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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

International Public Notice: Murder and Genocide

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here are the CYM, Inc. locations and employee descriptions for Cym Corp I in California, detailing the old Army facilities that were being used for the operations. 

These are Defense Contractors operating out of New York, but being administered out of Annapolis, Maryland, and using military rank designations for personnel employed. 

This is old information resurfacing again because Ben Fulford republished it.  

These criminals were taken out by a joint forces initiative organized by Tribal Police and deputized Village Police Officers in concert with local Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) in California. They took no prisoners.

It is important to understand that the production of adrenochrome by definition requires torture and murder of children and young people. Therefore, anyone working in one of these AHS facilities is guilty of torturing and murdering minors and is shot on the spot, no questions asked. 

Even if you were a vendor selling the personnel in one of these facilities a sandwich and you happened to be present at the facility you would be a "contact accomplice" and you would be shot. 

Their mantra of "Money is freedom." translates as "freedom to die, here and now."

A popular example of this is provided in the Lonesome Dove Mini-series in which one of the characters, Jake Spoon, is hanged simply because he is found in the voluntary companionship of horse thieves and murderers. 

He didn't murder anyone.  He didn't steal any horses.  He shared the fate of those who did these crimes because he did not voluntarily detach himself from their company or otherwise oppose their rampage of criminality.  

Many people are deluded into thinking that this Old West style of justice and the Land Law don't exist anymore, but they do. 

They can be and are applied to situations where organized murder and other capital crimes are occurring, and if anything, the organized torture and murder of children is a crime so heinous that no mercy is spared on those committing it.  

They are shot, caught in the act, and there is no trial, no appeal, no long drawn-out Due Process.  

Efforts are made to give notice of their death to their family and reasonable efforts are made to return their body and/or personal effects to their family, and that is all the decency the rest of us can allow.  

We are all similarly responsible for opposing crime and doing all that we reasonably can to prevent it or stop it from occurring, and we are all authorized to use whatever degree of force is necessary and in keeping with the crime itself. 

In other words, you would not be justified in using lethal force against a shoplifter, unless they directly threatened you, but someone engaged in torturing and murdering children for profit is already using lethal force and you are totally justified and authorized, just as you stand, Joe Average, to take them down.  

When a facility like this goes down, everyone in the facility is killed, except of course, any children that can be saved.  You could be a girlfriend of one of the men hired to do this crime, or a custodian mopping up the bathroom. It doesn't matter. You will be shot dead as a willing accomplice to capital crime. 

So that's what happened in California. The Native Tribal Police got wind of this and forced action. 

If CYM, Inc. still exists, and it could as a foreign corporation, anyone associated with it will be shot on sight if they can be positively identified on American soil.  

Bounty hunters and international peacekeeping officers including our Continental Marshals Service are fully empowered to arrest and if necessary execute positively identified international criminals engaged in capital crimes. 

The old saying, "Dead or Alive" applies. 

This is why public awareness is so crucial to not only preventing crime, but bringing violent crime to an end.

Many Americans have followed reports by Michael Baxter chronicling a long series of Judge Advocate General (JAG)  trials taking place offshore, often involving arrests of Federal officials and bureaucrats on charges of treason and associated capital crimes.
Details of these Military Tribunal Trials and the names of the persons being hanged are released almost daily. 

These trials and executions are taking place in international jurisdiction under delegated powers and apply to government officials and appointed officers and bureaucrats. Military Tribunals consisting of three officers, are enabled to levy capital punishment on government employees and this appears to be happening with regularity.  

Both the Justice of the Land and the Justice of the Sea are swift, fact-based, and unequivocal. 

Those familiar with the Municipal Court System will be unprepared for the ferocity and simplicity of these international courts and the actions which may be undertaken by their officers and deputies. 

There's no hand-waving, no twelve years of appeals on Death Row, none of that.  

If you kill or kidnap one of our sons or daughters, and especially if you do this for money, you're dead. That's our law and custom, plainly published and under enforcement.  

If you undermine the Constitutions and endanger the powers delegated under the Constitutions, you're dead. That's the law and custom of the British Navy, because those service contracts are their bread and butter.  

Everyone needs to be aware that Americans do exist and they are not operating as humans or slaves; they are not adopting any foreign citizenship obligations; they are not bound by any unconscionable contracts, nor are they fictionalized by someone else's pen.  

Americans have the absolute right to defend themselves and their families and their neighbors and their property interests against any foreign power, including any foreign corporation and corporation personnel -- as CYM, Inc. in California found out. 

Anyone who thinks we are limp-wristed or soft on crime had better think again.  We have to be hard on crime, or, like Jake Spoon, be considered criminals ourselves.

For millions of Americans who are just waking up, both the freedom and the accountability of their native birthright political status may come as a surprise, but with State Assemblies in Session in all fifty States and actual State Courts in operation, there can be no doubt. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 6th 2024


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International Public Notice: Damage Control Begins

 By Anna Von Reitz

Suddenly, it's "British researchers" bringing this information about Spike Proteins and other rogue proteins coded by the mRNA in the Covid 19 shots forward ----literally years after their American counterparts sounded the alarm: 

Let's review:

(1) The genesis and primary research concerning "Covid 19" all took place in Britain and later, via cohorts in America, got passed on to China. (2) American doctors like Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Judy Mikovits immediately sounded the alarm about the renegade proteins before, during, and after the Covid 19 Operation. (3) Now, when the evidence is completely overwhelming, everyone (in the media) believes it when "British researchers"  present the same findings. 

Why is this old information suddenly credible and inspiring calls for a worldwide moratorium?  

This situation demonstrates the gross over-influence that the BBC and Reuter's News Service and the Associated Press have established over media outlets worldwide.  

It's because journalists are lazy; they parrot the "newsfeed" coming in off the British-controlled wire services and discount everything else. 

Nobody had to buy them off (necessarily). They just had to "feed" them news that they didn't have to work to produce and verify themselves ----and let human nature take its course. 

There's a reason they call them "newsfeeds". And a reason that they should be disallowed, if not banned outright.  

Powerful business and governmental interests will always commandeer such news feed sources and pollute them with propaganda. 

Any journalist worth blowing a bubble in hell should know this, and scan Reuter's and the AP to know what the government-- especially the British Government-- is selling today.  No other reason. 

Instead, the entire profession (almost) has been seduced into repeating whatever comes in off the AP wire or Reuter's, as if this must be Gospel, and everything else must be "questionable". 

The Brits invented the phrase "trusted news sources" and that's the best reason that these "trusted" sources should not be trusted at all.  

We have given birth to a generation of rubes, fresh off the turnip truck.  

Finally, the British research community has found a backbone and published research confirming what the Americans have been saying for ten years and more prior to the onslaught.

Dr. Judy Mikovits has been blowing the whistle as loud as she could for decades, literally, but nobody listened to her. 

Time to ask yourselves why? 

The story didn't come over the AP wire.  Reuter's didn't carry it either.  

These damage control efforts will, as in the above story, try to present the new-old information with a twist.  They will assert that this "glitch" has just been discovered.  They will push the idea that nobody knew about the damage to our genome in advance. 

The British Government knew.  The City of London knew.  The Inner City of London knew.  

We have absolute, incontrovertible proof and admission --- part of which is presented in the video clip below. 

It stands as a "crazy" pageant presented at the London Olympics years ago, in which the entire stadium field was taken over by actors wearing costumes as nurses carrying injection syringes and pushing around giant beds and smaller gurneys, with other actors pretending to be patients: complete lunacy having nothing to do with any athletic event.  

But everything to do with the pandemic they were planning to unleash on the rest of the world. 

Never forget.  They did this to their own people, too. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 6th 2024


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