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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Good Faith Violated by Foreign Trusts, Fraud, and Non-Disclosure

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims, March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

We have repeatedly observed the formula, or template,  that has been used by the offending Municipal and British Crown Corporations to surreptitiously take over entire countries. 

This same formula or template has been used with small variations to take over Britain, The United States, India, the Commonwealth countries, most of Western Europe, Japan and South Korea as well as many other nations being impacted and influenced by it.  

The template calls for takeover of the lawful national governments by their own associated "territorial" governments, so that if it is even noticed, the military putsch is assumed to be part of the normal functions of the legitimate government during time of war, or as they mischaracterized it in our case, during some kind of "national emergency".  

Then, in the absence of any actual war or national emergency or any other logical excuse whatsoever, these territorial forces remain entrenched, occupying land that doesn't belong to them, racking up costs for their unnecessary and unwanted services, and racketeering against their actual employers. 

The territorial government provided by the military acting under contract then assumes command and control and asserts a "protective custodial interest" in the people and assets of the country; using this as their backstory, they begin illegal confiscation of the public assets and natural resources and private property of the victims of this mercenary ruse. 

Which "nation" was having a "national emergency" or was engaged in "war" of some kind, only becomes clear upon consideration of which foreign or domestic citizenry is involved, though with this being left unstated and undisclosed, most people naturally assume, for example, that its "America" that's in trouble, bankrupt, etc., when it's the "citizenry" of the incorporated Municipal Corporation and British Crown Corporation Subcontractors instead. 

Let's look at the famous 1930 bankruptcy of the then-Municipal Corporations presided over by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and signed by him as the American Representative at the Geneva Conventions in May of 1930, and then, later, when he continued as Administrator of the Municipal Bankruptcy as "President" of the (Municipal) United States. 

This is, presumably, when the City of Washington, DC was sold to  Inner City of London interests, who then instructed the Territorial Congress to fraudulently exercise the plenary powers never entrusted to them--- but were instead meant to be exercised by the American Federal Subcontractor for different purposes--- to create an independent, international city-state out of it. 

There are numerous problems with this entire prospect, and not only the fact that those undertaking it had no granted authority or ownership interest allowing them to take the action.  

The City of Washington, DC, existed to serve as a neutral and separate capitol for the Federal Subcontractors and received its land use permits under those terms and conditions from the State Governments of Maryland and Virginia. Once those Use Permits were violated by the actions of the Territorial Congress and the  independent, international city-state acting as a thoroughly foreign, separate, and unauthorized government on our shores, the entire purpose of the grant was undermined and reverted to our nation states. 

The independent, international city-state of Washington, DC, has no land and is unauthorized and is sitting on our property non-consensually as a Squatter, one that has purchased property that did not belong to the Sellers.  It all belongs to us and our nation states and even the reason that it was purportedly sold is fraudulent --- it was sold to pay the debts that the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors incurred as a result of the First World War. 

It wasn't any debt that we authorized nor any debt that was covered by any actual contract we had with the Municipal Corporations, but they misapplied the charges to us and against our assets in bad faith, and manipulated things so that they retained the control and the benefit of the profit side of this dirty business for themselves, by depositing it in "public trusts" and pension funds and investment funds that they then controlled "for" us, in our "absence".   

In addition to all the other fraud schemes, we will see that this practice of selling things they don't own is a pattern that repeats, as the Territorial Congress -- which operates fraudulently as a Municipal Congress, too, offers to sell or trade our property to foreign investors to pay their debts, usually debts having nothing to do with our contracts with them. 

Thus, Saudi Investors are angry that they have no actual ownership interest in our roads, and Chinese Investors are angry that no, they don't actually own the Port of Long Beach, California, and this is all the result of criminal activity and confidence racketeering pulled off by Municipal and British Crown Corporation employees --- all pretending to represent us--- when they don't. 

It would be like a chauffeur selling the ownership interest in his employer's car, when obviously, he has no ownership interest in it. He only appears to have some sort of interest in it, because he has been allowed to drive it for certain purposes.  Instead of operating in good faith, the chauffeur engages in fraud and racketeering against his employer and against the would-be car buyers, alike, 

These activities and more like them have tarnished the Good Name of The United States of America in business and harmed other relationships as well, and this injury has been done to us at the hands of run amok Municipal and British Crown Corporation employees, who have acted in bad faith and open Breach of Trust against us, against the Public Law of this country, and against common decency, too.    

In our case, our contracts with these organizations and their Principals are written in black and white, published worldwide, so there is no excuse for assuming that our Federal Subcontractors or their employees have been vested with any more, different, or extensive powers or that they have been allowed to act in any legitimate custodial capacity over us or our assets. 

Their endless emergencies, like their endless fraudulent bankruptcies and their self-interested mercenary wars, have nothing to do with us or our assets at all, except that these Bounders have been contractually obligated to come to our aid on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways the entire time, and also obligated to provide us with Postal Service. 

The offending Municipal and British Crown Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, their franchises including state-of-state franchises, and their owned agency subcontractors, stand forfeit and foreclosed for their crimes and their contractual violations, their breach of trust, and their bad faith on this Easter Sunday 2023

We have suffered Gross Breach of Trust, violation of well-established commercial service contracts (Constitutions), unlawful conversion, deliberate misrepresentation, non-disclosure, armed racketeering, what appear to be public "courts" operated as private corporate administrative tribunals under color of law, and through it all, we have suffered fraud and reeking bad faith from our misdirected Municipal Corporation and British Crown Corporation employees, both. 

We wish for these two sets of Corporations which are the modern day outgrowths of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, both, to be shut down for good.  

Throughout their entire history, from the Enclosure Acts and the Bottomry Bonds Scandals to today, these business interests have served themselves at the expense of their Customers, Employers, and the General Public.  

They have promoted war for profit, racketeering at home exercised under color of law, phony courts, gross malfeasance, and every possible kind of commercial fraud known to man, including insurance fraud. 

Insurance, which is legalized gambling, and should not be condoned by a moral society, and insurance fraud, go hand-in-hand. 

The first great promotion of fraud, other than the Enclosure Acts and the abuses allowed under Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, was the Bottomry Bonds Scandal of 1702, which involved insurance fraud in the Jurisdiction of the Sea.  

Nothing has changed in over 300 years with these Municipal and British Crown Corporations, except that they are now organized as incorporated entities, and are subject to the Treaties and Agreements that allow their existence.  

Our current situation also involves insurance fraud and the same repeat Offenders. 

Let's describe the Bottomry Bonds Scandal:  non-existent ships were named and created on paper by the Dutch East India Company registered in Britain and acting as a civilian public vendor serving the British Fleet; these imaginary ships were loaded with equally fictitious cargo, and all of this fictional fleet was insured with public bonds, then these ships and cargoes disappeared--- on paper, and they were all presumed "lost at sea". 

Private insurance claims were made and paid, salvage fees related to the missing fleet were claimed and paid, the General Public of Britain was lied to, fake funerals for the missing Mariners took place, and then--- the big pay off for the Schemers, cashing out the public bonds against the public purse, to pay for the non-existent public interest in the lost fleet and its cargo. 

This is what led to the demise of the Dutch East India Company, the largest commercial shipper in the world at the time, and was the reason for its hasty relocation to New York City.

What are the common elements to our situation now? 

First, there was abuse by an incorporated public service vendor promoting a fraud against their employers, the British Admiralty, and ultimately, the British Public---except, however, that its the American Public targeted this time around. 

Second, there was an alleged Public Interest that was used to justify Public Bonding underwriting the "bottomry" -- the integrity of the ship and cargo at risk. 

Third, the fraud was predicated on the existence of fictional ships and cargoes, that "disappeared" --- off the books of the Dutch East India Company, as lost and abandoned vessels. 

Fourth, this fraud generated a lot of money for the individual employees who privately insured their own cargoes aboard the non-existent fleet, and also for the Dutch East India Company as a publicly insured contractor, and even for the Admiralty, insured for the loss of all its cargo.  

All of that goes to say that the individual  "public employees" working under private contract made money on the scam, the "public vendor" made money on its purported losses, and even the Territorial Government represented by the British Admiralty, made a huge amount of money.  

The only loser was the General Public that got stuck for the public interest bonding on all of this fraud. 

A very similar fraud has been played here, only instead of "non-existent" ships and cargos, vessels of a different kind --- American babies misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens all defined as Wards of the British Monarch, replaced the non-existent ships, and their possessions including their "waived" estates in America, replaced the cargoes.  

These Legal Fictions were on the books of the British Crown Corporation Federal Subcontractors for seven years and then declared "lost at sea", a presumed Public Interest in the estates and possessions was created, and bonded by the Municipal Corporation Federal Subcontractor. 

These new undisclosed Cestui Que Vie estates were styled as Municipal Corporations and defined as Municipal citizens of the United States under the so-called Diversity Clause of Federal Code Title XXVIII, liable for all debts and charges addressed to them. 

Read that as unlimited, but fraudulent, access to American assets and for government purposes, American credit. 

So we have had American babies serving as "vessels" and their estates serving as "cargos" and it's the Bottomry Bonds Scandal all over again. 
The unlawfully converted Americans misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and then redefined as Municipal Corporation franchises, have been forced to issue Public Bonds to pay the insurance owed the Public Interest related to the "lost vessels" and their cargoes, as well as paying the Municipal and British Crown Subcontractors for all this duplicitous disservice. 

This could never be done in America, as our Government presumes no ownership interest in living people, which is why the American babies had to first be unlawfully converted into British Territorial U.S. Citizens, instead.  The Perpetrators couldn't do it to us.  They had to pretend that we were someone else, subject to other laws and legal presumptions. 

The Dutch East India Company and its Municipal Corporation Successors have all proven to be criminal entities, repetitiously repeating the same fraud schemes and promoting the same evils since the 1500's  

The British Crown Corporations have always aided and abetted the Municipal Corporations --- for the very good reason that they belong to the same people and ultimately serve the same interests --- are equally long term Offenders.  

These Legal Fictions have no natural right to exist and no right to cause problems for living people or for life on this planet; they are specifically required to function "lawfully" and not merely "legally" as a condition for their existence.  They have self-evidently failed this condition. 

Just as self-evidently, their parent corporations have also failed to properly organize and direct their operations.  

The Treaty of Union and Acts of Union giving rise to the United Kingdom as a new political moiety called "Great Britain" and incorporating this as a British Crown Corporation and later, the creation of UK, INC as a Municipal Corporation, has caused nothing but continual war, crime of all kinds, and confusion which has often been used to promote fraud and illegal confiscation of rights and assets, right up to and including the current genocide-for-profit.  

These and other so-called National Corporations have not overall served the interests of the nations and people that they were created to serve; they have instead operated as crime syndicates and have used their set aside "enclaves" like the District of Columbia, and so-called "independent, international city-states" akin to Vatican City, as pirate bases. 

The employees of these corporations have acted as predators and parasites upon the people they are supposed to serve. They have embezzled, stolen, commandeered, and purloined assets belonging to their employers, undermined the national governments, and engaged in endless war profiteering at the expense of the living. 

We wish for all of these criminal corporations to be liquidated or forfeited directly to us, their Preferential Priority Creditors, with their assets to be collected in our favor and administered by us, to rebuild the world, restore the planet's biosphere, and issue prepaid credit back to the victims in this country and throughout the world. 

We wish for an end to the war-mongering and war-profiteering and rampant criminality that has been foisted off on the world by these same corporations over and over again for the better part of five centuries. 

We should not have to deal with reiterations and variations of complex multi-generational public-private fraud schemes like the Bottomry Bonds Scandal or object (again) to the Justinian Deception, which uses corruption of language as a means to defraud and obtain coercive power--- a 1500 year-old fraud scheme that is currently being reprised as PARSE SYNTAX and which is being supported by contracts with the Holy See.  

If it was unlawful 1500 years ago, it's still unlawful now.  

We should not have to come forward and remind the Vatican Chancery Court of this, nor should we have to prove at every turn our ability to discern and apply our discernment. 

We know full-well and in detail how the rulership of the world was overturned and given to powers of darkness, how this necromancer's trick was used to promote the interests of the dead over the interests of the living, so as to impersonate and defraud the living, and how all this fraud has been administered under conditions of fraud and deceit, and enforced under color of law.  

We have seen the determination of the High Courts in the case of Yah v. Regina, observed the proof that Elizabeth II never actually acted as any form of Christian Monarch, never sat on The Throne of England, but sat upon The Chair of the Estates, instead.  

We also know how "a" President of a British Crown Corporation operated out of Puerto Rico was substituted as The President of our United States and all the fraud and theft and misrepresentation that allowed down to the current day, when modern-day counterparts propose to "occupy" our American Federal Republic and have British Crown Officers operating our Federal Republic "for" us and pretending to represent us, when they do not ---and when they have no authority whatsoever to operate in any such capacity.  

As our Claim should prove, our Federal Republic is not vacated and never was and never will be.  

We wish for all these Offenders to be recognized for what they are and what they have done. 

We wish for the Holy See to fully disclose it's business relationship with King John beginning in 1215 so that everyone on Earth has a good view of exactly how this whole scheme was set up, how the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth lands was foisted off as "the" King of England, while operating as a Municipal Government/Holy Roman Empire employee instead. 

We wish for all this dirt, deceit, and criminality to be dug out root, stem, and leaf, renounced and turned away from forevermore. 

We wish for all these ancient fraud schemes designed to seize upon the assets and the Given Names of innocent people, and now, even attempting to seize upon and change their God-given DNA into a commercial product owned by patent holders --- all of it, we wish for these crimes and misrepresentations to be renounced and abandoned, the Perpetrators punished, and the corporations responsible dissolved, forfeited in all forms and jurisdictions, forever. 

We wish for Satan's Kingdom of Lies to be desolated, and left behind, a sad artifact in old books, fully exposed for what it is; we wish for the Holy See to be released from its pandering to the dead. 

We wish to live at peace, free of all and any obligation, public or private, to pay for the sins of corporations or to otherwise answer for them. 

We wish for everyone on Earth to notice the Divine Order, and the mandate of Heaven, that the living cannot be subjected to the dead. 

So we wish for these offending corporations to pass away and for them and all corporations like them to remain in the past, together with all their schemes and tricks and fraudulent enterprises.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 9th 2023


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Abusive Agencies and Agency Abuse

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

Although our demand for the liquidation of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, and also liquidation of their unauthorized independent, international city-state as well, comes in response to genocide committed by these commercial corporations, we feel compelled to expose the context of the genocide as the result of self-interested fraud and non-disclosure in Breach of Trust, which has been maintained against the population of this country for over 150 years. 

We have already demonstrated how the services provided by the Federal Subcontractors have been expanded without our authorization by the Subcontractors themselves, how the cost charged for all these non-consensual services has also been increased into the stratosphere by these same Municipal Corporations acting with no regard for "reasonable and customary" limits, and how all of this has been duplicated so that we are having to pay for two complete sets of Federal Employees, one to do the actual work, and one to sit around watching them work. 

This is all bad enough, but pales in comparison with the Great Frauds that have led to and enabled these veiled commercial interests to abuse and defraud their employers and treaty partners and commercial services obligors in such a fashion and all under color of law. 

The beginning of the current round of international fraud began in England with Henry VIII and the Enclosure Acts and was substantially complete in England by 1763, when a series of Acts of Parliament and Treaty Acknowledgements resulted in bringing Admiralty Law onshore and the displacement of the Law of the Land for purposes of public administration.  

This action and disclosure of its result was not shared with the Public at that time or at any time thereafter, for the very good reason that it was undertaken under conditions of fraud and resulted in unlawfully converting the assets belonging to the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales into assets of the British Monarch and Crown.  It also changed the jurisdiction and form of law to expedite unlawful seizures of private property and abuse of the civilian population under presumptions of reduced political status: persons at sea do not enjoy the protections of people on the land. 

All of this was undertaken via fraud, because King Henry VIII, even if he secured his own toe-hold in England, was only "a" king among the many kings resulting from the Norman Conquest, and only appeared to be paramount as a result of the loot pouring in from his actual job as the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth.

This resulted in Holy Roman Empire interests seizing upon the assets of   
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales at what, conveniently, appeared to be the hands of a Protestant king.  These actions and the Enclosure Acts supporting them were all fraudulent and unlawful, and all promoted by commercial interests acting in self-interest and at the expense of the General Public.  

After the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Municipal Corporation scam was added to the mix, and we once again see the pattern: unlawful conversion of land assets (people) into sea assets (persons) without their knowledge or consent, done in tandem with an undeclared change in the form of law used for public administration purposes, followed some years afterward by the creation of Municipal Cestui Que Vie estate trusts,  operated by hired Executors de Son Tort as public trusts and of course, these are administered in favor of the offending Municipal Corporations.

The same exact unlawful, illegal, and immoral asset stripping scheme promoted in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales by the same Municipal and Crown Corporation players was applied in America, with the twist that they had to excuse their takeover of our public administration and the change from our form of law, by claiming that our American Government was "absent", "in interregnum", "presumed lost at sea". They told this Big Lie to the rest of the world and did all of this at the same time that they were being paid to perform under our constitutional contracts and provide us with "good faith service".  

The Perpetrators of all this crime against the people and the national governments used the Inner City of London and the District of Columbia as the home base for their inland piracy, and later, as we've seen, created a fraudulently organized "independent, international city-state" for themselves out of the City of Washington located in the District of Columbia.  

In 1864, the British Parliament, clearly in anticipation, passed the "Naval Agency and Distribution Act" and named the (Territorial) United States Secretary of State as the Officer responsible for their unlawful change of public administration and attendant fraudulent salvage operations expedited by bringing Admiralty Law onshore. 

A similar ruse and use of sovereign "enclaves" and Admiralty Law onshore was used to strip and batter unearned assets out of the Commonwealth nations.   In the case of Australia, these pirates operating as British Crown and Municipal Corporations set up shop on Norfolk Island, and we have reasonable evidence that they similarly set up shop on the Isle of Mann, and have fully intended to extend their operations to China while operating out of the Mariana Islands, one of our Possessions. 

These are not governments, they are commercial corporations in the business of providing government services, usurping upon and parasitizing and asset stripping actual nations and governments, while being paid by these same governments for stipulated "good faith services".  
They always act under the color or law and appearance of propriety, just as King Henry VIII did when he unlawfully, illegally and immorally imposed the Enclosure Acts in Britain--- and they always use the members of the Bar Associations known as Bar Attorneys in their capacity as members of a registered theater and entertainment company to give the fraud cover, as they practice their own corporate administrative law and their foreign Admiralty and Maritime Law in the victim's own courthouses and courts of record.  These Bar Attorneys acting as Actors are to provide us, the offended Public, with "the appearance of justice",  according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure adopted by these British-based bunko artists. 

The apparent purpose of these organizations has long been to promote inland piracy and unjust enrichment, using "city" and "federal" enclaves as pirate bases.  The political aspirations of the Offenders appear to be summed up as a form of "Corporate Feudalism" in which the individual Municipal and British Crown Corporations and their Officers rule as despots over the people they are supposed to serve.

We believe that we have demonstrated premeditated Bad Faith on the part of the British Parliament with the passage of the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, and their non-disclosure in America of the Office and Officer responsible for their salvage claims and hypothecations of debt against the assets of the purportedly "absent" owners.  

All of this Gross Breach of Trust and criminality has been expedited by the misuse, abuse, and misdirection of Territorial Armed Forces under color of law, the misapplication of private administrative law, misapplication of Maritime Law, and misapplication of Admiralty Law on the land and soil, and a formulaic, purposeful, repeated fraud scheme against their employers and benefactors. 

To further administer and expedite benefit from these acts of fraud, force, and Breach of Trust exercised under color of law against their employers, the Perpetrators have hired yet another layer of employees, so called "Agency Personnel" to do their dirty work for them. 

These Agents are foreign with respect to the General Public and undeclared --- that is, the victims are not given disclosure that they are being addressed by agents of a foreign government.  This then allows the Perpetrators to operate covertly and take advantage of the natural trust and respect that people have hitherto had for what they have believed to be their government, but which is in fact a foreign, for-profit Municipal or British Crown Corporation operated in Breach of Trust and Service Contract. 

There are hundreds of these "Agencies" and thousands of these undeclared "Agents" and most of them think that they are working directly for the actual government of this country, when in fact they are subcontractors of Subcontractors at best, having no granted authority, no elected office,  and no delegated authority, whatsoever, yet making up "Administrative Code" and enforcing this as law misapplied to the people of these fifty sovereign and independent nation states. 

The Territorial Congress has been repeatedly rebuffed by the Supreme Court for its failure to take responsibility and do its own job, most recently in West Virginia v. EPA, in which the court reiterated and reinforced the decision of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County more than a century ago: Congress cannot give away its legislative powers by appointment to any Agency, like the EPA, and the EPA and similar Municipal and Territorial Agencies are not enabled to enforce their Administrative Codes as if they were law related to us, the people and our property of in these States of the Union.  

Despite these repeated decisions by the High Court responsible for guiding their activities, these British Crown and Municipal Corporation Subcontractors continue to misaddress members of our General Public and duplicitously use their own secondary subcontractors, the so-called Federal Agencies, to do this in evasion of the High Court directive. 

The most likely reason for the existence of and use of these so-called federal Agents and federal Agencies, has been to introduce a layer of plausible deniability between the Perpetrators and their Agents, who are lied to and kept ignorant by various means, so that they commit crimes that they would otherwise not commit, and provide their employers with the results they want, but not the direct accountability.  We expect that the British Crown Corporations and the Municipal Corporations alike will attempt to blame these Agencies and their Personnel for their own crimes and endeavor to use these hirelings and volunteers as scapegoats. 

The repetitive nature of the fraud schemes and the premeditated acts of legislation put in place in support of the unlawful activities of these Corporations belie any possibility that they are innocent in these matters. The chronic deceit of their Agencies and Agency Personnel via the falsification of registrations and production of phony Personal Dossiers as well as their failure to educate and fully disclose their operations to these employees, and failure to properly direct the activities of their subcontractors, all stand against them and offer additional direct evidence that these Municipal and British Crown Corporations have fraudulently and in self-interest acted as governments without being governments, have usurped upon their Employers in Breach of Trust, and have promoted an unlawful course of violence that has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars in property losses and fraudulent charges assessed against their Employers as bloated non-consensual service fees, interest on non-existent debts, duplication of effort,  undermining of their Employers in trade negotiations, sale of Employer's property under False Representation, evasion of their self-asserted obligations under the federal constitutions, substitution schemes, abuse of the law to create unnatural Maritime and Admiralty jurisdictions on the land, creation of Legal Presumptions in the interests of constructive fraud, use of undeclared Foreign Agents to create undisclosed registration and enrollment paperwork serving to mischaracterize, misidentify, and misrepresent millions of Americans, using these aforementioned activities to create undisclosed public trusts, and still more unlawful, illegal, and immoral activity systematically plundering the resulting public trusts as Executors de Son Tort.  

The British Territorial Crown Corporations acting as federal military Subcontractors, continue to use secretly conscripted physicians as undeclared Uniformed Officers, i.e., "Medical Doctors", as undeclared Operatives, and deploys them to obtain undisclosed Registration contracts from new Mothers. This paperwork promoted and collected by these undeclared Foreign Agents, grants the British Crown Corporation an ownership interest in the baby, an ownership interest in the baby's name, and allows them to additionally mischaracterize the baby as a "citizen of the United States", liable for all debts of the colluding Municipal Corporation Subcontractor.  

This paperwork scam is to promote a False Narrative, that our Mothers voluntarily surrendered us to the British Monarch's Agent on a battlefield, that they acted as Unwed Mothers, that they also willingly misidentified us as "citizens of the United States" and knowingly acted as Informants against us, as we were babies in our cradles. 

This is, of course, nothing but gross fraud and Breach of Trust by public employees, promoted without the knowledge or consensual agreement of the victims; the Mothers were given no disclosure about the paperwork or the results it would have, and the babies were far too young to have any knowledge at all.  

This same exact undisclosed use of doctors as conscripted Uniformed Officers subject to
 licensure and deployed as undeclared Agents of the offending British Crown Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, plays a part in the current and ongoing genocide campaign, where doctors and patients alike are misinformed and encouraged to voluntarily accept the injection of foreign and unknown substances fraudulently promoted as "vaccines" to protect against a  novel infectious disease that was developed and patented by the same British Crown and Municipal Corporations that are responsible for all the rest of this.  

After the fact we find out that these injections were not vaccines according to the standard definition, were not tested by the manufacturers at all or failed to pass safety tests ---and were released anyway, that these "vaccinations" contained all sorts of harmful substances including foreign mRNA designed to alter the human genome and render the recipients Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) ---and therefore, chattel property owned by the guilty patent holders, as well as deadly poisons, biological parasites, graphene oxide, polyethylene glycol, self-assembling nanobot antennas, foreign blood clotting factors, and exotic biologic disease agents, like genetically altered freshwater hydra parasites and the eggs of a sheep heart worm native to the Middle East.  

This entire cocktail of crud was shoved directly into the bloodstreams of billions of innocent people by these unaccountable British Crown and Municipal Corporations and their undeclared Agents, the licensed medical professionals and their Glee Club of dishonest and unethical University professors, all of whom were threatened with the loss of their licenses (Medical Doctors), grants (Universities) ---  at the same time, seduced to go along with this genocide atrocity by generous monetary awards for themselves and for their institutions. 

The manufacturers of these shots, thinking that they could not be held accountable for product liability, went along with all this unlawful, illegal, and grossly immoral scheme to make money, and their CEO's are now pointing at the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT, INC., and DOD, INC., and the PENTAGON, INC., as the ones who ordered all these hideous experimental components to be included in the phony "vaccines".  

So-called "excess deaths" are skyrocketing to the tune of a quarter million extra deaths every month in this country alone. 

We wish for all of these Municipal Corporations and all of their British Crown affiliates, franchises, subsidiaries, and partners in crime, to be liquidated in favor of the living people who have been murdered and injured, lied to, lied about, misrepresented, disserved, and defrauded --and in favor of their lawful national governments. 

We wish for the long history of pernicious and destructive unlawful activity promoted by these two colluding groups of Municipal and British Crown Corporations, plus their misdirected franchises and agencies, to come to a permanent end via liquidation or forfeiture in favor of their Preferential Creditors, including the lawful governments of their respective nations.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska  99652

April 8th 2023


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