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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Just Like Nesting Dolls

 By Anna Von Reitz

What do you imagine "USA" is?  It's a commercial corporation.  It's styled in such a way as you cannot possibly mistake it for anything else, even if it does not explicitly say "Incorporated".  And in this case, it is a British Crown Corporation.   Sylvia C. James is a Municipal citizen bringing a complaint against the British Territorial USA, Inc.    

Think of it like nesting dolls. The States surround the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC exists as a separate independent city-state surrounded by the District of Columbia. 

Both these foreign governments, Territorial and Municipal, exist within the District of Columbia's borders, so both are referred to as "District Governments" ---- District Assembly 4 is populated by U.S. Territorial Citizens, while Municipal District Assembly 18 is populated by Municipal citizens of the United States -- both being foreign populations and non-domestic with respect to us, Americans.  

Our State Assemblies are distinct from District Assemblies and are populated by people addressing soil jurisdiction issues for their Counties and People known as State Citizens, who address international business decisions for each State of the Union.  

This is not rocket science. It's not hard to observe.  Every year or two the roadsides are littered with signs advertising "District" elections and showing pictures of their cheeky-faced political candidates offering to serve as proxies known as "Representatives" for commercial corporation shareholders.  

When you "register to Vote" you are signaling your intention and willingness to give your proxy to one of the candidates, and that you are one of the shareholders of these foreign governmental services corporations. 

The Municipal District Government of Washington, DC is a plenary oligarchy as described in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of all three Federal Constitutions. 

The Territorial District Government of the District of Columbia is a foreign  Democracy with respect to both the Municipal Oligarchy and us, the American States. 

The American States are all republican governments operated by State ---not District--- Assemblies. 

Each of these separate governments have their own forms: oligarchy, democracy, republican states.  

Each of these separate governments have their own citizenry and/or population. 

The Municipal Government is inhabited by citizens of the United States.  

The Territorial Government is inhabited by U.S. Citizens. 

The State Assemblies are populated by the American people  who live in the States of the Union and counties thereof, who are served in international affairs by State Citizens who have renounced all other political associations and obligations.  

The Municipal Congress doing business as the United States Congress is a meeting of the Congressional Delegates acting as plenary oligarchs, passing laws administering and directing the activities of the Municipal citizenry.  

The District Congress doing business as the U.S. Congress is a meeting of Congressional Delegates to legislate administrative rules and regulations governing U.S. Citizens.  Sometimes, rarely, they will pass a code or regulation that pertains to Americans who are engaged in "federally regulated activities" like interstate gun sales.  

Otherwise, the laws, statutes, codes, regulations, ordinances and mandates of the two District Congresses, apply only to their own citizenry and businesses organized as Territorial Corporations or Municipal CORPORATIONS. 

The Delegates to the District Congresses all act as proxies called "Representatives" for shareholders. 

Our Congresses of the Several States Assembled take place very rarely, and the people elected to participate are all State Citizens chosen by their State Assemblies to act as Fiduciary Deputies.  It takes this kind of Congress to propose Amendments to the Constitutions, declare war, and take similar actions of great importance. 

As you can now see, these governments are nested one inside the other, yet each has its own unique form and character and citizenry and structure and responsibilities. 

Just look around and see for yourselves----and think about what you are seeing. 


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