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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bottom Line Regarding "Opt-In" Bill of Goods

By Anna Von Reitz

This is for all those "persons" trying so desperately to get other people ensnared in the latest foreign government scheme, the so-called "Opt-In" to Phil Hudok's Settlement Offer. 

I have explained exactly why "natural person" is not the appropriate status for any American to stand in.  I have explained what that legal term means.  Don't argue with me, argue with your nearest Legal Dictionary.

I have also explained exactly why a "title" is not anything but a "title" to land and no matter what else you try to say it is, it remains just a "title".

Finally, I have directly informed both the Pope and the Queen that this latest bit of fluff attempting to claim that "remedy" has been provided, when that purported remedy involves having the victims pay for it themselves, and when the same purported remedy does not include return of our public assets, stands as an "offer" that has been rejected and not accepted. 

We have also informed them that there are no "deadlines" to be observed when it comes to making claims related to the Great Fraud and that all Americans are to receive back their private assets whether or not they come forward individually to prosecute claims. 

If you want to do something effective for yourselves and for your country -- an actual solution instead of more Flim-Flam benefiting a few at the expense of everyone else, then correct your political status and join your State Assembly and serve. 

As for "how did I get involved in so much dirt"?  How did any of us get involved in this manure pile?  We were forcibly thrown into it by what appeared to be public employees within days after our birth.

The rest is admittedly like fighting with a skunk, but it is a fight that must be fought and won.  Smell and all.  For further insight, I suggest that you all go read the International Notice just published on my Facebook page and via email. 

You are being duped, but not by me.


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International Notice to the Pope and the British Monarch - IRS Operations, Etc., Etc.

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two (2) "internal revenue services" active in this country, one that works for the British Territorial Government, one that works for the Municipal Government. Both collect money from Americans "by mistake" and neither one are authorized by our actual government.

Many IRS Agents are under the impression that they are collecting money from you (Americans) to pay for running the government and for government services in general. That's the way it used to be many, many years ago. They -- and perhaps you -- have continued to assume that "normal course of business" because the changes were not properly explained or announced.

We call this circumstance "a lack of disclosure". It voids any inequitable or unconscionable contract as fraud, which is in essence, what has gone on here for decades.

The foreign government subcontractors of the Municipal United States Government simply "converted" everything more or less overnight, and didn't tell the average people of this country, and as it turns out, didn't tell their own workers either.

So everyone went forward with the same assumptions of a "normal course of business" where people pay taxes to support government services --- when in fact, something else was going on.

They (Municipal and Territorial Employees) were instead "hypothecating debt" against you (average Americans) and your assets and the assets of this country, and basically telling big, fat lies about you, your political status, and everything else they could lie about.

To fully grasp this situation, you must know some very peculiar things that most Americans are never told. For example, did you know that the Municipal United States Government is a theocracy, run by the Roman Catholic Church?

No, I suspect that "news" will come as a big shock to most Americans, even Catholics, yet that is the truth and it has been this way since the Founding.

Provided with that tidbit of information, it will not seem so strange that in his First Inaugural Address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke of "consecrating" this nation--- the "nation" of the Municipal Government --- and of a "holy cause" ----which only makes sense if you are dealing with and in behalf of a theocracy.

Which he was, as President of "the" United States.

So what was he blathering about and why was such a public "consecration" necessary?

He sold out the original Municipal Government which was Christian to the Roman Pontificate, which is pagan.

So instead of being protected by the Office of the Pope, we were instead being prosecuted under the Office of the Pontiff. And of course, the Roman Government then sent its traditional bill collectors, the Galli--- black robed priests of Cybele--- to collect.

And they were none too careful about who they collected from nor the presumptions that they made about the political status and commercial and religious obligations of the people they imposed upon.
We were all suddenly mis-identified as tribal members owing tribute to Rome and as Sinners and Heretics, subject to the Inquisition run by the Dominican Order in Puerto Rico under the laws of the Spanish Inquisition.

And the politicians in Washington, DC, and the Queen, and the Pope all got cuts of the largesse that came pouring in as their private bill collectors --- all operating under color of law "as if" they were legitimate courts and "as if" they were actual representatives of our government--- began The Great Tribulation on our shores.

The Galli, the Bar Attorneys, were instructed to take anything they could, which of course, they have done.

The IRS/Internal Revenue Service, was instructed to collect "Peter's Pence"--- a once a year "gift tithe" styled as a "tax on income" to the Roman Church collected by the Inquisition on April 15th of every year---traditionally used to pay back the cost of Crusades.

So now it will not surprise you (Americans) to learn that all those "income taxes" you have been coerced and hounded and oppressed to pay all these years are in fact handled as "gift and estate taxes". And it will also not surprise you to learn that they have been collected based on "the assumption" that you have a private contract with the Roman side of the Church agreeing to this tithe, based on FDR's forced conversion of Municipal Employees back in 1934.


Millions of lives have been truncated and ruined in this country and people have lived in fear of the Inquisition and even the Employees were fooled into thinking that they were doing something right by robbing and ruining people who never in fact owed a dime, weren't Municipal Employees, and weren't under any such obligation.

It's a wonder that we haven't all fallen upon the Churches and the IRS and the fake Courts and the politicians responsible and torn them limb from limb. It's a wonder that someone in some military of the world hasn't lobbed a missile at St. Peter's and taken out the whole nest of these con men and robbers once and for all.

So, here we are, looking down the barrel of yet another "Tax Season", and the thieves who have glutted themselves on our labor and resources and stolen trillions of dollars worth of credit "in our names" are trying to move their operations to China and trying to get us to agree that this was all okay, in exchange for making "private" restitution to a few people.

This is Formal Notice that the private remedies being offered to individual "natural persons" are insufficient to heal or in any way repair the vast bulk of the damage done to our country and cannot be used as an excuse to claim that the Pontificate or the Church or the Queen or the Municipal Government or the Territorial Government, either, have made remedy available in any meaningful sense.

This "remedy" was, as ever, not fully disclosed to the American Public, was not offered in Good Faith, and is merely another ruse to make false claims in commerce to the effect that we, our States and People, have "settled" our claims against the Holy See and the Queen's Government, when we have not.

We have not settled our claims against our erstwhile Subcontractors and do not "accept" whatever pittances are being offered to these few individuals who are insiders attempting to sell out their country and their countrymen under conditions of non-disclosure.

The Chinese Government is also hereby given Formal Notice of these facts and the likelihood of being the next victim of these parasitical practices if they allow these pirates to come ashore and spread their pernicious two-faced "System" throughout China.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, require the Territorial and Municipal Governments which are the responsibility of the Holy See and the Queen, to begin faithfully discharging their debts via Mutual Offset Credit Exchange and Exemptions which were promised but never fully disclosed nor made available to the victims of this Great Fraud.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, hold the Holy See and the Queen's Government fully at risk and accountable for their Gross Breach of Trust with regard to us and for their mis-administration and theft of our assets both public and private via commercial fraud executed under color of law.

We, the States and People of this country, The United States of America, firmly declare that a full restoration of all our assets, both public and private, is owed, free and clear of any debt or encumbrance or presumption of contract apart from the clearly stated and enumerated provisions of our Constitutions.

A full and public restoration is required. Access to our purloined assets, including our American National Credit, is required. No "Mark of the Beast" system requiring RFID chipping or digital currencies is allowed.

We must be made whole in all respects, for all our people in their private capacities -- their land and rights and immunities must be returned and honored, whether or not they come forward to make individual claims, and without any deadline restrictions placed upon anyone's ability to make claims or receive back their property interests.

Nobody and no assets in this country are subject to discretionary legal presumption, unilateral contracts, or any unconscionable contract.

All our States and our County Governments must be released from any presumptions of enfranchisement or "abandonment" and all our public property must be returned to us, free and clear, in good order, and without remonstrance or delay.

All Municipal and Territorial Government Employees must be instructed to stand down and cease and desist all trespasses against Americans and American property, public or private. Americans are self-identifying by (1) declaring and recording their political status and (2) joining their State Assemblies.
The American States and People are owed peace and Good Faith Service.

We are here to make sure that that is what we receive from now on. Any politicians working at cross-purposes to that aim are to be removed from their private offices now.

Anyone proposing to offer Americans a private remedy which they in effect pay for themselves with more public debt, is in fact engaged in more self-interested fraud and is not offering any remedy.
The Popes and the British Monarchs for the past six generations have perpetuated this ungodly fraud upon our innocent and trusting people. The only appropriate remedies are those that the Popes and the British Monarchs pay back to us out of their pockets -- not ours.

For the interest of Americans who are still not fully up to speed concerning the limitations of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service, we highly recommend:


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For Everyone's Benefit

By Anna Von Reitz

Richard to Anna: One more time "there is no real money until you do something with the digital (electrons) entry then you have actual currency if you purchase something of real value". That is what you never will understand. This is exactly what people of wealth do. No money was involved. You create your own wealth or not. No harm to anyone.

Anna to Richard:  And you call me delusional?  I understand about your phony digital "money" very well; the harm comes from the "hypothecation" of debt against actual assets --- actual land, actual labor, actual buildings, actual food, actual water.  That is what you don't understand. 

Richard to Anna: What do you think the 2011 Lien Docs were - real cash currency. Impossible! Who was the Debtor and who was the Secured Party and what type of Lien was it, who was the Trustee, and what was the amount of the total digital entry amount?

Anna to Richard:  Of course, I don't think those liens apply to any "real" cash.  Those liens apply to debts owed by the United States --- the well-known "National Debt" thereof; and that debt is owed as the "American National Credit" to the American States and People, doing business in international and global jurisdiction as The United States of America.  The first lien processes extracted my own estate from this scheme so that I was then enabled to act to rescue the assets of the States of America, collapse the State Trusts, attach the STATE OF STATE assets, then the State of State assets, return everything to The United States of America, then back to the States and to The United States, which then re-assigned the international and global assets back to The United States of America, just as it always was and should have been.  This lien process went from Notice to Non-UCC to Agricultural Lien to Fixture Lien.  It's all done and its all part of the permanent international record.   What has happened, Richard,  is that I took it back from the airy-fairy world you live in and landed it all back in Kansas, where it belongs. 

If you guys want to play in Monopoly Money on a computer, just admit that that is what you are doing and don't try to pretend that it has anything to do with me, my money, my assets, my name, my country, my water, or anything related to my living being, and don't try to use "legal tender laws" which are unlawful to profit yourselves at the expense of the innocent and force them into system of oppression akin to the Biblical description of the Mark of the Beast --- RFID chips and digital currencies controlling who can live and who will die and who can buy and sell and trade. 

The Sphere Alliance is here ready to blow you to Kingdom Come and I am here to make sure that they do exactly that if there is any more deceit, skullduggery, theft, piracy or other idiot-shit-dumb-crap out of you or anyone else, including your little Homo carpensis friend, Kim Goguen.    
Richard to Anna: Don't you think is can be fun to deal with a sibling bank from what G Washington and Hamilton created in 1791. Especially when you show up with a government archive record of how large their share of the digital entry was.

Anna to Richard:  I can think of a great many things that would be fun, but gloating over the proceeds of crime against innocent people is not one of them.  Those proceeds need to go back to the victims along with all the purloined assets, "free and clear of debt or encumbrance".   You guys know the law, or so you say.  Well, under Ecclesiastical Law the Pope is responsible for liquidating the offending corporations.  Under the Ecclesiastical Law, personage is a crime.  Under the Roman Civil Law, its okay to cheat so long as nobody calls you on it.  You've been called on it.  At that point, the fraud has to be unraveled all the way back to the root and Exorcised --- as in the spiritual process, yes.  Under British Law, the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, is still in full force and effect, and when the "dead" shall prove to be alive, their property assets must be returned, unharmed, free and clear.   And the plot to move to Sharia Law in hopes of convincing the Muslims to support you in a jihad against Unbelievers has failed because (1) you are Unbelievers and (2) they have suffered as much and more than anyone else.  

That leaves all of you squarely on the hook, out of pocket, and whistling in the dark.   I, however, am a Lawful Person and enabled to receive and possess Lawful Assets.  Accordingly,  I have claimed all the Lawful Assets belonging to the States and People of this country.  This means that if you and your Buddies ever get your heads out of your own nether - regions, you can enjoy the very much more actual and factual fun of being landlords and actually in possession of all of what is rightfully and naturally yours.   Remember to thank me if you ever wake to Hell up. 

Richard to Anna:  What do you think the bank did with their digital entry amount of 14,300,000,000,000. Hint, they did not let it sit in their computer to collect interest. How many times can you turn an investment in the shortest period of time to capture as much wealth as possible. And then to pay as little as possible in taxes on that wealth created. Let your fantasy mind wonder.

Anna to Richard:  I know exactly what they did.  The same thing Jamie Dimon did the Urban Trust assets.  They were "blocked" and traded on Private Placement Trading Platforms run as a gambling casino by the World Bank.  Strange thing, though, those accounts never pay off, and --- add to that, though the "digits" now run into virtual "infinity" not a single additional actual asset exists to underwrite all that bogus bull crap.   Last time I looked which was some years ago, every silver dollar was worth $40,000.00 of your US debt.  This means that in La-La-Land, common objects like spoons, are unimaginably valuable because your digits are becoming more and more fractional literally by the second.  You should have chosen a different profession if you still don't understand that. 

All these comments are made without prejudice. 


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Proof? You Want Proof?

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last several weeks we've had a group of would-be patriots out pounding the street blathering about "private law" as if they were great experts on the subject.  

I have explained the difference between "Public Law" and "private law" so that anyone can understand it in several articles over the past five years. 

Public Law is the Law as most people think of it.  Private "law" is the law of contracts between various parties.  Contract law is supposed to follow the Law of Kinds, but since 1963, the Vatican has been pursuing a new Abomination, known as "The Collective Entity Doctrine".  

This Doctrine of the Pontificate --- the pagan, Roman, Secular "Government" of the Church and its "Institutes" --- has grossly violated the Biblical Law of Kinds which requires contracts to be between "like" entities: people to people, unincorporated businesses to unincorporated businesses, incorporated businesses to incorporated businesses.  

This was amended originally to allow people to trade with unincorporated businesses, and to allow unincorporated businesses to trade with incorporated businesses.  But the incorporated businesses and the governments profiting from chartering incorporated business entities were greedy, and wanted to trade directly with people.  

So the Roman Curia, the guilty parties responsible for this Mess have contrived to "erase" the difference between living people and incorporated commercial corporations, and make them all the same, all functioning under the same law, which--- of course -- the same guilty parties write and control.  

This all kicked in at about the same time as Vatican II.  Please note, all Roman Catholics.  This is your Church doing all this crap.  It has to be reformed or done away with.   

Heads up, United Nations Organization, you are the intended next store front for this criminality.   

Anyway, spool the reel backward to this date, just shy of two months after the assassination of JFK: 

Public Law 88-244, December 30, 1963 --- "to provide for participation by the government of the United States in the Hague conference on private Law and the International (Rome) Institute for the unification of private law....."   Unidroit.  The Uniform Commercial Code, which has since been adopted by every Municipal STATE OF STATE organization operating in this country.  

That's the "private law" and the criminal gobbledygook underlying it that the proponents of "the" Republic ---- aka, Municipal United States Government -- rely upon. 

This is the infamous "Statute of Rome"---- the codification of Roman Civil Law applied like a smothering blanket over all "municipal" governments on Earth, including "the" United States Government. 

And the members of the Roman Curia adopted this full-well knowing that it violates Scripture all across the board and promotes the crimes of personage and barratry against innocent living people worldwide.  

They then "gifted" us with incorporated franchise entities named after us --- STRAWMEN --- or, as they are also called, "Shill Trusts" and "Shill Corporations", all incorporated under the auspices of the "Municipal Governments" worldwide.  

So CANADA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the "UNITED STATES" owned by the CITY OF ROME registered at the US TRADEMARK AND PATENT OFFICE, and its "Canadian" franchise, the CITY OF MONTREAL, issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE in the name of an innocent little baby in his cradle who was given the name Jean Rene Oulette by his equally innocent parents...... 

And these parasitic monsters then seized upon his name and created all sorts of incorporated franchise entities to enrich themselves based upon his assets --- his life, his energy, his labor, his intellectual property, his land, his country, his home, his DNA and everything else he could ever call his own. 

These fake STRAWMAN entities allow Jean Rene to trade directly with commercial corporations worldwide, but also impersonate him "as" a corporation, and subject him to "private" municipal corporate commercial "law", all based on "unconscionable contracts" that he doesn't know anything about, all controlled by the same criminals promoting this fraud and theft and offense against factual reality and common decency. 
As a result, too, Jean Rene is alienated from his own nationality and the law of his nation, and subjected instead to the foreign "private law" of these venal municipalities.  He walks into what he thinks of as a Canadian Court, and finds the Harpies of Hell in charge, the Bill Collectors of the "new" Roman Empire, which is just as evil, corrupt, and morally depraved as the "old" Roman Empire. 

He also finds himself subjected to foreign law that he never heard of and never agreed to. 

In this country, this circumstance results in the denial of the victim's constitutional guarantees and protections, as well as a predatory presumption of guilt, and prosecution under foreign law with no warning at all.  And the bar attorneys running this travesty snicker in the back rooms and talk about how "incompetent" all these Americans are.  

Well, it's time for us to discuss how criminal they are. 
All of them.  
The politicians.  
The Roman Curia. 
The Public Employees. 
The Bar Attorneys.  
The Agencies.
The Military.  
The Pope.  
All of it.  


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Cut to the Chase on This Veterans Day

By Anna Von Reitz

As my Readers well-know, there is a difference between a "person" and one of the "people" of this country.  

The people of this country obtain their nationality from their State of the Union and are called "American State Nationals".  

American State Nationals owe no duty to any government whatsoever; instead, the government(s) at all levels owe their duty to them: the people. 

As my Readers have also learned, when they act as a State Citizen, they take on a public role and act as "Lawful Persons" -- and as one of the People of their Nation State. 

That's the difference between the small "p" --- "people" and the capital "P" of "People", as in "We, the People....." 

A Lawful Person is acting as a person--- a Juror, a Sheriff, a Bail Bondsman, a Justice of the Peace, etc.,---- and in the same way, a "natural person" is still acting as a person---- an artificial entity.   

Look up the legal definition of "natural person", which is the term used in the legislation being promoted by Phil Hudok and Company.  

"individual human being....." "a tribal member....."  "peasant.....serf...."  

Then look up "human"..... 
"a creature....."  "a monster....."  "color of man...."  

Also look up the Federal definition of "individual"----  and find that it means "corporation".

So "individual human being" which is the primary given definition of "natural person" doesn't mean that you are, as Phil and his friends assume, being recognized as a man, much less as an "heir of the Creator".  

Ironically, this legislation being promoted as a remedy,  is recognizing American State Nationals from the grudging perspective of a foreign and largely hostile government subcontractor. 

The problem with "human rights" is that you have to admit to being a "hue-man" before you are accorded such rights, and that admission lets them put you in yet another box--- or what I call another "pasture" because they really do treat us like livestock and move us from pen to pen to pen.  

Our efforts as State Assemblies and as The United States of America  has forced the Papal Administration to admit the requirements of the actual contracts and treaties between our People and the Holy See.  That, in turn, has resulted in this legislation as an "offer" of remedy. 

As the proponents of this offer like to say,  they are claiming back what is "rightfully" theirs, but they are paying the cost of doing so --- which is hardly a remedy.  

What they get on the private side, they give up on the public side, and in no case does the guilty Queen or Pope pay a penny.   

So how is this bringing any justice, remedy, or settlement to the American people who have been defrauded by both the British Monarchs and the Popes for 150 years?  

It doesn't perform as advertised.  

And how, once you take this private settlement, that is in fact being paid for by other Americans and out of American resources, are you to keep and enjoy your private estate if your public estate is lost?  

That is what these crooks have been attempting to claim from the beginning --- that the Americans "abandoned" their country, and voluntarily gave up their "public estate", leaving it as fair game for the Queen and the Pope to claim and use and abuse as they wished. 

Their Breach of Trust they have attempted to misconstrue as our Abandonment. 

And if you take the False Remedy that they have offered, then you agree with them, and accept your private estate without reference to your public estate.  

The problem with this, in turn, is that no man is an island. 

The fate of the "individual human beings" is tied to the fate of the country as a whole.   And if we give up our country to the tender mercies of the Pope and the Queen, then we lose control of our destiny, our assets, and everything that our Forefathers fought and died for.  

That is why Phil Hudok's answer is, in my considered opinion, wrong. 


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Final Wake Up Call for the Flag Officers - Veterans Day 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

It's understandable that people don't want to believe in Evil.  Someone --- I don't know who --- Oscar Wilde maybe? --- said that the best trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn't exist.  

I have my own experience to prove that he does exist, and that he is a most devious opponent.  The devil will use your virtues against you just as easily as he uses your vices. 

This is apparently a case of using good men's virtues against them.  You and your buddies don't want to believe that it is as bad as it is.  I don't blame you, but that does not change the facts.  

From the foundations of this country, the Vice-President has been in charge of vice.  Literally.   This is because the Vice-President was assigned the duty of enforcing and collecting and keeping track of revenue to support the District Government based on "sin taxes".  

If you have ever lived in the Southern United States or more conservative areas in general, you will notice that tobacco and alcohol are sold at "Sin Stores" that are often located outside the towns they serve.  This is a left-over from prior to the Civil War and part of the administration of the old Federal Tax System that depended largely on revenue garnered from the interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms --- BATF -- which is an Agency part of the Municipal United States Government and the actual enforcement arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the modern day entity involved in the collection of these "Sin Taxes".  Gun-carrying IRS Agents are actually licensed under the BATF and the BATF has the only license to kill in that entire establishment.  It is all related to collecting taxes, tariffs, and fees from "Sinners" by the Inquisition. 

At the highest levels, these functions in the Municipal United States Government are literally handled by the Dominican Order out of Puerto Rico, and now, the Mariana Islands -- the same Order that carried out the vicious attacks against "heretics" throughout Europe centuries ago, has been perched just offshore in our Insular "States", pillaging and plundering "Sinners" on an ever-increasing basis ever since the quote-unquote Civil War.  

So, now that you know that little fact and the original funding sources for the District Government, you will be better able to appreciate the role of the "Vice" President, as the one responsible for promoting the increase of federal revenue through the taxation and regulation of "vice".  Over time, that has morphed into the active promotion of vice as a funding source. 

It began with sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, but, especially since the Reign of Terror unleashed by Lyndon Johnson and the Oil Companies and the IMF, has greatly expanded to include every kind of vice you can imagine.  Drugs.  Prostitution.  White slavery.  Child labor. Enslavement.  Peonage.  Gambling. Bogus banking.  MERS.  Derivatives.  War for profit.  Mercenary occupation under color of law.   It's all vice, all generating income, all being regulated by "Agency Personnel" under the auspices of the Office of the US Attorney General and, at the top of the manure pile, by the Vice-President. 

Mike Pence. 

This also has led to ever-increasing participation of the Municipal United States Government in organized crime --- and development of its own "mob" --- largely run through the CIA, DIA, FBI, and other Alphabet Soups --- and, amazingly, through the US TRADEMARK AND PATENT OFFICE --- USTPO.  

If the Flag Officers want to see the light, follow in SERCO's footsteps and go look at what they attempted (unsuccessfully) to hide at the USTPO.   There, registered for all the world to see, are the patents they have used to stake out their crime syndicates, complete with names and addresses attached.  They even come right out and describe what they are going to do to innocent civilian populations and how this is going to benefit "The Company".  In the most egregious cases, they slap a "National Security Interest" tag on this crap, but anyone with a Security Clearance can see it. 

Go look. It's not pretty.  Look at the patent for Mindbox.  That will give you a much better picture of how you and everyone else has been played.  

Getting back to Mike Pence --- as Vice-President, he is in charge of that whole infrastructure, all the "sin" capitalization schemes, and through all the patented "systems" - on a worldwide basis.  So, of course, was Joe Biden.... or as we call him, "Billion Dollar Joe".   

Now, how plausible is it, that the Pope and the Boyz back home in Rome, would let just anybody sit in that position?  Hmm?  He would have to be someone utterly trustworthy---from their point of view --- someone who would never, ever tell anyone about their dirty business and never expose their dirty laundry, someone so deeply compromised himself that he could never rat them out.  

Are you all beginning to get a clue here?  

Mike Pence had to be compromised.  Every "Vice" President since LBJ has been compromised up to the eyeballs.  

In Pence's case, there are videos of him with a gun to his head, being forced to sodomize a little boy.   That's a fact.  And it is going to come out.  It has been distributed worldwide and it is going to blow.  When it does, the whole "Agency System" and the whole system of using "Sin Taxes" to fund government, will go --- as it has to, if this world is to survive.  

But the most interesting part, in a way, isn't that Pence is being forced into this hideous act under pain of death.  What's most interesting is who is holding the gun to his head.  And it isn't Donald Trump.

So, go pray, Richard.  Pray for Field McConnell.  Pray for Trump.  Pray for this country, on this Veterans Day.  A lot of good men and women have lived and died to make this world a better place.  If their sacrifices are ever going to mean anything, we all have to pull together and make it count.  

Tell your "Flag Officers" the truth about this loathsome circumstance.  Pass the word.  And stop trying to portray me as some little old lady blowing smoke.  It won't wash. 


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