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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Ginned Up Fictional Versions of You

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's all about slavery and peonage and ginned up fictional versions of you.  

So, make use of your own imagination.  

Is it possible that you could have been born in Puerto Rico?  Anything is possible, isn't it?  And other than the testimony of relatives, if you are lucky, and a piece of paper belonging to a foreign business organization claiming that you voluntarily gave them your estate---- where is your evidence of provenance?  Do you even know your own name?  Do you have a name?  Think about it.... WTH.... 

So dream on.... can I imagine a fat, dumb, and happy British version of myself?  Born in the Commonwealth back in the day?   Sure, I can.  I can see myself wearing tweeds and drinking tea and all the rest of it, even though that isn't me.  It could be.  I admit, it could be.... 

Is it even possible that I could be a Catholic business woman born and raised in Washington, DC.....?

Why not?  Other people fit that description.  What's so impossibly different about me? 

Can anyone just look at me and tell who I am?  What citizenship obligations I have inherited or not inherited?  Can you just glance at me and say, no, she's not an indentured servant?  And if this were a hundred and sixty years ago, could you say with certainty, no, she's not a slave?  

There were black and brown and white slaves, so there would be no telling, except perhaps for bad teeth and shabby clothing.  

And if someone had an ax to grind and some self-interest, a big monetary gain in view --- how hard would it be to claim that you were someone or even some thing else?  

That's what it all boils down to.  

You, American Joe, have been impersonated.  And that is what the "secret" Internal Revenue Masterfile is all about.  It details the history and occupation and associations and earnings profile and all sorts of other things about a fictional version of you.  This fictional version is a British Territorial "Person", a loyal subject of the Queen, owing her permanent allegiance.  And its all Bushwah.  

My British Territorial doppelganger is the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados.  She's almost the same age --- except that I have a birthday on June 6th, 1956 and she has a birthdate on June 24th, 1956.  I am an American and have never been a federal citizen of any kind, while she was born into the obligations of British Territorial U.S. Citizenship.  When I work, I bring home earnings and compensation; she brings home income.  

In this way, the Perps can create a gigantic money laundering operation and "feed off" my name without me having the least little idea what's actually going on.  I get charged for "her" income taxes, even though I have no federal income at all.  

The Municipal United States Government does the same exact thing, only they name commercial CORPORATIONS after me and pretend that the income those CORPORATIONS  receive is my income, instead.  

I have work to do, while my phony British doppelganger who doesn't really exist, is engaged in employment---- she's an indentured servant.  And the Municipal CORPORATIONS named after me are slaves.  Whatever income they have is presumed to be my income, but of course, I never see any of that.  

Other people in other countries are feeding off all that, and I am left to pay their income taxes and mortgages for them. 

Wake up from this bad dream, folks.  It's nothing but bunko.  Fiction.  Lies.  And those practicing in these deceits deserve to be in jail, not occupying positions of trust and respect.  They've long ago breached their trust and lost their minds, until all they have left is desperation and denial. 


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Public and International Notice -- Second Notice

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention now that our actual Government is in Session, that the books have not been closed on numerous wars and mercenary conflicts being called wars, and that this has created an unprecedented perpetual "state of war" engendered in our country and throughout the world.
This "state of war" is a legalistic construct which has allowed the Perpetrators of this circumstance to continue claiming expenses and powers related to these long-past wars and conflicts --- and to thereby profit themselves at everyone else's expense.
In our First Notice to the International and Global Community including the United Nations Secretary General, we brought everyone's attention to this dilemma and created a fairly long list of the most obvious examples -- the American Civil War (which was in fact a Mercenary Conflict), the First World War, the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, and so on.
In some cases, peace was partially declared and proclaimed only in some jurisdictions and not in others; in other cases, peace was made impossible by unrealistic and impractical provisional accords, and in still others, peace was not possible because the conflict was illegal to begin with and there was no basis for a formal peace process to occur, even though the accounts related to these "wars" were left open and charges and costs continued to accrue.
It looks to us like the promotion of these "Perpetual Wars" that exist only on paper and in the minds of some sick deviants, has been motivated by commercial corporations benefited by war profiteering and by politicians who have benefited themselves with coercive powers based on declared "states of war" that don't exist.
We have taken appropriate action to bring this situation before our State Assemblies and as of 1 August 2021, have issued the Peace Treaty and International Peace Proclamation ending The American Civil War on our shores.
We also have served First Notice of our Proposal to close the books on all wars and conflicts that have lapsed for more than three years and to officially end war reparation accruals and charge accounts and expense accounts related to these non-existent wars and conflicts and perennial "states of war" that don't in fact exist.
This would also mean the end of Occupation Force and Peacekeeping Force accounts related to these fictional wars and conflicts. It would be left to the discretion of each individual country and government to assume the costs of retaining any protective international force.
This is an international and global offer being made by our Government to formally declare an end to all these long-vanished wars and conflicts and close the books and accounts related to them effective midnight GMT 25 June 2022.
Any country having cause to wish for an extension of a state of war declaration or having actual expenses related to these accounts is invited to contact our Office of Reconciliation on or before 25 June 2022:
Second Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

Office of Reconciliation
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Just Like Nesting Dolls

 By Anna Von Reitz

What do you imagine "USA" is?  It's a commercial corporation.  It's styled in such a way as you cannot possibly mistake it for anything else, even if it does not explicitly say "Incorporated".  And in this case, it is a British Crown Corporation.   Sylvia C. James is a Municipal citizen bringing a complaint against the British Territorial USA, Inc.    

Think of it like nesting dolls. The States surround the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC exists as a separate independent city-state surrounded by the District of Columbia. 

Both these foreign governments, Territorial and Municipal, exist within the District of Columbia's borders, so both are referred to as "District Governments" ---- District Assembly 4 is populated by U.S. Territorial Citizens, while Municipal District Assembly 18 is populated by Municipal citizens of the United States -- both being foreign populations and non-domestic with respect to us, Americans.  

Our State Assemblies are distinct from District Assemblies and are populated by people addressing soil jurisdiction issues for their Counties and People known as State Citizens, who address international business decisions for each State of the Union.  

This is not rocket science. It's not hard to observe.  Every year or two the roadsides are littered with signs advertising "District" elections and showing pictures of their cheeky-faced political candidates offering to serve as proxies known as "Representatives" for commercial corporation shareholders.  

When you "register to Vote" you are signaling your intention and willingness to give your proxy to one of the candidates, and that you are one of the shareholders of these foreign governmental services corporations. 

The Municipal District Government of Washington, DC is a plenary oligarchy as described in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of all three Federal Constitutions. 

The Territorial District Government of the District of Columbia is a foreign  Democracy with respect to both the Municipal Oligarchy and us, the American States. 

The American States are all republican governments operated by State ---not District--- Assemblies. 

Each of these separate governments have their own forms: oligarchy, democracy, republican states.  

Each of these separate governments have their own citizenry and/or population. 

The Municipal Government is inhabited by citizens of the United States.  

The Territorial Government is inhabited by U.S. Citizens. 

The State Assemblies are populated by the American people  who live in the States of the Union and counties thereof, who are served in international affairs by State Citizens who have renounced all other political associations and obligations.  

The Municipal Congress doing business as the United States Congress is a meeting of the Congressional Delegates acting as plenary oligarchs, passing laws administering and directing the activities of the Municipal citizenry.  

The District Congress doing business as the U.S. Congress is a meeting of Congressional Delegates to legislate administrative rules and regulations governing U.S. Citizens.  Sometimes, rarely, they will pass a code or regulation that pertains to Americans who are engaged in "federally regulated activities" like interstate gun sales.  

Otherwise, the laws, statutes, codes, regulations, ordinances and mandates of the two District Congresses, apply only to their own citizenry and businesses organized as Territorial Corporations or Municipal CORPORATIONS. 

The Delegates to the District Congresses all act as proxies called "Representatives" for shareholders. 

Our Congresses of the Several States Assembled take place very rarely, and the people elected to participate are all State Citizens chosen by their State Assemblies to act as Fiduciary Deputies.  It takes this kind of Congress to propose Amendments to the Constitutions, declare war, and take similar actions of great importance. 

As you can now see, these governments are nested one inside the other, yet each has its own unique form and character and citizenry and structure and responsibilities. 

Just look around and see for yourselves----and think about what you are seeing. 


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Clarification for Trump and the U.S. Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Part of what was destroyed in the Civil War was the Confederation of States --- (actually, States-of-States belonging to the States, not States at all)  formed under The Articles of Confederation. 

Our American Federal Subcontractor, known as the States of America, or more popularly, The Federal Republic, was also left inoperable. 

It has stood vacant since 1860.

So our British Would-be Overlords hit upon The Plan to ditch their own bankrupt governmental services corporation, offload their debts on the American people (again) and substitute their organization for our Federal Republic.  Just wiggle into position and pretend to be us --- steal our identity, and skate on. 

This Plan was well on its way to being implemented, with nobody the wiser, least of all the rank and file officers and enlisted, or the American General Public, but, there's a fly in the ointment, a kink in the hose, and an international objection in the air. 

We, those who adopt and accept and uphold our political status as plain old American people, have been usurped and imposed upon by our Employees one too many times. And our civilian government is in Session in all fifty States as it has been for the last three years. 

Meantime, both the US, INC and the USA, Inc., or what has filled those British Crown and Municipal Service shoes since the last round of bogus planned bankruptcies, have again gone bankrupt in hopes of off-loading their debts on the clueless, helpless "franchises". 

Purportedly, we are all magically transformed into franchises like Dairy Queen franchises as a result of undisclosed adhesion contracts foisted off on our Mothers when we were babies in our cradles and Voter Registrations. 

Goes to show you just how low the Brits and their Holy Roman Empire collaborators will stoop.  

What they could never win by force of arms they have contrived to win by guile. 

And, how could we object, when neither we nor our Mother or Father were told a word about these cozy arrangements?  

We have been defrauded.  Our identity has been stolen.  And these cretins who owe us "Good faith and service" have twisted things around to misrepresent us as their indentured servants and/or slaves. 

They hoodwinked all of you even worse than the rest of us. 

They gave you the idea that you were signing up to be part of an "honorable soldiery" to protect and defend your country, but instead, you were signing up to be ultra-cheap commercial mercenaries instead.  

Did you all know that PFCs and beginning Airmen and Privates in the Army haven't had a raise in pay since the 1970's? Fifty years without a pay raise?  Do you know that you've been used as lab rats and farmed out to foreign dictators and even drug cartels?  Hmm?  

Join Pope Benedict who famously said, "Nobody told me!" 

The Rest of Us are telling you now. Listen up.  That contract you signed obligating you to "serve" isn't worth the paper it's written on for lack of full disclosure and it is certainly not a license to kill.  The foreign "governmental services corporation" you are working for doesn't have a contract with us, the actual American Government.  

Oh, yes, the Principals are still obligated to provide service under the provisions of the Constitutions (all three of them) but your specific corporation doesn't have a contract and can't act as a Successor because: (1) it chose to go bankrupt and break the chain of succession it had established the last go around, and (2) the civilian government of this country has objected to any assumption of Successorship. 

We are sick and tired of all this criminality and fraud and "secrecy" and abuse of ourselves and our goodwill and our property assets by organizations and people who owe their Employers and Benefactors "good faith and service".  The only reason there is any secrecy involved is that those promoting this continuing behavior are making money off of it, at everyone else's expense.  Yours, too. 

So the bad news is, you are acting in an illegal capacity as a cheap hired commercial mercenary and used as a lab rat.  The good news is that the contract you autographed obligating you to do this is worthless. And the Rest of Us have caught up to the Shinola Pushers known as Bar Attorneys and Politicians at last.  

I've been told that your Generals and Admirals are all standing around letting the criminals run rampant, waiting for Mr. Trump to "act" --- just like Lincoln "acted as" Commander-in-Chief, but he's in a sticky-wicket, too, as the CEO of yet another British Crown Corporation in the business of providing governmental services --- without a contact to do so --- he has no firm authority or foundation allowing him to proceed.  And he certainly can't sneak into the vacant American Federal Republic at the head of a British Crown Corporation and pretend that "a" Federal Republic is the same as "The" Federal Republic, can he?  

Not with several million Americans watching.  

No, you will wait a long time for Mr. Trump to act on that opportunity.  

Now what?  

You can do what we, the civilian government, told you to do two and a half years ago.  You can come home and bring all five branches of the American Armed Forces with you.  It's just a name change and a new piece of paper away, but until your leaders wake up and stop listening to British Admiralty Attorneys as their font of wisdom, your lives and our country will continue to go to ruin in front of your faces. 

Mr. Trump needs to negotiate a contract for you to act as the American Armed Forces.  

He signs. We autograph. The deal is done.  You're back in the saddle, redefined as an honorable soldiery for the first time in a 157 years, fully funded, and agreeably assigned to rid us of the vermin infestation that has plagued our country for a century and a half. 

The rotten middle men at SERCO are seizing our money to pay you, and misdirecting you to abuse us--- the people you are supposed to serve and protect. 

We'd rather pay you direct and come to an understanding about your job duties. We can provide our own Quartermaster and Paymaster.   

Please contact:                         Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                  The United States of America
                                                  In care of: Box 520994
                                                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652
                                                   (907) 250-5087

PS: To any foreign government loony enough to think that we are helpless and disarmed because of any of this, think again. Our boys are still on duty and frustrated enough to enjoy blowing something to smithereens.


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Public and International Notice to the Bar Associations -- 30 Day Warning

 By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have served the High Courts with Notice of a Conflict of Law and cleared up a misunderstanding about American Law and Custom that has endured since the early years of last century and which has resulted in misapplication of foreign Legal Presumptions in this country.
For additional information, please go to: and read the Notice of Conflict of Law for details.
Americans, unlike most other people on the planet, do not accrue citizenship obligations at birth. Once Americans reach the age of majority--- which is twenty-one years of age, and having the benefit of full disclosure, Americans may choose to serve as State Citizens or may adopt the foreign political status of one of our Federal Subcontractors without prejudice.
Similarly, Americans inherit their nationality from their States of the Union and do not acquire any kind of national or federal citizenship at birth. Americans come into the world as Virginians, Wisconsinites, New Yorkers, etc., and their rights and guarantees attach to them at birth without exception. Again, they may upon reaching the age of majority, and having full disclosure, choose to adopt additional or different nationality.
Those who come to our country and are Naturalized first as United States citizens are free to establish homes and businesses within our borders and having established a residency in a State of the Union for a year and one day without committing a felony or accepting Public Assistance, such immigrants are free to adopt one of our States as their permanent house, home, and domicile--- whereupon they acquire the nationality of their new State and are regarded as Virginians, Minnesotans, Rhode Islanders, etc., as applicable and all obligations of United States citizenship acquired in the process of Naturalization drop away.
Those babies born to Americans living temporarily outside the borders of The United States are considered Americans by our Government and may choose either their Mother's or Father's birth state to establish their nationality.
If someone successfully immigrates to this country for a period of seven years and one day without the benefit of Naturalization, and establishes a home in a State of the Union for a period of one year and a day without committing a felony or taking public assistance, and then declares and publishes his or her intention to adopt this State as their permanent house, home, and domicile upon the public record, they shall acquire their nationality from that State of the Union and enter into the estate of a Vermonter, Floridian, Texan, Californian, etc.
Whereas U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States are bound under their respective Constitutions and obligated to perform services under those venerable contracts, they are citizenry of foreign governments while employed by or dependent upon the District of Columbia or Municipal Government of Washington, DC. or any franchise thereof, and are not necessarily owed any Constitutional Guarantees until and unless they adopt their State Nationality as one of their two allowable political statuses.
That is, while most countries deal in terms of Dual Citizenship, District Citizens or citizens who were born in this country or to American Mothers and Fathers native to a State of the Union or successfully naturalized and immigrated to a State of the Union, may choose to keep their Constitutional Guarantees while in foreign service.
It is entirely possible for a Kentuckian serving as a U.S. Citizen in the Armed Services to retain their status as a native of Kentucky owed the protection of the Federal Constitution, and no other political status or citizenship obligation can be conferred upon or presumed against anyone otherwise eligible to make the claim.
The same protections apply to Federal Civil Service workers who are born in this country or otherwise successfully immigrated to a State of the Union via the process described above. An Ohioan working for the Post Office may temporarily and for the duration of their service adopt the political status of a Municipal citizen of the United States, but may also retain their status as an Ohioan and stand under the protections of the Federal Constitution.
The unincorporated Federation of States and all fifty State Assemblies are now in Session and have been in Session for three years. As of 1 August 2021 any presumption of a state of war left over from The American Civil War being in existence on our shores has been overturned and ended via an international Peace Treaty and Peace Proclamation Process.
Any similar false presumptions of a state of war resulting from failure to officially end other wars and mercenary conflicts, including continuances from the First World War, Second World War, Korea, and so on are being brought to an end as of 25 June 2022.
All former Territorial States have been enrolled as States of the Union as of 1 October 2020, and have been accepted and enrolled retroactively to the date they entered Territorial Statehood, under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance.
These housekeeping issues and understandings are being brought to your attention to prevent Trespass against the American people and their property. We should also like to bring the issues surrounding deceitful court practices to your attention.
It is illegal and unlawful in this country to use a Legal Name or LEGAL NAME for purposes of deceitful prosecution, impersonation, unlawful conversion, or barratry and we find all of these and more criminal activities going on in the courts under Bar Association Administration.
American babies have been subjected to a process of coerced and undisclosed registration by Mothers and Fathers given no disclosure of the consequences. This has led to millions of Americans being falsely registered as British Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts; the assets of these purloined infant decedent estates have then been used as collateral funding the British Territorial United States, sometimes called the Insular United States Government.
The Bar Associations and their Members have been complicit in knowingly administering these fraudulent estate holdings, often against the better interest of the unwitting victims whose identity has been stolen and whose political status has been downgraded to that of a bonded servant.
These are acts of unlawful conversion identified as capital crimes under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, as well as our Public Law--- and the members of the Bar Associations have been going along with this and operating under color of law, misaddressing Americans as British Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts and infant decedent estates with impunity.
Not only that, members of the Bar have been complicit in further acts of impersonation and barratry against their actual Employers and Benefactors when operating Municipal COURTS. In a similarly undisclosed registration process, millions of American babies have been additionally registered as Municipal CORPORATIONS and misaddressed as such.
The Members of the Bar Associations are presumed to know the Law and to be aware of the gravity of this Trespass against the Public Law and against Man and against Nature. Personage, barratry, and acting as privateers under color of law are white collar forms of piracy. No pretense of war protects your actions.
The Members of the Bar Associations are hereby given this 30 Day Warning to correct your operations and Legal Presumptions; people are not rendered things by any act of Government nor are they obligated by any act or contract undertaken under conditions of deceit or non-disclosure, adhesion, or force.
All prosecution of living people under false premise and precedent must end, misapplication of mortgages and other foreign debts, property taxes, income taxes, and registration requirements misaddressed to Americans, must cease and desist, along with the crimes of personage and barratry being used to implement these False Claims.
Any American coming before your courts or any officer of your court claiming their true nature and identity as an American State National must immediately be recognized as a preferential creditor and held harmless from any supposition that he or she is guilty of anything, a pauper, dependent, corporation, Subject Matter, debtor, enemy, political asylum seeker or anyone or anything in any way responsible for acts of personage, barratry, racketeering or extortion under color of law because Bar Association Members have "mistakenly" misaddressed your Employers, Creditors, and Benefactors.
You have until 10 August 2022 to bring your operations into full compliance with the Public and International Law. Any court or court officer found complicit in these acts of misconduct after that date will be held to treble liability standards for causing harm to living people and no pretense otherwise will save you and your organizations from the most dire consequences.
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Evasion of Notice will be taken as Acquiescence.

Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Public and International Notice to the World Bank and All Affiliates

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is not our purpose to waste time or cause disruption in efforts to fix blame on people long dead, nor is it our wish to harm those now living.  We are simply preventing more crime and more disruption and keeping the peace, which is everyone's Public Duty worldwide. 

It has come to our attention that the ASVLP and ASBLP Accounts and numerous other asset accounts including the Spiritual White Boy and Alpha and Omega and the affiliated accounts entrusted to the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development and numerous other institutions have not been deployed as ordered and intended by the Donors of the Funds and we are hereby re-claiming those accounts for default of contractual obligations on the part of the World Bank and its affiliates and any would-be Successors. 

It is a fact known to us as men and women that the funds were provided with the intention to make available more than sufficient funds for the delivery of government services and performance of government functions worldwide without the need to tax anyone.  

We have discovered that instead of following the instructions of the Donors, taxation continued and increased, and that governments poor-mouthed and pretended that they were in great, even insurmountable debt due to the destruction of the wars --- when in fact all their operational costs and costs of rebuilding were covered. 

Instead of disciplining those in receipt of our funds, the World Bank and its affiliates continued disbursements and played politics and allowed the travesty of this double-dipping. 

These miscreant governments even presented false mortgages and enforced evictions against the people whose credit these governments used to secure an interest in the victim's own property.  This criminal activity has led to millions of people being evicted from their homes and businesses under color of law, which is expressly what we, the Donors, sought to avoid.  The guilty parties displaced their own Benefactors and illegally, unlawfully, and immorally impersonated and securitized living flesh. 

This Gross Trespass against Humanity must end and the institutionalized fraud and illegal press-ganging by coerced and undisclosed registration activities must stop.  

This Order to the World Bank by the Founders and Underwriters of the World Bank and its Affiliates is in the Nature of a Claim and Demand to return all Assets and Credit derived from our assets to the Donors' control and credit and to note that a state of war no longer exists in The United States. 

As of 25 June 2022 we will be closing the books and all related charge and abatement and expense accounts that have been predicated on the assumption of a state of war related to the purported continuance of The American Civil War, First World War, Second World War, and any other wars or conflicts in which armed hostilities have ceased more than three years prior to 25 June 2022

On that day, 25 June 2022, the accounts related to these historical conflicts will be closed and a final fiscal audit conducted and forwarded to our Office of Reconciliation.  A  Final Universal Proclamation of Peace and Reconciliation officially ending the  historic wars and conflicts will also be issued and memorialized.  Any other or additional questions related to this directive may be forwarded to me as the Fiduciary for The United States of America.  

The cost of retaining any occupational force after 25 June 2022 shall be at the discretion of each country and the cost for such retention will be borne by each country.  

Any country or nation having any due cause to object to this Final Accounting and Peace Proclamation Process must enter its claim prior to 25 June 2022 by presentment to our Office of Reconciliation at the address shown below. 

We further Notice that in the overall accounting The United States of America is owed one ounce of fine silver for every fiat Federal Reserve Note issued against our credit by the foreign Principals responsible for the corporations issuing these Notes since 1913 and that this is an insurmountable asset debt unaffected by the bankruptcies of incorporated governments. We are hereby invoking and exercising our secured interest in this debt and we are fully informing the World Bank and its Affiliates.

The Donors and Underwriters who are the Preferential and Priority Creditors of the World Bank, it's affiliates and franchises and successors, have announced the creation of a new banking system designed for the needs of living people and small businesses, which will expedite recovery of the world economy from the ground up and finally guarantee the direct disbursement of pre-paid credit as compensation owed to those injured by the criminal mis-administration of the world monetary system for the past 160 years.  

This Bilateral Blue Dot Bank System is designed to provide direct relief and tax free compensation benefits as well as providing a means of equitable exchange of foreign currencies for gold and silver-backed American money.  As each country opens its own Bilateral Bank operating under an American Charter, it will be able to access this direct exchange benefit.  Nobody anywhere in the world needs to be afraid of rumors that Federal Reserve Notes are worthless, nor should anyone lose interest in acquiring Treasury Bonds. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 
Evasion of Notice shall be taken as acquiescence. 

Notice served by:                  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                              The United States of America
                                              Office of Reconciliation
                                               In care of: Box 520994

                                               Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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