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Friday, June 28, 2019

Operation Wet Back

By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the 1950's, when Americans were not pre-programmed to be politically correct, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Staff conducted Operation Wet Back.  They used US Army and Federal Agency personnel to sweep through the Southern and Western States and remove all undocumented aliens back to their countries of origin.  If I recall correctly, more than a million people, mostly South American in origin, were ultimately returned home.  

They were returned home and the home country got a stern warning: you are responsible for the care and conduct of your own people within the international community.  We respect your borders.  You respect ours.  

End of communique. 

And that was that.  No crisis.  No political Flim-Flam.  No Mexican flags flying above the American flag in LA.  No pretense that "treaties" signed by unhinged members of political parties have anything to do with us and our States and our People and our land and soil.  No South American Gang Members being allowed to come here and cause trouble.  

Threat to our security.  Boom.  End of that problem. 

Eisenhower performed the duty owed by the Territorial United States Government and the U.S. Military and the Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend our land and soil against any kind of invasion--- without fanfare, without apology, without political correctness, and without a nod to the Municipal Congress, either. 

So now here we are, the actual States of the Union, flexing our muscle and making visitation upon our erstwhile Federal Employees.  Consider it a Surprise Inspection after a 150 years, but here we are.  

We find that Donald Trump is attempting to do his duty, but various members of the Joint Chiefs and PENTAGON are having difficulty understanding exactly what their duty is and who is owed Performance under the contracts, treaties, and agreements which allow their own existence as "Persons" and which delegates the empowerment they exercise in our behalf.  

So here it is, boys, spelled out in black and white.  

Your paychecks come from the States and People represented by The United States of America--- not "the" United States of America and not "the" United States, either.   The Queen and the Pope are both just acting as middlemen under our Delegated Power.  Your actual duty to perform is owed to us--- the American States and People.  Period. 

Anything and anyone that threatens us and our well-being, whether foreign --- like the hordes of illegal immigrants -- or domestic, like renegade members of Congress - you are under absolute obligation to protect us, our peace, and our well-being. 

If that means building a physical wall, so be it.  If it means telling South American Governments to back off, so be it.  If it means rounding up illegal immigrants and arresting Municipal Officers operating unauthorized "Sanctuary Cities" on our shores, so be it.  If it means arresting members of Congress who have violated the Public Trust, so be it. Deport them along with the illegal immigrants. If it means being politically incorrect, so be it.  

Do your duty.  Do it no matter what yelling and screaming it provokes.  Do it no matter who snivels and cries in the New York Times.   You don't owe Performance to U.S. Citizens, but you do owe Performance to us: the American States and People. 

So, as you can now see, it is all very simple.  You all do your duty to the Public Law and the States and the People of this country, or----what good are you? Exactly what do we need you for?  

We'll fire your flat rumps and hire someone else who will do the job we hired them to do.  We'll suspend your pensions for Dereliction of Duty.  We will Dishonorably Discharge the whole General Staff.  And we won't blink or be acting guilty or apologizing or being politically correct about it, either. 

Better get on board.   The Ship of State is sailing. 


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The Status and Operations of the United States in 30 Points

By Anna Von Reitz

This is not rocket science.  We all just have to learn a few things we have never been taught.
1. The American Civil War was not a war.  It was a Mercenary Conflict fought on our shores between opposing commercial corporations. 
2.  Both the North and the South were “Confederate States” – meaning incorporated businesses run under the auspices of the States of America confederation which was formed in 1781 under The Articles of Confederation.
3.  Confederate States are not States; they are “States of States” --- businesses hired to provide governmental services to our actual States and People.   They may be viewed as subcontractors of the States.
4. The Confederate States of States, like The State of Florida and The State of Wisconsin  were supposed to be the primary Federal service providers and to operate under The Constitution for the united States of America.
5.  In 1863, Abraham Lincoln bankrupted the Northern States of States.  The only Office he had left that he controlled was that of Commander-in-Chief, so he imposed a form of Martial Law called The Lieber Code and began to rule by Executive Order. 
6.  The Office of the Commander-in-Chief falls under the auspices of the Territorial United States Government and is responsible for coordinating joint defense for the States between American Land and Air Forces and the US Navy which remains under direct control of the British Monarch.  As such, this Office is under the British Territorial Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America. 
7.  In the years since this began, The Lieber Code has morphed into The Hague Conventions, which apply to Territorial Government activities.   Land jurisdiction governments meanwhile formed The Geneva Conventions.   
8.  The affairs of the remaining elements of the Federal Government in 1865  entered into an uneasy Trusteeship pending the “reconstruction” of the American States of States and day to day operations were entrusted to the British-backed Territorial United States Government.
9. So what we had for a “Federal Government” coming out of the Civil War was a British Trust Protectorate overseen by an American-elected Commander-in-Chief operating under The Lieber Code (later The Hague Conventions) and ruling via Executive Orders.  That’s what we still have today.
10.  Please note that none of this ever involved our actual States.  This is all about the administration and/or mis-administration of the Federal Government and those functions delegated to it via the Constitutions.
11.  Meanwhile, the only other surviving part of the original Federal Government structure, the Municipal United States Government entrusted to the members of Congress under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, regrouped itself and began a long process by which it, too, has attempted to usurp upon the authority of the actual States and People of this country.
12.  By the end of the Spanish American War, the British Trust Protectorate had insinuated itself as the de facto government of this country and acting in its Territorial Capacity, the Congress assumed “War Powers” and “Emergency Powers” for itself that were never granted to it-- under Title 50, the Trading With the Enemy Act--- which again, does not involve our actual States or People at all, except to exempt us. 
13. The Trading With the Enemy Act establishes a gigantic trust and defines “the United States” as any place the U.S. military occupies.   This allows the U.S. military to vastly expand its Territorial operations and acquisitions on a worldwide basis, and that is precisely what it has done and the reason for establishing 950 U.S. military bases all over the globe.
14. Along with this vast expansion and extension of Territorial Government power, the Municipal United States Government has expanded commercial franchises in every corner of the globe, setting up corporate franchises for itself, such as CANADA and NEW SOUTH WALES, to promote and control business operations associated with the Territorial Government expansion.
15. Obviously, all of this is going on under the auspices of the British Government and the Pope’s Municipal Government manipulating the American Protectorate and using and abusing our resources and our people to do it. 
16.  They have principally endeavored to defraud and dis-inherit the actual States and People of this country via a series of collusive constructive fraud schemes, and sought to ultimately evade the limitations of the Constitutions and International Treaties that have empowered them.
17.  This constructive fraud begins when the Territorial Government “seizes” upon American babies born within the borders of one of our States and falsifies information about their identity and political status so as to conscript them and register them as Territorial United States Citizens.
18.  This has the effect of kidnapping and transporting Americans from their natural jurisdiction on the land and soil of their actual State, and into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea: press-ganging, which has been outlawed for two centuries worldwide. 
19.  Thus misidentified by the Territorial United States Government as Territorial U.S. Citizens and deprived therefore of their property rights and Good Names and lawful identities, the victims are leased as property assets (collateral) to the United States, Inc. run by the Municipal United States Government. 
20.  The Municipal United States Government seizes upon the Territorial Legal Persons--  which are all defined as Foreign Situs Trusts,  and spins off its own corporate franchises operating under various NAMES – JOHN MARK DOE, for example,  is a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust named ultimately after the living American victim.  
21. All of this has been done in Gross Breach of Trust, in deliberate conspiracy against the Constitutions, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, and under False Presumptions.
22. The first False Presumption is that our States and People are subject to The Law of Belligerent Occupation as the result of a 150 year-old commercial Mercenary Conflict that we were never engaged in. 
23. Our States and People are in fact owed The Law of Peace, as described by United States Army Pamphlet AR 27-161-1 and have suffered Gross Breach of Trust and Gross Mis-Administration of the Protectorate.
24. Any Powers exercised or conferred upon or delegated to either the Territorial Government or the Municipal Government of the United States derives directly from the actual States and People of this country, which they have deliberately mis-identified as Confederate States of States and as British Territorial Citizens.  
25. Without us and our continued support, their “Persons” disappear along with the Constitutions allowing and defining their existence.
26.  Whereupon we observe that the Municipal United States Corporations have all been bankrupted and we are the Priority Creditors, owed $25 Trillion as our National Credit, plus many other considerations. 
27. Whereupon we also note that as bankrupt Subcontractors, all “Powers” vested in any incompetent or insolvent entity, return immediately to the Delegators --- to the States and People and their unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.
28. The Trustees overseeing the bankruptcy of the United States, Inc.  and also the USA. Inc. franchises are responsible for returning Full Faith and Credit to The United States of America, its member States, and People.
29.  By Maxim of Law, possession by pirates does not change ownership of assets, and any Persons seeking to seize upon and exploit the assets of Trust Property arising from any Federal claim at all, are pirates by definition with respect to our land and soil jurisdiction States and People.
30. Those responsible for these atrocities committed against the American States and People –an attempted genocide on paper – have acted in criminal Breach of Trust and they must make prompt correction and amends to avoid being identified as criminals guilty of capital crimes and treason. 

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For Confused Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

The Continental Marshals Service serves the Land Jurisdiction of The United States of America.  

The Land Jurisdiction is an international jurisdiction belonging to The United States, but controlled and operated by The United States of America.  This is where we get "States of the Union" meaning "States belonging to the Union". 

These States are all Federation Compact States -- Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, California, Ohio..... not to be confused with "states of states". 

The United States = the Union = republican states = national jurisdiction. 
The United States of America = the Federation = States of the Union = international jurisdiction.

These unincorporated business structures are not to be confused with the Territorial United States Government doing business "in our name" as "the" United States of America, nor with the Municipal United States Government doing business in our name as "the" United States.  

From the foregoing you can see that Continental Marshals have enforcement authority under direct delegation from the unincorporated government that is in charge of the international jurisdiction owed to the States in general and that government is The United States of America. 

They have primary responsibility for enforcing the Law of the Land including the Constitutions, the Un-revised United States Statutes-at-Large, Postal Laws and issues arising under the Reserved Powers of the Tenth Amendment.  

As international land jurisdiction Officers they are not under any authority vested in the individual States, are not part of the State Militias; like the sea-going US Marshals their turf is defined by Districts --- in the case of Continental Marshals, they work within Postal Districts that may overlap several States.  

The structure mandated is that each State has one Chief Marshal and each Postal District has a District Chief Marshal, all organized under a single Chief Marshal of The United States of America.  Deputy Marshals serve under the direction of the Chief Marshal for their State or the District Chief Marshal as the issues and needs may demand. 

So long as the Constitutions are honored, the duties of the Continental Marshals are limited to protecting the land jurisdiction of this country as described: Constitutional Issues, Un-Revised US Statutes-at-Large, Reserved Powers (Amendment X) and Postal Laws.  

If the Constitutions are vacated, the Continental Marshals become responsible for enforcing all aspects of international law within their Districts.

Continental Marshals serve a unique interface between the County Sheriffs and the Federal Government; when County Sheriffs need assistance to enforce Constitutional guarantees, the Continental Marshals are there to assist; when County Sheriffs fail to uphold the Constitutional guarantees and other Natural and Unalienable Rights of the American People, the Continental Marshals can be called upon.  

Some of the men now serving as Continental Marshals are confused because they are being required to Expatriate from "the" United States.  They mistake "the" United States --- the foreign Municipal Government created by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 for the actual United States: The United States. 

This confusion has been promoted for many decades by gangs of political lobbyists who have used it to commandeer the wealth and resources of our country.  The Municipal United States Government is operating "in our names" because it exercises some of our Powers which were delegated to it under The Constitution of the United States.  

Please look carefully at the names of things --- The Constitution of the United States is referring to the Municipal United States Government, not The United States, just as The Constitution of the United States of America is referring to the Territorial United States Government and not The United States of America. 

Continental Marshals must be able to identify the Federal Entities and know the constitutional limitations placed on those entities, must be able to tell the difference between an actual State and a State of State  or STATE OF STATE incorporated franchise. 

Expatriating from both  "the" Municipal and Territorial United States leaves Continental Marshals free to stand upon their lawful jurisdiction as Americans and allows them to enter the international land jurisdiction of The United States of America where they work as Lawful Persons engaged in the enforcement of international law.

If they do not expatriate from the foreign Dual Citizenship capacity of US Government Employees, they cannot lawfully enter upon the Land Jurisdiction of this Country and do their jobs.  More importantly, if they are confused with US Marshals, they may be mis-identified as threats or as charlatans impersonating US Marshals.  

The only way to guard against this is to have their paperwork in order and properly recorded and a firm grasp on exactly what their duty and source of authority is.  

Duty: Enforce the Constitutions, the Un-Revised United States Statutes-at-Large, the Postal Laws, and any issues arising under the Reserved Powers of Amendment X.  Assist county peacekeeping officials and local people to enforce the Public Law owed to this country. 

Turf and Authority:  Established Postal Districts and groupings of States within the Postal Districts.  Continental Marshals are Federal Postal District Officers under the original Federal Constitution, The Constitution for the united States of America, and they are working for The United States of America --- not the Queen, and not the Pope. 

I hope this clears up any misinformation/disinformation coming from Destry Payne and others.  Any Marshal who has questions can contact me directly at and use "Continental Marshal Question" as the subject. 


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