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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Notice to All Coordinators and All State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, we have a troublemaker and loose canon in our ranks --- Paul Douglas Peterson, former Coordinator for the Michigan Assembly.

Paul assumed the position as Coordinator and gave everyone the impression that he had my personal sanction and the support of the Federation and then he proceeded to do things like this:

1. Suppress free speech and discussion in public meetings;
2. Profile and vet individuals before allowing them to participate in any way-- even though it was made clear to everyone that vetting is for candidates for elected office only.  Having been corrected, Paul changed the name of his vetting of new members to be "new member interviews" and continued the same exact incorrect process under a different name.  In this and numerous other instances, Paul employed the tactics of the de facto while pretending to represent our government and specifically pretending to represent me and the Federation.  
3. Profile members and categorize them according to their willingness to submit to his demands.
4. Invade personal privacy and keep dossiers on individual members activities and associations outside the Assembly.
5. Tell people that they could "never" be members of the Michigan Assembly based on his evaluation of them.
6. Creating fictional powers for himself, such as "Coordinator Jurisdiction" that doesn't exist.
7. Forcing the people of Michigan to sign performance contracts as a precondition to participating in their own public government.

This was not just alleged against Paul.  It was investigated by multiple Third Parties prior to his removal as Coordinator.  

Now that he has been removed from the position of Coordinator he is trying to blame the Federation and me, personally, for his bad behavior.

From our perspective, Paul Peterson obviously continued to ply his former trade and to treat members like suspects in a crime drama and to build a District Assembly structure in spite of ample opportunity to learn the American Way of doing things and our standards for respecting individual rights.

Neither the Federal Government nor any version of a Michigan Assembly has any right to deprive people of their basic freedoms and rights nor to abridge their participation in their government so long as they maintain basic levels of civility and do not unreasonably impair the ability of the group to conduct business.

And we certainly never empowered Paul Peterson to do so.

So that is why Paul Peterson is no longer Coordinator for the Michigan Assembly.  As things stand, he has stolen the money and the computer access and refused to turn over the keys to Amy Hunt, who agreed to step up and do the job he was supposed to be doing all along.

Every State Assembly has cause to know that they are in Session because the Federation called them into Session.  

All Coordinators as well as all members know that during the process of assembling they are under the guidance and protection of the Federation and they all need to use this precious time to learn and organize themselves properly.  

All Coordinators know that they can be removed for cause during this process.

Paul has tried to make his removal into a "Cause" and to encourage a kind of rebellion among the Coordinators encouraging them to seize power in the name of State's Rights.  

This is, in any case, not a matter of State's Rights.  It's a matter of people's rights --- the right of the people of Michigan to be free of censorship and surveillance, bullying and judgment, suppression and coercion and lies --- like Paul's imaginary "Coordinator's Jurisdiction".  

Let us all focus on the actual people and Job One, which is protecting them and their assets, empowering them to work together successfully for the good of their State and the Union of States --- and the good of the Federation, too.

Paul set things up initially so that he could blame his own bad behavior on us by associating himself inappropriately with me and the Federation, presenting himself as someone who was specially annointed and approved by us, and so, we were besmirched by association with his subsequent dictatorial actions and assumptions of positional power.

Now he is attempting the same old schtick of blaming the victim, and trying to blame the Federation and me for interfering in his bad behavior.

This is all just Old De Facto Stuff that we have seen many times before and it attempts to avoid the fact that Paul had the opportunity to guide the members of the Michigan Assembly and build a happy and strong community.  Instead, he acted as their dictator and created an atmosphere of fear and trepidation, such that people couldn't make progress and speak freely and ask questions.

We are not making any guesses as to what motivated Paul or what his intentions were, but we do know that he was way off track, that he refused to sincerely correct, and that the end result for Michigan was lack of progress and fellowship and shared understanding.

All Coordinators need to realize that their position is one of help and guidance.  All Coordinators need to be asking the Federation for information and assistance for their States and faithfully returning that information to the membership.  If at all possible, there should be multiple people acting as Coordinators in every State, because when there is just one Coordinator people tend to assume that they are "the" leader, when in fact, in our government, everyone has to be a leader.

Our Government, first to last, fails without the goodwill, cooperation in common cause, and vigilant participation of the people who live in each county and State.  

The task of a Coordinator is difficult, especially now after such a long hiatus, but that is no excuse for anyone to forget the basic values of America --- freedom of religion, speech, association, privacy --- these are all basic rights of Michigan Assembly Members that Paul Peterson was trampling on in the name of what?  The Michigan Assembly?  The State?

No, Paul, and no to anyone else afflicted with this misunderstanding. The State does not stand above the people.  The people stand about the State in our system of government.  

We are here to make sure that everyone gets the basics straight and knows how the American States and the American Government are supposed to work and this is just another example of how people entrusted to assist in this process give in to their own prior indoctrination.  

Be vigilant, therefore, and everyone watch everyone else's backs, so that nobody --- not a Coordinator, not a Federale --- nobody stomps on the basic rights of an American for any reason including the benefit of the State.

The State is only a creature of the mind; the people are the life, breath, and substance of the State.  So any time the State or any other level of government is swaggering around and abusing the powers of the State it's time for the people to take action on their own behalf to set things straight.

The people of Michigan are lucky that the Federation is riding shotgun for them and preventing petty dictators from arising and inventing all sorts of non-existent powers for themselves, but in the days to come, this is a function that the people of each state must themselves undertake.

We aren't going to be babysitting forever and removing the Paul Petersons of the world when they go too far afield.

So make use of this time to learn and really integrate the American Way into your hearts and minds.  

We, Americans, are peaceable, even amiable folk, not given to drama; we are fair-minded, practical, and honest.  We are concerned about our own good and welfare, but not so as to deprive others of their bit.  We recognize and honor the rights and needs of individuals and distribute both power and responsibility to all, instead of acting like a hive of bees consolidating and conferring power on a King or Queen or Coordinator.

While Paul is making all these unfounded accusations against me and against "the Federation" which has called you to assemble and caused your States to come into Session, and while he is pretending that this is about "State's rights"---- what it is really about is his abuse of the State's power against the rights of the people who own the State.


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