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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

International Public Notice: The Pyramid of Blame

 By Anna Von Reitz

The bankers blame the soldiers and say that the soldiers forced them into the financial crimes that have been committed. 

The soldiers blame the civil servants and people they hired to run things "on the domestic front". 

The civil servants blame us. Where to hell are we? Why aren't we doing a better job of managing our own affairs? 

And we blame the bankers, the soldiers, and the civil servants, because they cashiered our assets and commandeered things and never told us one word about what they were doing or why.  

Most of them have had no idea that they were working for the wrong "public" and no idea how the financial system was supposed to work.  

Just like our soldiers and sailors never knew that they were working as cheap mercenaries. 

Instead of standing around blaming each other, pointing fingers, and letting the world economy flounder onward like a 747 headed straight for a grave--- or worse, trying to cover butts by ginning up self-aggrandizing narratives that are as fictional as Mary Poppins,  it's time to release the prepaid credit that we are owed and to return the control of the physical assets to the physical people.  

We are releasing American Federation prepaid credit that we are owed and directing the various "US Treasuries" to work in concert with our Global Family Bank to erase the phantom of the "National Debt". 

This credit will be used to rebuild and to put an end to the financial and economic crimes that have been at the root of the wars and other evils infesting the world. 

The military and the respective Federal parent corporations are advised to stand down and to cease and desist any saber rattling against Russia, which is our long term Ally ever since 1858, and also to end operations in Gaza and Ukraine. 

It is entirely unacceptable for the British Territorial corporation now calling itself the "American Government, Incorporated" to set up a new franchise calling itself "the State of Israel, Inc." and use this as an excuse for promoting foreign war-for-profit schemes and genocide of civilian populations for the sake of controlling a new Mediterranean oil basin. 

It's not our oil.  It's not the State of Israel's oil.  It's oil that belongs to the murdered Palestinians and Jews who were living in Gaza.  And now it belongs to their heirs and surviving families.  

Plus reparations for the pollution of their land, the destruction of their homes and businesses, the loss of their lives and incomes, the destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza, and the immoral incursion into their territory by both Hamas and "the State of Israel, Inc.".  

As for the "pandemic", the corporations responsible have polluted the genome of Homo sapiens sapiens and caused the death of over 33 million innocent Americans and nearly a billion innocent civilians worldwide. 

We can scarcely summon the words to express our extreme outrage and displeasure; but as money and credit appears to be the "god" of these nameless faceless things, and as they don't understand any other language, we have already served First and Second Notice that we are charging the British Crown and the Federal Municipal corporations one (1) Trillion USD for every American maimed or murdered by this rampage of complete and utter criminality. 

33 million times 1 Trillion is: 

$ 3,300,000,000,000,000.00 USD.  

This is not an exact amount, but is based on current statistical analysis.  Additional deaths and permanent injury cases are anticipated.  

All your corporations stand foreclosed and under demand for payment pending their lawful conversion back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the respective countries of origin or present operations, as appropriate.  

We are not blaming any specific group of people for a 160 year-old fraud scheme; obviously, Lincoln's banker, Salmon P. Chase, -- yes, Chase Bank is his namesake today -- played a seminal part in getting it all started, and Generals Grant and Sherman provided the muscle, but a fraud this all-encompassing has been supported and condoned or at least tolerated by millions of people who benefited themselves from it over the course of six generations. 

If we were to try and execute all those who committed treason and capital crimes of state associated with this fraud worldwide, we'd be kept busy for the next fifty years tracking down all the criminals and ringleaders and colluding pals and sycophants, and stuck spending billions of dollars on the effort. 

That's time, money, effort and attention that could be better spent cleaning up the pollution, restoring the land and soil, developing clean water resources, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick.  

We are therefore declaring a General Amnesty, except for those political leaders and corporation trustees and CEO's who knew what they were doing and chose to do it anyway. They are to be treated as common criminals and sought on an extraterritorial basis, tried under the law they are naturally owed, either as military officers and personnel or as civilians. 

It's time for the Jews and the Muslims, both, to stop being chumps, because both are being used to destroy each other for no good reason.  Religious wars, like wars based on race, are con games and nobody wins them except the arms dealers and the 
"defense" contractors that keep everyone spending their money and labor on war, war, war --- instead of better schools, clean water, and competent medical care. 

Wise up, everyone. We did. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 15th 2024


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