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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ron Gibson Land Patent Seminar in Kingman Arizona

Ron Gibson doing an event in Arizona weekend of Jan 25th

See the flyer for the seminar here:


  1. I used the Land Patent Defense effectively 40-years ago.

    Robert Deardorff, J.D.

  2. A "land patent" is a document reflecting the FIRST transfer of real property from a sovereign government to a private person or entity. No subsequent transfer of that real property involves a land patent. All subsequent transfers of that real property involve a deed. The maximum amount of land patents for a parcel of real property is ONE.

    No land patent or deed transfers real property free from the risk of eminent domain (governmental purchasing of that real property for a public purpose in exchange for "just compensation"). Likewise, no land patent or deed transfers real property free of the obligation to pay real property taxes to pay for government services which benefit the real property owner (building roads, road maintenance, drainage, fire protection, police protection, public schools, etc.).

    Finally, no land patent or deed makes it impossible for the owner to encumber his/her real property with a mortgage transferred to a lender as security for a loan made to the owner.

    So, no land patent or deed protects real property from the risk of imminent domain or property taxes and does not render real property foreclosure proof.

    CONCLUSION: Land patents are completely irrelevant as defenses to imminent domain, taxes and foreclosure. Land patents are only relevant to the very first party in the chain of title.

  3. The Law Says:

    1. "Allodial title" means a "SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT'S TITLE" and only the sovereign government can have "allodial title". A private person can not.

    2. "Allodial title" is not (and cannot be) conveyed to a private person by a land patent or otherwise.

    3. The highest title a private person can be conveyed in land is "fee simple" title (which is subject to foreclosure, property taxes and imminent domain).

    4. A land patent is no defense to foreclosure, property taxes or emminent domain.

    776 F.2d 176 (7th Cir. 1985)

    In this case, the Hilgefords filed a "land patent" which they sought to use in defense of a foreclosure action. The court wrote as follows:


    • 4. ...SOVEREIGN TITLE, which is absolute and encompasses on the part of the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY both ownership of the land and the right to govern the inhabitants thereof, IS "ALLODIAL" TITLE. This term is used IN CONTRADISTINCTION TO the term "FEE SIMPLE TITLE," which contemplates THE HIGHEST TITLE WHICH MAY BE PRIVATELY HELD. (1 H. Tiffany, Real Property secs. 6, 13 (2d ed. 1920).) FEE SIMPLE TITLE MAY BE FREELY ALIENATED BY CONVEYANCE, MORTGAGE, OR DEVISE BUT STILL BE SUBJECT TO SOME CLAIM OF THE SOVEREIGN. (1 H. Tiffany, Real Property secs. 6, 13 (2d ed. 1920).) In current usage, THE HOLDER OF FEE SIMPLE TITLE IS STILL SUBJECT TO DISPOSSESSION BY THE GOVERNMENT, through due process of law, for nonpayment of REAL ESTATE TAXES and by EMINENT DOMAIN proceedings.

    The only correct premise supported by authority in the Britts' 613*613 brief is that land held by the Federal government is not subject to the acts of the States. (Cf. Gibson v. Chouteau (1871), 80 U.S. 92, 20 L.Ed. 534; Oregon v. McKay (D.C. Cir.1955), 226 F.2d 343.) WHAT IS TOTALLY INCORRECT IS THE implicit foundation of the Britts' POSITION THAT THE LAND PATENT issued to "James Evans" and "Francis Evans" in 1841 CONVEYED THE ENTIRE TITLE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, SUCH THAT NO INTEREST ARISING BY OPERATION OF STATE LAW CAN ATTACH TO THE TITLE.

    • 5 A LAND PATENT IS MERELY THE DEED BY WHICH THE GOVERNMENT PASSES FEE SIMPLE TITLE OF GOVERNMENT LANDS TO PRIVATE PERSONS. (63A Am.Jur.2d Public Lands sec. 70 (1984).) ONCE FEE SIMPLE TITLE IS PASSED TO AN INDIVIDUAL FROM THE GOVERNMENT, BY LAND PATENT OR OTHERWISE, CLAIMS ARISING FROM CONVEYANCE OR MORTGAGE BY THAT HOLDER MAY BE ENFORCED AGAINST HIM. (Cf. Stark v. Starr (1876), 94 U.S. 477, 24 L.Ed. 276; United States v. Budd (1891), 144 U.S. 154, 36 L.Ed. 384; see also 63A Am.Jur.2d Public Lands sec. 92 (1984).) Where, as here, a decree of foreclosure and sale has divested title from the former mortgagor, the mere fact that the mortgagor's claim of title may run directly back through his family to a 19th-century patent IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE.

    THE ASSERTION IN THE BRITT'S BRIEF THAT THEY HOLD "FEE SIMPLE ALLODIAL TITLE" IS UNTENABLE. THE BRITTS HAVE NEVER HELD SOVEREIGN TITLE and now have been divested of their fee simple title by due process of law in the foreclosure action.

    The purported "PERFECTED PATENT" filed by the Britts matches the description of similar documents filed in other States. In Wisconsin v. Glick (7th Cir.1986), 782 F.2d 670, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals described these "NEW LAND PATENTS" in the following terms:

    "People saddled with mortgages may treasure the idea of having clean title to their homes. The usual way to obtain clean title is to pay one's debts. Some have decided that it is cheaper to write a `land patent' purporting to convey unassailable title, and to file that `patent' in the recording system." 782 F.2d 670, 671.



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