxism" at its roots --- to attack it and its reason for being, and attack anyone caught espousing it, high or low on the totem pole. From the Pope on down. Right or left. Rich or poor. They have to go.
And it is not negotiable. Either we stand up for ourselves and for our culture, or these closet Anarchists will destroy all culture and leave the people of the Earth with nothing --- no framework, no agreed upon standard of morality, nothing.
Nancy Pelosi and all her little pals have to go. The sooner the better. Time for the rest of us to move into her district and go door to door and talk to people about what she is doing in their names----and see how long she lasts on Capitol Hill.
Let's target The Big Bitch and send her to you-know-where politically.
Let's put the hammer down and expose, expose, expose so that every drunk and dumb cluck in this country knows what "Cultural Marxism" is and knows how they and their country have been targeted. And by whom and by what.


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Actual Answers -- Listen Up, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh....

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, let's begin with the fact that I stopped listening to conservative talk radio about the same time I stopped listening to Mainstream Media.

I stopped listening to Mainstream Media because I proved, scientifically, that I was being fed a steady diet of "news" about sex and death, none of which I could do anything about, and none of which had any practical benefit for me.

So, instead of feeling depressed and anxious, I turned the dial and started wondering: "What possible benefit do these scags get from feeding people useless stories about sex and death?"

The situation with Talk Radio is somewhat similar. After six months of analyzing Michael, Mark, and Rush--- I came to the unavoidable conclusion that these guys are great at asking questions, but don't offer answers.

Maybe they can't talk about actual answers and still keep their broadcasting license?

So, again, I turned the dial.

They may have some use in prodding people to ask questions about government issues, but.....that's like encouraging an interest in gingivitis without discussing bacteria and oral hygiene.
Oh, gee, my gums are bleeding......
And...... (dead silence).

For me, staring at my navel ended in High School. Picking the lint out has continued unabated ever since.


1. The way all the rats are getting around respecting your Constitutional guarantees is by redefining who you are and they are using simple semantic deceit to do it.
As an American State National you are owed all your guarantees and respect for your Natural and Unalienable rights. You can also act as a State Citizen of The United States and hold the rats to their obligations.

So they "redefine" you and "mistake" you as--- instead---- a "United States Citizen" ---- as if you were born in Puerto Rico, instead of Bangor, Maine.
And they also contrive to mistake you as a "citizen of the United States" --- as if you were a "US Corporation" chartered in Washington, DC.

These other "citizens" have no Constitutional guarantees or protections. At best, the "United States Citizens" have "Equal Civil Rights".

Wake up, People ---- what are these "Civil Rights" supposed to be "Equal" to?

They are supposed to be equal to your Natural and Unalienable Rights, but they aren't, because they are conferred on you by the Congress and what Congress gives, Congress can take away---- as opposed to Natural and Unalienable Rights which are the free gift of Nature and Nature's God.

Because you don't know the verbiage and don't know what they are alleging about you and so--- you don't protest and deny their allegations--- they get away with this sleight of hand.

And they use it to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms, your right to travel where you please, and your right to have custody of your own children and on and on and on.

It's all because you, a State Citizen of The United States, have been "mistakenly-on-purpose' misidentified as a British Territorial "United States Citizen" or a Municipal United States "citizen of the United States".

And you have been kept in the dark and unable to rebut these Legal Presumptions until now.
So there's Answer Number One.

Get off your rumps and draw the line for your employees, so that they are no longer able to impersonate you and deny you your guarantees and seize upon your property and put you in jail for "regulatory infractions" and taxes that only apply to them.

Ready for Number Two?

2. Both Political Parties practice the Hegelian Dialectic.
What to ____ is that, you may say?
It's a simple but ugly step-by-step process.
First, you create a problem.

Second, you stomp around and complain about the problem you created.
Third, you offer a solution to the problem.

Fourth, you get chosen to implement the solution, which gives you political power.
Fifth, you solve the problem you created, and spawn four or five new problems.

In this way, you dupe your victims into thinking that you are their savior and indispensable to them In Washington, DC, and as long as you can create problems, you can keep your seat.

Here is a real life example.

1. The Federal Government Corporation creates a fraud scheme that allows them to make false commercial claims against the assets of your County; [They create the problem.]
2. This leaves your County unable to pay its bills and leads to widespread unemployment and misery in the cities within your County; [They decry the problem--- the poverty, the unemployment, etc. --- that they created..]
3. LBJ offers "Federal Block Grants" as assistance to your County --- these are kickbacks from the racketeering and fraud that took place in Step One; [They present the solution to the problem they created and with much fanfare unveil the new Federal Program.....]
4. Your County takes the bait, gets a share of the payola, and starts functioning as a dependent franchise of the criminal Federal Government Corporation; [Your County Officials are snookered into participating in the fraud and racketeering and think that the Federal Government has "saved" the County, because they don't realize that the Feds created the problem in the first place.]
5. LBJ and other Perpetrators are regarded as heroes instead of as villains, and they are rewarded for their bad deeds, thus encouraged to continue on in the same manner....and all the clueless grateful "voters" continue to put these con men into office.

That's the way this really works --- the sleazy politicians are ultimately rewarded for creating problems, not for solving them. So guess what?
They, themselves, create an endless avalanche of problems that would not otherwise exist. They create poverty. They create unemployment. They create broken families. They create environmental disasters. They create wars. They create bad food, bad drugs, bad medical care practices.
They are profiting from all the problems they create, so they just create more.
Ready for Number Three?

3. All the evils and ills in the world require Middlemen, and Middlemen are thus purposefully inserted into every program and process you can imagine.

The IRS is a Middleman. The Banks are all Middlemen. The Defense Contractors are Middlemen. The Arms Dealers are Middlemen. The Insurance Companies are Middlemen. The Tax Assessor is a Middleman. The Corporate Politicians are all Middlemen. The Human Resources Departments are all Middlemen. The CPS Agents are Middlemen. The LEOs are all Middlemen. The Judges are all Middlemen...... and yes, the priests in the Roman Catholic Church are all Middlemen, too.

They all insert themselves and stand in the middle, and profit themselves by doing so.

Everywhere you look, in every system of society that you examine closely, you will find the same thing:
We live in a complex, responsive, morphogenic information matrix that we ultimately control via the net result of our combined thoughts and feelings.

Naturally, we should seek what is good for ourselves and our families, right?

Whatever gives us the greatest pleasure and health and well-being should be instantly reflected in the world around us.

Instead, what happens?

The "Governments" of the world, operating under the principles exposed in Actual Answer Number 2 above, insert Middlemen into the process, and use these Middlemen to distort and up-end and reverse results.

You wish for peace and plenty, but they get in the middle and send out the false information that you want war and deprivation, instead.

So you get war and deprivation, because these Middlemen messed with the signal. And most of the time, they don't even know what they are doing.

The knowledge about this is kept compartmentalized, so that Middleman A doesn't know what Middleman B is doing.

And, you, of course, are left standing there shaking your head thinking ---- WTF? I ordered up a heaping helping of peace and plenty, and I get war and disaster, instead?

Well, yes, that is exactly what happens because the "mirror" is being distorted and reverse imaged like a Fun House mirror.

And it is being done deliberately, with malice aforethought, without your knowledge and without your consent, and even without --- generally speaking --- the knowledge of the Middlemen implementing the distortion.

And all for the profit and curiosity of men like Elon Musk and Bill Gates and mad scientists and even crazier politicians who have lost all sense of morality and who propose to "Play God". Literally.

About thirty years ago, these same Players unleashed "Mindbox" technology on the world and along with it, the weird world of "MERS" and the "BEAST" system in Belgium.

Now, they have tinkered and added more layers of Middlemen and found out more scientific information that they are exploiting as A1 technology to control your thoughts, which control your emotions, which together form the basis of reality for the entire planet.

If they succeed and are not brought down, they will create a world of unspeakable horror. As a result, both the kingpins in Silicon Valley and their off-shoots in China have to be brought down, their patents cancelled, and their ability to profit --in any way-- from their evil AI Middleman technology, put to an end.

The simplest temporary solution is to render their physical bodies inoperable, and destroy their broadcast and AI Middleman programs. This can be done using conventional and unconventional Special Forces.

The second quickest and ultimately most efficient (and longer-term answer) is to overwhelm their distortion with positive thoughts and emotions.

This may require us to "suspend belief" in the ugliness surrounding us and to consciously generate thoughts and feelings of peace and plenty to countermand and correct the message they are sending.
It may also require us to become truly conscious and resistant to their interference with our brain waves and their attempts to create "second brains" within our neurological framework.

We can do this simply by telling our brains not to obey outside subliminal programming that we do not consciously know about and approve of. To create such a subconscious "command" simply repeat the instruction over and over in a variety of times and circumstances, but especially at bed time and when you first wake in the morning:

"I do not accept subliminal programming from Artificial Intelligence and Broadcast Sources."
This is the equivalent of building a "Firewall" against external Artificial Intelligence and Broadcast manipulation of your neural network.

This is for real, folks. Listen up, Mike, Mark, and Rush.

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China.


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