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Friday, December 27, 2019

New Promo Code gets you half off your first month subscription in Mint Builder

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

Our Gold and Silver company Mint Builder is ending the year with a special promotion.

Anyone signing up for a new subscription can use this code at checkout to get half off the price of any of the subscriptions for the first month.

The code is HOLIDAY50.

Anyone who is not a member yet use this link to see what the subscriptions are.

Once you are a member with a subscription running you can refer others who can do the same.

This offer runs to the end of the year.

There is another promotion running called the Endless Bonus.

Normally Mint Builder pays you 10% on all sales from personally referred people, and a 50% matching bonus on levels 2 through 5 on whatever commissions your levels earn.

But if you should refer 10 new people, or get 10 people to re-activate a subscription your commissions jump to 12.5% on level one, and a 75% matching bonus on 2 through 5.

And if you could refer 25 new people or 25 reactivations, or any combination of both, your first level jumps to 15% and 2 through 5 matching bonus jumps to 100%.

These pay levels will be forever as long as you stay active in the company by continuing your own subscription, and this Endless Promotion is good through the end of January, 2020.

You can see how generous this company is. In addition to the lowest pricing in the precious metals industry, they really take care of their distributors.

Paul Stramer  Mint Builder ID# 296110

Happy Holidays To You And Yours!

Wait until you read this Holiday promo! We want everyone to be prosperous in 2020! We are willing to take a loss on New subscriptions in order to help as many people and their loved ones enter into 2020 on the right foot. The more people we help also is going to help you earn more recurring commissions. This promotion is insane! We are equipping you with a very special promo code that only works on subscriptions for new prospects. If there has ever been the perfect time for an on-the-fence prospect to subscribe it is now! You are offering the gift that truly keeps on giving... the gift of real wealth!

From right now until midnight EST (UTC-5) December 31st you can provide the best deal in our industry... you can provide all of your prospects with 50% off of their first month's subscription!!! Simply tell them to enter Promo Code: HOLIDAY50 when checking out with their New subscription and they will receive up to $103.50 off instantly. Here are all the details you maybe wondering about...

* Yes, you still earn 10% commissions of the subtotal on your personal referrals.
* Yes, you still receive a 50% match on your team's personal referrals all the way to your 5th tier below you.
* Yes, the promo code: HOLIDAY50 works on every subscription fro the lowest to the most expensive.
* Yes, your prospect receives everything included in each subscription just as they would with the normal price.
* Yes, MintBuilder is really taking a loss on these sales, but it is totally worth it if that means hundreds or perhaps even thousands of new families will be in a better position in 2020!
* Yes, this promo will definitely end December 31st at midnight. There are approximately 174 hours to this sale and then it's done!
* Yes, the promo is only for the initial month and starting the 2nd month they will pay normal prices, which are still incredible value based.
* Here is what your prospects will pay/save with each subscription in their initial month

- Wholesale Shop A La Carte: $14.50
- Income Platform A La Carte: $14.50
- Income & Wholesale Bundle: $29.50
- All About Eagles Bundle: $47.50!!!
- Around The World Bundle: $58.50
- The Select Few Bundle: $98.50
- Go For The Gold Bundle: $103.50
- History Buff Bundle: $103.50

Happy Holidays and Cheers to Your Wealth in 2020!
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