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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

International Public Notice: The Greenbacks Scandal Revisited in Modern Terms

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have often observed that the intergenerational criminals among us are distinctively uncreative.  They work out a con game and if it works once, they wait a while, and they use it again.

Recently, they pulled one out of their trunk of tricks  that goes all the way back to the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian.  

Give them points for having long memories and keeping good records. 

Our subject today is a repeat of much more recent fraud schemes. 

Remember Lincoln's "Greenbacks" engineered by his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase? 

For those who need a reminder --- 

Chase's Treasury issued an extremely favorable series of bonds called "Ten Forty Bonds" offering investors unheard of rates of return on their investments.  

They were called Ten Forty Bonds, because they matured either in ten years or forty years, and yes, they are still being sold today, only the investors don't realize that they are buying these bonds when they sign a "1040 Form" and they never receive back any reward or dividend from their investment purchase. 

[That's another fraud scheme that includes impersonation of the victims and complete siphoning of the profits.]  

In order to buy these bonds, you had to first convert your gold or silver-based money to Greenbacks, and use Greenbacks to buy the Ten Forty Bonds. 

Ten years later these investors came back to the Treasury expecting to redeem their bonds and to be paid in gold; General William Tecumseh Sherman was most annoyed by their expectation that they would be paid back in gold. 

"Why, Gentleman," he reportedly inquired, "what did you use to purchase these Ten Forty Bonds?" 

"Greenbacks, of course," the Investors all answered. 

"Then why," said General Sherman, "would you expect to be paid back in anything but Greenbacks?"  

Realizing that they had been swindled and that they could only expect to be paid back in Greenbacks, they accepted the paper fiat currency and otherwise went home empty-handed. 

We have witnessed a similar, but even greater swindle in the present day.  

For many years, Federal Reserve Notes have served as the world's "Reserve Currency".  If you wanted to buy crude oil or refined oil products, you had to convert your national currency into Federal Reserve Notes and then use the Federal Reserve Notes to buy the oil.  

Beginning to sound familiar?

As oil is a considerably more crucial necessity than a discretionary investment in bonds, the market collusion of an essential commodity coupled with a fiat currency -- and both serving to establish a monopoly on oil supplies and currency supplies, was also used to create an unnatural foreign burden on the national economies of every non-oil producing country on Earth--- amounting to a huge, silent and deadly tax on an essential commodity, that was split as pure profit and "something for nothing" by the Perpetrators. 

We, Americans, didn't know what was going on, even though it appeared to be "our" President Tricky Dick Nixon, who promoted and enforced this scheme known as the Petrodollar Scheme, which used foreign natural resources (crude oil) and American refinery capacity (to produce the value-added refined products ultimately sold) to grossly and unjustly enrich the Popes, the British Monarch, the Inner City of London and the Middle Eastern Oil Cartels. 

The requirement that you convert your national currencies into Federal Reserve Notes in order to be able to buy the oil your country needed led to the Global Federal Reserve acquiring vast quantities of foreign currency, which they rat-holed in a giant commodity-rigging slush fund that they called "the ESF" -- the Economic Stability Fund.  

Not to be confused with another "ESF" known as the Economic Security Fund.... but, we already explained that substitution scheme. 

Thus, the Global Federal Reserve became the Central Bank of Central Banks, holding vast "reserves" of national currencies, which they could then manipulate at will to inflate or deflate the value of any target national currencies and so, wreak havoc on entire national or even regional economies at will. 

This inordinate and ultimately monopolistic financial power allowed them to leverage vast political power, too. They could impose "sanctions" by increasing and decreasing national currency supplies in the world market, driving the perceived value of any currency up or down at will.  

They had the wrap on crude oil, on printing Federal Reserve Notes, and the commodity rigging fund to control all the national currencies; what could a country like, for example, Denmark, say to these criminals?  Nothing.  

The victims had to continue producing their national currency and trading it for worthless I.O.U.s in order to buy oil which they needed for everything -- to heat homes, run cars and factories and office buildings and heavy equipment, and buy still more oil in the form of fertilizer, plastics, and so on. 

Not only did the "US, Inc." illegally occupy seventeen countries in Western Europe, they gained control of their national economies via an illegal combined monopoly on oil and Federal Reserve Notes.  

They also seduced the victims of the first scheme to buy U.S. Treasury Bonds, under a similar quid pro quo. In order to buy U.S. Treasuries, they had to pay gold and/or silver to buy US DOLLARS, aka, USD to buy the Treasury Bonds, and of course, these bonds were paid off in Federal Reserve Notes, because they were U.S. Treasury Bonds. 

In this way, the scoundrels conspired to gain control of all national currencies and a preponderance of the world's gold and silver, while using everyone else's resources to do it: the Arab's oil, the American's refineries, the British Territorial Federal Reserve Notes and U.S. Treasury Bonds, the Municipal UNITED STATES DOLLARS, while they reaped the profits from all this financial-political monopolization. 

Faced with the fact that all of this was grossly illegal and that both the Federal Reserve Notes and the USD were tainted, one by peonage, one by slavery, and that the rest of the world wasn't playing their ugly game anymore (signaled by the formation of the BRICs Alliance) the Perpetrators turned even harder thumb screws on their victims at home, and increased taxes, interest rates, increased inflation, etc., to continue their own unjust enrichment. 

And when that was not enough, they began outright "legalized" theft of private assets belonging to Americans, Europeans, Aussies, Canadians, Japanese, and other victims of these schemes in 2005, and liberally applying politically-motivated "economic sanctions" to justify other crimes like their recent seizure of $30 Billion in Russian assets in this country. 

In the end, to no avail. 

This practice of monopolizing commodities and access to commodities, especially essential commodities, has been recognized as a crime since the early 1900s, so you may well ask, how have these evil men in nice suits managed to pull this off in broad daylight? 

Collusion. Payola. Blackmail. Secrecy.  All the common ways and means of criminals and crime syndicates.  They have terrorized most of the world's population with nothing more substantial than words written or printed on paper. 

But most of all, the rest of us being asleep at the wheel or being too afraid to take action, has been the main contributor. 

Edmund Burke's quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men should do nothing." has proven true, and the whole world stands on a precipice because of it. 

Watch what the Evil Doers are doing now: these parasites have been preparing for some years to move their base of operations to China, create a huge war and debacle in Europe, Africa, and the United States and former Commonwealth ---kill their Creditors and hide their motives for this behind a smokescreen of war and chaos. 

This is their standard Modus Operandi, and they are so arrogant that, even though they have been doing it for hundreds of years, they think that nobody is going to notice and nobody is going to identify them.  

They intend to slip away and evade the consequences of their crimes by putting on quite a "show" alright, nothing less than the biggest earthquake in history, followed by complete worldwide economic and supply chain collapse, followed by raging fires, and if any of us survive all that, and the planned starvation and urban violence to follow, we will find them snug and secure in a relatively unharmed China, behind a million-man Chinese Army, all funded by our money and assets.  

They will settle in, adopt Chinese identities and Chinese names, and worm their way into positions of confidence and they will teach the Chinese Government to be dependent on them as trusted servants.....knowing that the servants become the masters. 

And the Chinese will be damned to undergo the same cycle in their turn. 

They have done the same things throughout their long and sordid history, from Babylon and the Levant, to Northern Africa, Crete, Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe, Rome, Britain, The United States --- they have crawled their way like all-devouring slugs across the face of the Earth and left their telltale excrement behind.  

The forced exchange of FRNs to buy oil, the forced exchange to buy USD to fulfill quota purchases of U.S. Treasuries that are paid off using more FRNs --- truly a something for nothing scheme --- has been a virtual money machine accompanied by outrageous criminal securitization schemes to match.  

It all echoes back to Salmon P. Chase and Abraham Lincoln and the Greenbacks Scandal, because all these schemes work the same way -- requiring the conversion of valuable assets into a specified currency in order to be able to buy or access something that should be freely available. 

Then, also, pulling the old "bait and switch": convert your gold into USD, use the USD to buy U.S. Treasury Bonds, and get paid in FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES which are worth the paper they are printed on. 

How is that any different from converting your gold into Greenbacks in order to buy 1040 Bonds, and when you try to redeem the Bonds, being paid in Greenbacks? 

It's the same principal, only this time the conversion swindle isn't in what they used to buy the bonds (USD), it's in the fact that the bonds are U.S. Treasury Bonds, so the Bonds themselves dictate that they are paid out in FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, that really, truly, literally are worthless. 

So the victims have given actual value to the USD, which comes out smelling like flowers in May, and have received "Treasury" Bonds from the IMF that can only be redeemed in FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

All the banks are involved to one extent or another.  They are all like a gang of nasty little brats that need their mouths washed out with soap and water.

Now they are lying through their teeth and circling their wagons and trying to pretend that what we are saying isn't true --- but it's factually, observably, true.

This same cycle, these same fraud schemes, these same violent and vicious endgame attacks against their creditors have been their history and Modus Operandi for thousands of years. 

Those who don't remember history are literally condemned to relive it, but we have remembered.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 2nd 2024 


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International Public Notice: An Open Letter to Governor Abbott

 By Anna Von Reitz

We read what happened to the Texas National Guard last week, how our Guardsmen were rushed and beaten by a crowd of out-of-control would-be immigrants.  

We read how our Guardsmen were standing there with rifles in their hands and no bullets. 

We read how a "Federal" Judge pardoned all these rioters and just let them go, after they assaulted our Guardsmen.

Our Guardsman, Governor, not yours.  Ours. Paid with State Trust money.  

This shameful display of complete government ineptitude and dereliction is embarrassing, but it is also a travesty of justice that we will not soon forget. 

You have a State Assembly in Texas.  Not a wannabe State Assembly "representing" a State Trust, but an actual Assembly of qualified, declared, recorded, and published Texans having the provenance and standing to conduct an American Common Law State Court and Texas State Citizens competent as the Principals owed every jot of The Constitution of the United States of America. 

What in the name of God are you doing, taking those prisoners to a political hack who is working as a Hired Jurist for a foreign corporation?  He has no power here.  No jurisdiction related to this issue.  He doesn't even have an Oath of Office.  He had no more jurisdiction over those illegal aliens than Clifford's Big Red Dog, but we do.  

Are you all stupid? Forgot who you are? 

You owe it to us, the Federation of States, and to the People of Texas to: (1) Arm our Guardsman; you may not give them permission to use deadly force in their own defense, but we do, and we count, because those are our National Guardsman and we hold superior concurrent General Jurisdiction, and (2) Bring things like this that impact the health and welfare of the living people to the lawful Court of the living people.  

Don't jerk around arguing about how many angels on the head of a pin in Municipal Court, and don't waste any time playing Toady to a British Territorial Suit whose only jurisdiction amounts to issues in Admiralty and contract law. 

Forget about their corporate contract signed by George W. Bush, the North American Union Treaty, agreeing to open and erase their borders.  

They have no physical borders in Texas or anywhere else outside the District of Columbia. 

For God's sake, man, wake up! 

We do have physical borders in Texas, and you have a contract with us called The Constitution of the United States of America (a British Territorial Subcontractor and Incorporated Entity, but an Entity and Professed Successor nonetheless) that requires you, as an Officer of the American Government, Inc., to close our physical borders tighter than a virgin's thighs on Prom night.  

And it absolutely does not matter what Joe Biden or any "Federal" Judge without an Oath says about it.  

What matters is your contract with the People of Texas who are present here and now and demanding your good faith service. 

Now, we know you and your staff of lawyers have been fumbling around and looking for justice and authority and your boys have made a few credible arguments, but you are flat out missing the point. 

We have come home, the Americans, who were mischaracterized, denigrated to the level of "Humans" and then Human trafficked out to sea in Breach of Trust and in violation of your service contracts.  Yes, we came home.  

And now we are here, no longer lost at sea, no longer absent, presumed dead--- no, Governor Abbott, we are here, present and accounted for. 

We have all the authority we need and we can give you all the authority you need, to kick every Municipal Government Employee back to where they belong, in the District of Columbia, including Joe Biden. 

We can put those illegal aliens in jail where they belong and transport them back to their countries of origin, and charge back every dime that their presence has cost us, plus damages, to the Foreign Principals responsible for this mess. 

We can order the arrest and questioning of G.W. and ask his exact understanding and intent when he signed the so-called North American Union Treaty --- which can only be a "Sea Treaty" having nothing to do with our land and soil --- and if he gives the wrong answer, we have every right and authority on God's green Earth to hang him in the closest public square, for treason, Breach of Trust, violation of his Service Contract, and whole lot more.  

That's the Public Law.  The Law of the Land.  You may have heard about it.  Your foreign-taught lawyers may even have a glimmer.  Suggest you dust off a copy of the Law of the Land.  There's probably a copy sitting in your office.  

You know why it's called that?  The Law of the Land?  Because it's the Rule Book for you British Territorial Sailors coming onto our soil to provide us with "essential government services".  

It's not called the "Law of the Land" from our perspective, Governor.  It's called that from the perspective of British Territorials coming ashore. 

Now, if your British Crown Corporation now operating deceitfully as "the American Government, Inc." is too chicken-shit to do your job, we can hire someone else or do the work ourselves.  

You Federales can all quit and go home now so far as we are concerned.  

We never appointed any of you to act as our Custodians or even as the Executors of our presumed-to-exist Foreign Estates, but we are here to tell you now, that your "performance" and the performance owed to us by all the Governors in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, is distinctly lacking.

You're all just a gross embarrassment to us; though you seem to have the heart to do your job, Governor Abbott, you have to get past the ignorance that keeps your hands tied. 

Using our Guardsmen as laughingstocks and punching bags, giving them fancy guns to use as super-expensive Billy clubs, and taking those criminals to the wrong Court is just not acceptable. 

They aren't Municipal citizens and we're not "rebels" or "insurrectionists".  We're your long-lost Employers and we are pissed. 

Get a clue, Governor Abbott, and tell your jackdaw attorneys to get one, too.   

That "Federal Judge" had no more jurisdiction over those aliens than the Man in the Moon.  He couldn't do anything but release them, but that doesn't mean that justice was done.  

We are not deceived nor are we amused. 

It's time for the British Crown to walk the talk or walk the gangplank.  One of the two. Give our greetings to the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 2nd 2024