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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

International Public Notice: The Pyramid of Blame

 By Anna Von Reitz

The bankers blame the soldiers and say that the soldiers forced them into the financial crimes that have been committed. 

The soldiers blame the civil servants and people they hired to run things "on the domestic front". 

The civil servants blame us. Where to hell are we? Why aren't we doing a better job of managing our own affairs? 

And we blame the bankers, the soldiers, and the civil servants, because they cashiered our assets and commandeered things and never told us one word about what they were doing or why.  

Most of them have had no idea that they were working for the wrong "public" and no idea how the financial system was supposed to work.  

Just like our soldiers and sailors never knew that they were working as cheap mercenaries. 

Instead of standing around blaming each other, pointing fingers, and letting the world economy flounder onward like a 747 headed straight for a grave--- or worse, trying to cover butts by ginning up self-aggrandizing narratives that are as fictional as Mary Poppins,  it's time to release the prepaid credit that we are owed and to return the control of the physical assets to the physical people.  

We are releasing American Federation prepaid credit that we are owed and directing the various "US Treasuries" to work in concert with our Global Family Bank to erase the phantom of the "National Debt". 

This credit will be used to rebuild and to put an end to the financial and economic crimes that have been at the root of the wars and other evils infesting the world. 

The military and the respective Federal parent corporations are advised to stand down and to cease and desist any saber rattling against Russia, which is our long term Ally ever since 1858, and also to end operations in Gaza and Ukraine. 

It is entirely unacceptable for the British Territorial corporation now calling itself the "American Government, Incorporated" to set up a new franchise calling itself "the State of Israel, Inc." and use this as an excuse for promoting foreign war-for-profit schemes and genocide of civilian populations for the sake of controlling a new Mediterranean oil basin. 

It's not our oil.  It's not the State of Israel's oil.  It's oil that belongs to the murdered Palestinians and Jews who were living in Gaza.  And now it belongs to their heirs and surviving families.  

Plus reparations for the pollution of their land, the destruction of their homes and businesses, the loss of their lives and incomes, the destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza, and the immoral incursion into their territory by both Hamas and "the State of Israel, Inc.".  

As for the "pandemic", the corporations responsible have polluted the genome of Homo sapiens sapiens and caused the death of over 33 million innocent Americans and nearly a billion innocent civilians worldwide. 

We can scarcely summon the words to express our extreme outrage and displeasure; but as money and credit appears to be the "god" of these nameless faceless things, and as they don't understand any other language, we have already served First and Second Notice that we are charging the British Crown and the Federal Municipal corporations one (1) Trillion USD for every American maimed or murdered by this rampage of complete and utter criminality. 

33 million times 1 Trillion is: 

$ 3,300,000,000,000,000.00 USD.  

This is not an exact amount, but is based on current statistical analysis.  Additional deaths and permanent injury cases are anticipated.  

All your corporations stand foreclosed and under demand for payment pending their lawful conversion back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the respective countries of origin or present operations, as appropriate.  

We are not blaming any specific group of people for a 160 year-old fraud scheme; obviously, Lincoln's banker, Salmon P. Chase, -- yes, Chase Bank is his namesake today -- played a seminal part in getting it all started, and Generals Grant and Sherman provided the muscle, but a fraud this all-encompassing has been supported and condoned or at least tolerated by millions of people who benefited themselves from it over the course of six generations. 

If we were to try and execute all those who committed treason and capital crimes of state associated with this fraud worldwide, we'd be kept busy for the next fifty years tracking down all the criminals and ringleaders and colluding pals and sycophants, and stuck spending billions of dollars on the effort. 

That's time, money, effort and attention that could be better spent cleaning up the pollution, restoring the land and soil, developing clean water resources, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick.  

We are therefore declaring a General Amnesty, except for those political leaders and corporation trustees and CEO's who knew what they were doing and chose to do it anyway. They are to be treated as common criminals and sought on an extraterritorial basis, tried under the law they are naturally owed, either as military officers and personnel or as civilians. 

It's time for the Jews and the Muslims, both, to stop being chumps, because both are being used to destroy each other for no good reason.  Religious wars, like wars based on race, are con games and nobody wins them except the arms dealers and the 
"defense" contractors that keep everyone spending their money and labor on war, war, war --- instead of better schools, clean water, and competent medical care. 

Wise up, everyone. We did. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 15th 2024


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Notice to All Coordinators and All State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, we have a troublemaker and loose canon in our ranks --- Paul Douglas Peterson, former Coordinator for the Michigan Assembly.

Paul assumed the position as Coordinator and gave everyone the impression that he had my personal sanction and the support of the Federation and then he proceeded to do things like this:

1. Suppress free speech and discussion in public meetings;
2. Profile and vet individuals before allowing them to participate in any way-- even though it was made clear to everyone that vetting is for candidates for elected office only.  Having been corrected, Paul changed the name of his vetting of new members to be "new member interviews" and continued the same exact incorrect process under a different name.  In this and numerous other instances, Paul employed the tactics of the de facto while pretending to represent our government and specifically pretending to represent me and the Federation.  
3. Profile members and categorize them according to their willingness to submit to his demands.
4. Invade personal privacy and keep dossiers on individual members activities and associations outside the Assembly.
5. Tell people that they could "never" be members of the Michigan Assembly based on his evaluation of them.
6. Creating fictional powers for himself, such as "Coordinator Jurisdiction" that doesn't exist.
7. Forcing the people of Michigan to sign performance contracts as a precondition to participating in their own public government.

This was not just alleged against Paul.  It was investigated by multiple Third Parties prior to his removal as Coordinator.  

Now that he has been removed from the position of Coordinator he is trying to blame the Federation and me, personally, for his bad behavior.

From our perspective, Paul Peterson obviously continued to ply his former trade and to treat members like suspects in a crime drama and to build a District Assembly structure in spite of ample opportunity to learn the American Way of doing things and our standards for respecting individual rights.

Neither the Federal Government nor any version of a Michigan Assembly has any right to deprive people of their basic freedoms and rights nor to abridge their participation in their government so long as they maintain basic levels of civility and do not unreasonably impair the ability of the group to conduct business.

And we certainly never empowered Paul Peterson to do so.

So that is why Paul Peterson is no longer Coordinator for the Michigan Assembly.  As things stand, he has stolen the money and the computer access and refused to turn over the keys to Amy Hunt, who agreed to step up and do the job he was supposed to be doing all along.

Every State Assembly has cause to know that they are in Session because the Federation called them into Session.  

All Coordinators as well as all members know that during the process of assembling they are under the guidance and protection of the Federation and they all need to use this precious time to learn and organize themselves properly.  

All Coordinators know that they can be removed for cause during this process.

Paul has tried to make his removal into a "Cause" and to encourage a kind of rebellion among the Coordinators encouraging them to seize power in the name of State's Rights.  

This is, in any case, not a matter of State's Rights.  It's a matter of people's rights --- the right of the people of Michigan to be free of censorship and surveillance, bullying and judgment, suppression and coercion and lies --- like Paul's imaginary "Coordinator's Jurisdiction".  

Let us all focus on the actual people and Job One, which is protecting them and their assets, empowering them to work together successfully for the good of their State and the Union of States --- and the good of the Federation, too.

Paul set things up initially so that he could blame his own bad behavior on us by associating himself inappropriately with me and the Federation, presenting himself as someone who was specially annointed and approved by us, and so, we were besmirched by association with his subsequent dictatorial actions and assumptions of positional power.

Now he is attempting the same old schtick of blaming the victim, and trying to blame the Federation and me for interfering in his bad behavior.

This is all just Old De Facto Stuff that we have seen many times before and it attempts to avoid the fact that Paul had the opportunity to guide the members of the Michigan Assembly and build a happy and strong community.  Instead, he acted as their dictator and created an atmosphere of fear and trepidation, such that people couldn't make progress and speak freely and ask questions.

We are not making any guesses as to what motivated Paul or what his intentions were, but we do know that he was way off track, that he refused to sincerely correct, and that the end result for Michigan was lack of progress and fellowship and shared understanding.

All Coordinators need to realize that their position is one of help and guidance.  All Coordinators need to be asking the Federation for information and assistance for their States and faithfully returning that information to the membership.  If at all possible, there should be multiple people acting as Coordinators in every State, because when there is just one Coordinator people tend to assume that they are "the" leader, when in fact, in our government, everyone has to be a leader.

Our Government, first to last, fails without the goodwill, cooperation in common cause, and vigilant participation of the people who live in each county and State.  

The task of a Coordinator is difficult, especially now after such a long hiatus, but that is no excuse for anyone to forget the basic values of America --- freedom of religion, speech, association, privacy --- these are all basic rights of Michigan Assembly Members that Paul Peterson was trampling on in the name of what?  The Michigan Assembly?  The State?

No, Paul, and no to anyone else afflicted with this misunderstanding. The State does not stand above the people.  The people stand about the State in our system of government.  

We are here to make sure that everyone gets the basics straight and knows how the American States and the American Government are supposed to work and this is just another example of how people entrusted to assist in this process give in to their own prior indoctrination.  

Be vigilant, therefore, and everyone watch everyone else's backs, so that nobody --- not a Coordinator, not a Federale --- nobody stomps on the basic rights of an American for any reason including the benefit of the State.

The State is only a creature of the mind; the people are the life, breath, and substance of the State.  So any time the State or any other level of government is swaggering around and abusing the powers of the State it's time for the people to take action on their own behalf to set things straight.

The people of Michigan are lucky that the Federation is riding shotgun for them and preventing petty dictators from arising and inventing all sorts of non-existent powers for themselves, but in the days to come, this is a function that the people of each state must themselves undertake.

We aren't going to be babysitting forever and removing the Paul Petersons of the world when they go too far afield.

So make use of this time to learn and really integrate the American Way into your hearts and minds.  

We, Americans, are peaceable, even amiable folk, not given to drama; we are fair-minded, practical, and honest.  We are concerned about our own good and welfare, but not so as to deprive others of their bit.  We recognize and honor the rights and needs of individuals and distribute both power and responsibility to all, instead of acting like a hive of bees consolidating and conferring power on a King or Queen or Coordinator.

While Paul is making all these unfounded accusations against me and against "the Federation" which has called you to assemble and caused your States to come into Session, and while he is pretending that this is about "State's rights"---- what it is really about is his abuse of the State's power against the rights of the people who own the State.


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International Public Notice: This is Not Rocket Science

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our British Territorial and Papist (HRE) Subcontractors lied to us out of one side of their mouths and lied to the rest of the world with the other.

After the Civil War they claimed that our American Government
disappeared, was "in interregnum" and mysteriously "absent", and that they had been left as custodians and "representatives" guarding our assets for us.

Instead of telling the American people the truth, they ambushed,
attacked, burned out, murdered, and forced all the leaders of the
original American Government to flee --- simply hid their dirty deeds,
and then stood around with their hands in their pockets, shrugging and
winking and saying, "We don't know what happened. They just never came
back into Session after the War."

These facts and the fact that there was no actual "war" but only an
illegal commercial mercenary conflict, were all carefully hidden from
the public, so that the people had no idea what was going on.  The
members of the Rump Congress appointed by Lincoln appeared to be
conducting business as usual even with our flag hanging in the struck
position in the Capitol Rotunda.

Grant, Sherman, Seward, Salmon P. Chase --- all of them owed "good
faith service" and they all committed treason and murder instead.

It was the Mother and the model for all the other mercenary "changes
of government" that have pox-marked the world's history for the past
160-plus years.

And it was done to us by our own precious Union Army in the name of
ending slavery, but the same men stood by and let the Southern
Democrats re-enslave the purportedly freed plantation slaves --
crookedly abolishing private slave ownership and institutionalizing
public slave ownership instead.

These men were criminals and con artists of the worst kind and they
were helped and promoted in their criminality and deceit by Big
Business and the Central Banks.

So.... they slid into their self-created role as our "caretakers" and
illegally occupied this country under conditions of deceit and color
of law.

And they have sat there like toads, promoting every kind of evil ever since.

Their financial frauds began with the Greenbacks Scandal, in which
they offered high rates of interest on "1040 Bonds" and then insisted
that investors pay for these with "Greenbacks" --- their own paper
military scrip.  Investors exchanged their gold to buy Greenbacks,
used them to buy the "Government" Bonds, which weren't issued by our
government, and when these bonds matured the investors came back
expecting to be paid back in gold plus interest.  Instead, they were
only given back Greenbacks, because that is what they used to buy the

These investors were swindled into giving up something of actual value
and substance in inequitable exchange for paper.  So the pattern of
deceit, manipulation, and swindling began and it only picked up speed.

Now we are facing the imminent collapse of the Clearinghouses, the
DTTC and DTC, which will collapse the financial system worldwide.

Because these institutions were the worldwide hub of the greatest
financial swindle and human trafficking crime in world history.

The Bounders deliberately misidentified six generations of American
babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens --- stole our names, stole
our identities, stole our birthright political status as Americans,
and used undisclosed, unconscionable contracts to do it.

These Clearinghouses accepted the "Birth Certificates" issued in our
names and facilitated "our" transfer as indentured servants, British
Territorial U.S. Citizens owing service to the British Queen in the
foreign jurisdiction of the sea.  Later, they accepted and facilitated
transfer of another second BIRTH CERTIFICATE into the jurisdiction of
the air, and poof! We had a foreign Municipal ESTATE trust named after
us, and our name, having been laundered into something unrecognizable
in this process, was deemed a "citizen of the United States" and
saddled with all the debts thereof.

So what is happening here is a crime known as a Personage Scheme
combined with Human Trafficking, in which the victim is impersonated
as someone or something else and their identity is deliberately
trafficked into a foreign jurisdiction and subjected under a foreign
law --- without their knowledge or consent.

This "set up" is then used to coerce the confused and helpless victims
and another crime ensues when Agents of the Perpetrators of all this
come forward and knowingly make False Claims against these Legal
Entities that they have named after you -- a crime known as Barratry.

Nearly everyone in the Western World has suffered deliberate
Personage, Human Trafficking and innumerable crimes of Barratry, but
it began in England and America in the 1860's and proved so profitable
as a white collar crime that the corporate Perpetrators were able to
finance the British Raj in India and similar "occupational forces" in
The United States and the British Commonwealth.

They swindled their own people in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
into first indentured servitude and next into abject slavery, did the
same thing in The United States, and then throughout the former
Commonwealth, then used their ill-gotten gains to finance World War
II, occupied Japan and seventeen western European countries, took over
and occupied countries in Africa, and aimed to do the same in the
Middle East and Asia.

They used our sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries and of course,
never told them that that is what they'd be doing and serving; no,
they sang Yankee Doodle all the way to guarding poppy fields in
Afghanistan and stealing oil in Iraq.

This said, the problem began in England under the reign of Queen
Victoria and her Consort, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; they
were both Germans, and when they married in 1840, the Royal Finances
came under the management of German financiers--- firmly tying Royal
Family fortunes to Continental European business interests.  Not

This has remained the central core problem ever since, and it has
festered already into two World Wars and is threatening to erupt into
a third such travesty.

All this fraud and personage and embezzlement, all this barratry, all
this human trafficking and war-for-profit, all this identity theft,
bankruptcy and probate fraud -- all this evil --  has to come to an
end, and the actual Cause has to be addressed.

The Cause is not in America.

This criminal "system" was imported under conditions of deceit and
breach of trust and color of law.  It didn't come from America and we
have, instead, been victims of it. From our standpoint  it came from
The original Perpetrators in our case were the bankers and paid-off
politicians backing Benjamin D'Israeli as Lord of the Exchequer and
later, Prime Minister.

However, we should know that this entire set up is much, much older,
having its first whiff during the reign of the Roman Emperor,
Justinian.   It is a reprise of an earlier financial debacle that was
pulled out of the attic and re-run using modern business corporations
and central banks and, of course, the British Navy.

All roads going backward from Benjamin D"Israeli lead to Rome, the
Lords of the Admiralty, the French and English Rothschild bankers,
Greek shipping magnates, and certain disgruntled German Bankers who
were swindled and set up to be scapegoats in another racketeering

None of this is difficult to trace from any number of data sets and
disciplines, but, unfortunately, those most likely to see the data and
read the Tea Leaves are also those who have licenses and careers at
stake, or are small fry who can be bullied and paid off.

Blackmail and money and murder have had their way with America and
virtually every other western country.

Which brings us to today.

The Perpetrators sucked up our public assets and put them in State
Trusts; even though they never owned these assets, and had no
permission from us, they took over as self-appointed Trustees. Similar
measures were taken to cashier our public utilities and roads, our
soil and water resources, and other natural resource assets.  The
British Title System was imposed and Americans were charged British
Property Taxes even though the Americans were the actual landowners.

Americans were similarly swindled into paying vast mortgages owed by
the British Crown and (Roman) Municipal Trusts operated in the names
of the Americans who had no idea what was going on.

As already noted, our gold and silver was swindled away in inequitable
exchanges for paper "notes" promising to pay later, as in the
Emergency Banking Act of 1934, where Americans were coerced to
exchange their Silver Dollars for paper Federal Reserve Notes on a
one-to-one basis using coercive Legal Tender Laws that never applied
to us and should never have been present on our soil.  In one
particularly criminal exercise, the President of the U.S.A., Inc.,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ordered hired Federal Agents to go house to
house and loot any privately owned gold they found.

He later admitted on film that he had collected 20 Metric Tons of gold
from the American people --- gave six MT as a grubstake for the
Federal Reserve Banks, and split the rest between the World Bank and
International Bank of Reconstruction and Development.   All that is
owed back to us with interest from the banks that received it, or
their Successors and Lessor Creditors.

The Perpetrators then used our assets as collateral for them to borrow
against, and issued Federal Reserve Notes backed by the labor of all
their indentured servants --- the U.S. Citizens, both those that were
actually U.S. Citizens by birth or by employment, and all those
millions of American babies who were mischaracterized as such.

In the next round the Municipal Subcontractors did the same thing,
issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and dubbed us "citizens of the United
States" and while the first scam latched onto our Good Names and
labor, the second one made us responsible for all the debts of the
government and proposed to hold us as public slaves --- that is,
federal municipal trusts created under foreign Municipal Code ---

A similar fraud has been practiced against the people  throughout the
British Isles since the reign of King Henry the Eighth, only using
Baptismal Certificates instead of Birth Certificates --- an earlier
revival of the fraud taking place between the reign of Justinian and
modern times and only affecting Christian Church members, Catholics
and Protestants alike.

The hoary nature of the fraud fully recognized, the meat of the issue
is and remains ---who actually owns all the trust assets?  We do.

Who then is legitimately owed all the credit derived from those assets?
We are.

Therefore, who is the United States National Debt owed to?  That would
be us, too, the Americans, the Preferential Creditors.

All those Federal Reserve and United States (Promissory) Notes are
owed to us, the hapless Americans, who've been harassed and milked and
bilked and kept in the dark and fed horse dung for six generations by
our own public employees and their hired agents.

So, they already owe us the assets and they owe us the value of all
the promissory "Notes" they've been printing and passing around, and
because we have given them valuable goods and services in inequitable
exchange for paper I.O.U.s equal to the so-called "National Debt", we
have a prepaid National Credit that is exactly equal to their National

If proper bookkeeping and permissions had been applied and our
National Credit was balanced against their National Debt, there would
be no debt and therefore no interest due on any such debt.

The negligence in this matter by our purported Trustees and the Banks
involved resulted in billions upon billions of dollars of unjust
enrichment for all the other Parties thanks to them collecting
interest on a non-existent debt ---- and as they were palming off
their debt on us via a different mechanism, it also meant more debt
being attached to and held against our assets.

Not their assets.  They never had any assets.  They used our assets as
the collateral backing their debts while pretending to be our
Caretakers and Custodians providing us with good faith
service....without any contract or agreement from us.

They owe us all our assets back and they owe us the gold and silver
they purloined in inequitable exchange, all the land they subjected to
False Titles and foreign Taxes we Americans never owed, all the
mortgages we paid "for" them and their franchises, all the Property
Taxes that they collected under False Pretenses, all the gold FDR
stole under color of law and they owe the entire value of their
"National Debt" plus all the "interest" paid on it, plus all the
"investments" they made "for" us and all the "labor contracts" they
collected, all the insurance policies they collected on us and our
assets, the value of all the bonds they placed upon our names, such as
all the cured Social Security Bonds sitting in the New York Federal
Reserve Bank, plus the return of the value of all the securities they
issued in our names,  plus interest.

Faced with the enormity of the crime and the debt, all these banks and
these "government services corporations" will want to enter bankruptcy
and charge off their bankruptcies against us, too, but we say that
after all this, the Foreign Principals responsible for these
organizations, are in default, are owed no protection from their acts,
and we own not only all their debt, but all their corporations and
everything else of value belonging to them, too, right down to the
Inner City of London, the Crown Jewels and the American trusts that
were lumped together as part of the "Global Collateral Accounts" and
which are also presently underwriting virtually all of the world's
Central Banks.

We've discussed this situation with the banks and the treasuries and
now we are discussing it with the Public,

We have ordered the United States to liquidate its debt to no avail;
we have explained that doing so will pay off their "credit cards" and
leave them with room to borrow against, but they continue to obstruct
this solution to their dilemma and cling to their leg-irons.

We need no further proof that they are not responsible for this crime.

If they were smart enough to pull this vast criminal enterprise off
for 160 years, they would also be smart enough to recognize a way out
of it, but the Privy Council and Janet Yellen and the rest of the
Party Hearties are responding to reality like catatonic zombies and
remain paralyzed in the face of the imminent collapse of the
clearinghouses, the securities markets, the stock markets, the major
insurance companies, and yes, the banks.

Considering that individual Americans are the owners of the underlying
deposits that underwrite virtually all the central banks on the
planet, and not the banks, and not the other Principals, and certainly
not the bankrupt corporations that are merely in the business of
providing "government services" ---- it's past time to return all
these assets to their actual owners and issue the prepaid credit that
we are owed.

Whereupon we are exercising all our cured liens against the guilty
Principals and their Corporations and issuing prepaid credit
certificates to everyone who has been hurt by this completely
mind-boggling crime against humanity -- so long as they are willing to
live in peace and work for a better world.

As we technically own all the Federal Reserve Notes issued against our
assets and own the debt they represent as a debt owed to us, plus
seven to ten times that much in secondary credit issued under the
fractional reserve banking system, and are owed the return of all
mortgages paid by people who actually are Americans, ditto all
property taxes, income taxes and bonds, insurance interests, stocks,

We are requiring the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department
to release the Federal Reserve Notes and other stockpiles of uncut
Kennedy Dollars for immediate exchange with our prepaid credit

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 15th 2024


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