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Thursday, January 2, 2020

False Claims A-Coming

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting reports from all over the country that people are suddenly receiving large tax bills, especially property tax bills, that are being spun off the TARP Bailout  that Mr. Obummer organized in 2007, in collusion with the Office of the United States Attorney General and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Arizona.  These False Claims against the assets of our Counties were engineered in advance of the 2008 Meltdown of the Financial Sector as a means to fund the bank Bailout, which was the entire object of the exercise ---- and then, to lay this burden on the unsuspecting American People.  This fraud was committed using a "MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEED OF TRUST", an example of which can be seen recorded in Recording District 301, Anchorage, Alaska, 2007-061209-0, on September 25, 2007.   

We are now faced with international bill collectors up the wazoo, coming after us and our actual assets as if we had anything to do with any of this.  

It's not your bill, even though it is "apparently" being addressed to you, and it is not your land and soil that is being attached --- it's  their DESCRIPTION of your land and soil that is the object of these False Claims in Commerce.  

They scheme up some description of your land and soil ---- like a street address:  5100 Morningside Circle, for example.  Or a Lot and Block description like "Block 9, Lot 11, Silver Stream Subdivision"  and so on.  And these descriptions are being foreclosed upon, unless of course, you pay the racketeers large sums of "property taxes" that you either (a) outright don't owe, or (b) may owe, but are entitled to discharge by Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.  

The bill collectors don't know anything about this.  They are being paid a commission according to how much they can "recover" from these Big Lies, so they don't care, either.  And the Perpetrators who should have protected you from anything like this, are snugged up on Capitol Hill, hoping that you will just bow down and pay, pay, pay. 

The Tax Assessors have your land and soil misidentified as "income producing" residential, commercial, or agricultural property" belonging to a brand new "federal county" organization.   Take a real close look at the paperwork.  You will notice that it is addressed in an odd way and that the names are slightly different --- in some cases the addresses are different, too.   A "federal county" is another oxymoron, and it refers to a "county" business organization operated by foreign corporations ---- as if "Target, Inc." --- a well-known French Commercial Corporation --- went into the "county" business and charged you for their services without any contract with you at all.  

So you have to take on the Tax Assessor and his office and issue a "Correction Instrument" to the County Registrar in the county you were born in (telling them "under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America" (and under a Witness Jurat from one of their Notaries) that you are not a "resident" and not a British Territorial United States Citizen and not a Municipal "citizen of the United States" and saying that you are acting "without the United States and without the United States of America". Firmly state that you are a State Citizen of The United States, a Texan, living on the land and soil, requiring correction of the mis-registration and impersonation of your name and misrepresentation of your political status as that of a federal citizen. They are requested and required to remove your name from the Register. 

If you have been following along, you can additionally tell them that your proper political status and Trade Name (which is your Trademark) are already recorded as your private property.  

Then issue a Corrected Deed and Re-conveyance of Title --- same perjury declaration and notarial Witness Jurat --- and record it with the County Recorder in the county where the land is mapped, also identifying yourself as the private American Person in possession of this land and soil and claiming all descriptions of it --- and then list them all --- street, plat, parcel number(s), lot and block, --- whatever descriptions they have applied to your property, you claim them all, and the underlying United States Patent, all titles, all easements, all driveways and accesses, all water resources and utilities and appurtenances related to to this land and soil  properly described by its metes and bounds, mapped, surveyed and made part of and incorporated into this Public Record ---- are returned to Texas and to  (Your Name) as a Freehold in perpetuity."  

Then pick up a current UCC-1 Form off the internet and the Addendum Form to it  and whatever name the land is now under, you write it in all capitals and you name that ENTITY as a DEBTOR on the UCC-1 ---- that's the Municipal Government Franchise.  Give it's address as 55 Water Street, 4 Conc, New York, New York, 10041 and the country code is "US"   Next, you write the name in Upper and Lower Case --- this will in most cases look just like your Given Name, but in this context, it is a Debtor to you ---- the Territorial Government Franchise --- and write in its address as your birth County Registrar's Address and the country code is "USA".  

You are the Creditor, but for this purpose you are going to operate as part of an organization ---- the unincorporated version of The United States of America, to be precise.   You are going to name yourself as your own Fiduciary.  So write your name out as an "Organization" ---- Upper and Lower Case, and give your country address as "usa" and "In care of" your usual mailing address.   

In the collateral section you list all the descriptions of your land and soil again and check the "non-UCC Lien" in box 6.   Then, on the Addendum, you name The United States of America [Unincorporated] as an additional Secured Party, give my In Care Of: mailing address as the address and "usa" as the country,  and you check the box requiring this to be posted among the real estate records, and you put whatever the old owner of record name was in the bottom left box and you check the "Fixture Lien" box on the right hand side and you claim the additional collateral of all paper, all ink, all electronic substance being or bearing any impression of your Trademark: Your Name,  however styled or ordered or represented on deeds, patents, powers of attorney, records and registrations. 

You get three certified copies of all the above, and you keep one set for you, one set goes to the Tax Assessor, and the third gives to the "State of State" Secretary of State.  

You write a cover letter very clearly stating that you are not a "resident" of the State of Texas.  You are part of the living population of Texas and the State of Texas owes you Good Faith and Service under the terms of The Constitution of the United States of America.  You are informing all Parties of your correct political status and proper possession of the land and soil of Texas associated with your Trademark (which is your Given Name) which is an American Person protected under Article IV.  You are directing the State of Texas to make the appropriate corrections to its records and directing the Tax Assessor to remove your name and your land and soil assets from the Tax Rolls of both the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations.  You are not operating as a corporate franchise and  your land and soil is not "income producing" corporate agricultural, commercial, or residential property within the meaning and intent of Federal Code.  

If they have bills for services rendered and agreed upon,  the proper way to submit them is via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption Voucher, not by pretending that you are a federal corporation. 

This is nasty paperwork, I know.  But it is only about six pages all told, and it effectively puts an end to all their false claims about you and about your land assets.  Claiming your trademark and everything that is imprinted with it pretty much does them over, and because you gave Notice to both the Recorder and the Registrars (County and UCC) they've got nowhere left to go to continue their False Claims process.  They may try to mis-address you by a different name.  Just record another Certificate of Assumed Name to take charge of that name, too.  

You are the Holder in Due Course of your Trademark (Given Name) and they have been abusing it via impersonation to benefit themselves. That's a crime, akin to rustling and re-branding cattle, and like rustling, is actually a capital crime in Texas.   If they want to discuss it further, you are available for consultation.  Otherwise, you wish your name and your assets to be off their tax rolls and also wish for an end to any attempts to mis-address you or latch your assets or mis-characterize you as any kind of foreign citizen owing allegiance to the Queen or the Pope.   

Thank you very much for your time and attention, etc.,etc.,etc.,

Why we have not begun stringing the Perpetrators up on lamp posts is a testament to the Christian forbearance of the people of this country.  Those who have engaged in these practices and in making these False Claims are international criminals, nothing more or less.  It has no political substance or overtones.  It is merely a vicious commercial fraud scheme.  And it is up to each of us to join together and put a stop to it. 

Go to:  and get started today.  You have the power to end the crimes and enforce against the criminals--- lawfully, peacefully, and effectively. 


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They Can Control the Jet Stream ---- And a Whole Lot More

By Anna Von Reitz

Our military can control the jet stream and has been able to do this since the 1970's.  It was this fact that led to the ENMOD Treaty sponsored by the United Nations Organization.  

So, now, there are other military and non-military organizations horsing around with the jet stream and conducting experiments with these "rivers of atmospheric water" streaming around the globe over our heads.  The rule is: you can only conduct experiments on your own country.  You can only inflict damage as a result of these experiments on your own people.  

They were conducting these "dry out" experiments on "the US"  this past summer --- witness all the burning going on in California, Alaska, and elsewhere.  But, guess what?  Actual Americans are non-domestic with respect to the United States citizenry, so they couldn't conduct their experiments here without violating the terms of the ENMOD Treaties. 

And now poor Australia is suffering for it.  The easy answer for the Aussies is to get the Aboriginal Tribal Leaders to complain to the United Nations that their people are non-domestic with respect to the "AUSTRALIA" Government and they are being impacted. 

The gubmint is then forced to curtail its own activities and/or call off their subcontractors and police private corporations engaged in such activities, to bring them in line with the international treaties involved.  So long as nobody calls them on it, they get away with it.  

So call them on it.  

This is an attack on the Australian People by the Australian Defense Ministry and can't be anything else, because anything "non-domestic" going on for this length of time would cause the Australian Government to complain against Russia or Elon Musk or China or whoever or whatever "non-domestic" source was causing the drought problem, and the entire membership of the United Nations would be on the perpetrators like white on rice. 

Now, as to why the US or the Aussie counterpart would be interested in baking their homeland to a crisp, I haven't a clue.  This much I can tell you, they have been able to control the jet stream for fifty years and if Australia is suffering drought, it's because the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent  jet stream is out of whack and not being properly controlled. 

Take that to mean that the drought in Australia could easily be ended, simply by diverting atmospheric water to Australia.  I bitched to the United Nations about the US testing and the drought conditions resulting from it impacting non-domestic populations, and we had rain-- lots of it-- in three days when no rain was in the forecast for three weeks.  Go figure. 

They can also cause and control earthquakes by setting up resonant frequencies and broadcasting from mobile CIPPA Units.  We are currently experiencing such activities on both sides of the American Continent.  Again, this is part of geoengineering "experiments" being conducted by the "US" Government, and can't be anything else, or there would be broad spectrum complaining going on against the governments of other countries engaging in any such activity.  

And again, consider this my complaint to the United Nations Organization and another clear example of violation of the ENMOD Treaties and impacts being suffered by non-domestic populations as a result of "US" activities.  

In order to get action against these sorts of things be it weather modification or weaponized earthquake testing or chem trail pollution of the atmosphere, you have to know who to complain to ---- and know the basis of making a complaint.   In all these instances, the responsible "government" is the United Nations and the basis for complaint is that non-domestic populations are being adversely impacted by these purportedly domestic tests and experiments. 

If any damage occurs to the American Continent as a result of "US" testing of the earthquake zones along our East and West Coasts, I promise a prompt and appropriate retaliation that will break the perpetrators and leave them sweeping streets in Singapore. 


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Mr. Trump's National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Proclamation

By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that this Proclamation is issued as "President of the United States of America" ---- the British Territorial Government, not as "President of the United States" ---- the Roman Municipal United States Government,  which has always practiced slavery and enriched itself via the sale of slaves and the peonage of indentured servants.

Savor the view:  Nancy Pelosi, priestess of the Roman Cult, impeaching Donald Trump for his "failure" as CEO of the UNITED STATES, INC.,  to support the practice of human slavery and human trafficking ---- one of the main sources of profit for the Municipal Government Corporation?  
That's what is really going on here.  That, and a frantic effort to cover their butts for abuse of their offices for private gain.
Trump isn't supporting their criminal profit-making operations and is bucking against "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" that has had both the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government colluding together to fleece all of us since 1937.

Boy, howdy..... 
Imagine the day when all the colored people and working class people in this country wake up and realize that its the Democrats---their supposed champions---- that have been keeping them down?
That Nancy and Chuckie and Harry have literally been offering them and their labor for sale to the highest bidder----and profiting themselves and their venal Municipal "Government" Corporation from it?   Ever since the Civil War Era?

Yes, indeed, and that day is fast coming.  All it takes is a few hearty individuals to start looking deep at voting records and legislation promoted by the "Democratic Party" and the Big Lie will be exposed, like the giant manure pile it is.

Imagine the day when all the "Roman Catholics" fully realize what the "Roman" part of that means?  
When all these good people realize that the so-called "Roman" Church is a separate, venal, pagan "religion" that has been co-existing under the same roof with the Christian Catholic Church ever since the Council of Nicea---- will they make "Hell" pay for it?

When they realize that their Baptismal Certificates have been bought and sold just like the Birth Certificates?

My, my, my, what a web we weave, when first we practice to deceive..... and now, all the cows are coming home, all the birds to roost, Satan's Kingdom of Lies is laid waste, all his champions running for their lives or milling around in Washington, DC, confused and still too dim and arrogant to realize that none of their schemes will do them any good.

The Apocalypse --- which means the drawing away of the veil, the revealing --- is upon us, in more ways than one, and all I can say is --- glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth, peace and goodwill to men.

That, and to remind Mr. Trump that the continued practice of issuing foreign "birth certificates" to American babies is a form of the most venal kind of trafficking, forbidden by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions as a capital crime ---- and it must be stopped.

The entire birth registration machinery must be stopped and converted into a simple public record-keeping system without any ownership interest implied, beyond identifying place of birth and lawful nationality.

Everyone, everywhere must be given full disclosure ---- and if anyone is daft enough to wish to continue as a Municipal United States CITIZEN -- even after being given full disclosure, there is nothing standing in their way; but, let me suggest that being a slave with benefits cannot compare to being a Free Man with a country and a life of his own.

Let me also suggest that former "Roman" Catholics, are free to form a new and simply Catholic Church that is truly and wholly Christian.   And there is no need to leave all the property and assets of the "Roman" Catholic Church in the hands of fraud artists, either.

After all, you are all the victims of an ancient and pernicious "Bait and Switch" and there is no statute of limitations on the crime of fraud --- even if it does date back to 325 A.D.

Join together and roust the pagans out of your Church Offices and out of your organization entirely.  Let them hoist their own shingle for who and what they really are, and see how many people flock to their doors.

Let the formerly "Roman" Catholic Priests who are faithful to the teachings and values of The New Testament come out of Babylon and do battle spiritually and legally and in all ways with the Interlopers who have commandeered the Church in much the same way that they have attempted to commandeer this country---- by deceit and impersonation and False Claims.

Let the members of the US Bar Association and the American Bar Association also evaluate their positions and ask themselves whether or not they serve any true law at all; let those who stand for justice and who believe in it, stand up and do battle with those who have betrayed every semblance of justice for filthy lucre.  Let the Officers of Law declare their law and be held accountable to it.

Let the sound of our mental and spiritual "blades" crossing fill the Earth as we put falsehoods and lies to death, as we liquidate corporations engaged in criminal activity, as we pull criminal patents off our records, and restructure the monetary system to serve mankind ---instead of using it to enslave mankind.

Let the Lord God Almighty, our Creator, Ancient of Days, remember us and hear our praises and come close to us again; let him search our hearts and rule in our favor.  Let there be no new calendar of debts and deceptions, but only a calendar of lives led in peace and kindness. Let this be our prayer and let our Father hear it.


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The Wrong Attitude

By Anna Von Reitz

I have recently encountered numerous Americans pulling an attitude toward "social welfare" and announcing their intention not to collect on Social Security and military pension benefits that are owed to them.
And once again, I feel like I am dealing with teenagers who need a good whup up the side of the head.
Some of them are afraid to collect, for fear that this would identify them as British or Municipal "citizens".
Some of them are outraged by the entire scenario. They want to drop out of everything and hole up in the woods somewhere.
But neither group is thinking straight about this and that is giving rise to what I call "the wrong attitude".
Imagine that you, by mistake, paid into the retirement pension fund of General Motors, Inc. ---- and for whatever reasons, they allowed and encouraged and even coerced you to do this?
And then, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years down the pike, you discover your error. You realize that you've been bilked, that you were never even eligible for their program. What do you do?
Turn your back on all the money you put into their pension fund for all these years and have nothing for your Golden Years?
Not likely.
You would understand that its a big, multi-national commercial corporation you are dealing with, and even though you were never legitimately any employee of theirs, you are owed every penny you put in, or, alternatively, every penny of pension funds and services you unwittingly contracted to receive. Your choice. Not theirs.
You can readily prove that you are the victim of Unconscionable Contracting Practices (YOUR Birth Certificate is proof of this) and that you were never a Federal Employee (let them bring forward proof of all the pay stubs and work assignments and supervision and job titles they gave you, and try to relate any of their Big Story to you in actual, factual reality).
You hold the upper hand against Big Brother, and though they may wiggle and squirm, there are far too many millions of Americans who are in the same exact boat with you for them to escape their Priority Obligation to you.
So, step forward. Don't be shy. It's your money that they commandeered under False Pretenses. They are on the hook for it. It's nothing against you to claim back credit and services and everything else you are owed. You made a mistake that they induced you to make, and they didn't tell you a word otherwise ---- so it is, again, their failure to disclose at issue, and you are completely innocent.
Why should you suffer and go without funds and services that you stacked up for your retirement, just because crooks were running a "governmental services corporation" that defrauded you?
Pension and retirement funds are the First Obligation in a corporate bankruptcy, not the last. Make sure that you get every penny of yours. Contact the Social Security Administration or your Military Pension provider and let them know that your pension is earned --- not welfare benefits. And if you like, you can withdraw from the Social Security Program --- but don't do so without guarantee of cash out.
The right attitude is cool, calm, and determined. You know now who you are and you know who they are, and you are here to collect. Simple as that. Collecting implies no obligation on your part whatsoever. The obligation is squarely on them and nobody else.


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More Light on the Virginia Gun Grab

By Anna Von Reitz

I "offended" some people by telling them the truth -- that British Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal "citizens of the United States" have never had any right to keep or bear arms on our soil, nor, indeed, any Constitutionally guaranteed rights at all. 

Well, the truth is the truth, and you've got to start somewhere.  

If you don't start with the truth, guess where you end up?   ---Lost somewhere west of Pittsburgh, and most likely in a snow storm, too.  

I remember when I first learned about second- and third-class political statuses in America and how offended I felt about it then, so yes, I do understand where you are coming from, but, there it is.  That's the way it has been since 1787, and if we want to change it, there's nobody here but us chickens to do it.  

It's particularly galling that the men and women in what is supposed to be our military are disadvantaged and disrespected by being cast as second-class "United States Citizens" and stripped of the very rights and freedoms they are supposed to defend ---- but read the Treaty of Ghent (1814) and you will begin to understand that our military is not entirely under our control.  

And that is why we reserved the right to treat the military as "foreign" and not extend the Constitutional Guarantees owed to Americans to our own troops.  

The Treaties involved make it a possibility that our own troops would be ordered to fire upon us.  

So they, and Territorial United States Citizens in general, have no right to keep and bear arms on our soil, except within the confines of their arsenals, bases, and actual military facilities.   

Ditto, ditto, the members of the Papist Federal Civil Service.  It's the same concern.  They are under the control of a foreign government, that of the Municipal United States, dba Municipality of Washington DC and District of Columbia. 

So we don't extend the right to keep and bear arms to these Federal Employees, for fear that they might be ordered fire upon us.  In fact, much of what you are seeing right now is the result of exactly such a scenario that began developing in earnest in 2000. 

The Municipal Government spent hundreds of billions of dollars building FEMA Camps and new railroad spurs, buying billions of rounds of ammunition, millions of body bags, 30,000 guillotines.... they invited foreign governments to build war-supply manufacturing facilities in our Free Trade Zones....they armed all their Alphabet Soup Agencies to the teeth, and militarized all their Pinkerton LEO police contingents.  

Why?  To make war on their Priority Creditors, on you and me.  Just like the Nazis made war on their Priority Creditors --- the Jews --- in Nazi Germany.  Same group of pedophile cultists, same "Final Solution".  

When they can't pay their bills, they just kill their creditors like any other morally deficient thugs and robbers.  

And that is what we were facing here, until we blew the whistle and caused enough stink internationally and within the ranks of our military leaders to expose it for what it was and take action against it. 

So now you better understand why it is that not everyone who lives here is an "American" and why there are these other, lesser, less protected political statuses and why not everyone standing on our soil has the same guarantees or rights.  

In view of the history set before us and the evil intentions of the Roman Pontificate that have been fully exposed by World War II and this most recent scheme to pull the same thing here, I'd say our ancestors were wiser than we are, and that the prohibitions against allowing British Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens the full rights of Americans, and especially the right to keep and bear arms, was the right thing to do. 

Now, the remaining question you have to ask yourselves is---- what's my political status?  

Are you being counted as an American?   Or are you "mistakenly" identified as a British Territorial United States Citizen?  Or even worse, as a "citizen of the United States" Municipal Government?  

If you have to ask, guess what?  You have almost certainly been misidentified as a Federal Dual Citizen, and had both British Territorial and Municipal Citizenship "conferred" upon you without your knowledge or consent.  

This is what the rest of us are trying to bring your attention to.  You are not being counted as an American, because you have not declared and recorded your proper political status.  As a result, you are being treated as a British Territorial United States Citizen or as a Municipal "citizen of the United States". 

The Governor of Virginia has every right in this world to demand the surrender of guns held by such Federal Citizens, and no right to demand any such thing from any American State National or American State Citizen.  

So it is important --- if you want to keep your guns and your own safety assured --- to draw the line and make the declaration of your political status as an American and to repudiate any presumption of "US" citizenship of either kind. 
And be up front about it.  Put it in the Governor of Virginia's face. 

"Hey, you've got a ton of falsified records to deal with.  I am a Virginian, not a "State of Virginian". I am exempt from any authority you have over the State of Virginia and owed every jot of my Constitutional Guarantees, including the right to keep and bear arms." 

And now you know why, in detail.  Go to: 

and get started on the path to self-governance and enforcement of your Constitutional Guarantees.  

Remember that there has been an absolutely horrific and fully intentional preparation for war that has been made on our shores.  

Remember that the Alphabet Soup Agencies have been armed to the teeth. 

The Pinkerton-for-hire LEO organizations have been militarized and fed a bunch of Bushwah about "sovereign citizens" being the enemy. 

All that has to be wound down.  

The Agency Personnel have to be disarmed and re-educated. The Sleeper Cell organizations that they spawned have to be neutralized.  The armaments stockpiles have to be moved and diffused.  The FEMA Camps have to be de-constructed or converted to positive use. The guillotines need to be removed -- train loads of them.  The Free Trade Zones have to be swept clean. 

Our peace needs to be firmly and permanently restored---- and we all need to sit down and really think hard about all that we don't know about our history, our government, our role, our political status, and our responsibilities.  

Thank God that loyal members of the military gained and have kept control, and that some of us remained awake, or we would have all been plunged into a hideous and pre-planned and staged civil war for profit, aimed at nothing more than killing off the Priority Creditors of these European Goons. 

Wake up, America.  Stand up for who you are and what you are owed.  Put all these shysters to rout, and all these Employees back in their places. 


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Ron Gibson doing an event in Arizona weekend of Jan 25th

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