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Monday, May 31, 2021


I do not know who the speaker is in this 5 minute video, but he presents a lot of interesting facts and places where one can go to learn more information. You are free to completely ignore what he has to say, but you at least should go listen because he appears to know what he is talking about.


Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 24 -- Other Kinds of Blood Money

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are admittedly unable to determine who first came up with the idea of using the vast cave systems that naturally occur in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia for the purpose of storing gold, we can only attest that this happened in the distant past, and was in full operation during the Roman Empire.
Along with the gold storage came gold-related businesses---banking, smelting, hallmarking, assaying, jewelry, shipping, security services, and so on, which flourished, and along with the gold trade came the jewels trade. Jewels from India, Burma, Thailand, and Africa found their way to the Filipino and Indonesian gold storage and processing centers.
Thus, we are talking about a highly complex, interlocking, well-established industry that has been functioning for centuries prior to this, and which is central to the world's storage of gold and use of gold for all sorts of purposes-- as a commodity standard, as a means of international exchange, as an industrial material, as collateral for credit, and as the raw material to create fine jewelry.
These facts which are not generally well-known in the western world account for the involvement of such personalities as Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno in the history of our money.
The official story that everyone is trying to sell is that in the final days of the Communist Chinese takeover of China, the Nationalist Chinese Government supported by the never-really-identified Dragon Family, sent seven warships laden with Chinese gold to America and placed it on deposit for safekeeping.
That part of the story is true enough, at least insofar as the fact that a large amount of Chinese-owned gold was placed on deposit in certain US Banks, most particularly the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This same gold was the subject of a 2011 court suit brought by Mr. Neil Keenan, on behalf of the current Chinese Government.
It seems that the New York Fed never paid the interest owed on the Chinese gold deposit, and the Chinese Government wanted at least some reasonable accommodation for payment of interest and recognition of the debt.
Instead of agreeing to that, the New York Fed used the excuse that the original depositor, the Nationalist Chinese Government, no longer existed and had no representation, and so all the Chinese gold on deposit was "abandoned" property and had been used to create the Global Collateral Accounts, to be used for humanitarian development projects worldwide.
The Chinese were not impressed with this theft-by-any-other-name, and neither were we. The central fact that this gold ultimately belongs to the Chinese people regardless of the government in charge, got glossed over with legalistic arguments and technicalities, with the effect that nothing good has come of it. The so-called Global Collateral Accounts have not been used for philanthropy and the gold has not been returned to the owners.
As interesting as this situation is, and the Robinhood-style public benefit scheme resulting from it, let us observe that seven warships of gold is just a drop in the bucket compared to actual world gold reserves, and all the attention focused on this political and moral stand-off is a red herring akin to the attention focused on "budgeted" money squabbles versus all the "non-budgeted" money that corporate governments commandeer, rat-hole, slush fund, and otherwise hide from public view.
So let's dispense with tales about the lost Chinese gold, and the mythic Dragon Family, and the Global Collateral Accounts, and that whole storyline---- it's a distraction from what is actually important.
Gold is a peculiar substance. It has, in effect, its own DNA. The ultimate provenance of any lump of gold on Earth can be determined with a high degree of accuracy, and when you use this natural "Source Code", it turns out that the vast bulk of all the gold in the world comes from the Americas--- North and South, and from Africa, too.
If the bulk of gold on Earth truly belongs to anyone, it belongs to the native people who were the original owners of it, the same native people who were enslaved and forced to labor in both gold and silver mines with a shocking loss of life. It's estimated that on average, twenty Native Americans died to extract one ounce of silver. Nobody knows how many Africans similarly perished.
Think about what makes these metals so very precious and you will find yet another meaning for the phrase "blood money" and perhaps even develop a healthy abhorrence for all the pretty little coins stamped with the faces of evil men and the emblems of evil institutions.
In the 1850's The United States of America was caught up in the trade of gold and silver like every other nation on Earth, and naturally, it had its stockpiles of both gold and silver as a requirement of that trade. After the Civil War, under the auspices of what we call "The Scottish Interloper" --- a Scottish commercial corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated --- our gold was quietly shipped to the Philippines for "safekeeping".
The U.S. Navy was responsible for the transport. Both the shipping certificates from the United States and the receipts for the flats from the Philippines still exist. At about the same time that this was going on, the Territorial U.S. Congress arranged to buy the landmass of the Philippine Islands using our money to do it. Those records also remain.
There was nothing so remarkable about this in terms of worldwide practices-- literally miles of caves in the Philippines were already being used for the purpose of gold storage and had been used for that purpose for centuries. What is remarkable about it is that the American People were kept completely in the dark about this transport and emptying of their coffers.
Our gold was cashiered away in the Philippines without our knowledge or consent under the presumptions and provisions of Abraham Lincoln's General Order 100, the first ever Executive Order, issued in March of 1863. This Executive Order was issued in Lincoln's capacity as Commander-in-Chief and is otherwise known as the Lieber Code, which has since morphed into the Hague Conventions.
Among other things, the Lieber Code made the U.S. Army responsible for safeguarding our money.
Fifty years later, in the throes of yet another banker-created catastrophe, the U.S. Congress passed a little-noted Act creating an "independent government for the Philippines" in 1934. This was done so that the newly "independent" Government of the Philippines could act as the Trustee for our gold reserves stored in the Philippines.
And that is how Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno and all the rest of these men got involved in our business and in making decisions about our gold.
Please bear in mind that the landmass of the Philippines still belongs to The United States of America, independent government or not.
It is against this backdrop that the invasion of the Philippines by the Japanese in World War II must be viewed. Douglas MacArthur presided over the worst military defeat in our country's history, mainly because the Philippines had been a sacred cow for generations, similar to Switzerland, because of its role as a gold storage facility for many other nations. Nobody expected the Japanese to attack it.
When they did, the Japanese seized the gold horde, including the gold belonging to The United States of America, and quickly began transporting the gold back to Japan and throughout Polynesia and the Asian Subcontinent. It was at this point that our gold and the gold of many other nations was dubbed "Yamashita's Gold" --- named after the Japanese General who plundered the gold horde during the Second World War.
Of course, the Japanese knew the gold horde was there. They had significant quantities of their own gold stored in the Philippines and in Indonesia and even the Middle East. There is even some indication that the heist was an inside job, actually planned by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and the British OSS. The seizure of the gold in the Philippines by the Japanese provided a handy excuse to siphon off and "disappear" other gold reserves. They could claim that the Japanese took it, whereabouts unknown.
All this double-dealing and deceit and collusion with the enemy was eventually paid back, but it would be ten long years before things were more or less recouped and back in place in the Philippines.
President Kennedy went to the Philippines shortly before his death to discuss the recouped American gold reserves still stored in the Philippines and still standing under the Trusteeship of the Government of the Philippines. The plan endorsed by both Kennedy and Sukarno was to use the gold horde as the collateral backing a new gold-backed U.S. Treasury Note.
All this history is discussed in a veiled way throughout the Green Hilton Agreement and the Bilateral Minefields Agreement, but has never once been brought forward to the American people and the actual Federation of States to whom the gold belongs and to whom the landmass of the Philippines belongs.
Obviously, we need to be at the table when the other nations discuss the idea that our government is "absent" and "in interregnum" and that, at least potentially, there is an excuse to claim that our gold reserves stored throughout the world are "abandoned" ---- similar to the New York Fed's excuses to the Chinese Government.
This is to fully inform you members of The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Court of the Lord High Steward, the banks, and everyone else, that we are indeed present and holding everyone to account, including the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and all Officers attached to the USA, Inc., the US, INC., the UN CORP, and the United Nations organization.
Not only are our gold and silver reserves not abandoned, they are explicitly claimed by us under two strong attachments and as part of our international notices, claims, and assignments:
First, the bulk of the gold and silver under discussion derives from North and South America --as demonstrated by its molecular DNA-- and was mined via the slave labor of indigenous people in our country, and other countries within our Hemisphere. Even if the end product was claimed as spoils of war and transported throughout the world by the Spanish, the labor and the sacrifices of our indigenous civilian population are owed.
Second, as our country acquired massive gold and silver reserves, both, as a result of being a producer of gold and silver and in the process of international trade, The United States of America is owed the return and control of all those gold and silver reserves cashiered in the Philippines and distributed throughout the world under the auspices of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy acting "on our behalf" since 1863.
It's more than past time for those resources to return to civilian control and for all pretensions and excuses of war and legalistic arguments to cease.
It is also time to set aside all disposal agreements entered into on our behalf by the Kings and Queens, Popes, and Lord Mayors, who merely assumed emergency powers that were never granted and that are mere legal presumptions standing in the way of the truth.
The truth is that all powers delegated to the original Confederation of States and the States of America -- also known as the Federal Republic -- returned to the Delegators of those powers upon the first disability of these instrumentalities to perform. This happened by Operation of Law, and no formal action on our parts was ever required to receive back our own powers.
The further truth is that the other Principals involved in this debacle acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Services Contract, trespassed on our land and soil as our Employees, commandeered assets and custodial powers never granted to them, failed their due diligence and duty to support our actual Government in time of need, and there can be no excuse for this circumstance.
These guilty Principals and their Undeclared Foreign Agents have continued to sail under our flags and seals, to charge us for their services, and to exercise our delegated powers while acting as privateers and pirates against our interests. They have impersonated us, committed barratry against us, acted under color of law for over 150 years, pillaged and plundered our resources---including our gold and silver--- press-ganged and conscripted our people as cheap mercenaries, engaged in war for profit schemes in our names, and by our estimation, have broken almost every major international law and convention on Earth.
We have asked the Popes to permanently liquidate the Municipal Corporations used as the instrumentalities for this fraud and abuse, and to deprive those responsible of any further privilege to form new commercial corporations. Without these measures, the same old game continues like a revolving door, with one corporation being bankrupted or liquidated, and another similarly named entity being created by the same guilty parties to perform as purported Successors to the same contracts and duties that they have violated before.
Right now, "President" Joe Biden is attempting to pull this same sleight of hand again, and to present a new Municipal Corporation as the Successor to the bankrupted UNITED STATES entity. We have served Notice to his would-be administration, to the Public, to the International Community, and now, to the High Courts that Mr. Biden and his Corporation don't have a contract with us. This in no way impairs our constitutional contracts with the other Principals, nor does it change their obligation to us.
This circumstance simply means that we are not assuming a Successor contract with the new Municipal Corporations; we are doing this explicitly, for Cause, and in the sight of the True God.

We wish for our natural resources, our historical assets including our gold and silver, our employees, and our natural prerogatives as sovereign powers to be returned to our peaceful civilian government's control and for all pretensions of war and emergency and military occupation to immediately cease.


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