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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Third Round With Karen Hudes

It seems that the idea that the "Board" needs to answer the questions posed to her was rather alarming to Karen. As it should be. See her flight into Admiralty jurisdiction below:
Dear Anna von Reitz,
Reply of the board? This is what I said and this is what I meant:

Let me try and communicate to you what I said in my last email, and what I shall do with each successive email that you send to me. I do not think it is a good use of my time to interact directly with you because you misconstrue my plain language and twist it.
Good bye.
Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Ovwerseer Mandate Trustee
Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666
Correction, I believe---- "taken on board" is a nautical term, Karen, appropriate to Admiralty and Maritime law, which is what you practice after leaving "equity" behind. If you think I am one bit slow in this arena, think again.
It won't do any good to try to obscure the "pillar v. post" conundrum you are offering here. We know the difference between the "Public Charitable Trust" and the "US Trust" and the "United States of America Trust" and so on.
We also know the difference between the "Global Collateral Accounts" and the "Global Debt Facility" and any number of other permutations the banks may try to run. You must remember that the truth is always simple. It's the lies that are complex.
You have proclaimed that you are a "Trustee" and said so before the whole wide world. You have said the same about the other 188 members presiding over distribution of the Global Debt Facility funds.
You have stated on numerous occasions that the gold in the Global Debt Facility is to be used to benefit the people of this planet.

A Very Special Christmas Message from Judge Anna and James Clinton Belcher

For the Boys
A Christmas Message for Veterans
From Judge Anna and James Clinton Belcher
December 24, 2015

It’s time you met the co-author of “You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”------James Clinton Belcher.  Two years USAF Cryptography, six years Covert Ops, 29 years Night Terrors.   When a military bureaucrat looks at a personnel file and straightens up in his chair and softly whistles and says, “He must really want to live.” ---- you don’t have to be told much more. 
Jim always sits with his back to the wall and an exit close by.  He’s the only man I know of who goes moose hunting with a 9mm and makes a one-shot kill look easy.  At past 70, the muscles on his back are still like polished stone. He is a nice man, a good man, but there is something about him that tells you that you really, truly would not want to mess with him, and there’s something else---an air of command that makes other men instinctively listen to what he says when he does speak, which isn’t often.  
As one of his best friends said, “Jim was born old.” 
The one thing nobody ever says, but which everyone knows, is that his heart was broken many years ago, and not by any woman.  It was broken by this country.  It was that heartbreak that led to the affidavit and so much more in both our lives. 
Despite everything, Jim Belcher weighed in, raised four children to adulthood, and became one of the most respected artists in America.  He has been a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America since the 1990’s.  
We’ve been deluged with questions from veterans who have read the affidavit and who, one way or another, know it’s true.  Yes, our country’s government has been usurped by the international banks and foreign governments, especially the British government.  Yes, this gross corruption has been going on a long time.  Yes, it threatens not only our country, but the whole world.  
Still, what’s to be done about it?  The history and the facts are now clear, documented in stone by public records.   We finally know the past, but what does that imply about right now and the future?