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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates

The 15th of Nisan

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you listen to Biblical Scholars endlessly debate, as Christian, Muslim, and Jewish clerics all do, you will learn a lot of bizarre and arcane stuff.  I am living proof. 

Nisan is the "month of Spring" in the Ancient Hebrew Lunar Calendar, but since it is a Lunar Calendar as opposed to a relatively fixed Solar Calendar, the actual day that is "the 15th of Nisan" wobbles about and is different each year.  

Next year, the 15th of Nisan occurs in what we would call the 6th day of April, 2023. 
And, I suppose we are supposed to accept this as coincidence?----  all these events supposedly all occurred or start  or end on the 15th day of Nisan: 

Cain and Abel's sacrifices
Moses saw a burning bush a year before he led the Exodus
The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover Week) 
Esther appeared unbidden before King Ahasuerus
The nations are punished for worshiping the Golden Calf (Bull Worship)
Sarah was kidnapped and taken to Pharaoh's bed
Abraham recovered his property and his nephew, Lot, from Sodom and Gemorra
Abraham met the head of the Egyptian solar priesthood Melchizedek
The Lord made his Covenant with Abraham
Abraham's son Isaac, sign of the marriage covenant, was born
Isaac is fooled by Jacob into giving his blessing to Jacob, not Esau
Jacob wrestled with the un-named angel at Beth-El 
Jacob was given a new name, Is-ra-el. 
Jacob and Esau are reconciled as brothers
Isaac and Judah both die on the 15th day of Nisan
The Exodus begins
Daniel is thrown in the lions' den
The Masada falls to the Romans
And most important for millions of people, Jesus is buried on.... the 15th of Nisan

To make sense of this repeated, statistically unlikely emphasis on this one particular day and its importance, you have to understand Ancient Calendar Magic, including the fact that the spring, and especially "the month of spring" in the Hebrew , is associated with death in the ancient world. The Great Cycle spins in reverse compared to our modern logic. 

Even in the West, among the wild peoples like the Picts, Midsummer is about death, the cold and deathly month of December is about life --- and it's not just because the sun makes a resurgence at the Solstice. It's because to the ancient mind, one is either becoming or declining, just like the moon phases. 

The sunlight and the warmth and the growth of everything accelerates from its starting point at the Winter Solstice and at Midsummer, it tilts the other way.  So, technically, death begins at Midsummer and the May Queen is the Queen of Death, not Life. Just as anti-intuitive, Life begins in the darkness of winter, thus, everything tilts back toward Life, abruptly, at the start of winter.  Okay, it makes sense, but it is the total opposite of what most people assume in the modern day. 

So what is the 15th day of Nisan about?  It's the knife-edge moment when death enters the world.  Everything up to the 15th of Nisan flows toward life.  On the 15th of Nisan and after that date each year in the Lunar Cycle, everything goes the other way, toward death. 

The 15th of Nisan is about energy ebbing and flowing, and, it is about time. The 15th of Nisan is a doorway through which new timelines are created, and regardless of when events actually happen, if a new timeline is created, it's always on "the 15th of Nisan".  And it is always a miracle in some sense.

All the events that occurred on, started with, or ended on the 15th of Nisan are breaks in the former timeline. A new future opened up.  God and Man intersected, interacted, and things changed. 

On the 15th of Nisan, the ugly, brutal torture stake of a Roman crucifixion was transformed into a conduit of God's eternal mercy; on the 15th of Nisan, the slavery imposed by a diet of common bread was broken and the freedom symbolized by unleavened bread began. 

We are all waiting for another 15th of Nisan which will birth a new world and result in a restored Earth for everyone who stands the test and rebukes the Liars, for rebuke them we must.  We have been told about this time for thousands of years and we have no excuse if we haven't listened.  

Ever wonder why we call something that is false, untrue, misleading, or illogical "bullshit"?  Why not "rabbitshit"?  

It's because those who engaged in Bull Worship were liars and con men who misled people into doing atrocious things.  Elijah put them to their final test.  They failed. 

We don't have to relive past history if we remember it. 


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They Can't Beat Us, So....Fraud Incoming!

 By Anna Von Reitz

They are going to join us.  The 71 nations that "fell down and worshiped the bull" at the Common Wealth Games in July have also just announced that they are going to decouple from the Federal Reserve Note as the Reserve Currency, which means they are "unincorporating" and using actual money again.  

Read that --- all these bankrupt corporations are running back to shore in an effort to save their assets. 

However, they've all committed unlawful acts, which voids their charters.  

So, all the governmental services corporations are slated for destruction.  The True God destroys the Golden Calf (or the mechanical bull in their most recent version) in a repeat of the Biblical account.   

From their perspective, it might be more apt to say that the True God destroys the Golden Goose, because the fiat monetary system allowed them to get something for nothing. Literally.  And they could claim that it was all voluntary, so long as nobody objected. 

So long as nobody knew what was going on, nobody could object. They've gotten away with this  "inequitable trading practice" for over 160 years.  This is literally getting something (a hamburger) for nothing (a piece of paper with no date set for repayment). 

Just remember Joe's Hamburger Shop: Joe's burger pays for Igor's debt. 

Put in more general terms, all our goods and services, our "National Credit", already paid off Igor's "National Debt".  So there is no interest owed on any National Debt, and when you add the Grace Commission Report to the mix, you have proof of more mammoth fraud and embezzlement. 

There's more.  By their own rules, whenever they do something illegal, they have to "legalize it" by publishing a remedy for it.  If you don't make use of the remedy, they can assume that you acquiesced to the situation and are voluntarily accepting it. 

So, when they latched onto your Good Name and estate and unlawfully converted it into an infant decedent estate without your knowledge --- a grossly illegal act, they had to publish remedy for it.  That remedy is a one-liner lost in the immensity of Federal Title 12--- 12 USC 95 (a), establishing a "reversionary trust interest" that you can in theory exercise, but they never gave a clue how.  

They failed to publish which office or officer was responsible for restoring your estate to you and never established any process, never published any forms, never provided actual access to the remedy.  

We have since found out by reading British Admiralty Law that the responsible officer is the Secretary of State.  See the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, which once again proves malice aforethought on the part of the British Parliament. 

In 1933 they committed another grossly illegal act against us.  They stole our gold, both public and privately held, "borrowed" it for an unstated period of time, and of course, they had to publish a remedy for that, too: HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, and 48 Stat.112.  And again, they published the remedy to legalize their theft, and, again, they never provided access to it. No instructions, no office to address, no forms, no big publication in the newspapers --- nothing.

Even when it came to "Administrative Law" --- the "law" governing the internal operations of their corporations, they did the same thing.  They committed illegal acts against us, published remedy to legalize their actions, and then blocked access to the remedy.  

For example, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors insisted that everyone be made to register their privately owned trucks and automobiles as "Motor Vehicles" even though they aren't Motor Vehicles by definition.  They did this to obtain an "ownership interest" in our private property, allowing them to claim and use all our private cars and tracks as collateral they can borrow against, and giving them the right to seize and impound our cars and trucks, and also the ability to insist that everyone buy insurance for "their" vehicles.  All this is as illegal as hell, so they had to legalize it by providing a remedy.  That remedy is Regulation Z, which provides an exemption, first provided in the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956. But, again, par for the course, if you ask the Department of Transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles about this, you will get a Dumb Cow Stare and they will tell you they never heard of "Regulation Z" and you must be making it up just for fun. 

Now they've jerked awake and realized that all this has been discovered and is flowing in a tidal wave straight downhill at them and their corporations.  They are also coming to realize that they don't have a leg to stand on, because we already closed the loop in every available venue of law, rolled the assets into our private non-statutory trust, reconveyed everything to the land and soil jurisdiction, and published our Irrevocable Will on the Public Record of their own courts and land recording offices, Federal, State, and County.  

So what do they do?  Full throttle stop, reverse course, beat for the nearest harbor.... 

It's okay that they are dropping their corporate charters like flies and coming home to the land and soil, but they (for example, BlackRock, Inc. and Vanguard, Inc.) should not be provided with any bankruptcy protection provided by the victims of all this fraud.  The Principals who engineered all this criminal activity should have to pay for it. 

Nobody who hears or sees this information and continues to cling to a Bar Association membership should be immune from prosecution and debt collection under our Commercial Lien. 

Mr. Trump and whatever emerges as the "new" British Territorial corporation should not be allowed to waltz into what they think of as our "vacated" American Federal Republic and set up the same old operation again.  It's a Reverse Bait and Switch Scheme if they do, illegal as hell, and in opposition to the rightful American owners who have already observed the Operation of Law which returned the American Federal Republic to the Delegators --- the American States and People --- the moment that the Federal Republic shut down operations. 

All the property and assets in the State Constructive Trusts that were established in the aftermath of the Civil War belong to us, the long-lost Americans. 

Equally, Mr. Trump and his Military Advisors, should be discouraged from trying to set up "a" British Territorial Federal Republic and trying to pass it off as ours.  The British Territorial Government pulled off exactly such a Substitution Scheme in the wake of the Civil War, substituting their British Territorial State-of-State organizations for our American States-of-State, and claiming that these foreign entities "represented" us while they spent our money like drunken sailors and made vast land grants of our land to their foreign Universities, which they have used for political agendas, brain-washing, and self-interested institutionalized fraud ever since. 

These criticisms are hard for these arrogant men to hear, much less act upon, but better that they straighten up their acts and come home and be forgiven as Prodigal Sons, than try to run such a Substitution Scheme and get caught and charged with treason because they can't quite believe that the people of this country finally woke up.  


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Sports Fans and Video Gurus Needed!

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have a confession to make.  I am not a great sports fan.  I was born clumsy and shy and egg-headed, so team sports was never my oyster, nor sports in general.   

I have to be in a hospital bed with the Sports Channel and the National Weather Channel as the only viewing options before I will watch the Olympics or any other athletic competitions. So I missed the messages being sent out by the Cabal through the opening and half-time shows.

The first bit that did catch my attention -- through friends commenting about it afterward-- was the bizarre procession of hooded figures carrying candle lamps around the giant effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics.  Say what?  At the same time, they also sponsored what can only be described as a Floor Show with actors pretending to be nurses armed with hypodermic needles pushing gurneys around the field.... WTH? 

This was soon after I and others lifted the lid on the very real dead baby scam the British Territorial United States has tried to foist off on the world.  By tricking parents into registering their children the Vermin created millions of "infant decedent estates" they could feed off and administer to their heart's delight against the interests of the actual owners of those names and estates. 

So, oddly, the "Dead Baby" message was a Public Admission of what they had already done, and the Naughty Nurses on the playing field making jabs in the air and twirling their gurnies around was a Public Notice of sorts, telling people what they planned to do -- use their Licensed and  "Uniformed Officers" ---- to inject everyone with patented crap, so they could claim all of those injected as Genetically Modified Organisms: chattel properties owned under patent.  

Of course, they want everyone to be vaccinated --- and owned as chattel by these rogue governmental services corporations. 

In retrospect, it's a message that the criminal cognizenti can read well enough, and their opinion of other people is so low, they are using this form of "paint them a picture" messaging to serve as court admissions and public notices. 

Not being a big sports buff, I wasn't aware of the existence of the Commonwealth Games, or as they are now styling it, the Common Wealth Games.  And I was only incidentally aware of anything called the World Military Games which were broadcast for the first time, coming to us from..... Wuhan, China, in 2019. 

It turns out that at the end of July 2022 they broadcast another hours-long phantasm at the opening of the Common Wealth (notice -- not Commonwealth) Games with then-Prince Charles presiding for his Mother. 

This time they featured a giant 30-foot tall mechanical bull being dragged onto the field using chains slung over the shoulders of slave women wearing Roman-Style togas. At the same time via giant movie screens, they are "telling" the story of a star exploding and sending shards of glowing "light crystals" onto the Earth, and these vaguely penile-shaped crystal shards being found by young women all over the world.  This second group of women show up at the stadium and in the end, they all troupe up the stairs of a flaming Babylonian-style ziggurat, and then come and fall down in a circle, worshiping the mechanical bull and placing the flags of 71 nations before their idol. 

Just picture the Israelites and the Golden Calf. It's the story retold from the perspective of the cow worshipers. Cow worship is extremely ancient.  Note the worship of "Sacred Cows" in India to this day and the presence of the Goddess Hathor in the Egyptian pantheon. Witness the Babylonian-Assyrian bull god Molloch.  Observe the ancient cult of Mithras. 

Anyway, they are telling us that, according to their plan, the 71 most developed nations of the world, now including Israel, are going to fall down and worship their mechanical bull, and they are going to use the women of this world, the Daughters of Eve, and some kind of female aphrodisiac or female-specific drug to accomplish all this. They are going to present all this as a way of escaping slavery to the bull, and turn it right around into being enslaved by the bull again. 

As far as I am concerned, it's all bull. 

But you will note that they did form all these "dead baby estates" and feed off them.  And they did unleash the Plandemic and profit from that.  So some kind of addiction afflicting the female population is what we can expect next, along with the deliberate placement of women into key positions of power within the corporation "governments", so as to bring all the various national corporations to worship the bull. 

God, the actual one, doesn't like it when we worship the bull.  It's right there, front and center, Article 1 of our contract: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." 

What happens if you worship the bull idol?  Your nation gets utterly destroyed. 

And now we hear that 71 nations are "decoupling" from the Federal Reserve "dollar". 

Hey, kids, you think that this is all coincidence?  Me, neither. 

So, I got curious --- did they send a message via the opening or half-time shows at the World Military Games in Wuhan, China, in 2019?  


Just the "United Nations" Floor Show was staggering.  They dropped the gong and told it all. 
The United Nations as a Fascist "Savior" in a policeman's uniform, giving a bent-armed Roman salute, followed by an adoration of the Black Sun in which the Black Sun sends out a shock wave of "Peace". 

Or death.  Death can be very peaceful.  I have noticed that many times in mortuaries and funeral chapels and churches where they have dead bodies --- "religious relics" on display.  

Please, could someone who is a sports fan and someone who is a videographer, combine and use your talents (or maybe one sports fan who happens to know how to capture and compile video clips) to surveil and gather together a sequential compendium of these messages?  

Scour through all the major athletic events and look at the opening shows and half time shows ---Olympics, Special Olympics, Common Wealth Games, World Military Games, any big sports events where various nations are represented and competing --- and capture all these weird going's on for people, so they can see it for themselves?  

I am asking for a slide show made of video clips from these events, demonstrating that yes, this is real, and yes, these people are crazy.  We are not imagining it.  We can call this little visual expose (hopefully with subtitles divulging where and when the events occurred) "Beyond Crop Circles".

After the people of the world have a chance to see what their purportedly sane and responsible leaders have been up to, I will send the entire world population a special invite to the elite Tin Hats and Nutters Club. It's the only sane place left to be. 


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The Head of the Serpent -- and Faces Thereof

 By Anna Von Reitz

There's something wrong with Kim Goguen.  You sense it immediately upon meeting her.  There is something wrong, and  whatever that indefinite flag is, it catches your attention.  She's not "right".  

My immediate thought was that she was an abuse survivor, and in a sense, yes, that is exactly what she is. That makes it difficult for me to blame her for what she does and says, including all the manure she spreads about me, because I would be speaking evil of the dead ---  a person who isn't truly herself anymore, because of the "biological computer" that is implanted in her brain stem. 

I suppose it could happen to any of us.  We go in for a routine dental surgery, and..... come out as an Artificial Intelligence experiment.  That said, Kim was more expendable than most of us.  Her genetic quotient had been replicated many times. 

The inquiries that I made about Kim as a result of my first impression, and also as a result of  seeing her calm and happy one moment and raging like a demented wild beast the next, led to information from former CIA sources that I find difficult to believe, but as I have no better explanation for her and her condition, I might as well share it and see what comes out in the wash. 

I was told that Kim is related to the murdered Romanov Family, and that for three generations the surviving members of that family were bred in captivity like animals, for the amusement of those who planned the "Communist Revolution" in Russia.  

Shortly after the Second World War, an especially pretty girl was born into the "herd" (their words, not mine) and they named her "Kim" which was short for some very complex Russian name, like "Kyemenivechska".  By then, their science had advanced to the point where they could clone individuals, so they took genetic material from the First Kim and made Kim 2, Kim 3, Kim 4.... and so on, as many as they wanted, all genetically identical.  

Some of the Kims they experimented on, others they trained as spies, others they trained as scientists and so on; there was no reason "why" one Kim got used to test the effect of poisons on skin, and another one was trained to be the female equivalent of James Bond. It was an arbitrary fate that dictated that this "Kim" would be chosen for their Artificial Intelligence program and have her brain stem rewired. 

Unfortunately for her, the technology melding machinery to our common biology is far from perfected.  According to my sources, Kim Goguen suffers from an array of mental, emotional, and biological problems as a result.  

She is able to connect with high speed computers and analyze data as a computer might.  This allows her to keep track of literally thousands of accounts and account transactions.  On the downside, the "installation" has changed her entire sensory system.  

Kim's eyesight is impacted so that she is light sensitive and sees images that aren't there.  This makes it difficult for her to know what is real and unreal, similar to schizophrenic delusions, but derived from different causes.  This means she has to have a reliable driver (like Tank) to keep her from driving off the road in response to an illusory herd of donkeys, and also requires round the clock assistance of other kinds.   She suffers extreme mood swings and emotional stress, so that whatever she gained in functionality is offset by conditions you wouldn't want to wish on anyone. 

There is still a good woman trapped inside the machine and that good woman fights a lonely battle against the machine inside her head. 

Her tormentors thought it would be funny to use an off-spring of the Romanovs to bring about the final defeat of what the last Czar and his wife actually stood for: family, religion, and tradition.  They stood against everything the "New World Order '' had aimed to destroy; that, and their money, was ultimately why the Romanovs were killed. Now, to add insult to injury, the  denizens of DC have brought forth one of the Romanov Family's own progeny as the Romanovs' ultimate nemesis. 

And none of it is Kim's fault, but, there it is. 

The original intention of her "Handlers" was to use her to make sure the accounts were secure, thanks to her ability to scan them in real time, and little else.  It was only about four or five years ago that they hit upon a scheme to use her for additional services.   They would claim that she was the rightful heir to the so-called "Collateral Accounts" and try to build a psy-op around her to help control their narrative going forward. If it worked, fine, and if not, fine, too. 

They haven't invested a whole lot in Kim's "Displacement Narrative", and in terms of her LifeForce efforts they won't.  Their purpose was to bring forward yet another confusing narrative and see if we, the sheep, will follow. 

Russell J. Gould was another such "Extra Player" who was positioned the same way, as the scion of the famous Gould Family and advocate of the new-old Dog Latin Scheme first foisted off on the world by the Emperor Justinian.  There is something wrong about Russell, too.  He talks one way and spins another. To my face, he was open and friendly; behind my back, he called me a "jackal" and then lied about that, too. 

And again, I identified Russell as an abuse survivor --- not as instantly as Kim, but over time as he let things slip.  He spent time in a Federal Prison where they put him in solitary confinement, without heat, without food, and without water, in total darkness.  They tortured him, in other words, and at one point left him alone and without food for three weeks to break him.  At the end of this, he was indeed broken, mentally and emotionally, but even more amazing -- he was still alive.  So they fished him out of his cell, mocked him, hypnotized him, and have been playing him like a piano ever since. 

My sources tell me that Russell is an actual unique and natural man, once brilliant and fast-tracked to go to an Ivy League school with a career in banking and securities to follow, but he rebelled and his feckless family deserted him to whatever fate, even though his failure to be useful to them was largely their own fault.  They raised him with high ideals, with narratives about the Founding Fathers and the Old West, and it was those stories that he loved, not the dystopian fantasies that he was ultimately coerced to serve. 

My heart went out to Russell, and to an extent, still does; he was an innocent they used and corrupted, and as they did this, he had to know that he was being forced to destroy everything he loved and had been taught to cherish. 

It's their cruelty as well as their lies that I hold against the minions of the Illuminati. 

As for me, yes, they tried their best, but no matter what they attempted, it failed --- either because of my own obdurate nature or simply the Grace of God.  I was offered a full boat scholarship to Mt. Holyoke and fast tracked into college level courses as an eighth grader; I was enrolled in a special program run by the Rand Corporation to draft and train "specialists" for the government "services".  All true. 

I was, in their lingo, "unadaptable".  

So was my husband, who went through the same kind of grooming process in the Air Force. 

He, too, was labelled, "unadaptable".  

In the course of all my education with them, they  tried to implant a hypnotic meme into my subconscious, that would work like a trap door into my psyche.  To give you an example of this, the meme was my name, "Anna" and a number. When I heard this code, I was supposed to mentally surrender and do whatever they told me to do, like a Zombie.  But, instead of obeying, I recognized what they were doing and told them to pound sand. 

They also pulled an old Nazi trick and left a meme attached to a smell, in this case, the venerable plum-blossomed scented original cologne known as 4711.  When I smelled this, I was supposed to recognize my "Keymaster" and fall in love with him.  That didn't work, either. 

We are all now engaged in a war in the Jurisdiction of the Air --- the realm of thoughts and ideas. The stronger you are in mind and spirit, the better.  You must exercise your faculties for all you are worth to discern the truth and find your way through all the lies and chaos.  

I was gifted by Nature and Nature's God with an ability to sift the wheat from the chaff and it's a gift I attempt to share with you.  Call it a "Shinola Sensor". You all have this feature built into your brains, too, but you must learn to use it and trust it.  Like your conscience and your sense of justice, your Creator gave these gifts to you.  Use these gifts to recognize the truth and use the truth as your sword in this fight.  

And use love as your endless internal resource. 

Energy is the real currency of the Universe. 

You have each been gifted with around 33 Trillion volts of energy. 

When you consider that a car battery runs on 12 volts, that should give you some idea of how powerful and rich you really are. 

When they propose to kill half or more of the world's population, and attack the animals and plants, too, they are stealing and destroying your actual wealth and inheritance. 

You have 33 trillion volts.  What are you going to do with it?  Sit around on a couch and feel helpless?  Watch TV so they can hypnotize and brainwash you some more?  

If you want your inheritance of life and love, you cannot just sit there anymore. You have to join the struggle by supporting life and giving love and seeking truth.  Be unadaptable. Decide this day which side you are on. 

And then, please, read this Department of Defense Report:  


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