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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

They Can't Beat Us, So....Fraud Incoming!

 By Anna Von Reitz

They are going to join us.  The 71 nations that "fell down and worshiped the bull" at the Common Wealth Games in July have also just announced that they are going to decouple from the Federal Reserve Note as the Reserve Currency, which means they are "unincorporating" and using actual money again.  

Read that --- all these bankrupt corporations are running back to shore in an effort to save their assets. 

However, they've all committed unlawful acts, which voids their charters.  

So, all the governmental services corporations are slated for destruction.  The True God destroys the Golden Calf (or the mechanical bull in their most recent version) in a repeat of the Biblical account.   

From their perspective, it might be more apt to say that the True God destroys the Golden Goose, because the fiat monetary system allowed them to get something for nothing. Literally.  And they could claim that it was all voluntary, so long as nobody objected. 

So long as nobody knew what was going on, nobody could object. They've gotten away with this  "inequitable trading practice" for over 160 years.  This is literally getting something (a hamburger) for nothing (a piece of paper with no date set for repayment). 

Just remember Joe's Hamburger Shop: Joe's burger pays for Igor's debt. 

Put in more general terms, all our goods and services, our "National Credit", already paid off Igor's "National Debt".  So there is no interest owed on any National Debt, and when you add the Grace Commission Report to the mix, you have proof of more mammoth fraud and embezzlement. 

There's more.  By their own rules, whenever they do something illegal, they have to "legalize it" by publishing a remedy for it.  If you don't make use of the remedy, they can assume that you acquiesced to the situation and are voluntarily accepting it. 

So, when they latched onto your Good Name and estate and unlawfully converted it into an infant decedent estate without your knowledge --- a grossly illegal act, they had to publish remedy for it.  That remedy is a one-liner lost in the immensity of Federal Title 12--- 12 USC 95 (a), establishing a "reversionary trust interest" that you can in theory exercise, but they never gave a clue how.  

They failed to publish which office or officer was responsible for restoring your estate to you and never established any process, never published any forms, never provided actual access to the remedy.  

We have since found out by reading British Admiralty Law that the responsible officer is the Secretary of State.  See the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, which once again proves malice aforethought on the part of the British Parliament. 

In 1933 they committed another grossly illegal act against us.  They stole our gold, both public and privately held, "borrowed" it for an unstated period of time, and of course, they had to publish a remedy for that, too: HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, and 48 Stat.112.  And again, they published the remedy to legalize their theft, and, again, they never provided access to it. No instructions, no office to address, no forms, no big publication in the newspapers --- nothing.

Even when it came to "Administrative Law" --- the "law" governing the internal operations of their corporations, they did the same thing.  They committed illegal acts against us, published remedy to legalize their actions, and then blocked access to the remedy.  

For example, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors insisted that everyone be made to register their privately owned trucks and automobiles as "Motor Vehicles" even though they aren't Motor Vehicles by definition.  They did this to obtain an "ownership interest" in our private property, allowing them to claim and use all our private cars and tracks as collateral they can borrow against, and giving them the right to seize and impound our cars and trucks, and also the ability to insist that everyone buy insurance for "their" vehicles.  All this is as illegal as hell, so they had to legalize it by providing a remedy.  That remedy is Regulation Z, which provides an exemption, first provided in the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956. But, again, par for the course, if you ask the Department of Transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles about this, you will get a Dumb Cow Stare and they will tell you they never heard of "Regulation Z" and you must be making it up just for fun. 

Now they've jerked awake and realized that all this has been discovered and is flowing in a tidal wave straight downhill at them and their corporations.  They are also coming to realize that they don't have a leg to stand on, because we already closed the loop in every available venue of law, rolled the assets into our private non-statutory trust, reconveyed everything to the land and soil jurisdiction, and published our Irrevocable Will on the Public Record of their own courts and land recording offices, Federal, State, and County.  

So what do they do?  Full throttle stop, reverse course, beat for the nearest harbor.... 

It's okay that they are dropping their corporate charters like flies and coming home to the land and soil, but they (for example, BlackRock, Inc. and Vanguard, Inc.) should not be provided with any bankruptcy protection provided by the victims of all this fraud.  The Principals who engineered all this criminal activity should have to pay for it. 

Nobody who hears or sees this information and continues to cling to a Bar Association membership should be immune from prosecution and debt collection under our Commercial Lien. 

Mr. Trump and whatever emerges as the "new" British Territorial corporation should not be allowed to waltz into what they think of as our "vacated" American Federal Republic and set up the same old operation again.  It's a Reverse Bait and Switch Scheme if they do, illegal as hell, and in opposition to the rightful American owners who have already observed the Operation of Law which returned the American Federal Republic to the Delegators --- the American States and People --- the moment that the Federal Republic shut down operations. 

All the property and assets in the State Constructive Trusts that were established in the aftermath of the Civil War belong to us, the long-lost Americans. 

Equally, Mr. Trump and his Military Advisors, should be discouraged from trying to set up "a" British Territorial Federal Republic and trying to pass it off as ours.  The British Territorial Government pulled off exactly such a Substitution Scheme in the wake of the Civil War, substituting their British Territorial State-of-State organizations for our American States-of-State, and claiming that these foreign entities "represented" us while they spent our money like drunken sailors and made vast land grants of our land to their foreign Universities, which they have used for political agendas, brain-washing, and self-interested institutionalized fraud ever since. 

These criticisms are hard for these arrogant men to hear, much less act upon, but better that they straighten up their acts and come home and be forgiven as Prodigal Sons, than try to run such a Substitution Scheme and get caught and charged with treason because they can't quite believe that the people of this country finally woke up.  


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