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Thursday, January 2, 2020

False Claims A-Coming

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting reports from all over the country that people are suddenly receiving large tax bills, especially property tax bills, that are being spun off the TARP Bailout  that Mr. Obummer organized in 2007, in collusion with the Office of the United States Attorney General and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Arizona.  These False Claims against the assets of our Counties were engineered in advance of the 2008 Meltdown of the Financial Sector as a means to fund the bank Bailout, which was the entire object of the exercise ---- and then, to lay this burden on the unsuspecting American People.  This fraud was committed using a "MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEED OF TRUST", an example of which can be seen recorded in Recording District 301, Anchorage, Alaska, 2007-061209-0, on September 25, 2007.   

We are now faced with international bill collectors up the wazoo, coming after us and our actual assets as if we had anything to do with any of this.  

It's not your bill, even though it is "apparently" being addressed to you, and it is not your land and soil that is being attached --- it's  their DESCRIPTION of your land and soil that is the object of these False Claims in Commerce.  

They scheme up some description of your land and soil ---- like a street address:  5100 Morningside Circle, for example.  Or a Lot and Block description like "Block 9, Lot 11, Silver Stream Subdivision"  and so on.  And these descriptions are being foreclosed upon, unless of course, you pay the racketeers large sums of "property taxes" that you either (a) outright don't owe, or (b) may owe, but are entitled to discharge by Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.  

The bill collectors don't know anything about this.  They are being paid a commission according to how much they can "recover" from these Big Lies, so they don't care, either.  And the Perpetrators who should have protected you from anything like this, are snugged up on Capitol Hill, hoping that you will just bow down and pay, pay, pay. 

The Tax Assessors have your land and soil misidentified as "income producing" residential, commercial, or agricultural property" belonging to a brand new "federal county" organization.   Take a real close look at the paperwork.  You will notice that it is addressed in an odd way and that the names are slightly different --- in some cases the addresses are different, too.   A "federal county" is another oxymoron, and it refers to a "county" business organization operated by foreign corporations ---- as if "Target, Inc." --- a well-known French Commercial Corporation --- went into the "county" business and charged you for their services without any contract with you at all.  

So you have to take on the Tax Assessor and his office and issue a "Correction Instrument" to the County Registrar in the county you were born in (telling them "under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America" (and under a Witness Jurat from one of their Notaries) that you are not a "resident" and not a British Territorial United States Citizen and not a Municipal "citizen of the United States" and saying that you are acting "without the United States and without the United States of America". Firmly state that you are a State Citizen of The United States, a Texan, living on the land and soil, requiring correction of the mis-registration and impersonation of your name and misrepresentation of your political status as that of a federal citizen. They are requested and required to remove your name from the Register. 

If you have been following along, you can additionally tell them that your proper political status and Trade Name (which is your Trademark) are already recorded as your private property.  

Then issue a Corrected Deed and Re-conveyance of Title --- same perjury declaration and notarial Witness Jurat --- and record it with the County Recorder in the county where the land is mapped, also identifying yourself as the private American Person in possession of this land and soil and claiming all descriptions of it --- and then list them all --- street, plat, parcel number(s), lot and block, --- whatever descriptions they have applied to your property, you claim them all, and the underlying United States Patent, all titles, all easements, all driveways and accesses, all water resources and utilities and appurtenances related to to this land and soil  properly described by its metes and bounds, mapped, surveyed and made part of and incorporated into this Public Record ---- are returned to Texas and to  (Your Name) as a Freehold in perpetuity."  

Then pick up a current UCC-1 Form off the internet and the Addendum Form to it  and whatever name the land is now under, you write it in all capitals and you name that ENTITY as a DEBTOR on the UCC-1 ---- that's the Municipal Government Franchise.  Give it's address as 55 Water Street, 4 Conc, New York, New York, 10041 and the country code is "US"   Next, you write the name in Upper and Lower Case --- this will in most cases look just like your Given Name, but in this context, it is a Debtor to you ---- the Territorial Government Franchise --- and write in its address as your birth County Registrar's Address and the country code is "USA".  

You are the Creditor, but for this purpose you are going to operate as part of an organization ---- the unincorporated version of The United States of America, to be precise.   You are going to name yourself as your own Fiduciary.  So write your name out as an "Organization" ---- Upper and Lower Case, and give your country address as "usa" and "In care of" your usual mailing address.   

In the collateral section you list all the descriptions of your land and soil again and check the "non-UCC Lien" in box 6.   Then, on the Addendum, you name The United States of America [Unincorporated] as an additional Secured Party, give my In Care Of: mailing address as the address and "usa" as the country,  and you check the box requiring this to be posted among the real estate records, and you put whatever the old owner of record name was in the bottom left box and you check the "Fixture Lien" box on the right hand side and you claim the additional collateral of all paper, all ink, all electronic substance being or bearing any impression of your Trademark: Your Name,  however styled or ordered or represented on deeds, patents, powers of attorney, records and registrations. 

You get three certified copies of all the above, and you keep one set for you, one set goes to the Tax Assessor, and the third gives to the "State of State" Secretary of State.  

You write a cover letter very clearly stating that you are not a "resident" of the State of Texas.  You are part of the living population of Texas and the State of Texas owes you Good Faith and Service under the terms of The Constitution of the United States of America.  You are informing all Parties of your correct political status and proper possession of the land and soil of Texas associated with your Trademark (which is your Given Name) which is an American Person protected under Article IV.  You are directing the State of Texas to make the appropriate corrections to its records and directing the Tax Assessor to remove your name and your land and soil assets from the Tax Rolls of both the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations.  You are not operating as a corporate franchise and  your land and soil is not "income producing" corporate agricultural, commercial, or residential property within the meaning and intent of Federal Code.  

If they have bills for services rendered and agreed upon,  the proper way to submit them is via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption Voucher, not by pretending that you are a federal corporation. 

This is nasty paperwork, I know.  But it is only about six pages all told, and it effectively puts an end to all their false claims about you and about your land assets.  Claiming your trademark and everything that is imprinted with it pretty much does them over, and because you gave Notice to both the Recorder and the Registrars (County and UCC) they've got nowhere left to go to continue their False Claims process.  They may try to mis-address you by a different name.  Just record another Certificate of Assumed Name to take charge of that name, too.  

You are the Holder in Due Course of your Trademark (Given Name) and they have been abusing it via impersonation to benefit themselves. That's a crime, akin to rustling and re-branding cattle, and like rustling, is actually a capital crime in Texas.   If they want to discuss it further, you are available for consultation.  Otherwise, you wish your name and your assets to be off their tax rolls and also wish for an end to any attempts to mis-address you or latch your assets or mis-characterize you as any kind of foreign citizen owing allegiance to the Queen or the Pope.   

Thank you very much for your time and attention, etc.,etc.,etc.,

Why we have not begun stringing the Perpetrators up on lamp posts is a testament to the Christian forbearance of the people of this country.  Those who have engaged in these practices and in making these False Claims are international criminals, nothing more or less.  It has no political substance or overtones.  It is merely a vicious commercial fraud scheme.  And it is up to each of us to join together and put a stop to it. 

Go to:  and get started today.  You have the power to end the crimes and enforce against the criminals--- lawfully, peacefully, and effectively. 


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  1. So then what happens when they sell my home at a tax sale?

      Gather your Evidence, comprehend the evidence and stand behind it!
      If you listen to them, you will believe you have to leave, they are lying to you. The worst thing you could do is "let them have it", video record any official looking anyone saying you have to leave, write down every name. If you are honest and non-combative and walk away from your "land", you "abandoned" it in their eyes, by threat or not. Gather your Family members, have them and anyone willing to "squat' on your land for support, let your other neighbors know your situation. Explaining it to them will help you comprehend the evidence more fluently. Maybe you could make a spectacle of it all, maybe on the news?!?!
      Look into filing a notice in Public Record of your intent to keep the "land" and their fraudulent foreclosure attempt of stealing it from you, file a notice that you will put a lien (Constructive Fraud) against anyone that threatens you to vacate your own "land" or attempts any sort of physical removal. Give these notices to your County Attorney, Sheriff, Assessor, Auditor, Secretary of state, Local LEOs, Title Company and put these notices into any court filing you might be having.

      File your Public Record "Claim of Life" Anna's 928 plus additional steps.
      Join the American Debt relief program at

      I know this is all very scary, it is scary, probably one of the scariest things you will ever do in your life.... we must start banding together to help our own neighborhoods before we lose them all.

      They Divide and Conquer, We Must Band and Fight/Support!

      WE own LAND people/People! not homes.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  2. can we get an link for the updated "Corrected Deed and Re-conveyance of Title"?

  3. Anna, This is excellent ! It would be wonderful if you could go into detail on other subjects of high importance like you did here. That way everyone will learn how to protect themselves and help others to do the same and we will all have a library of step by step remedies and start eliminating the criminals all around the world as a huge team instead of you just doing this by yourself. Respectfully , Dennis

    1. Anna has detailed every step in her article library, but you need to do the research and avail yourself of it.

  4. Letter Notice of Error - It’s called

    Also make corrections using highest law the post office to remove the easement from them to you.
    c/o Given Surname
    Give a new address and write out any abbreviation so a new address not there copyright address.

    From Private Civillian (Surname, Given)
    To USPO

    3575 form


    8282 form

    Given Surname / You is the cestui que trust

  5. @Dennis, Great comment family...

    "Why we have not begun stringing the Perpetrators up on lamp posts..." Anna, with the proper explanations, examples and processes to the people, in such a manner as to allow any layman to comprehend, the perpetrators would be strung up.

    The fear-mongering and indoctrination of the masses is completely evident when you mention a method for remedy and no one can put it to use, or as most might be, unfamiliar and lacking confidence with the process to actually use it.

    Most Americans do not speak Attorney (legalese), most Americans do not create paperwork for Public Record purposes (its mostly about the margins and reproduce-ability), most Americans believe there is someone out there that will help them (....with a bigger gun?). Most Americans do not comprehend that the Constitution does no apply to them, Most Americans do not comprehend the fact that a Rebuttal on Public Record is the only way forward with status, standing and the Constitution.

    Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Educate your Family, Educate your Friends, Educate your Neighbors.

  6. Thank you so much Anna, for the clear and concise way you described the process of protecting our land. Very grateful! God bless you always! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Meet the billionaires behind their new world order

    1. Human Capital via the World Bank

    2. Funny how one of the pledgers is Bill and Melinda Gates

      The same ones who donated 4.3 billion for the UN agenda to depopulate the earth with vaccines

    3. What does that tell us? A lot!

  8. @turtle, No disrespect but have you ever had the sheriff, his swat team (all with hands on their gun side ready to harm you), breaching team, K9 units, ambulance and many others come down on you all at once to remove you from your home and land by force if you did not leave.

    This happened to me last May 2019 about 7 ½ months ago, fraudulent foreclosure. Watching my daughter who was with me crying and terrified, being force to stay seated in her truck for “we feared for our safety” we all know what that means and what it leads up to.

    The sheriff was given plenty of notice that I was not in his jurisdiction, copy of my passport and supporting statements that I was a state citizen. Land patent and correction of the deed was done. It just did not matter, they could care less. The sheriffs do not care about your political status, they just take your land with fake paper orders.

    When I asked the sheriff/deputy were they going to honor their oath and abide by the constitution, they laughed. When I asked if they had a warrant per the constitution and read it to them, they said they didn’t need a warrant and not here to debate the constitution. Then I was told you know what we are here for and threaten, there was nothing I could do but leave under threat, duress after being threaten. I did not abandon my land, I was forced off.

    As for “let your other neighbors know your situation. Explaining it to them will help you comprehend the evidence more fluently”. I don’t exactly know what you are saying but your neighbors, they don’t want to hear it, they think that you are the reason why this is happening to you and they want nothing to do with you and don’t want any heat on them. In Fact the sheriff turn your neighbors against you before they do their dirty work.

    As for “Maybe you could make a spectacle of it all, maybe on the news?!?!” Yeah you might make the news, for being shot to death because the sheriff/deputy “feared for their life”.

    I did a lot of Anna’s things to do to correct your status before my land was taken by force. I tried to get help on other things I could do to stop this but nothing worked. What Anna is saying here now might help but this wasn’t being said a while ago. Anyway this is a lot to do and comprehend, we must have step by step examples, visuals that we can look at and mostly be able to network with those who have done these things and have had success with saving their lands and yes their homes

    1. Yes.....
      I am homeless, mid 2019, by force, I know what it feels like, it is scary stuff. Scariest loss in my (50 year) LIFE.

      No disrespect friend, sadly, I can RELATE to your ENTIRE post, you are not alone not the first and definitely not the worst case.
      As for anything I mentioned NOT working with family friends and neighbors, maybe its you?
      I didn't feel it necessary to for me to show you my dirty laundry to make an opinionated point through sympathy.

      You seem to have a good theoretical grasp on whats wrong, I would love to hear how you would suggest to apply a remedy.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate your Friends your Family and your Neighbors. We must Band together and Offer Support.

    2. @Mikers
      Let me help you start your network, look up one Candi Lee Lyle, she got her land from the BLM, land patents and all.... and then they stole it from her by changing her name and then ejected her from her birth state of Montana.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate your Family Your Friends and your Neighbors, let us band together and support.

    3. Mikers--I listened to David Lester Straight recently and he said that there are 12 Presumptions of the Court that are in play unless you rebut them. Needless to say, those presumptions don't work in our favor, and if you don't rebut ALL 12 of them, you'll probably lose. Maybe that played in to your situation. You can do a web search and easily find them.

  9. I have followed all the "filings" and just yesterday was presented with a "Tax Lein" paperwork from the IRS. These service providers do not follow any laws. They make them up as they go along!

    1. From Anna:

      That’s just their lower level bureaucrats who act like robots. You will need to go over their heads and take the steps I outlined to re-secure your private property.


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