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Friday, June 28, 2019

For Confused Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

The Continental Marshals Service serves the Land Jurisdiction of The United States of America.  

The Land Jurisdiction is an international jurisdiction belonging to The United States, but controlled and operated by The United States of America.  This is where we get "States of the Union" meaning "States belonging to the Union". 

These States are all Federation Compact States -- Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, California, Ohio..... not to be confused with "states of states". 

The United States = the Union = republican states = national jurisdiction. 
The United States of America = the Federation = States of the Union = international jurisdiction.

These unincorporated business structures are not to be confused with the Territorial United States Government doing business "in our name" as "the" United States of America, nor with the Municipal United States Government doing business in our name as "the" United States.  

From the foregoing you can see that Continental Marshals have enforcement authority under direct delegation from the unincorporated government that is in charge of the international jurisdiction owed to the States in general and that government is The United States of America. 

They have primary responsibility for enforcing the Law of the Land including the Constitutions, the Un-revised United States Statutes-at-Large, Postal Laws and issues arising under the Reserved Powers of the Tenth Amendment.  

As international land jurisdiction Officers they are not under any authority vested in the individual States, are not part of the State Militias; like the sea-going US Marshals their turf is defined by Districts --- in the case of Continental Marshals, they work within Postal Districts that may overlap several States.  

The structure mandated is that each State has one Chief Marshal and each Postal District has a District Chief Marshal, all organized under a single Chief Marshal of The United States of America.  Deputy Marshals serve under the direction of the Chief Marshal for their State or the District Chief Marshal as the issues and needs may demand. 

So long as the Constitutions are honored, the duties of the Continental Marshals are limited to protecting the land jurisdiction of this country as described: Constitutional Issues, Un-Revised US Statutes-at-Large, Reserved Powers (Amendment X) and Postal Laws.  

If the Constitutions are vacated, the Continental Marshals become responsible for enforcing all aspects of international law within their Districts.

Continental Marshals serve a unique interface between the County Sheriffs and the Federal Government; when County Sheriffs need assistance to enforce Constitutional guarantees, the Continental Marshals are there to assist; when County Sheriffs fail to uphold the Constitutional guarantees and other Natural and Unalienable Rights of the American People, the Continental Marshals can be called upon.  

Some of the men now serving as Continental Marshals are confused because they are being required to Expatriate from "the" United States.  They mistake "the" United States --- the foreign Municipal Government created by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 for the actual United States: The United States. 

This confusion has been promoted for many decades by gangs of political lobbyists who have used it to commandeer the wealth and resources of our country.  The Municipal United States Government is operating "in our names" because it exercises some of our Powers which were delegated to it under The Constitution of the United States.  

Please look carefully at the names of things --- The Constitution of the United States is referring to the Municipal United States Government, not The United States, just as The Constitution of the United States of America is referring to the Territorial United States Government and not The United States of America. 

Continental Marshals must be able to identify the Federal Entities and know the constitutional limitations placed on those entities, must be able to tell the difference between an actual State and a State of State  or STATE OF STATE incorporated franchise. 

Expatriating from both  "the" Municipal and Territorial United States leaves Continental Marshals free to stand upon their lawful jurisdiction as Americans and allows them to enter the international land jurisdiction of The United States of America where they work as Lawful Persons engaged in the enforcement of international law.

If they do not expatriate from the foreign Dual Citizenship capacity of US Government Employees, they cannot lawfully enter upon the Land Jurisdiction of this Country and do their jobs.  More importantly, if they are confused with US Marshals, they may be mis-identified as threats or as charlatans impersonating US Marshals.  

The only way to guard against this is to have their paperwork in order and properly recorded and a firm grasp on exactly what their duty and source of authority is.  

Duty: Enforce the Constitutions, the Un-Revised United States Statutes-at-Large, the Postal Laws, and any issues arising under the Reserved Powers of Amendment X.  Assist county peacekeeping officials and local people to enforce the Public Law owed to this country. 

Turf and Authority:  Established Postal Districts and groupings of States within the Postal Districts.  Continental Marshals are Federal Postal District Officers under the original Federal Constitution, The Constitution for the united States of America, and they are working for The United States of America --- not the Queen, and not the Pope. 

I hope this clears up any misinformation/disinformation coming from Destry Payne and others.  Any Marshal who has questions can contact me directly at and use "Continental Marshal Question" as the subject. 


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  1. How may I find out who the Continental Marshal is for "the Postal District" that includes San Diego, California? .........

  2. Still rather abstract ... perhaps a continental map showing the particular areas of jurisdiction with shown boundaries and / or colors to help identify and differentiate the jurisdictions to better show what is stated in this important matter of distinction necessary to be had and a listing of the various authorities / powers delegated to the personnel assigned to these duties would be helpful for the less initiated in these concepts ... anything to lend more / greater understanding and making it much more presentable and readily viewable as a ready reminder and study aid ... a wall map to be sold to purchase? ... TY for all your efforts ANNA and PAUL ! ...

  3. Still rather abstract since it is a very little understood concept ... perhaps a continental map showing the particular areas of jurisdiction with shown/circled boundaries and/or colors to help differentiate the jurisdictions to better show what is stated in this important matter of necessary distinction to be had, and a listing of the various authorities/powers assigned Still rather abstract ... perhaps a continental map showing the particular areas of jurisdiction with shown boundaries and/or colors to help identify and differentiate the jurisdictions to better show what is stated in this important matter of distinction necessary to be had and a listing of the various authorities/powers delegated to the personnel assigned these duties would be very helpful for the less initiated in these concepts ... anything to lend more / greater understanding , and making it much more presentable and readily viewable as a ready reminder and study aid ... a wall map to be sold / purchased would be great ! ... TY Anna and Paul for all your work and efforts in restoring proper correct understanding of these matters . GODSPEED . Bruce Anacker

    1. Why won't it show my comment above as from ?

  4. These may help you garner a picture of what's going on behind the scenes
    UN map of ten world regions - UN is also a PRIVATE CORPORATION
    The state is the first layer - this is the layer that Anna is working to restore - nothing starts without the state
    What we have today is States of States and STATES OF STATES laying over top the state
    Above that they have unelected Councils of Governments (COG's)
    Above that 10 Federal Districts - this would be the federal reserve
    Go read this article explains it very well
    So while the tell lie vision keeps the circus going, behind the scenes they have a whole different ball game running
    Green new deal is so that their private public partnerships make an absolute bucket load of money while they suck the rest of the population dry
    They've made plans for destruction across the board and Resilient Cities created by none other then the Rockefeller Foundation has been set up to assist the terrorized victims in recovery
    The corporation cities sign on and get funding to carry out events that fit their objective like disarming everyone one the planet and putting up more surveillance for their 5G open air prison, social credit score system
    More corporations set up on the back end to provide those materials, like cameras and the information technology infrastructure to support the surveillance
    Sandy Hook perfect example - set that all up - national wide rally for gun control - donations by the millions to a 501c3 non profit who is now rolling out tattle tale school surveillance programs in all schools and the 'professional' staff to train your kids on what to look for and then go report it back at school
    This also assist them in filling their for profit prison systems, keeps the courts, judges, clerks and many others on the green new deal path and the dumbed down masses are none the wiser
    It's called the Sandy Hook Promise
    Salaries of those running this operation are off the charts
    Patriot Act was the same thing - demo some buildings put it on tell lie vision - sheep believe it - roll out all kinds of surveillance and companies who by the way were already in the background who are setting up the open air prison system for the sheep
    This event spawned the TSA, DHS and who knows how many others all of which are private public parnetership corporations
    Socially engineering the masses to accept through tell lie vision, music and in everything else because they also own the media companies that they feed the script to - media does not report any real news anymore only whay they are fed by the owners
    Anyway hope this helps

  5. anyone have any success with traveling without driver license?

  6. Creators daughter I carry the birth certificate and when i got pulled over i said to the cop i am traveling i am not in contract today and i believe this is the contract you desire and handed him the birth certificate All ways speak first and all ways speak clearly with kindness Only admit to being the Beneficiary of the Birth certificate trade name . The BC is your indemnity bond receipt . He asked me if the name on the BC was my father i said i am beneficiary of the trade name contract you hold in your hand he said ok and went back to his cruiser with the BC . About just a couple minutes he came back and said i believe this is your property and handed me the BC and said have a nice day. That was a highway patrol. Key word is i am traveling not in contract and at NO time will i admit to being a driver or in contract. I owned the car i had no license no ins and expired plates .The car was in the trade name . DO NOT CONSENT TO CONTRACT and use kindness no matter how they act. Only comply under duress if they are going to hurt you and MAKE it very CLEAR only under duress will you comply.


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