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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Reply Concerning Charlie Ward

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yeah, so why are we so stupid as to listen to another Brit like “Charlie Ward”?  Why not at least dig up an American Mouthpiece, if they can find one American still loyal to their Tory Anglophile Cause?  

After what we’ve been through they will be lucky to be able to sell BBC movies, tea, and shortbread biscuits here. 

The Brits get back in their box and they stay there — those are the only “terms” I am willing to give them. 

So far as we are concerned they are the ones that have the problem, not us. 

And the solution does NOT include establishing any “Kingdoms” in America. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

In Reference to:

The Long Night

 By Anna Von Reitz

I knew an old judge at Quantico, a man of infinite jest; he had to have a sense of life’s ironies and a staunch sense of humor to bear his part in this world, which was basically to sentence “gross offenders” in the military to life in prison or death in wartime.  And it was always wartime. 

He was the Axe Man and he knew it.  It was a role he was loathe to perform, and yet, someone had to do it.  When it fell to him, unexpectedly, when he was barely middle aged and had a family to raise, he wondered as we all might—- why me?  

Why am I always embroiled in the muck? In the worst, most violent, most depraved cases the military services can throw at me? 

He could entertain you all night long, if you had some reasonable cause to know, recalling cases that  featured high drama, and the infinite struggle between good and evil trying men’s souls. 

His Father had been a JAG Officer before him, so his after dinner repertoire was not limited to his own experience and ran a full gamut from before the Second World War to the present.  And it was not limited to American Military cases.  He had traveled all over the world and collaborated with counterparts in the Philippines, Jakarta, Seoul, Japan, India, West Africa, Europe, and wherever else the Judge Advocate General might send him. 

His was an exciting life in its own way, but not everyone’s cup of tea.  He attributed his wry sense of humor to an Irish Grandmother and when worse came to worse, as it often did, a shot of single malt whiskey.  I kept a special bottle on the shelf for him and listened intently. 

A man like that can save you a lot of hard experience if you listen closely, and I certainly did.  

During the worst bits of his dreadful stories, made all the more horrible because you knew these things actually happened, he had a habit of shaking his head, in a silent, wondering way, as if even he managed to be astonished, left dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity, cruelty, and moral depravity that haunts us all. 

As he made clear, the worst cases always seemed to involve the highest ranking officers. 

It’s not some battle-scarred Marine going mad that we need to worry about. It’s otherwise sane and calculating men in suits and uniforms we need to fear. 

“They do the most terrible things,” he said, “and it’s like they don’t know what they are doing.  They’ve spent so much time thinking about this or that possible scenario, that when it all comes down to it, life assumes the character of just another scenario in their heads.” 

A movie. A PlayStation game.  I double-checked my six on this and asked him specifically what he meant, and he replied. 

“They’ve lost contact with reality,” he said bluntly. “Some of them are so alienated inside their heads that they can’t tell the difference between you and me sitting here, and a cartoon from Disneyland.” 

That’s why when all the jabber of current “Intel” comes across my desk and Q or some other Source describes our present situation as “a movie” and tells us to “enjoy the show” my blood runs cold. 

Men who are isolated from the action on the ground may come to regard it as a “movie” and we may all be characters in their play, but the fact remains that this isn’t a movie and we are the flesh and blood they are toying with. 

I am encouraged in recent days to report that the arrest of corrupt Judges is actually taking place.  

The  Brigadier Generals who are typically in charge of the quasi-military court system that has dominated our “occupied” country for a hundred and sixty years, are finally waking up. 

The JAG Officers occupying the vacated positions of our own Provost Marshals are jerking awake, too.  

When the presiding Prosecutor was asked to explain the documented fact that a man’s court case had been converted into a bond and was being actively traded, the presiding Judge in one of our recent cases came unglued. 

Oh, there wasn’t anything like that going on! 
There was no conflict of interest.  The Officers of the court weren’t colluding to benefit themselves and foreign interests.  They weren’t placing side bets against Defendants who were at their mercy to feather their own pensions and benefits, oh, no. 

But they were, and the evidence of this criminal breach of trust was firmly placed in front of that judge the whole time he was ranting about our incompetence and failure to understand reality, our conspiracy theories and ignorance of the law…. 

A couple days later six armed military MPs shut that court down and took the Judge, the Bailiff, and several Court Clerks into custody. They locked the courthouse doors.  That Judge and the other Court Officers and the evidence to convict them are now before a military Court Martial. And things are not looking good for them. 

These isolated single victories may not seem like much.  A single Judge gets removed from the bench.  Big deal.  It doesn’t seem like much when hundreds  of thousands of people are still being abused by these courts every day of every week—- but it is a start. 

We expect this case will finally blow the lid off the Court Bond Scandal and remove the profit motive that these courts have to secure convictions against people who shouldn’t even be addressed by these courts. 

And the word will spread through the Bar Associations and Blogs and coffee klatsches that the military is on the move and doing it’s job at last.  

This case will be followed by another proving that the FBI is  promoting domestic terrorism and that DHS has actively sought to muzzle free speech in America. 

And no, it’s not a movie. This isn’t about legal fictions. 

We will bring you the details of what these unelected, unauthorized “Agencies” have done. 
We will show you sixty-six SWAT team members, mowing down a woman’s house with machine guns— with the woman and her pets inside the house— because they trespassed on her land and she attempted to defend herself, as any American might, against armed intruders. 

Injured Parties?  This entire country and everyone in it has been injured and for far too long. 

Stand behind your Tin Hats and your Tin Stars. The “Conspiracy Theorists” had it right all along. Turns out that those of us who were purportedly so ignorant of the law know the law after all.  

And our Public Duty. 

Say a big “Thank You!” to The Living Law Firm and to all the other research and prosecution teams that are now springing and leading the way forward. 

Check out what David Martin is doing.  His group got the goods on the profit-sharing collusion between the US, Inc. and Big Pharma to split the take on the so-called pandemic. The actual contracts. Now three major law enforcement organizations are bearing down. 

They have also published the eight (count them!) Federal Laws that make coercion of the kind we have suffered over mask mandates and injections of experimental “vaccines” a felony level crime. 

All you who lost your jobs and kept your health?  Everyone who was forced to wear masks?  Store owners who had to close down? Small town businesses who lost to the Big Box stores because of this horrible, murderous hoax?  Get ready. 

This canoe is ready to roll over upright. 

Go check out Peggy Hall at and meet Bobbi Ann Cox, the lawyer who put the muzzle on the State of New York Governor’s plan to open up FEMA Camps and intern everyone who isn’t vaccinated. 

There’s a lot more coming that’s good and right because of the ever-growing number of Americans joining the fight.  

Americans who recognize the facts of history. 

Americans who know that the Central Banks have been illegal commodity rigging crime syndicates from the start and that they never provided the remedies used to “legalize” their activities, either. 

Americans who know how these vendors of “government services” abused their positions of trust to purloin our gold and silver, our land, and the value of our labor and have used their Subcontractors at the IRS and BATF as instrumentalities of economic terrorism. 

Americans who know the depth of the filth in Washington, DC, and the Crime Bosses who have been running the shop from overseas. 

Americans who have had enough.  We may not throw open our windows and shout it, but we are here just the same, from Maine to Vancouver, Duluth to San Antonio—- and yes, even Big Lake, Alaska. 


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Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

At the Introit of the Mass pray with the priest for the forgiveness of your sins: If thou shalt observe iniquities O Lord: Lord, who shall endure? for with thee is propitiation, O God of Israel. From the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice. (Ps. CXXIX.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

COLLECT O God, our refuge and strength, who art the author of all goodness, hear, we beseech Thee, the devout prayers of Thy Church, and grant that what we faithfully ask we may effectually obtain. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.

EPISTLE (Philipp. I. 6-II.) Brethren, We are confident in the Lord Jesus, that he who hath begun a good work in you will perfect it unto the day of Christ Jesus. As it is meet for me to think this for you all, for that I have you in my heart, and that in my bands, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you are all partakers of my joy. For God is my witness, how I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. And this I pray, that your charity may more and more abound in knowledge and in all understanding: that you may approve the better things; that you may be sincere and without offence unto the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of justice, through Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

EXPLANATION This epistle was written by St. Paul at Rome, where he was imprisoned for the faith, to the inhabitants of Philippi in Macedonia whom he had converted to the true faith. He congratulates them that they so willingly received and conscientiously obeyed the gospel which he had preached to the, and he says, he trusts in God to complete the good work which He has commenced, and to give them perseverance until the day of Christ, that is, until death.

Twenty-second Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Matt. XXII. 15-21.) At that time, The Pharisees went and consulted among themselves how to ensnare Jesus in his speech. And they send to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying: Master, we know that thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man, for thou dost not regard the person of men: tell us, therefore, what dost thou think? Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not? But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: Why do you tempt me, ye hypocrites? Show me the coin of the tribute. And they offered him a penny. And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and inscription is this? They say to him: Caesar's. Then he saith to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.

Why did the Pharisees try to ensnare Jesus in His speech?

In order to find some reason to accuse Him before the emperor, or to make Him hated by the Jews; for had He denied tribute to Caesar, they would have accused Him before the emperor as guilty of high treason; had He, on the contrary made it obligatory to pay tribute, then they would have denounced Him as a destroyer of the liberty of the people, who considered themselves a free nation owing allegiance only to God. Like the Pharisees are all those who, under the appearance of friendship, only cause vexation and misfortune to their neighbor.

Who are really hypocrites?

Those who in order to cheat their neighbor, appear outwardly pious and holy, whilst inward they are full of malice; those who have honey on the tongue, but gall in the heart, and sting like scorpions, when we least expect it. Because there are so many vices connected with hypocrisy, (Matt. XXIII.) therefore Christ has denounced no sin more emphatically than this one. Hypocrites are brethren of Cain, Joab, and Judas, of whom the first killed his brother, the second his cousin and the third betrayed his divine Master with a kiss. Such false men are cursed by God. (Mal, I. 14.) I hate a mouth with a double tongue. (Prov. VIII. 13.) "The devil silently possesses the hearts of hypocrites and quietly sleeps in them, whilst he gives them no peace," says St. Gregory; and St. Jerome writes: "Pretended holiness is double malice." Better is an open enemy, before whom we can be on our guard, than a hypocritical friend of whom we have no suspicion, because we look upon him as a friend. Beware, therefore, my dear Christian, of the vice of hypocrisy, which is so hateful to God; endeavor always to be sincere with God, thyself and thy neighbor, and to walk in-true humility before God, then mayst thou carry His image within thee.

PRAYER Help me, O Lord, for the number of the saints is decreasing and truth is becoming rare among men. They speak vain things each with his neighbor: their lips are deceitful, and they speak with double hearts. Let the Lord destroy all those who say: We will magnify our tongue; our lips are our own; who is Lord over us? O Lord, deliver my soul from wicked lips and deceitful tongues give me grace to preserve Thy image in my soul, by piety and virtue. Direct my heart to justice and keep it from avarice, that I may give to each his own.

Thou art a true speaker ' neither carest thou or any man, for thou dost not regard the person of men. (Matt. XXII. 16.)

In this Christians ought especially to follow the Saviour, and not permit themselves to be deterred from piety, and the practice of virtue by fear or human respect. What matters it, what people think and say of us, if we only please God? He alone can truly benefit or injure us; therefore he alone is to be feared, as Christ says: Fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt. X. 28.)

How foolishly, therefore, do those act who through fear of displeasing certain people, are afraid to serve God and practice piety; who even go so far as to commit sin; who in order to be pleasing to others, oppress innocent, poor and forsaken people; who adopt the latest and most scandalous fashions and customs; those who eat meat on days of abstinence, or give it to others; those who sing sinful songs, or what is still worse, do not hesitate to ridicule sacred things to give others occasion to laugh, or in order to be considered strong-minded. Implore God daily and sincerely, that He may take from you this vain fear of men and give you instead the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom.

Whose image is this? (Matt. XXII. 20.)

Thus we should often ask ourselves with respect to our soul, particularly when we are tempted to stain and rain it by sin, Whose image is this? We should then say to ourselves, "Is it not the likeness of God, a likeness painted with the blood of Jesus, an image for which the Saviour gave His life? Should I defile and deform this by sin and voluptuousness? God forbid!" For in truth, what among all created things, except the angels, is more beautiful and more precious than a -human soul, which is in the state of grace? "Could we," says St. Catherine of Sienna, "behold with our corporal eyes a soul in the state of grace, we would see with astonishment that it surpasses in splendor all flowers) all stars, the whole world, and there is probably no one who would not wish to die for such beauty." It is a dwelling of the Blessed Trinity! Christ did not give His life for all the goods and treasures of this earth, but for the human soul. And yet many estimate their soul at such little value that they sell it for a momentary pleasure, for a present not worth a penny! For shame! The body we estimate so highly that we take all pains to decorate it and keep it alive, and the soul the image and likeness of God, we take no pains to keep in the state of grace, and adorn with virtues! What folly!

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. (Matt. XXII. 21.)

To pay tribute to the lawful government is a duty of justice which the Spirit of God Himself commands us faithfully to fulfil. (Rom. XIII. 6, 7.) Christ Himself paid the customary didrachma for Himself and St. Peter; (Matt. XVII. 23.) "and if the Son of God Himself paid duty and tax," says St. Ambrose, "who art thou, O man, that thou wouldst free thyself from it?" The government must watch lest the life of its subjects be at hazard, that their property be not endangered or stolen, that there be security on the highways, that peace, harmony and order be preserved among the citizens, that their temporal welfare be promoted; that science and art flourish, etc. For this, teachers, judges, officers and soldiers are necessary, for whose support care must be taken, and whose trouble must be rewarded. Besides this the government must care for the security of the country, for public streets and bridges, and institutions necessary for the common good; to enable the government to perform these duties, taxes are necessary and lawfully assessed. If you oppose these laws, you oppose God, for by Him princes rule, and the mighty degree justice. (Prov. VIII. 16.) Let the payment of duties be done willingly, because you pay them for love of God, and resigned to His holy will as the early Christians did, who even served their heathenish government with pleasure, in all that was not contrary to God's will, and cheerfully paid the duties.

Editors Note:  Today there are very few if any "lawful governments" on this planet. Most organizations calling themselves government are completely unlawful and have been hijacked by being fraudulently and unlawfully converted to corporations for profit without the consent of the people in those countries. Notice what the author considers to be the duties of a lawful government.
How are those duties fulfilled by a so called "government" that preys upon it's own people?  
See for the proof.

The Real Origin of "Cabal"

 By Anna Von Reitz

The word "Cabal" has been popularly used for the past several years as a label to describe the nefarious and legendary Khazars and the separate bureaucratic Deep State operatives, agents, and cronies, both.  Some people even think this word has something to do with Jewish Mysticism and the Kabbalah, but no.  

It goes back to the time period that I keep trying to draw everyone's attention to --- the English Civil War. 

Recently, the entire British Parliament and Judiciary swore allegiance to an unknown "King Charles".   That could mean "King Charles I" who was beheaded in the middle of the English Civil War, or, King Charles of Scotland, a present day relative, but is entirely unlikely to mean King Charles the Third.    

If the Parliament meant "King Charles, the Third", they would certainly have said so. 

In some ways, strange as it is to consider a modern Parliament swearing allegiance to a King who has been dead 350 years, the English Civil War is where everything got off track for them. What if they, like me, are trying to focus attention on the real Cabal?  

The legal definition of "Cabal" provided by Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, tells us that a Cabal is "a small association for the purpose of intrigue; an intrigue.  This name was given to that ministry in the reign of Charles II, formed by Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington, and Lauderdale, who concerted a scheme for the restoration of the Pope. The initials of these five names form the word "cabal", hence the appellation.

And, appropriately, in French commercial law, a "Cabalist" is a Factor or Broker.... 

Both of these meanings are far more connected to the current world situation and The Great Fraud which has been perpetuated throughout the West. 

First, we face the likelihood that collusion between the Popes and their British Commonwealth Overseers resulted in a long-term plot between the British Territorial Federal Subcontractors and the Holy Roman Empire Federal Subcontractors to not only overthrow the American Government, but to use the muscle and firepower gained to overthrow the European Governments, too --- and all in favor of a Papist world hegemony of the kind envisioned by Pope Boniface VIII. 

Second, there can be no doubt that a major component in this scheme of unlawful and later, legal conversions, has been played by French brokers, specifically the Nazi-affiliated Vichy French Government which chartered the UN CORPORATION in 1943.  

So, it's two for two.  You have a British-Papist intrigue resulting in a "Cabal" during the English Civil War, and you have French commercial interests figuring in the action as brokers called "cabalists" -- not to be confused with "Kabbalists", who are Jewish Mystics. 

I don't think it is a coincidence that "cabalists" are working under an assumed name that can easily be confused with Jewish Kabbalists. I think it is typical of the way these people "mirror" everything and pretend to be members of whatever group they are targeting.  

I've told you all about my experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where a Roman Catholic Priest was also pretending to be a very flamboyant yarmulke-wearing Jewish businessman. He knew that I recognized him in both roles and just smiled about it all, as if this was normal behavior. 

Well, maybe it is. For them.  But who are they?  

Do we have Catholics pretending to be Jews, or Jews pretending to be Catholics, and are there any genuine examples of either one in the room?

It could be a means to discredit the "enemy" or his religion, but it could just as well be an equal opportunity scam, where both groups are being targeted by Third Parties with a different axe to grind. 

It has been suggested that we are in the middle of an LBGTQ Revenge scenario, where certain elements of this community have decided to seek revenge for the AIDS pandemic, which specifically targeted intravenous drug users and homosexual men. 

Wasn't Anthony Fauci the lead researcher into AIDS?  The vaccines were temporarily halted in Australia when entire heterosexual families tested positive for AIDS after receiving injections.  And a vaccine-related suppression of the immune system similar to AIDS is one of the most commonly reported adverse effects.

Has the LGBTQ Community had enough and decided to give the Fascist Military some of its own, with a little help from Doctor Fauci?  Or is it a double-double cross, in which the LGBTQ Community is being led out into the spotlight and then targeted as the cause of the problem, when in reality, they have been victims all along?  

Like twisting, thrashing, snake coils all these suppositions and more present themselves, but we must remember, that with Satan's Children, the victim is always blamed and the Accused is always innocent. 

See the connection between the English Civil War and the American Civil War, the way in which two nations birthed in the traditions of freedom were led away into slavery of mind, body, and spirit --- just as the Pope's tiara symbolized it, yet not any slavery to Jesus. 

Slavery to quite a different Master is involved here --- slavery to the Law of the Sea and to him who was cast down into the Sea, the Father of All Lies.  

Therefore, guard yourselves above all things, against fear and against both Lies and Liars; do not be hasty in judgement or driven to panic, and most of all, do not be Liars yourselves. 

In the days to come, those who trampled on the most fundamental rights of others will be made frantic by the severity of the consequences of their acts. They will be shocked by the cruelty they displayed toward others and their own reliance on experts who lied to them. 

Many people will be in denial as they face their own illness and the illness of people they love, but the statistics will continue to mount, and the truth will be ever-increasingly apparent---- by their mindless compliance they have killed themselves and murdered others. 

Left unabated, billions of people would suffer and die, young and old, rich and poor, but the time for evil has been cut short.   

We have new medical technologies coming online and new insights into Nature. The "pollution of the blood" which these monsters have wished on us will not stand; and, we will never again be subject to them.  

Stand in renewed courage, and be strong, and stand together.  What they have done in darkness, we will answer in the light.  And they will know that they have nobody to blame but themselves. 


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The Purpose of Central Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are confused about the purpose of central banks.  Since one of my ancestors created the world’s first “Central Bank” for the Kingdom of Prussia during The Seven Years War, it is perhaps oddly fitting that I am the one to tell you:

The purpose of all Central Banks is commodity rigging. 

The very first Central Bank was created to restrict the amount of coffee being imported into Prussia.  At the time, coffee was an exotic and costly import. Like champagne, which appeared on international markets at about the same time, people weren’t quite sure what it was good for, or if it was good for anything at all.  

King Frederick the Great took a dim view of Prussian gold being drained out of his country’s economy to buy coffee beans, and so, needed a means to restrict imports. He established the first Central Bank in world history to do this simple task: restrict the importation of coffee beans to Prussia. 

Oh, and make a profit doing so. 

They didn’t call him “the Great” for nothing, but it was my unassuming ancestor who figured out the nuts and bolts and institutional bureaucracy to implement these goals: a Central Bank to control commodities— all commodities, not just coffee. 

The entire economy of a country could be controlled by one Central Bank. 

This discovery was to have world-spanning consequences.  For one thing, it meant the death of free markets and the rise of “regulated currencies”, because the most important commodities of all, money and credit, could be controlled by a Central Bank, right along with sow bellies and coffee. 

How does a Central Bank do this? By controlling the supply of money and credit, and  regulating demand for commodities. 

Controlling money and credit supply is pretty obvious and arbitrary.  Money can be printed or minted, or not.  Credit can be extended or not, and the demand for credit can be stifled by punitive interest rates. 

That’s how it started out, anyway, and to some extent, still is, as Jerome Powell and the Board of the Federal Reserve (Central Bank)  just demonstrated by tacking an extra three-quarters of one percent onto the “Prime Interest Rate” which is the usury that other banks have to pay the Central Bank when they “borrow” money from the Central Bank to loan to their customers. 

Thanks to the Central Bank System none of the other banks can make money out of thin air; they have to borrow it from the Central Bank and pay interest for the privilege—- a cost which they pass on to their customers. 

The process by which the Central Banks bilked the public and the other banks into giving control to them is a story in itself, but the transition from the necessity of minting gold coins to printing gold and silver certificates was followed by a transition of printing promissory notes to replace the gold and silver certificates and from there it was a short step to issue “digital tokens”— mere keystrokes on a digital ledger, to represent anything the Central Bank wants to represent. 

Now, they propose to sell you not only Monopoly Money, but Monopoly Money that can be created or erased by a keystroke in an imaginary “digital wallet”, and of course, they will have absolute control over who has access to these precious keystrokes, who is rich in keystrokes and who is poor, who gets to buy things using “their” keystrokes and who is cut out of “their” market and left to starve.

We must now either wake up or go mad, and be enslaved by our delusions. 

I spoke at length with one of the members of the Currency Reset Committee and he openly admitted that the currency markets have been rigged for so long and the exchange rates between currencies are so arbitrary that nobody knows what the market value would be. 

That is, it is utterly arbitrary that it takes thirteen Nigerian dollars to buy one Federal Reserve Note. Nobody knows why such an inequitable exchange rate exists.  It simply developed over time and nobody having the power to change it was forced to consider doing so. 

Being that the function of a Central Bank is to rig the supply and demand of virtually everything, but most especially money and credit, it has been inevitable that the people and governments complicit in this blatantly illegal (and often immoral) activity would seek to establish a Central Bank of Central Banks “to keep everyone honest” (?????). 

This Central Bank of Central Banks is not called a “bank”.  That would be too simple. Instead, it is called the Economic Stabilization Fund in Europe and the Economic Security Fund in the U.S., but a commodity control monopoly racket by any other name would smell as sweet. 

Here, the Central Bankers have amassed vast quantities of all the currencies on Earth, from Japanese Yen to British Pound Sterling, which they can use to manipulate both supply of a nation’s currency and value of it.  

The U.S. President (representing the world’s militaries) and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (representing everyone else) are left in charge of this Ultimate Slush Fund, and also, therefore, able to dictate the price of a pair of shoes in Zimbabwe. 

The Currency Reset Committee was left with the completely unenviable task of bringing all the world currencies to parity with the U.S. Federal Reserve Note, in order to create a level playing field—- or so they imagine. 

Handy as it may be to have a mechanism to keep your constituents from spending their I.O.U.s on coffee beans or whatever else, the primary function of a Central Bank is commodity rigging and commodity rigging is illegal. 

This realization may give everyone cause to pause and wonder — well, if it’s illegal, why isn’t it stopped?  

Like everything else that is grossly illegal but which nonetheless continues to exist, Central Banks have been licensed and “legalized”.  

The “licensing” is provided by the governmental services corporations that are currently masquerading as our governments. The Federal Reserve and in Europe, the IMF, have to pay them kickbacks — “regulatory fees” and “taxes” on every transaction. 

The “legalization” — that is, the published remedy they have to provide every time they do something blatantly illegal, is found in Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act, where they basically promise to “redeem”, that is, pay back any debt that results from their action. 

Like all other such legalizations we have discovered, there is no practical access provided to the remedy.  No office or officer is
Identified as the Party responsible and no process is stipulated by which individuals can implement the published remedy. 

When access to remedy is obstructed and obfuscated so as to prevent access to remedy, no remedy exists.  By using arcane legal jargon and failing to provide clear instruction as to how individual people may obtain remedy, the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve and its activities remains unabated. 

Some people have mistaken the Bank of International Settlements as the Central Bank of Central Banks, but the BIS does not have the access to stockpiles of currencies necessary to fulfill that function, rather the BIS is a clearinghouse similar to the so-called Depository Trust Corporation where all the “certificated” phony trusts they created “for” us have been stockpiled as collateral assets under foreign control and being managed for the benefit of foreign interests since the 1930’s. 

After the Second World War there was so much population displacement they had to establish which governments had an interest in the physical and labor assets of the people represented by these Certificate Assets. 

This, too, is grossly illegal activity, which is why  it is maintained in nearly complete secrecy. If the people of this planet ever found out that they and their assets were being bought and sold and traded like stock certificates belonging to these “governmental services corporations” they would be outraged and would demand an end to it. 

But, wait, you just found out, didn’t you? 

Maybe, in the distant past, there was some logic to establishing such “asset tracking” systems as actual governments accepted responsibility to defend the interests of their people wherever they might be in the world. This presumed a “public interest” in defending the rights and protecting the guarantees owed to every American and to all American interests, for example.  

Unfortunately, like so much else, the nature of that “public interest” has been redefined as a hidden commercial interest in private property and private persons.  That in turn, has led to legalized enslavement by contract, and the deployment and proliferation of hidden adhesion contracts most infamously represented by the registration of babies and issuance of “Birth Certificates”. 

All this has to stop or no nation can be secure on the face of the Earth. 

While the evils of slavery and colonialism are well-known and admitted, it is apparent that those who profited from these evils have sought to continue them in the face of nearly universal condemnation. 

The British Commonwealth “colonies” were deftly redefined as British Territories and converted into Military Protectorates ruled over by their own version of the Raj in India. In this way, while the word “colony” with all its ugly associations disappeared, the fact remained and conditions worsened at the hand of ignorant jackboots sent in to fleece the population and carry off the resources of these “former” colonies, without the nicety of having to obey the constitutions and treaties owed to the victims of this grotesque international swindle and breach of trust. 

America, Land of the Free, was similarly duped into being the last great bastion of slavery. Despite the brave simple words of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery and seeming to repudiate slavery in all its forms, this was immediately followed by the Fourteenth Amendment which defined criminals as slaves and also defined Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals. 

In this way the unauthorized British Territorial Protectorate established here in the wake of the Civil War provided itself with a ready  population of both slaves and criminals to pillage — and preserved slavery on our shores. 

Today the Evil Empire of the Central Banks has reached new heights of coercive control over our money and our lives , and much of the world has been secretively enslaved under the boot heals of military “protectorates” that are, strictly speaking not military and not protectorates, either. 

In these and in other ways, the Slavers and Liars in the British Parliament and the Roman Curia have sought to feather their own nests by defrauding entire nations and evading their treaties and contractual obligations. 

Right now they are intent on avoiding the guarantees and requirements of the Human Rights Declarations by seeking to redefine people who received the mRNA injections as Genetically Modified Organisms — a new patented subspecies that is less than human, and therefore owed no protections from their criminality, cruelty, avarice, and greed.  

As this brief expose demonstrates, something has to be done about these “Corporatists” and the governments and bureaucrats who have engineered all this. I suggest that we all wake up and get busy and not be distracted by any political party sideshows, because both parties have yielded the same results. 


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