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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Public and International Notice to the Bar Associations -- 30 Day Warning

 By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have served the High Courts with Notice of a Conflict of Law and cleared up a misunderstanding about American Law and Custom that has endured since the early years of last century and which has resulted in misapplication of foreign Legal Presumptions in this country.
For additional information, please go to: and read the Notice of Conflict of Law for details.
Americans, unlike most other people on the planet, do not accrue citizenship obligations at birth. Once Americans reach the age of majority--- which is twenty-one years of age, and having the benefit of full disclosure, Americans may choose to serve as State Citizens or may adopt the foreign political status of one of our Federal Subcontractors without prejudice.
Similarly, Americans inherit their nationality from their States of the Union and do not acquire any kind of national or federal citizenship at birth. Americans come into the world as Virginians, Wisconsinites, New Yorkers, etc., and their rights and guarantees attach to them at birth without exception. Again, they may upon reaching the age of majority, and having full disclosure, choose to adopt additional or different nationality.
Those who come to our country and are Naturalized first as United States citizens are free to establish homes and businesses within our borders and having established a residency in a State of the Union for a year and one day without committing a felony or accepting Public Assistance, such immigrants are free to adopt one of our States as their permanent house, home, and domicile--- whereupon they acquire the nationality of their new State and are regarded as Virginians, Minnesotans, Rhode Islanders, etc., as applicable and all obligations of United States citizenship acquired in the process of Naturalization drop away.
Those babies born to Americans living temporarily outside the borders of The United States are considered Americans by our Government and may choose either their Mother's or Father's birth state to establish their nationality.
If someone successfully immigrates to this country for a period of seven years and one day without the benefit of Naturalization, and establishes a home in a State of the Union for a period of one year and a day without committing a felony or taking public assistance, and then declares and publishes his or her intention to adopt this State as their permanent house, home, and domicile upon the public record, they shall acquire their nationality from that State of the Union and enter into the estate of a Vermonter, Floridian, Texan, Californian, etc.
Whereas U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States are bound under their respective Constitutions and obligated to perform services under those venerable contracts, they are citizenry of foreign governments while employed by or dependent upon the District of Columbia or Municipal Government of Washington, DC. or any franchise thereof, and are not necessarily owed any Constitutional Guarantees until and unless they adopt their State Nationality as one of their two allowable political statuses.
That is, while most countries deal in terms of Dual Citizenship, District Citizens or citizens who were born in this country or to American Mothers and Fathers native to a State of the Union or successfully naturalized and immigrated to a State of the Union, may choose to keep their Constitutional Guarantees while in foreign service.
It is entirely possible for a Kentuckian serving as a U.S. Citizen in the Armed Services to retain their status as a native of Kentucky owed the protection of the Federal Constitution, and no other political status or citizenship obligation can be conferred upon or presumed against anyone otherwise eligible to make the claim.
The same protections apply to Federal Civil Service workers who are born in this country or otherwise successfully immigrated to a State of the Union via the process described above. An Ohioan working for the Post Office may temporarily and for the duration of their service adopt the political status of a Municipal citizen of the United States, but may also retain their status as an Ohioan and stand under the protections of the Federal Constitution.
The unincorporated Federation of States and all fifty State Assemblies are now in Session and have been in Session for three years. As of 1 August 2021 any presumption of a state of war left over from The American Civil War being in existence on our shores has been overturned and ended via an international Peace Treaty and Peace Proclamation Process.
Any similar false presumptions of a state of war resulting from failure to officially end other wars and mercenary conflicts, including continuances from the First World War, Second World War, Korea, and so on are being brought to an end as of 25 June 2022.
All former Territorial States have been enrolled as States of the Union as of 1 October 2020, and have been accepted and enrolled retroactively to the date they entered Territorial Statehood, under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance.
These housekeeping issues and understandings are being brought to your attention to prevent Trespass against the American people and their property. We should also like to bring the issues surrounding deceitful court practices to your attention.
It is illegal and unlawful in this country to use a Legal Name or LEGAL NAME for purposes of deceitful prosecution, impersonation, unlawful conversion, or barratry and we find all of these and more criminal activities going on in the courts under Bar Association Administration.
American babies have been subjected to a process of coerced and undisclosed registration by Mothers and Fathers given no disclosure of the consequences. This has led to millions of Americans being falsely registered as British Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts; the assets of these purloined infant decedent estates have then been used as collateral funding the British Territorial United States, sometimes called the Insular United States Government.
The Bar Associations and their Members have been complicit in knowingly administering these fraudulent estate holdings, often against the better interest of the unwitting victims whose identity has been stolen and whose political status has been downgraded to that of a bonded servant.
These are acts of unlawful conversion identified as capital crimes under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, as well as our Public Law--- and the members of the Bar Associations have been going along with this and operating under color of law, misaddressing Americans as British Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts and infant decedent estates with impunity.
Not only that, members of the Bar have been complicit in further acts of impersonation and barratry against their actual Employers and Benefactors when operating Municipal COURTS. In a similarly undisclosed registration process, millions of American babies have been additionally registered as Municipal CORPORATIONS and misaddressed as such.
The Members of the Bar Associations are presumed to know the Law and to be aware of the gravity of this Trespass against the Public Law and against Man and against Nature. Personage, barratry, and acting as privateers under color of law are white collar forms of piracy. No pretense of war protects your actions.
The Members of the Bar Associations are hereby given this 30 Day Warning to correct your operations and Legal Presumptions; people are not rendered things by any act of Government nor are they obligated by any act or contract undertaken under conditions of deceit or non-disclosure, adhesion, or force.
All prosecution of living people under false premise and precedent must end, misapplication of mortgages and other foreign debts, property taxes, income taxes, and registration requirements misaddressed to Americans, must cease and desist, along with the crimes of personage and barratry being used to implement these False Claims.
Any American coming before your courts or any officer of your court claiming their true nature and identity as an American State National must immediately be recognized as a preferential creditor and held harmless from any supposition that he or she is guilty of anything, a pauper, dependent, corporation, Subject Matter, debtor, enemy, political asylum seeker or anyone or anything in any way responsible for acts of personage, barratry, racketeering or extortion under color of law because Bar Association Members have "mistakenly" misaddressed your Employers, Creditors, and Benefactors.
You have until 10 August 2022 to bring your operations into full compliance with the Public and International Law. Any court or court officer found complicit in these acts of misconduct after that date will be held to treble liability standards for causing harm to living people and no pretense otherwise will save you and your organizations from the most dire consequences.
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Evasion of Notice will be taken as Acquiescence.

Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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